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parde ke peeche hain kuch ankahein batein ek ajab gayab prem kahani ki part 21

Part 21

Priya smiles seeing the view of Switzerland and today was her last day and they were on the way to airport but she felt I wish we stayed here for some more time.. we spend time with each other. I wish…..

Ram thinks I wish priya u tell once ram let us be here for some more time, I will postpone the flight.. and both see each other and when both were about to speak…  the car had an sudden jolt and both jolt back too someone came in front and so ram and driver had to get down and luckily nothing happen as driver had put his sudden break to save themselves so as the little boy. They were ok and then start of and raya again turns to each other window sides thinking what happen.. May be after returning we should talk or may be in flight and smiles.. they kept stealing glance.. . they get busy with flight procedure as they were little late and manages to get inside and sit down and to surprise ram wontedly sit next to window seat’s next seat and priya sit in window seat and feels good and wanted to thanks him  when she was about to say it airhostess come and tell please fasten ur seatbelts and saying the flight it going to take off… and priya face changes and get little restless.. he sees her and says priya u r fine.. she nodes her head.. and hold the seat and start her chanting and he smiles and says priya ram near u u don’t need any other one and she says shut up ram.. and continued her chanting he laughs.. when the flight continued to take it high she turn her and holds his shoulder and  hide her face.. he admires her.. both kept seeing each other after some time and  not an word uttered as both were kuch bolo na in their mind but kept quite when the hostess came and gave them the beverages and ram says nahi priya u r not well don’t have this don’t forget u had food poisoning and stops her she says but ram this is not fare she get angry and pinches him hard on arm he shout aah.. all turn and they pretend nothing happened he says u r jungli billi .they had and flight journey where silences spoke the words.. raya kept seeing each other secretly..  priya was happy smiling… thinking abt to start an fresh but slowly .

They were waiting each other start and in that the flight journey ended the person who went fighting was blushing don’t know what all they were thinking with open eye and seeing it as an dream.. raya collect baggage’s and comes out and waves hand shipra and nuts were soo happy seeing them back they were like ram priya and hugg each other and shipra jii say jamai sa aap itne patle kaise hogaye… priya was like ma go for an eye checkup.. how could he think he has become slim beauty mallika sheravat he is still the same moru golu ram.. ram says oye phirse motu kaha.. nuts says bhiaa.. chao guys let go home and continue the fighting and go off.. ram was giving gift to nuts and when they ask to priya who says wo kuch jayda pasand nahihi aya  I dint like anything .. nothing was spl.. when ram says noo nuts she was afraid to buy such costly gift after all she had no experience to buy right.. and nuts sees priya face going down and says may abhi ayi and goes when nuts says bhai what did u do.. she is sad.. he says are I told truth yaar.. she was like seeing the price  and not getting anything  .. she says because she is not used to it but that doesn’t mean u can insult her like that not fair bai… she was upset.. u almost made fun of her status u need to tell sorry. He says I dint mean that.. are why would I insult her.. priya was crying thinking I was bewakoof who thought all will eb fine but no.. he showed his money status  and insulted me.. but I won’t let him do that.. and wipes her tears.. she comes back.. when ram was aboutt o say.. she says I tried to find something which was worth for money but I did not get anything.. except the chocolate right ram.  And shows the face and then.. in room priya was avoiding him and he too.. he was thinking … did I do it jyada? 2-3 days goes and raya sleep in bed but got pillows in-between them.

Priya was in dining table says ma muje kaam karna wo mummy papa ko paise  chaiye hhain ghr chalana aap janti hain ki.. Krishna says kyun nahi beta ofcourse tuje kaam par jana chaiye.. agar tum bura na mano to jo kaam tum bahar karna chati hoon tum ki mein hi karlo… kyunki it will make u and ram stay together and even we will not have tension .more than it u both can spend time together also kyun ram.. ram seeing priya says nahi mom I don’t think priya will agree.. uska ego hurt hoga bahar hi kaam par jayegi right priya… when daadi says golu puttaaaar mein priya ko janti hoon wo aise kuch nahi kahegi.. wo teri hi saat kaam par jayegi haina priya puttar..she says daadi agar inko meri saat jana achha nahi lag raha ho t to and make sad face.. krishan say nahi priya he will take u along with u  ram.. from today u will take priya with u and make sure she is made to feel comfortable when priya say no ma I want to be an normal employee I don’t want anyone to know I am his wife.. I want to live an normal life.. Krishna smiles saying waise ho hoga kitni samaj daar hain meri bahu and goes happily and priya sees ram and says muje koun naukri denge aap… kud to nahi deni wale hain mat deejiye woo bhooj nahi uthasakti aapkit raf seeing him up and down and goes smiling saying I will get my purse … ram sees priya who was smiling seeing the window… when she sees one person selling some artificial bracelet she immediately scroll down and buy one and ram ask her to shut the door as dust was coming and ac is getting disturbed and it is very hot outside when priya says 1 ek min and paying that person raises the glasses  says ek min keliye u can’t bear this hot but think of other who walk and sell in such hot weather to earn for their daily bread… she says oh god I forgotten whom I am talking to… how come u know the pain of such thing.. kabhi bus par ya road mein jate to pata chalta .. what hurt u have to bear… u r mr ram kapoor who only value thing with money.. but not realize how difficult to earn it.. and turns in anger.

They reach the office and to surprise all congratulate raya and give and small party.. they make raya click picture together and ram put hand around and bring her near and take picture. He then inform aaj se mrs priya kapoor will also work with us.. but not as an boss ut as an normal junior employer like other as my wife wishes to be with u people.. and work with u.. so may I have the pleasure and give hand to priya and drags her to dance and says let all dance and she says  thank for letting me know I am junior employee and ek boss ko shoba nahi deta to dance with junior employee he says oh really and says I am the boss can do anything.. and smiles..she pushes shim little by stamping the feet and move back and smiles.. later priya was in her seat and doing her work  and ram fixes the seat opposite to her cabin to keep an eye. An week goes.. instead of going with ram priya start to go in bus like other employer and ram get an bus to al.. priya think omg..   wontedly he make her call inside and make her sit till lunch and make her share his lunch due to Krishna…. They were having lunch when suddenly he get call and he goes aside and speaks and sys darling I am waiting eagerly for ur arrival.. priya ka face toot jate hain.. tears arise but she control saying I am least bothered.. and pretend as if nothing happen.. he was like kyaa u r here.. are wo mera hi to office hain ajaa and goes out not caring about priya.

Priya goes out and get shocked ram hugging her tightly saying I was missing u darling… my sweet neeha and she says I too missed u fatty and pulls his cheeks making priya fumes and jealousy was in high spirit.. she wa fuming ike durga devi.neha says ram u were right u wife is back and she is fuming badly he says I know isliye I asked u to help me.. I want her to confess her love he says continue.. she says fatyy ye lo teir fav chocolate .. maloon hain when I was coming to mumbai I got this spl for u he says soo sweet of u varna kuch logon ko meri presence tak yaad nahi rehta.. and hugs her once again and see through glass dor view of priya face angry wala face…

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