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parde ke peeche hain kuch ankahein batein ek ajab gayab prem kahani ki part 21

Part 21

Priya smiles seeing the view of Switzerland and today was her last day and they were on the way to airport but she felt I wish we stayed here for some more time.. we spend time with each other. I wish…..

Ram thinks I wish priya u tell once ram let us be here for some more time, I will postpone the flight.. and both see each other and when both were about to speak…  the car had an sudden jolt and both jolt back too someone came in front and so ram and driver had to get down and luckily nothing happen as driver had put his sudden break to save themselves so as the little boy. They were ok and then start of and raya again turns to each other window sides thinking what happen.. May be after returning we should talk or may be in flight and smiles.. they kept stealing glance.. . they get busy with flight procedure as they were little late and manages to get inside and sit down and to surprise ram wontedly sit next to window seat’s next seat and priya sit in window seat and feels good and wanted to thanks him  when she was about to say it airhostess come and tell please fasten ur seatbelts and saying the flight it going to take off… and priya face changes and get little restless.. he sees her and says priya u r fine.. she nodes her head.. and hold the seat and start her chanting and he smiles and says priya ram near u u don’t need any other one and she says shut up ram.. and continued her chanting he laughs.. when the flight continued to take it high she turn her and holds his shoulder and  hide her face.. he admires her.. both kept seeing each other after some time and  not an word uttered as both were kuch bolo na in their mind but kept quite when the hostess came and gave them the beverages and ram says nahi priya u r not well don’t have this don’t forget u had food poisoning and stops her she says but ram this is not fare she get angry and pinches him hard on arm he shout aah.. all turn and they pretend nothing happened he says u r jungli billi .they had and flight journey where silences spoke the words.. raya kept seeing each other secretly..  priya was happy smiling… thinking abt to start an fresh but slowly .

They were waiting each other start and in that the flight journey ended the person who went fighting was blushing don’t know what all they were thinking with open eye and seeing it as an dream.. raya collect baggage’s and comes out and waves hand shipra and nuts were soo happy seeing them back they were like ram priya and hugg each other and shipra jii say jamai sa aap itne patle kaise hogaye… priya was like ma go for an eye checkup.. how could he think he has become slim beauty mallika sheravat he is still the same moru golu ram.. ram says oye phirse motu kaha.. nuts says bhiaa.. chao guys let go home and continue the fighting and go off.. ram was giving gift to nuts and when they ask to priya who says wo kuch jayda pasand nahihi aya  I dint like anything .. nothing was spl.. when ram says noo nuts she was afraid to buy such costly gift after all she had no experience to buy right.. and nuts sees priya face going down and says may abhi ayi and goes when nuts says bhai what did u do.. she is sad.. he says are I told truth yaar.. she was like seeing the price  and not getting anything  .. she says because she is not used to it but that doesn’t mean u can insult her like that not fair bai… she was upset.. u almost made fun of her status u need to tell sorry. He says I dint mean that.. are why would I insult her.. priya was crying thinking I was bewakoof who thought all will eb fine but no.. he showed his money status  and insulted me.. but I won’t let him do that.. and wipes her tears.. she comes back.. when ram was aboutt o say.. she says I tried to find something which was worth for money but I did not get anything.. except the chocolate right ram.  And shows the face and then.. in room priya was avoiding him and he too.. he was thinking … did I do it jyada? 2-3 days goes and raya sleep in bed but got pillows in-between them.

Priya was in dining table says ma muje kaam karna wo mummy papa ko paise  chaiye hhain ghr chalana aap janti hain ki.. Krishna says kyun nahi beta ofcourse tuje kaam par jana chaiye.. agar tum bura na mano to jo kaam tum bahar karna chati hoon tum ki mein hi karlo… kyunki it will make u and ram stay together and even we will not have tension .more than it u both can spend time together also kyun ram.. ram seeing priya says nahi mom I don’t think priya will agree.. uska ego hurt hoga bahar hi kaam par jayegi right priya… when daadi says golu puttaaaar mein priya ko janti hoon wo aise kuch nahi kahegi.. wo teri hi saat kaam par jayegi haina priya puttar..she says daadi agar inko meri saat jana achha nahi lag raha ho t to and make sad face.. krishan say nahi priya he will take u along with u  ram.. from today u will take priya with u and make sure she is made to feel comfortable when priya say no ma I want to be an normal employee I don’t want anyone to know I am his wife.. I want to live an normal life.. Krishna smiles saying waise ho hoga kitni samaj daar hain meri bahu and goes happily and priya sees ram and says muje koun naukri denge aap… kud to nahi deni wale hain mat deejiye woo bhooj nahi uthasakti aapkit raf seeing him up and down and goes smiling saying I will get my purse … ram sees priya who was smiling seeing the window… when she sees one person selling some artificial bracelet she immediately scroll down and buy one and ram ask her to shut the door as dust was coming and ac is getting disturbed and it is very hot outside when priya says 1 ek min and paying that person raises the glasses  says ek min keliye u can’t bear this hot but think of other who walk and sell in such hot weather to earn for their daily bread… she says oh god I forgotten whom I am talking to… how come u know the pain of such thing.. kabhi bus par ya road mein jate to pata chalta .. what hurt u have to bear… u r mr ram kapoor who only value thing with money.. but not realize how difficult to earn it.. and turns in anger.

They reach the office and to surprise all congratulate raya and give and small party.. they make raya click picture together and ram put hand around and bring her near and take picture. He then inform aaj se mrs priya kapoor will also work with us.. but not as an boss ut as an normal junior employer like other as my wife wishes to be with u people.. and work with u.. so may I have the pleasure and give hand to priya and drags her to dance and says let all dance and she says  thank for letting me know I am junior employee and ek boss ko shoba nahi deta to dance with junior employee he says oh really and says I am the boss can do anything.. and smiles..she pushes shim little by stamping the feet and move back and smiles.. later priya was in her seat and doing her work  and ram fixes the seat opposite to her cabin to keep an eye. An week goes.. instead of going with ram priya start to go in bus like other employer and ram get an bus to al.. priya think omg..   wontedly he make her call inside and make her sit till lunch and make her share his lunch due to Krishna…. They were having lunch when suddenly he get call and he goes aside and speaks and sys darling I am waiting eagerly for ur arrival.. priya ka face toot jate hain.. tears arise but she control saying I am least bothered.. and pretend as if nothing happen.. he was like kyaa u r here.. are wo mera hi to office hain ajaa and goes out not caring about priya.

Priya goes out and get shocked ram hugging her tightly saying I was missing u darling… my sweet neeha and she says I too missed u fatty and pulls his cheeks making priya fumes and jealousy was in high spirit.. she wa fuming ike durga devi.neha says ram u were right u wife is back and she is fuming badly he says I know isliye I asked u to help me.. I want her to confess her love he says continue.. she says fatyy ye lo teir fav chocolate .. maloon hain when I was coming to mumbai I got this spl for u he says soo sweet of u varna kuch logon ko meri presence tak yaad nahi rehta.. and hugs her once again and see through glass dor view of priya face angry wala face…

Promo: priya think what u think ram u only have girlfriends? Wait and dials and….

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once again back with new idea.
i know i gave an preview of an new ff and i am giving another new preview of an brand new script guys enjoys....

nuts:papa where r u i am getting late for my college ...

ram:coming darling agaya main chalo...

nuts: papa u ate aloo parate phirse?

ram:nahi to... looking weird

nuts:says wipe ur face with tissue before u come down
ram: smiling funny way says sorry... kal se nahi kavoonga pakka promise
nuts walks angryly he says beta .. aapp
krishna says ram tum kya karogi jab ye ghar se shaadi karke bida hojayegi? rah payegi uske bina?
ram sees krishna saying no mom i will bring an ghar jamai.. aap jante hoo she is my world...

krishna:but when she get married her priority will change... kab samjogi tum...

ram looked away sadly...

krishna: why don't u get married ram?
ram:ma u know the reason still?
krishna: i know but what will happen when i leave the world u will be all alone ... and i wish u to do kanyadaan of nuts with ur wife...

ye hain ram ki choti se family ki ek jalak

now priya kaise hogi yaaa phir... kuch aur?


Saturday, 5 October 2013

what happens when an Don's son who happen to be an police officer happened to caught eyes in name of hatred, of an slum girl?

what is going to be how it is going to be ... keep guessing

this an one liner preview and exclusive preview coming soon

Thursday, 3 October 2013

parde ke peeche hain kuch anokhe riste

it starts like nuts and karthick (my version of an story inspired from balh) fall in love and for it ram goes to meet karthick family secretly not letting them know of his arrival so that find is nuts marrying and correct guy or not.. when he goes he sees priya and something brew up in mind .. he sets his eyes on her


later he learns that they are and ok good family and as karthick was good he decided to get them married..suddenly priya's job goes off


he says priya... i need to talk to u ... she says but i tell me soon what u want to say and leave.. he says.. i want u...priya as shocked


aaj mein teri faida nahi uthaavoonga as i want u to come to me with your own will and u will come until then and kisses her on her lips  where she pushed him and run away and sees shipra who was coming up on seeiiing her priya hugs her tightly and cries and shipra ask kya hua?she says ma mein woo when she was about to say she starts to get unconscious


shipra comes to meet ram and it was his personal cabin where no one dare to enter and shipra take her sip of apple juice and smiles says mr ram.. mein yaahn aapse kal ki jo baat huyi uske bare meein baat karne ayi hooon

he smiles saying may i know on what matter??she says mr kapoor mein jaanthi hoon and I saw everything .. I know that u like priya and I very well noticed how u were behind her.. u very well know if I want I can do anything even complain in police .. he smiled and sat and said shipra sharam that is ur name right.. may I know when u had gone an complain to police why did u come here? She says kyunki  I know agar priya se aap se shaadi kareein to uski bhi life hojeyegi aur  aapko bhi police ke paas jaana nahi padega' he says oh .. u want me and priya to get married? He says u r mistaken mrs sharma .. I never said I wanted to marry priya' she sasy mazaak bahut achha kar lete hain.. he says shipra jii ye sach hain I want priya but I never said I want to marry her and smiles.. I know u must have come here to blackmail me ' ya phir for money but let me tell u .. I want priya for me but not as my wife.. she says aapp ye sab'. He says before u could react let me show u something' it was dam shocking to shipra.. he says so aap priya ko manakar mere paas lekar ayenge.. and make sure she comes here with her own wish'

part 1

it starts like nuts and karthick (my version of an story inspired from balh) fall in love and for it ram goes to meet karthick family secretly not letting them know of his arrival so that find is nuts marrying and correct guy or not.(he has become detective himself). when he goes he sees priya and something brew up in mind .. he sets his eyes on her


later he learns that they are and ok good family and as karthick was good he decided to get them married..suddenly priya's job goes off

when this shocks priya she comes out when (well u expect ram's car then u )

she was crying thinking what will happen now?if this had happen how will our house run? how will i repay the loans of papa which only me and papa know.. she kept thinking and walking the road side ... she decided to hide the thing as when she entered her house she get shocked as all were happy and kapoors were present there and natasha and karthick were holding hands and when she come to know of their on coming weddingg(later he will sing shaadi karke phaas gaya mein)

ab kya hoga?

well nuts and karthick ki shaadi ki tyaari... u must be thinking why karthik din't talk about priya's wedding?well people u need to wait there are reason sometimes


she had to keep quite.. she was lost in though and next day morning she goes and tries to talk to the head when he says the center is getting closed shocking priya

she was like

ab mein kya karoon... muje kuch to karna padega.. then she searches and learns an job vacancy was there.. the salary was less but had to accept it as she was in need of job.. and luckily she gets the job... the wedding preparation was full on..and soo all were out and priya was present in home as it was saturday and she had an off and was in home.. when she finished her cooking she goes to have her bath.. but one wrong thing she did was she left her door open forgetting that she had to lock it ..priya comes out in towel as she also forgotten her dress.. she comes outthinking no one present and she can quickly dress up but... when she comes out she get shocked seeing..  because she saw the person... in her afraid manner she lost her hold and left her towel loose which slipped down from her body she was just standing there with nothing before an stranger.. who was none other tham mr ram kapooorrr he was seeing her with an open eyesss.. she was  when his eyes traveled through out her body she felt it the danger energy and realize her state and ran away inside the room and locked it  she was scad and shocked  she was breathing heavily she could feel the hot chilled air touching her body and realize it she need to cover herself... she remember his gaze over her..


she heard the knock.. where ram said will u come out i need to talk something... she comes out slowly wearing an full sleeve sawlar kameez covered with duppatta ..


he saw u look beautiful.. and give an devilish  Smile

he move her wet hair when she pushes his hand and say ye what r u doing? he says i am pushing ur wet hair.. it hide ur beautiful eyes.. she was feeling awkward .. his gaze was making her feel uncomfortable.. she ask what u need?.. ghar par koi nahi hain.. he says par aap to hain Smile she was like jaldi boliye muje kaam hain.. he says muje bhiii..


he says priya... i need to talk to u ... she says but i tell me soon what u want to say and leave.. he says.. i want u...priya was shocked

part 3

shipra enters saying priya beta kahaan hoon and seeing ram and priya says are mr kapoor aap yaahhann kab ayeii? priya did u ask him chai paani and alll when he says she servedhe says shipra ji i just came her to inform that the wedding date have been fixed for next month end and the preparation have been started.. if u need anything pls let me know.. she says ... in typical shipra style blah blah blhaaaLOL priya was all irritated and was not liking him...


the things were not going out form her mind ... she was disturbed but did not show in front of her family.. she always felt his gaze around her.. .. it was 3 days from that incidence .. she was not able to concentrate on anything.. when the kapoor invited them for dinner.. she refused to come.. but when ram himself came with car and told he has come personally to pick them all and manipulated shipra to bring priya by force .. priya was in car along with every one.. she could see ram was seeing her through the mirror in front (it was an big car to accommodate all ) she decide to change the place and made shipra to sit and he was like ab kya karoon.. and shipra was buck buckkk blahh blaahh he did an sudden break and shipra was like omg.. this car is soo good nothing happen to meLOL.(shipra is too stronghope car was fine). they reach kapoor mansion soon..


the dinner was on.. and priya know ram eyes was on her.. she could feel his eyes following her...

she wanted to leave the place as quick as possible... but shipra was like going on...LOL .. ayeshaa was trying to flirt with kapoor boy's present there.. and ram was like trying to respond when priya came and took conda before she bit him he just smiled  .. priya told it is time they need to leave.. and they left as driver was arrived to drop them and ram to went along them saying he will be going to office dropping them as he got work .(in night?)

 when all were getting down he text priya saying u r sexy -ram


she was finding it difficult... she decide to warn him ... he at her while going back in car.

 the engagement was fixed in 5 days and priya decide to warn him on that day as he was not in india and will return on that day..


the engagement day... it is was an surprising and as well as shocking day of her life.. and she wished such day never came

it was the engagement day.. shipra and all were dressed in good manner and priya was just wearing and dull parrot green with red duppatta setDead(pata nahi use green kyun pasand hain?)when shipra seeing her thought of god hamri saat totta(i don't want to take an parrot with me) nahi lekar jana she says priya hum fancy dress keliye nahi sangeet keliye.. so i will select ur dress today and in her mind something was brewing.. she goes and take an new sari and says aaj tum yahi pehonogi..  she asked other to go first and then they will come and  when priya refused to wear she says priya pehnloo and forces into change.. well it was an baby pink sari with black borders and the sari was king of net type...priya was changing when shipra remembered what she saw when she came inside the house and remembered ram's eyes wondering over priya and next while she came back and saw ram seeing priya in his house and smiled thinking lagta hain mr kapoor ki aankon mein priya ko dekraha hain(kya kya sochthi hain shipra)she decide to test today  -the reaction of mr ram kapoor and wanted to find what he is upto.. so she  took such sari for priya..


they entered the sangeet .. ram eyes was searching for priya and when she entered his eyes was totally over her .. he thought she looked too good in sari and today he is going to get what he want by any chance  it was not love but lust towards her priya guessed it when she caught him seeing her and she was uncomfortable as her sari was little exposing .. she has sensed about his lusty eyes on herhe went and welcome shipra and priya and asked them to enjoy and shipra caught him seeing her and smiled  wickedly thinking lata hain mr kapoor ko priya pasand hain...


the ceremony starts and they were dancing and priya felt something touching her body and it was ram's finger  caressing her back she tried to move when shipra pulled her to dance and  wass dancing . she also pulled ram and when priya moved .. off.. then it was time for some drink as priya was thirsty and she drinks some cold drink and  and soon shipra comes and tell priya beta.. bahut mazaa araha haina aaj..  she just smile and when she says achha beta woo muje kuch natasa ko dena hain tune deki kyaaa?  she says mein and sees her in other way and inform and she says thanks and leaves when suddenly some one drop glass of water over her and says  sorry and gives direction of washroom she goes there and clean her self and comes out and tries to open the room's door when she feltt some one crossing hand around her waist and pulling her close to chest saying itni bhi jaldi kya hain?and crushes her almost.,.. she realizes it was rammm she manged to pushes him and come out of his grip and when ram tries to ... molest her

part 4

priya manages to push him after managing to remove his hand.. and she was about to slap when he hold-ed her hand and pulled towards him and gave an tightkiss on her lips  she could feel him touch her around, he lifts her while kissing and get near the bed and both drop both on bed .. she pushes him breaking the kiss and being ram he stil continued to kiss her in her face and she tries to hit him he holds her hand(fully filmy ) he says if I want I can do anything now.. and u wont will be able to oppose me. She sees him in shock ..he say I have already made u drink which had drug in it(omg conda 's idea ram stole it)which will make u respond me.. she was shocked.. he smiled .. I have planned everything.. but u know what aaj mein teri faida nahi uthaavoonga(today i wont take advantage of u) as i want u to come to me with your own will and u will come until then and kisses her on her lips  where she pushed him and run away and sees shipra who was coming up.on seeiiing her priya hugs her tightly and cries and shipra ask kya hua?she says ma mein woo when she was about to say she starts to get unconscious and  shipra ask kya hua she says she is not feeling good and in time ram comes when priya was about to fall he holds her and ask shipra what happen and then carries her to bedroom and tells look like someone had played mischief (kitna besharam hain ram)and order bansi to bring some juice ..

when she gain consciousness she sees shipra and says maa mein when she hears ram asking how r u priya now? She stares him with horror and when other s too come.. he gives an devilish grin.. later they leave.. (me not dragging it.. )in home priya mind was remembering the incidence and bura bura sapna araha ta ram was torturing her in her mind and dream here shipra was like meri shak sahi nikal and I also heard mr kapoor talking to priya as the door was open and saw everything when priya pushed him she quickly ran a way and pretended to climb the steps .. she remembers ram stare and other things.. she thinks ram was eying and thinks may be like priya .. but doubt was whether he want to marry her or not or it was just an lust ?but it din't look like just lust.. he wan't something more than it . what was it.. and she was like agar isis karan is ghar mein achha hua it will be awesome.. and smilesss hugely.. she decide to meet ram and do an emotional blackmail and make an move and try her luck with using priya

she was in priya's room and ask kay hua beta.. when priya was about to say sudhir come and priya was little worried.. when suddenly priya receives an letter from the person who has lent them loan and .. she goes to talk to them when that person says in an week if they return sudhir will be in jail . priya was soo much in shock and she couldn't concentrate on her work and does a mistake and get fired from her job.. she felt the whole world was crashing down in front of her .. she did not know what to do how to tell her family .. (haila kitna ekta inspired me to write this all craps)shipra comes to meet ram and it was his personal cabin where no one dare to enter and shipra take her sip of apple juice and smiles says mr ram.. mein yaahn aapse kal ki jo baat huyi uske bare meein baat karne ayi hooon

he smiles saying kisss bare mein?she says mr kapoor mein jaanthi hoon and I saw everything .. I know that u like priya and I very well noticed how u were behind her.. u very well know if I want I can do anything even complain in police .. he smiled and sat and said shipra sharma that is ur name right.. may I know when u had gone an complain to police why did u come here? She says kyunki  I know agar priya se aap se shaadi kareein to uski bhi life hojeyegi aur  aapko bhi police ke paas jaana nahi padega(omg shipra is double crossing all) he says oh .. u want me and priya to get married? He says u r mistaken mrs sharma .. I never said I wanted to marry priya she says mazaak bahut achha kar lete hain.. he says shipra jii ye sach hain I want priya but I never said I want to marry her and smiles.. I know u must have come here to blackmail me ya phir for money but let me tell u .. I want priya for me but not as my wife.. she says aapp ye sab. He says before u could react let me show u something it was dam shocking to shipra.. he says so aap priya ko manakar mere paas lekar ayenge.. and make sure she comes here with her own wish


shipra was shattered she never thought her plan will backfire like this.. she forgot ted he was the ram kapoor .. she was dumb stuck.. she came to home where she saw priya was alone and was crying seeing the papers.. and when shipra ask what happened priya she ends up crying and informs all things even which happened the previous night and every details as she thought ab chupaane se koi faida nahi.. shipra too broke down she shocks priya saying there is one thing left  mr ram kapoor the person who can help them but in return priya should go to him and full fill his demand this shocks priya where shipra says she knew what happened last night and so she went to talk to mr kapoor asking about his intention where  he told him he wants priya shipra tell he showed the papers and all and even told if priya doesn't agree for demand  he will bring them in road and also tell he will destroy their reputation and much more.. priya was shocked.. when shipra said pls priya go to him.. just do what he wants.priya was shocked she never expected shippy will say that


ram smiled drinking his coffee and seeing priya's picture in his I pad .. he says pagal aurat who came to blackmail me.. if she had not come also I would spoken to priya she din't know that I had intention of marrying priya but ab ye natak karoonga so that shipra ji itself forces priya and so that priya say u should marry me for all this and smiles thinking it was soo funny that shipra came to black mail him and he expected that but he din't know it was going to happen soo soon.. he gets the call from niharika and on seeing the number she give an devilish smile and answers it. She says ram when u r coming home? I am waiting here tum jaanti hoo naa u need to sign papers for the property we had brought in lonavala he says abhi ata hoon ma.. and after keeping the phone smiles thinking on something and open his draw and takes some paper thinking this is the correct time.

Priya was like aab jaanthi hain aap kya keh rahe hain? She says mein achhi taraf se jaanthi hoon what I am saying.. she says priya mein jaanthi hoon na hamari halat kya hain she says but I can do this.. shipra says I know what u r thinking but don't worry I will make sure that ram marries u she says moom u ever realize what u r talking about she says I know what I am talking.. she ask maa if u had an same situation  and would ask ayeshaa? I am not ur own daughter but ur bahu that is the reason u r asking me? Today u proved me wrong as today u r just my saas.. shipra slapped priya saying kabadar tune ye kaha to.. I have forgotten that u r my son's widow and till now I have not remembered the past and today u reminded me what u asked me will I ask ayeshaa to do the same thing? Ye I would have said the same thing because I know one mother can never diff between her kids .. I consider u as my daughter priya and that is the reason.. I wanted u to marry ram and get settled in life.. I know the path chosen may be wrong but what ever I am doing for u is not wrong because I wanted u to be settled in ur life before we leave this world she then keep going with her long speech what u thought priya I am a such women who sell their daughter then u r wrong.. I want my children happiness that it.. and u r my first kid for ever.. I know u entered this house as an bahu but today u r the elder daughter and even the head of the family who run it.u gave ur whole life here.. u were just 20 when u married my elder son .. but unfortunately  he died and left u to live alone but when we were broken u became our strength and stood as an pillar and  start to run this family I always wished I could do something soo good to u and make sure ur life is settled and wished for it every day.. I know u never wanted to re marry due to family situation but now hum barabaad hoo yaa abaabd(good or bad) It is in ur hand.. after all u took charge of running this house and always handled it better than us and now it is ur wish I am not going to compel u because u thought I am doing this for my self .. its ok priya now it is ur wish.. and goes inside the room . Priya was left crying..


part 5

Next day morning when priya sees shipra was not there and ask sudhir who say  shipra had gone early.. some where. Priya was worried.. she goes in search of her who founded her in some old park which was in the end of the road where less people were around.. she talks to her who says if he would have Ayesha instead of her Ayesha would have said yes by bow.. and priya has proved and all stuff(conda can do anything ..).. she says very soon all of us will be here and she is preparing herself..  saying it she faints.. in hospital doctor says shipra has got mild heart attack(for an change)..bus priya kil man pigal jatha hain as she goes and says she will do what shipra wants tooo

She was crying in washroom when her mobile rings it flashed in name of private number she know who it is.. it was ram who tells priya ab tak ur mom must have spoken to u if not come here to my office I will tell u everything in details.. she says how could u do this to us.. he says come here we will talk when she says she can't and cut the call.. she cries.. but remembers shipra's words .she comes to know that her mother was in need of surgery and it cost 10 lakh.. it shook her  she realized shipra had hidden truth about her surgery and was postponing it for long.. sudhir was broken and think what will happen now and ask priya about the loan from her office so that they can atleast repay the house loan paper and then sell it at good cost for the operation.. when priya was worried.. she remembers shipra of saying ram had the papers

Ram get calls from reception that some one has come to meet him ..her name is priya sharma.. he smiles and says to send her to the personal cabin in upstairs priya enters the elevator and goes up.when the elevator door open she walks and realizes it was not like office setting but something else.. she was directed to an room. She knock and open all afraid when he says come in priya she enters and was shocked on seeing him smiling and seeing something and she too get shocked seeing it.. the door get locked and she get scad. He comes near her and tell itni dar achhi baat nahi hain.. and comes near her and says look like u din't sleep well yesterday kya? She says muje wo sab aapse discuss nahi karna.. boliye aap ye sab kyun kar rahe hain? He smiles saying as if u don't know .. she says dekiye mein aise ladki nahi hoon jaise aap sochtge hain he says I know.. but what to do my eyes on u now and I want u.

Mr kapoor u will do anything  to get me? He says  of course  anything.. she ask can I ask u something? What will u do when some one ask such thing to ur sister or ur mother?how will react.. he laugh saying I expected u will ask it.. but don't worry I will never let it happen.. he says dekoo priya.. mein saaf saaf kehdeta hoon jis din tuje deka us din I thought of u of being my.. I just want u in plain words and in return will do anything for u.. just u have to agree for some of my conditions   she ask aap mere bare mein kya jaante hain kiii he says I know about u very wel.. I also know that u r widow and bahu of sharma she was shocked he sasy I do my homework and smiles..  now tell me priya what is ur decision? As u don't have time.. u r house papers are with me.. it is no use for me  soo if u don't answer me in 2 days it will be put for auction and also remember I can even stop nuts and karthick wedding  .. but still priya was nnot ready to accept she and ram have an argument and she even shout on ram even pull him by coat when she left his coat seeing something shocking.. he says ab bolo priya what u want to do.. these are just few of them I have soo many that an day is not enough .. he says giving u 2 days.. just think well before u decide anything..

She sits next to shipra who sees her and  had tears.. when she hold her hand and says ma joo aap chaiehenge wahi hoga and whatever u want me to do I will do and shipra smile and cries with tears when sudhir comes they wipe their tears.. he ask ma beti mein kya chal raha hain? Shipra says kuch nahi.. bus I was saying this hospital is having totally bad interiors .. in time nuts  karthick and conda comes priya say mein abhi ayi.. when doctor calls priya and enquirers about money and priya says in 2 days they will pay all the amount and ask the doctor to fix for operation. He comes out and tells sudhir that she is going home to get dress for shipra and bring food for them and goes.. she was waiting for taxi when Mercedes came in front of her it was none other than ram she was upset seeing him he says kahi jarahi hoo I will drop u and forces her to get inside the car and says bolo priya what u have decided .. I am sure u must be thinking to come to me I heard ur mom is unwell .. kyun na ho after all she has got shock of her life.. but don't worry mein hoon na.. but if u want..

Priya  gets down and says aap upar asakte hain he smiles saying ofcourse and they get inside the lift .she open the door of her house and they enter and she locks it and says muje aap ki saare sarth manjoor hain but I have some condition.. he hugs her saying that like my girl.. he kisses her lips saying u r soo delicious .his phone ring it was an imp call and he moves she wipes her tears. He says bad luck I have to go for meeting .. but don't worry all help will be done.and will come to hear ur conditions.. priya was in hospital and sends other back and stays with shipra.. shipra says tum fikar amt karo beta I will put the condition of him to marry u she ask whether he will accept it she says he will do that for sure.. tum fikar mat karo.. in the early morning ram comes to meet them and where shipra tells him of the condition of marrying priya he was refusing first but she says duniya ka saamne to kya hua chipakar to kar sakte hain other wise I wont let priya and I want her to be settled with her hubby  .. he says fine.. I will marry her in secret will let u know in few days .. shipra was happy but priya ask about the papers he says after she fulfill his demand .. she says she need it as with the help of it she can save shipra when he smiles uski fikar amt karo and goes  later she comes to know the money was paid and shipra operation was fixed the next day 

Priya was in ram's car were he was holding her hand and kissing it and says .. I  have decided how the wedding will happen ..

part 6

Ram planned the wedding in such a way that no one knows about it. Except shipra and priya
Shipra was operated and she was fine and was discharged in 5 days as she was responding time ram used to come there without any one knowledge in name of visiting shipra but to see priya and trying to get close to her saying they r going to have an wedding and she need to behave as a good wife. She argues saying she has not yet his wife.. he says I don't care and forcefully kisses her inspite of her discomfort..(besharam doesn't care if it is an hospital also)she manages to push away saying it was an hospital .he even shifted the room to end with an extra room attach so that he can happily be with priya . priya was in bad state he managed to escape from him many times but still he manages to catch her and steal moments.. he never
leave an opportunity to come near her..

It was shipra in her house the kapoor were there .. niharika was like omg I need to be such formal and run aways saying she need to look over the oncoming functions it was only 2 weeks left for wedding when ram decided to get married secretly .he trickly send all kapoor to dubai for shopping festival .he even send karthick and conda there.. they refuse first but ram says it was his style of gift and forces them all were happy.niharika had little doubts already in her mind but kept it away and thought may be she is thinking too much and ram is still in her controlotherwise he would not accepted to buy the property in her name she was happy for her trip. But still not having an hope appointed some one to have eye on ram .ram close friend vikram and neha was out of station at present and only come back for nuts' wedding.

Ram sends them off to airport and personally drops them and other side karthick and conda come and they to wave bye. He was returning when he calls priya and tells to meet him in so and so place.she says she can't come as shipra was alone .. he says u have to.. she refuses .when he end up landing there in downstairs and informs priya to come down she was forced to go down when he says "priya let me make one thing clear we r going to get married tonight shocking her she says but it is ..when he cut saying  I am telling u u have to listen to me.never speak when I have my speech on he was bossy and dominate, just ordered her about the wedding .he told sharp 5 p.m he will pick her and they will have their wedding and for next 3 days she is going to be with him where no one can disturb them.she refuses when he says u have no choice remember my words..don't  forget u have sign some papers and it is with me.if u r not going to get married tonight then u have to live with me without marriage convenience is ur

He goes of.she was heart broken.she sees shipra and tells about it when she was little worried and ask her not to worry and ask her to go and get married. She ask aap papa ko kya jawaaab denge?she says not to worry as papa was going to indhore to invite all .due to my health I will staying back .so not to worry.i will manage .priya was not happy with it when she says she has a plan .sudhir wave bye to them for his 4 30 train and goes.shipra and priya comes down and when other asks they inform they were going for checkup and even need to stay in hospital if needed. They din't want to leave any clue. They come down ram was little taken back on seeing shipra but he din't mind as he needed someone to ready priya .shipra inform them to drop her off to hospital after the wedding .ram was happy that shipra is soo understandable .shipra think have not got any choice.she also wanted to see ram and priya wedding as priya was her daughter of heart.shipra was shocked to see ram has already arranged all thing.he ask them to get ready in the room as he has kept all necessary thing(priya had got her little bag as they told they were going to be in hospital)

Priya was changed having her bath in time shipra was happy and seeing he arrangement and praise ram in shipra style .. when priya get changed she helps priya to get ready and apply make up and says see priya ram has kept the banded product for u .priya was not happy when shipra says priya darling ab sab bhool javoo now get happy and get married beta.. this is ur time.. atlast the dream I saw for u is going to may be not in the same way I thought but it is coming true.. priya u r my most wonderful kid of them because I din't give u birth but u brought up all of us from our bad time and gave a wonderful life and today I am really happy for u forgetting other worries priya ask her not to get soo emotion as it was not good for her health and cries and shipra says priya darling don't cry u r make up will go off .. she ask mom in this state also u r happy?she says kyun na ho priya afterall it is ur special day and u r going to be get settled up with such a personality I know he is little attitude but don't worry before wedding all men are like that after marriage only wife shows the attitude and mens hear it and smiles.. priya just smile thinking inspite of soo much worries u make me smile with ur stupid thought as shipra keep looking positive this was make her special priya thoughtbe positive was shipra attitude and priya admired it .(sometime shippy look pagal but she always be funny with her face making)

Some one knocked the door and told ram was waiting .they came out.the pandit ji was ready with the wedding thing.he told both of them to sit and the chanthing was started shipra was sitting in near in chair.she was happy inspite of worries .ram wondered about shipra whether she was alright as he blackmailed them but still she was happy and enjoying the wedding may be the only person who was enjoying the wedding .. he never minded as he thought it is going to help him in many ways.. he wondered that does she love priya or just pretending?but when he saw priya who was not happy but for her family sake was sitting enxt to him .he went near her and tells priya I want my bride to smile for photos and not look please smile..

 part 7
Pandit ji asked to start with pheras and shipra did the kad bandhan saying I will do instead of ram's sister.. ram was like what .. she says I am just little elder to him..  ram was at time controlling his smile on seeing shipra's behavior .priya wa like maa please(omg shippy is too much).. she says u can't get over excited' and calm her down .while doing pheras he holded her hand  much to her discomfort. Then he put the mangalsutr and then the red vermillion was filled when shipra moved the maang tika .priya had tears flowing down her cheeks.ram sees it ,he just wipe it with his finger .he says I hate tears.priya just wondered that whether he was an good person or bad person?shipra was truly happy seeing ram gesture and thinks may be he like a  lot and will keep her very happy and smile hugely.. the photos were taken(well no crowd as only ram priya panditji and then shipra was present along with the photographer )

Shipra hugs priya saying beta don't worry I will stay in hospital I will go by car ram has arranged it .u just concentrate on ur new life.. just remembered what I said.. now u r married to ram.. u need to be his wife in all manner.she slowly said soon take over his life.(achhi idea hain). it just simple.. (wow kya advise diya isne ..)I want soon to hear that-worlds calls u mrs priya ram kapoor .. she smiles she then sees ram .she goes to him and says please keep my daughter happy.. she is an wonderful person .. we r blessed to have her now u r.. he says time will tell who is blessed more.. shipra was little take back but says koi baat nahi mr kapoor.. ab muje chalna chiaye.. waise bhi it is getting late.. she goes.. all go even the servant where ram told to come in morning and advises watchman not to disturb them in any way and if any one ask tell them the house is under renovation' panditji was gone shipra was gone and also the servant ' priya was standing there little shivering and nervous .. she was in very awkward situation.. he locked the door. Came near here.. in fraction of sec he scooped her in his arms .she was holding his stole and and put her hand around his neck for support. She felt the his hand on her bare waist which was exposed due to her bridal dress .he says now no one will disturb us .he walks towards the stairs and carry her towards the room in the upstairs.she was scad thinking what is going to happen next.he lays her on the bed which was fully decorated with flowers which was not smelly .he lay next to her .he says happy suhaag raat priya .she could see the devilish happiness inside him .the worst part was that she can't stop him.


He was about to kiss her when she cover his mouth and says mr kapoor paper .. he smile tom morning it will be in ur hand.. don't shall we proceed ?she just closed her eyes when she felt his lips touching hers. She felt him .now she was his in all mean.she slowly opened her eyes after an hour of sleep after they made it out.she felt cold due to ac.she was just covered by an bed sheet .she felt his breathe on her .she managed to move his heavy hand and covered herself with bed sheet and try picking up the dress but the pain in her body was making it difficult but she manages to grab her skirt she wore her skirt from her head way and covers her upper body with his stole and get down to go to change.

She comes out wearing an plane salwar and kameez .she sees how the dress were fallen out and spread-ed out .. the bed was spoiled .he was still sleeping.she gathers the clothes one by one and arranges it  by placing it in the table near the washroom.she then open the door and which much hesitation takes his night suits and places near him in the bed.she goes to drink water but the jug was empty .she goes down slowly she manages to find the kitchen.she sees there was only mineral waters  in the fridge.she drinks it.she was hungry but did not know what to do.she realizes he was in soo much hurry that he forgotten to even dine before they had suhaag raat.but now what will she do?he decide to search something to eat..when she sees some dishes were prepared and placed.she smiles it was just need to re heat .she sees microwave and starts to reheat.she was really hungry and tired .that night as really and tiring one.she remembers his touches.. it was the first time when an man was touching her .she felt an husband touch.when the heating was over she took out and starts to serve herself when she remembered even he did not have any food.. she remembered shipra word that they should eat together after the wedding.the food was in front of her but she was not able to eat.when she goes upstairs .she wakes him up all scad .he sees her and smile .he was about to open his mouth when she says .. food is ready come down and goes. He smiles .he comes down wearing the night suit .he sees her serving food in plate and filling water in glass.

He sit down ,she was about to sit when he says priya come here and make him sit in his lap .he says it was a tradition in their house to feed each other after the wedding.he feed her and she feeds him.she ask can I ask u something?he says after the dinner' the complete the food.priya was soo awkward because he pulled an chair next to him and made her sit and was caressing her while feeding each other.when she was about to clean he stops her saying the servant will do next day and carries her upstairs' to continue the love making

Priya was crying holding her head inbetween her legs sitting on the bed.she sees him sleeping happily.she was think meri zindagi kahan se kaahaan pounch gaya hain.. I never thought I will be married again that too in this way. She sees him thinking is he is good or bad?why he is torturing me like that.he was not gentle when he touched me but was carefully handling me ..what does it mean? Why I am here?she was full of question' she did not know why she accepted  when shipra asked her to.. her silent tears was only support to her.

part 8

It was morning she opened her in his chest.she realized she was sleeping over him  .he was holding her she gets up slowly.and was about to step down when some one pulled her back asking itni jaldi kya hain?she bend down covering herself with the blanket when she felt his lips on her bare back.he says if ur picking up ur clothes it is no use after all there is no part left which I have not seen .she pushes him saying please I am getting late I need to change I am feeling cold because of ur ac.he smile I can make u feel warm.she says please mr kapoor I din't appose for anything.what ever u wanted u did with me now please.. he says ohh common priya' u r looking beautiful'specially in this form.. he starts to start his process when the door was knocked .. ram says wait I am coming.he wears his robe and gets down in time priya take her dress and covering herself with blanket get inside the washroom.

The servant says sir what I can prepare for breakfast.. he says anything.. just be sure u don't disturb us in wrong time ' now go and bring chai for us.. he says it is ready sir' I will bring it in a minute' priya comes out changing and open his bag to take the clothes and turns .when she sees he was no where .she feels relief and locks the door and goes to bath. She comes out  wearing her kameez alone and sees she has left her salwar and take it and sees she was shocked because she sees him  who was seeing her she quickly get back.she comes out sees him and was about to cross him he says bring me my tea in time I will freshen up .she serves in tea and give him his news paper. He says priya sit down and have tea with me.. she drink when he says.. u look very beautiful' .she lowers her eyes..

She says mr kapoor  meri ghar ki papers.. he smiles oh god priya.. don't u trust me?u don't need to worry I will give u it for sure.. don't worry about time servant come and tell the breakfast was ready .they sit down.when she says I neeed to talk to my mom.. after sometime she comes back and they eat together. After it she sees him eating some tablet.she thinks look like he has some problem or something else?

Ram give her the papers and ask ab to kush hona?she says I need the pictures too .. he says that I wont give u know.. I will give u when time comes'

He gifted her an sari.. he complimented telling she was looking hot in sari'he takes her to terrace and in shock it an swimming pool of an private' he invited her for swimming  she refused.but when he said he was in mood to swim with her and forces her.she told she had phobia.. so he din't compel her further and he continued to to swim.. in time she sat down and had tears thinking of her faith. When suddenly she felt his wet lip touching her back and unzipping her top .she turn to see him .she holded the handle tight when he made love .he kissed her .he says we will go down stairs .let us have some snack and winks.she wears her dress. But  when she comes down she almost faint in steps where ram holds her and carries her to bedroom.she opened her eyes after he sprinkled some water .he made her drink water .he says rest yourself.. it is may be we din;t have enough sleep .he lays her down and cover her up .when open her eyes she sees the time.. it was late after noon.

She comes down .the servant informs he was  in study.she goes to talk to him and sees him sleeping in the sitting position itself.she remember shipra's words .she was in confused state'

He give her letter saying she has got an job in his new company which will be under him.he told her not to tell anyone about it.that it was his company'he says now onwards u will wear this mangalsutr along with ur chain.but don'r keep the red tika as I don't want other to know about the marriage.. he kisses her on her u in office tomorrow .she and shipra return in a taxi and comes back to home. Shipra ask whether he troubled her a lot ?priya was like ma plss.. I feel ackward with such question.. she goes to freshen up.. later sudhir returns .he tells he has finished inviting all the needed person and shipra's mommy will come in 3 days.. shipra was little worried in time.. she was very curious to know about priya and ram.but she felt everything was fine.. but still'

Priya was remembering his touch .she notices the love bite in her body when she removes her kurta.she hides it with an cream.she was happy to see sudhir back .it was next day morning when karthick and conda returned with huge shopping saying they got gift for all of them and showed shipra and sudhir .. conda gets an beautiful dress which was an sari style lehenga choli and the choli was soo low cut with dori.. it was in light blue and red colour.priya refuses but shipra says beta lelooo it was an gift and forces.. conda show she got an waist chain and it was looking nice.she shows shipra and priya wearing it .she says she has planned to get some more like that as it suits her personality(remembering sid gifting it to her and he himself put it in her waist.. all dreaming'

Shipra mind thinks something .she decide to shop for priya but remembers she had few jewels left in her cubboard which she was suppose to give to conda but decided will give to priya.. she is surely upto something' priya enters the office and get shock because ram himself was present there .she realizes she was going to work as his assistant there.she felt soo ackward but he was enjoying.  She realized it was an unit where limited people were working and in that 8 girls and only 2 boys.. he makes her sit next to him in sofa and holds her hand saying I got this office specially for that we can have our time.he caress her  cheeks .he says u know in upstair I have a got an pernolized apartment specially for us both so that we can spend time there.she was not comfortable with it.she realizes he must have been planning from long.he lays her back in sofa .he comes down to kiss her when his phone ring .he was like shit' he sees vikram number displayed and soon he was needed to go .priya was relieved.he says just for name sake I will be the boss but u r going to be the boss here and handle when I am not here. He gives an cover which had a amount of 20,000 she was shocked and asked why he has given her this?he says rakloo u may need it as an wedding is going to come in our homes.he says he will return in evening and goes.priya was seeing the file and thinks her work was not much as he had everything perfect.. she realizes it was just an bahana so that he can see her in name of work.

part 9

She was about to step out of the office when he entered and pressed the number and stopped her from going.he locks the door .he removes his coat .he order her to bring coffee for him.she sees all things were kept int hat open kitchen. She prepare and give him he pulls her in his lap and was kissing.he says u look soo good .kissing her he unzips her tops when she stops saying she was getting late he says not to worry shipra  will handle it and pull her close to him reminding her she was his wife now.she pushes him and get up saying I know I am ur wife but I have my own commitments to.. I need to go.he says u can't talk to me like that' she says why?just because u force me into this wedding?noo u paid for it.he says I am no mood to argue.. come to me she refuses saying she is not going to do and be puppet in his hand and goes in anger.she reaches home when she sees karthick was tensed when asked he says dii the project which was doing is been stopped when I asked the reason they said it is not good and if I don't complete it I won't get my degree of mba and all will be spoiled.priya was taken back, when she receives sms saying what happened u r brother project been stopped?i told u I am no mood to argue.she calsl him entering the bathroom and ask why he was doing this? Eh says u very well know the reason.i need u.come to me .she says why u r being soo cruel?he says me or u?are u have left ur hubby like that when eh was in need of his wife?not fair priya come to me I really miss u.. she wipes her tears and call him back and says fine I will do whatever u want but before 7 I should be at my home and promise me u will not hurt my family members.. he says sure.. darling..

She leaves early in the morning .she was sitting in his car as he picked her up from the near by bus stand and left. They were having breakfast together where he was feeding her saying u should not skip ur breakfast priya after all u r my wife.he forces her to eat and then kisses her in arms.he ask u always were full sleeve? When she was about to get up he pull her duppata and makes her  fall I n his lap and says kahan jarahi hoo jaaneman I fed u .. but u don't feel it is ur duty to feed me?like u did it there after our wedding? She was thinking how confused I am about him.. he is hero or villain?pati ya kuch aur?

In the lunch also same way he forcefully feeds he evening as usual after other leave he take her to upper level to romance. After 3-4 days priya was all drenched in rain while going back .when he offered to drop her she refused as she felt what he was upto as today he din't come in the evening and late ly he came there.but it happen that she was forced into getting with him. She was shivering when he take her some where else .she says she  need to go back to home her family member are waiting for her.they must be worried.but he  says relax.. not going to do anything just want to get u something.but soon she realizes he was dropping her to her house only he says I know all the shortcuts.he smiles and leaves her in confused state.priya  changes and comes out to sleep when she remembered him.she was soo confused.she was not able to sleep. Next day morning shipra tell today her mom is coming.. she ask priya to come little earlier . saying u know how my mom is right.she tells ram she need to go back home after lunch as nani was coming but ram was in no mood to leave her but when she says please ram.. he says fine but one condition.

She cover herself with the blanket and moves his hand she takes her clothes.she cover with duppataa and sees him thinking kaise insaan hain?she put coffee for him and place it in flask and goes .

Priya enters the house where nani present there starts her taunt and remind her she was an girl and that too an widow.. shipra fells bad .priya was having her head down.. nani says shipra make sure she doesn't touch the wedding things as I don't want any abshagun.nani left no time to insult priya who simply barred it.and kept quiet.when she was going to office nani taunts her but shipra supports her and end her off.. ram sees priya crying when he ask what happened she says nothing and continues her work. When all left the rain start it heavy pour down and priya and ram were working as little work was pending. When she was about to start due to nani present ram says he will drop her and they soon realizes the area was flooded and it will take time to clear.they were stuck as they saw in news and when he called watchmen eh says it was flooding there and he too is going to other floor as water have started to come inside a bit and for safety sake. So he tell priya who was already in worry but he comforts her and take her up.when she refuses and goes out and get fully drenched and ram forcefully bring her back and she had an spare clothes in that house.ram smiled and says u never hear me haina' she was about to change when he says I will help and pull near him.when thunder hits she gets scad and he take advantage of it. She was sleeping when she suddenly realized nani words and wakes up and sees him already changed and having coffee he sees her and ask for coffee . he ask can I ask u something?she says boliye.. he says priya what about ur parents ?where r there? She says why mr kapoor u must have done a research right? He says nahi priya I tried buti din't get.she says he won't too and get emotional.he comforts her. Later in night she return back and nani taunts her  soo badly' next day iin office ram realizes priya was in bad state and give half day leave to all and take priya away and ask what happened she refuses to explain when he decide to call sipra priya stop him and hugs him for his surprise

She cries her heart out.he was surprise.he soon starts o hug back and nuzzle her and they get lost in emotion and today priya just let him touch her as she want to feel secure in his arms forgetting others.

It ws first time such thing happen between both mean in an emotional where priya felt comfortable with his touch.

part 10

Nani taunts continued and when once kapoor came and ram sees nani taunting priya infornt of all and asking her not to touch anything he realized it why priya was upset. He decide to do something on it.

Soon the wedding preparation were done and all.. vikram was wondering why ram was offered missed in the office but thought he must be in love and feels happy for him so tries to save him form nikki who can spoiled it.

It was the sangeet ceremony and mehendhi along with it .shipra trickily stops nani form coming there.she wanted priya to be happy and also made her get dressed which conda brought form dubai .shipra dressed priya saying u r going to u sasural and makes her get ready.she hide priya from nani and take her.they enters while doing arti to karthick priya arti was also done as she was next to him and ram just smiles.but to surprise he pretened as if he did not know she exist.priya was taken in surprise of his behavior.the sangeet was started and karthick insisted priya to dance� priya says no but shipra says her to do� she  dances to song  mehendi song .. all claps later she feels thirsty and have water.she was happy and enjoying her brother wedding.when  she searches for ram he    was not there.she thinks may be he din;t like she danced.

Later she goes in search of nuts room to talk to her to inform her about the mehendhi  function when some one felt put hand over her waist and pressed it .u r looking soo good priya today she w as shocked when he  says let go inside my room and closes the door.he says soo madam wahan nach rahi thi.. it is not fair leaving ur hubby u dance alone and pulls her into dance but carries her to bed.she was refusing saying it was function going on but he din';t care.he get what he want.she cover up with blanket and says this is not good he smiles really? She pushes his hand and takes her dresses. She was trying to tie her dori when he came there with just shorts and tied her dori ..she says they must be searching us we need to go down.he says u go first but when u leave this room don't go in straight way just take the other door and take her to secret door whch connect his studies. Priya comes out she was looking different  .she was happy that no one aught them. But was feeling sad thinking she was the bahu of this house and had to be like an 3 rd person.she comes down when shipra was like kahan thi priya.. ?she says I just got lost in this big house ..she lied and shipra understood she says chalo priya put mehendhi in ur hand and drags her and smiles at the mehendi wali and indicates something.the mehendi get over .they started to serve dinner.priya says she was not hungry and mehendi was in her hand shipra says are priya don't worry I will feed u .. she says mom but.. she says common priya when sudhir says  shipra I think we can go back and have dinner .. it is getting late.when niharika comes and ask them to have and go .but priya says she needs to go soon as nani is alone at home.. when shipra says not to worry she had asked some body to come there.the dinner starts priya decided to  eat with spoon as  but was finding difficulties as her mehendi was dried but she was very uncomfortable she leaves the food and decide to remove the  mehendi and ask for washroom and goes to upstairs when she was about to wash ram says it is not encesaaries as it need to get dry more.and turns her s and kisses her.he says I want u to have dinner with me.come to room I have the dinner ready .

He feeds her she was feeling confused on his behaviors.. they ate from same plate.he made sure no one disturb them and was very conscious about the surrounding and kept everything locked.later priya comes down.she indicate shipra whens he ask about dinner showing ram standing little far bye.sheipra smiles.later they go back to day priya was called by ram to office saying an urgent work came up.when she goes and starts arranging things and when he starts romancing saying I called for my work not this office work and starts to nuzzle her she ask him to leav e and starts to go when he pulls her he notices something.. he says mehendi has come very dark and it is very nice that u have wrote my name in it� she then realizes it must be shipra's idea� he starts his romance she pushes him saying it was not correct time the wedding was lined up and she has lots of duty and necessary things to do.. she says it was his sister wedding too.. eh says u don't need to worry I will take let and pulls her near.. she syas please mr kapoor it is not correct.. he get anger and says what was not correct he is her hubby and all rights he have .if she refuses to obey she very well know what will happen so decision is her.she was like with no other choice bes quite and he scoop her in arms and lays her in sofa.

He kisses her and smiles he says u r mehendi has good design.i have to say shipra ji has done good thing by put my first letter in it.tonight is the party come dressed in the sari which I have gifted u.she sees him he says I want u to spend some time tonight so we will leave the party �she gets down as he had come to drop her after he got what he want.she comes home when nani starts to taunt her. And ask her to wear an white sari and all.. shipra get worried and in it shipra get faint and then sudhir request nani not to do something that hurt her. Later in the evening when priya comes out wearing an light blue sari shipra was happy but nani taunts her and says u r not dulhan but an shipra says ma please.. and takes her away.they enter the party place as it was arranged in kapoor house lawn .ram smiles seeing priya wickedly.later they manage to go out some how shipra divert other attention. For niharika ram had got an personal call and gone for work when they ask about priya shipra says her mother was unwell so priya had to go back.

Ram and priya was in car she ask where r we going?he says have patience and take her to their house where they got married and continued to romance her.he gift her an diamond set.he says tom I want u to wear it and come with me to somewhere he also give an suitable dress which was an sari of red colour she says she can't wear it but he says she has too� she was worried about nani' taunt and also already conda questioned her about her sari as it was looking expensive.
part 11

Next day nani takes priya out just to trouble her inspite of her refusing for mandir and makes her walk far away from auto making her get dizzy.. priya phone was taken by nani without her knowledge she switch it off and place it back.they were standing in long line in mandir for san hour.. priya was feeling badly.. but nani wantedly taunts her and tell being an widow u shd visit mandir every day instead of going to office .. tuj jaise ladki aate hi sab gaalaat hogaya hain.. buss today I don't want u to be present in conda's wedding as u r an such an abshagun.. achha hain agar shipra send u to ur maika..priya was sad. They goes to darshan.ram was tensed as priya was not taking is call. He calls shipra and came to know she doesn't know.. he was in fumes.. he think what she thinks  .. is she is going to try blackmail me emotionally ..what she think i will break the truth if she is going to do all this never.. he was in anger but soon he think why does she do it when she know how difficult for me to be without talking to her..they come from mandir after  3-4 hours priya was almost feeling dizzy for past hours.. she has not eaten anything..
nani taunts her on it when on entering shipra asked about her and ask her to eat.priya goes dull.. shipra ask her mother to be quite and feeds her she hugs shipra saying I love ma.. she then says beta ram called me.. priya wonder why he called her when he can call her too she take the phone and realizes it was switch off .she on it and start to receive mess she get shocked she tries to call him but she get busy tone.. she was afraid. She goes down she was waiting for cab when suddenly an car comes the door get opened and she get in.he close the door.. they drive away she tries to explain but he was angry  no mood to listen.. he stop at place when she says meri phone off the.. he stops in an jerk.. in anger way.. he holds her asking ff that priya? Eshahas hain because of not taking phone mein mien kyaa kyaa sochc raha ta.. jaan nikal jara ta mera.. u ever realizes'she first time saw something in his eyes.. which she had never seen before.. unknowingly some tears form in his eyes.. they hug each other she says I am sorry mr kapoor meine jaan bujkar kuch nahi kiyaa.. woo naaani ne ' he says us naaani ki mien nahi chodoonga.. I wont spare her'she says don't do anything because for her I am widow na.. he says never ever say that word again u r not.. dil ki dhadkan baad thi jaaye jab woo saaamne ayeee plays.. male version he ask never do that again he can't afford it.. he drops her back.. not before kissing her tightly..

when priya wear the dress given by ram  for wedding conda and nani question it when shipra says they were al fooled as it was imitation and shipra brought it and covers it up shipra says mama waise bhi ti was an secnd hand sale and u know priya very well. She refused but I forced her after all good thing is going to happen and u dint want any abshagun that why and manages it .nani as usual taunt her but shipra manages to sned priya along with other' they al reach the wedding venue.. nani ask priya to be out of it .priya ahd tears and excuse herself and go to the washroom when she remember ram was not seen after the welcome wondered where he was' she comes out and have something to drink .when an person come and give letter she reads and get shocked and goes.she reaches  the room(as the wedding was in kapoor's famous hotel) before she knocked some one pulled her in and it was ram.

She says the wedding was in ground and he want to do that. Eh says he is not bothered as no one is going to miss him and removes her sari praising her in it.the wedding was happening in other place here  priya rem her wedding how it happened with such not much grand things but simple one.down stair the wedding was on.they were taking pheras and ram was busy removing her sari.nuts giggle to karthick asking if ur soo nervous now what will happen after wedding what about our suhaag raat and giggles.. the wedding was going good and in the room one more suhaag raat of raya was going on.he says u look very beautiful just wearing the diamond set with nothing'

Ram comes down niharika ask where he was he says he was attending guest and sees nuts and karthick were married and gets happy for them.priya was not there.  Ram smiles remembering she will get time as she had to dress herself back.when priya comes down mamaji praises priya and ram was also coming that way when mamaji ask to ram he says openly that priya was not good compared to other present there .he says common mamaji I too have taste.. I don't flirt that doesn't mean I don't like girls ofcourse but I have my own taste .. please priya ke taarif mat kijiye.. I pity the person who will marry such an waste women . and she goes when mamaji ask why he said that he says sach to hey she look soo down market ..mamaji she not only look down market but also look as if she don't have any sense varna ab tak shaadi hochuki hogi, if nuts have not fallen for karthick he would have not accept the wedding at all.. he even says priya was looking soo bad and had bad choice and dressing sense and not upto standard he ask mamaji to keep such girls away from him as they know how such girls are who can do anything to get married and all..aapne deka nahi how she was giving me weird look I am afraid .. mamaji smiles as he doubt whether ram was liking priya and he realizes that he din't like her.he was happy and inform nikki about it who toow as happy.niharika says bus bhai I want to hear that' and I got it.she says agar priya duniya ki aakiri ladki bhi hogi na he wont marry her.they says cheers

Ram was having his drink when vikram ask where r u ram? He says me.. I am here only. When vikram closely ask have u found some one he says if I would have then u will know it diff' but vikram know he had some one' priya was wiping her tears remembering what ram said ' she realizes he is going to use her and throw her out like tissue paper'aaj hi muje laga woo mujse pyaar karte hain and just he doesn't know how to say it but after what I heard I have realized he was pretending to keep me along with him and use me.. I am the person who can been fallen prey for his need just as now.. when his want is fulfilled he will surely leave me.. tab mera kya hoga.. where will I goo.. she was crying sleeping in her bed.when she receives text saying goodnight sweet heart.she thinks he is pretending.ram smiles he sleeps back wishing priya was there.

priya and ram keep meeting in office and he continued his routine.. without choice she accepted him.. but her mind was telling her something one day.ram was trying to remove her tops she was refusing when he says u cant say noo she says she has every right.. he ask what u want to say.. she says u can touch me when u announce to world of me being ur wife..he says fine I will but I will divorce u the very next moment.. is that ok.. think about it.. and don't forget about the photos rest is ur choice.. I wont bother u.. he turns and goes of to take cold shower.she had to wipe her tears.he was in bath tub.. she enter and say I am sorry I wont stop u.. he says it is ok priya.. u r free do anything.. she says I am really sorry wo meri tabiyat teek nahi tii isliyee.. he ask what happened she says I had headache.. I am fine now.he simple says then join here.. or door is open u can go i wont stop u.. she sits next to him in the edge of bath tub where he comes near her.he put his hand and slowly pulls her inside.Winkhe bites her earlobe.. I am sorry priya muje naa sunna achha nahi lagta u know me right.. he make love in bath tub.he was sleeping next to her in the bed hugging her. She thinks kya ye wahi insaan hain?who does everything.. but when he sleep why he look soo innocent .. why I wish he is always with me ?why I wish I be in his arm?why I feel soo protect in his arms?why?

part 12

It was 3 weeks since wedding nuts and karthick return back from honeymoon.priya and ram relationship continued through office way� when one day in early morning priya wakes around 4 am and vomits and for next 2 days it repeats and in between also she does when one day she was vomiting in late night shipra notices it and ask detail.. she later ask about her monthly issue.. priya was little confuse and shipra ask priya to go for an check up and she day she tells ram she need to go earlier as need to go some where.she tries to cover up but when she comes down through lift she feels puking and goes to restroom.when she comes out  she goes out all worried when she get shocked that ram was already waiting in car .they were sitting in hospitals.priya was scad as she know ram if she is pregnant ram will surely ask to abort it and was in tears praying she is not pregnant� the result comes .doctor congratulates them saying she was pregnant.ram says priya I think we should .. before he could complete his sentence she says I am ready fro abortion but don';t hurt my family� she was weeping ask him not to hurt them.. and kept talking when he stops the car and just kissed her� he says u r soo understandable priya.. I will fix the date� priya was still in tears.

It was 3 months after nuts and karthick wedding. Priya was sitting and chopping the vegetables� she thinks kitna badalgaya sab.. she was thinking ram is returning tom after his 2 week trip.. I am sure ate hii he would not leave me� he would want me.. what can I do know?as all the family member have decided to go to tirupati.. how I am going to not go there?this time even shipra mom can do nothing� as it was asked by nani.what will I do now?she kept thinking when she just remembered something . next day they were all was suppose to start by early morning 3 am .when nani asked where is priya shipra informs that she is unwell and tells that she can't come to mandir� nani was like what the hell but thinks it ok if she doesn't come� atleast money will be saved.. shipra informs priya to be carefull as she was all alone.they left at 3 was then priya cleans all stuff and decide to catch the sleep.when an bell rings  she thing itni subha subha koun hain.. she open the door.she was shocked it was ram.she was like aap he says can I come in first.

She closes the door.she turns and ask u were about to come by tonight flight right? He says I wanted to see u that why I finished my work quickly and back now.. would u mind give me a glass of water?she says yaa sorry and goes and bring water. He drink it but suddenly he pulls her and kisses her .he says u r looking tired� what is the reason?she says .. she was just din't have proper sleep for past few days.. he ask why u were missing me?she says no nothing like that.. he says it ok just get me cup of coffee or tea and if u have something give me I am hungry..she nodes and goes.he freshen up and comes out and sees her preparing some parataas for him and coffe was ready.he smiles he comes and hugs her from back and kisses her .he says u know what.. I am really happy that u care for me but u know me I just want something from u and that is..u know very well .she serves him parata and serves him his coffee.he has paratas and coffee. He says it smells good just like u.he offers her and feed s her some paraa from his joota plate.he bite and rest he feeds her.

He says priya I think we need to catch up with our sleep shall we u know what I mean.. he says common priya talk something .. she says I will clean it up u catch up ur sleep.when he pulls her hand and make her sit in his lap and..he starts his naughtiness. Priya lays down in the hall(where she sleeps usually )in hr bed which was almost in the center of hall .he come over her he says u r soo understandable aren't u.. love it when u don't refuse me .she get up after they made love.she hold her kurta which he removed much before she takes it from sofa and cover herself and get up to go washroom.when he says the belly has started to show little than before.she wear her kurta and and ask how come u know?he says I can see it and I felt it when I was kissing u ..

She sees the time when she comes out after her bath and realizes milk man may come.she ask him to go and sleep in bedroom.his luggage was kept behind sofa not so noticeable.the milk man came and she got  milk and he left.she starts to cook food for breakfast so that she can sleep .as he had spoiled the plan.she cook some food and place it and even eat it little and  drinks her chai.she goes inside and sees he was sleeping.she hanks god.she then turns to go when he calls her.priya come here.we neeed to talk.

It was 10 am when priya and ram who were sleeping opened their eyes ram was the first one to open his eyes. He smiled seeing their state .just an blanket was covering them nothing else..she open her eyes  to see him seeing her.she tries to cover herself when he says was it still needed?and she get sup when he get sup and hold her near.he says u r looking soo beautiful and again  they get into cover.

She was wiping her hair when he comes and hold her saying sorry priya I was away for 2 week and that why I was in soo much in need of u.. I just missed ur presence there� if vikram was not coming along with neha I would have surely taken u with me.. but any way� it was an nice time.. in my sasurall .. she ask how u know that no one is there in house he says he knows it as shipra informed in 2 days ebfore.. when I called her up and smiles� I very well know u will not go .. he freshen up and changes him self into fresh pair of clothes. He says priya r u having u pills regularly?she nodes yes he says then no problem.btw u remember right today is our checkup

She sees him and ask aapko yaad hain?he says haan this was also an reason I cam early.they were in hospital

part 13
Doctor tells the baby is fine.he smiles.she says no need to worry mr and mrs kapoor I have checked all the report.. Everything is normal.just that priya need to bee more healthy as she is weighing less than before. He says not to worry he will take care.she says mr kapoor just make sure she sleeps well.if she vomit than regular give her this tablet I have added as she told me she was vomiting extra for last couple of days.he nodes yes.they were in the office house .he enters and place his hand over her belly and says only few months are left and I will be able to carry the little bundle of joy.he bend down and turns priya around and kisses her stomach moving the clothing.she wondered when he showers the love over the baby .she remembered when she said she was ready to abort thinking he will ask her to do.. but it was wrong

Little fb mode

He says ok fine I will fix the date for it ' she sees him' he says why r u looking at me?what u think tell me honestly I will ask u to abort the little baby?do u think I am such an bad person?if so then let me tell u I want this kid it is mine and only my baby' after all u wanted to abort it right?she nodes no'. he says I know priya u must have thought I will ask u to abort it' I expected.. but did u mind asking me whether I want the kid or not?just took ur own decision' she say I thought u.. he says leave it for now.. as I want my own baby' he says deko priya.. I am really happy that we r going to be parents soon.. she look soo confused.. he says I know what u must be thinking that after some days u r stomach wills tart to grow and question will be raise right?don't worry.. until 4-5 months until it doesn't show that much u be there.. after that I will tell u what u have to doo I have something in my mind.

Fb end..

Priya was standing and seeing the rain.she starts to think about her past few days which was having soo many twist and turn.she wondered her life was very normal one before some days.. her routine life get distracted when he entered her life..she still was in thought whether he is an good person or bad.. whether he loves or not  .mein hameshaa yahi socha wo muje pasand karte hai isliye he wanted me ..i wondered whether he love me also.. his behavior always put me into thoughts .when ever he touches me.. he make me feel I am soo special to him .. he make me feel special..when ever he take care of mei feel soo good.i doubt whether he loves me the next moment he does something which make me feel sad.he never forces me into bed but yes he demands me.. which I keep wondering why does he do all such stuff ,take care of me as my husband ,make me feel top of the world but what is the reason he wants to hide it from world.. is he is scad of anything.. or some social pressure?is his step family r the reason?what I s the actual reason.. if he only wanted my shariir why he got married to me?because if it is so then why he allowed me to have baby.. may be he loves kids but still what is the reason ?if he wanted he would done many thing but he did not do that.. when ever I see his eyes I am able to see love and an unknown unsaid pain .why he pretend to be sooo angry at time.. but still he doesn't show it in an wrong way.. why he is keep everything in secret.. sometime I feel he is teasing me with his word but at same time it hurts me.. why does it hurts me soo much?whenever all is around he pretend as if I don't exist but when we are alone he make me feel his existence everywhere.what is all this mean?when I start to like him next moment he break my heart with his he is pretending?he do care about me ye baat to mien jaanti hoon but love?

My heart says he love me..but what ever I see say something else.. barosa kis par karooon the things which I see or which my heart say.. I don't know whether I love him or not but I one thing is clear he is my hubby aur ye hak mein nahi kona chavoongi.. mein jaanti hooon what happened in my past aur is ke baawaajoot he accepted me what I am .. never talk ill things to me about me' nor my family..he respects me..which has made me  look him up..i respect him from my heart..he stood like an pillar when we were in need.. manta hoon wo sab sab ko apta nahi hain but I know' he look angry young man but I feel he has build such image wall to keep us away from his true self.. I want to break the wall one day to know who actually he..i am sure he is an nice person but am I right?or does my destiny is something else?

She just sees outside the window and remember how he was taking care and office also she just go and sleep and doesn't work due to ram order.actually due to nani pressure she used to work in house but in office it was like rest for her' ram feeed her fine and healthy food.he even brought book and was reading for the parenthood.such things left her in confusion about him.somewhere she started to accept him as her husband and also her kid's father.she always felt he need one thing from me' he does it but still be soo careful and loveable when he touches her.. she wondered whether he cared about her or the baby?question flows but she keep quite as she know for some more days she have to..

Ram informs priya after an week I have planned something ' be ready to move on with me.she says itni jaldi.. he smiles saying priya it is time now' I have seen ur tummy it has started to show up before any one could guess it is better we leave from here?she ask where we r going? He says an place where u will be able to give birth to the baby safely.priya was not happy but she had tooo.priya even once asked him to announce the wedding in front of the world where he refused and tells her something which scares her a bit.they were in signal when priya sees sid and conda .ram to see it.. priya ask when u have planned to get them married?u promised to do that.. he smiles saying they are getting married by this week don't worry' she remember him showing picture of sid and conda and which was not an ordinary one but which had bad things' in 3 days he take priya to the place where they got married and spent time with her.. and after it he informed other he will return late and pretend to return after 1 day after shipra gang came from mandir

part 14
Ram enters the km.niharika was waiting' she ask ram what is sid saying he want to marry conda' he says I  know mom he has already spoken to me.. niharika was against it,she refuses plainly.she says muje ye shaadi hargis manzoor nahi hain .when ram says mom I though the same thing which u thought and wanted to reject it but when something came up that I couldn't reject it.. she ask what? He sasy nuts.. niharika was not happy but ram convinces in name sake of nuts .he tells ma if we refuse this wedding hosakta hain karthick get angry and leave nuts.u know how he loves his sister same as we love nuts.we should consider that also.btw mom u know about sid, telling it he says if conda and sid marry it was only faida.. he tells if they din't get well along they can that time we can convince karthick. it was not big deal.he tell nharika that if she refuses now she will become bad and sid won't understand and become ready to leave the home as it has become fashion and all and confuses her.. niharaika at end agree to for it.ram thinks thank god she agreed otherwise problem would have comes. ram informs sharmas that they were coming with roka and shagun tonight .niharika says beta I am agreeing only reason is nuts.she goes to her room when mamaji fills her brain.he says conda will be better than any other girl for sid as she loves him madly that will do anything for him.she can also mold conda as her like .she says but I had dream of making him getting married to an big khaandan but he spoiled it.just because of ram I have to keep quite. Mamaji says sweety.. don't worry ram himself told sid will later divorce conda if he doesn't like that time we will make them get married to whom we like relax sweety.sweety u r forgetting u have one more son too .she says haan bhai.. u r right..

They all go to sharma's house.. naani was really happy she tell priya to stay out of all this.she praises conda saying tumne to achha kiya by marrying an unchaa kandhaan ki ladka.she smiles.. nani says don't forget to keep in ur finger.first thing sep him from his mom and make sure he hears ur words alone and trust u only.. uske baad u even make him get u some properties for ur as an security.. jitna jaldi hoo u make him his.. she says don't worry nani he is already fida over me.. I will make him totally mine after marriage. The roka ceremony happens.conda  was smiling.niharika pretend to.ram informs them about engagement fixed in 2 days.they were overwhelmed.later the pandit ji says that the marriage should happen within 10 days .after an week there was an good muharat they all agree .ram says don't worry mein hoon na.he secretly see priya who smiles back in return.ram remembers he took some photo of conda and sid when he came to know ,he kept it and displayed to priya which made her shock he said if she refused to accept him he would put it in papers and internet and even can morph photos and her sister will be no were.. she tells he can do that as he too have sister he says he can settle her at any time but her sister will she be able to settle later?priya was forced to agree after it.because the photo had conda and sid kissing ,one photo where sid and conda were hugging and sleeping inside the cover.

 Ram smiled as some photos were morphed already and priya doesn't know that .he know priya will not be easily accept her defeat and as he expected she was not ready to accept the photos of he made her listen to his and sid talk who just said he and conda were very close.but still she was not ready but she return home to find some photos from conda's book which made her believe  which she later told him .ram smiles uff it was not easy to convince priya like person as she was very strong in her brain but he was little more creative he smiles evilly.priya closes her eyes and thank god for the wedding date so near.the wedding date was fixed an week and all were over joyed.nani says meri naathin ab kapoor khanda n ki bahut hain.we need to prepare a lot and put kala tika saying tuje kisi ke nazar na lag jay seeing priya.

Vikram and ram were in office he was asking ram kya dek rahe hoo he says nothing just seeing nuts and karthick's wedding picture vikram says muje bhi dekna hain .Vikram and ram was seeing the wedding picture when vikram notices ram and priay standing next to each other and says hey ram u and priya make wonderful time mamaji comes.. ram laugh loud and says mamaji dekiye what vikram is saying me and priya?he laughs and says vikram just think priya and me?don't u feel odd?look at her.. she look soo bad' I mean no class nothing .. she doesn't even look average..u think we will be good he says mamaji.. joke kaha hain hasina na.. he laughs and thinks oh no vikram is planning for ram wedding that too with priya' vikram says ram stop it yaar.. just think she is an good girl , .. before he could continue ram says dekoo vikram.. I have no marriage plan and also remember such girls can never be my choice .. have u seen her face.. u can't stant for for an sec.. u r saying ti and goes off saying mamaji tell vikram not to think such horror.. vikram says ram'

Ram just smiles and goes..(ram thinks vikram what u know ' but what ever u said was right' I will be waiting for the day when u come to know about the truth )vikram was upset and  complain to neha.. when ram comes to their home and the arguments continue and ram totally refuse.. mamaji tell niahraika who smiels thinking ' happily that nothing can happen .. mamaji says what if.. niharaika says if u want I will show by testing ram wait.. she goes and put proposal of priya to him where he refuses saying maa what happen to ur taste and choice and almost talk ill about priya' niahraika comes and smiel and mamaji and she give hi-fi.inside ram was just laughing thinking the truth..

Conda was in heaven' when priya was about to take an dress conda stops her saying dii please.. don't touch it I don't want any abshagun nani told me to say.. shipra was angry hearing it and priya nodes her head not to say anything .. later the ceremony happen in sharma house itself' niahraika was not such happy but hat to pretend .. mamaji and niahraika sees priya serving too all when she comes to ram give an odd look and refuses to take making face and they smiles.. vikram felt bad for her and soo neha  she tried to help priya as she was the only oen doing all work' priya thanks neha.. when goes to niahraika and tell don't they ahfe any other person to serve.. she was soo smelly when she came near me.. ma .. I really feel discomfort' I think enxt time we should bring servant so that we have better service.. nani comes and scold priya and ask her to go inside as she doesn't want any abshagun and she goes sadly.. shipra felt bad' but ram was happy as unknowingly nani was doing good.

Neha sees it and talks to priya trying to comfort her but priya says it was nothing and all .. neha notices and glow in priya's face and felt ajeeb' after the function was over.all went back home.ram was the last one to go back as he stood back wanted to wash his hand.. all other elft and he text priya to stay back.. when all other left.. he comes out and kisses priya and wants her not to do heavy work and he says it was not good in pregnancy.. he lift her face and says deko priya in front of the world I will avoid u that doesn't mean I don't like u.. hope u understand what I want to say.. she nodes yes.when he goes she says mr kapoor thanks.. for sid and conda's fixing matter.he smiles.. later in vikram house neha says and she tell she felt bad for priya.. even she says they would be  nice pair that is ram and priya.. vikram tell what happened.. when neha says may be ram doesn't like her.. after priya is soo simple and down to earth.. and ram to ram hii hain but they 2 look good together and smile..s he wished they get married.. when neha.. thinks vikram can we create situation where they can get close and they get to know each other? Vikram says why not?

Neha suddenly tells vikram about the glow she saw in priya's face and inform she looked same way when she was pregnant?Confused

part 15
Neha suddenly tells vikram about the glow she saw in priya's face and inform she looked same way when she was pregnant'

Vikram says neha your thinking too much.. it may due to some face pack.. she smiles saying vikram I think u may be right but still don't know why.. but still I felt some changes are seen in her ,any way just want them get together,can do anything for their milan.. I fell they will make an awesome pair..don;t u think? He says yes.. but how we r going to bring them together?she says don't worry on it.. we will arrange an dinner and create situation for ram and priya.. vikram says that is a good idea but other also will be present and u know how niharika is who doesn't want ram to get married and get settled.. she says I know.. she says let me do something on it'

Neha says vikram I got an idea.. we will plan the dinner for ram priya alone in such a away that they don't  doubt us.. they give hi fi.neha calls priya and ask her for help .priya come to their home.she says please can u start taking tuition for my kids for week ends atleast?my daughter is soo bad in hindi' priya was like oh no how can i? what if mr kapoor comes to know about it ?she says neha can I tell u tomorrow?she says sure.. but hope ur answer is positive.. she nodes yes and go.. but neha stop her saying.. itne door agayi hoo can u make my daughter prepare her for tom exam.. I got some urgent work.. please.. she agrees.. priya helps ridzi and help her to study she says wow aunty u can make me easily understand mamma finds difficulties in teaching me hindi.i myself have to take tution for her ..they giggle.. priya find her cute.she suddenly ask aunty do u like golu uncle?she ask koun?she says opps I am sorry ram uncle?she was like kyun tuje pasand nahi hain?she says I love him a lot?she says I asked u because I heard mamma papa talking secret ..she was like this is not correct na.. she says mein kya karoon when i was passing their room I just heard it priya smiles.. she says aapko pata hain..when neha enters she keeps quite saying baad mein batoongi.. neha ask kya hora hain?she says kuch nahi I was telling her I need to take tuition for u .. neha says deka priya vikram kids are just like him.. love teasing me.. come priya I need ur help .i want u to help me to choose an sari and take her.

Neha text vikram.. ram ask vikram aaj achanak ye dinner plan kaise bangaya? He says just like that.. priya open the door and ram was standing there.. they were shocked to see each other.. when ram starts to realize who plan it was.. before priya could open her mouth' he ask tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? Kuch dinon mein sid and conda wedding and u r here.. I thought u were responsible but look lik.. when vikram ad neha comes out and vikram pretending to be surprised priya u r here.. she says actually neha.. neha says I called her up.. u know right how ridhima is weak in hindi and I came to know priya is good in hindi remember we went to their house' there I learnt about ti so I called her for helping ridhima.. ram thinks oh god neha and vikram pagal hochuke I know how come priya is here.without knowing the truth they are planning such thing, jab sach patachalega to kya hoga?

They were sitting in dinner neha starts to bring food priya says I will help u but neha says are nahi I will do ti and when neha was about to put an chicken piece priya ask what is this?she says chicken.. priya politely refuses saying I will have roti and aloo sabzi I eat very light dinner.. when ram says are neha serve me I am too hungry.. agar unhein light kana pasand hain wahi kaane doo waise bhi she is an vegetarian wont eat such stuff' they ask tuje kaise pata..he says not only her her whole family is vegetarian I know that nuts ne bola ta.. they were like oo. u give that chicken piece to me.. I am damn hungry and the smell was pulling it from kitchen.. and serves himself.. priya was wondering why he behave like this..

They have an dinner.. priya sees ram happily chewing his food and talking to vikram and neha'neha was trying to talk to priya when he would  disturb them.. neha get irritated and says ram bus yaar.. let me and priya talk ' stop behaving like this.. .. she says bus fatty today ur dinner is over' he says are nono I have to eat few more.. when she syas stop it..she put and ektra piece of chicken and says that it it for today.. don't forget u will be put into diet if u don't listen to me' he says vikram u wife is soo mean.. he says oh come on ram.. she is ur friend more than mine u know.. so hear her.. priya thinks  is this the same ram who forced her into to marriage with him?

Later neha and priya bring the deserts.. where ram and ikram were sitting with vikram and talking about business' when after serving the desert indicates vikram to leave them alone..  neha first excuses and goes inside and next vikram.. they smile and says ab to sure they will talk.. but when they peep they see ram just doing something with mobile.. and priya seeing some magazine.they were like they r not talking.. but they din't know ram has already text priya not to talk there as neha vikram were looking them. Ram smile thinking u r not going to get succeed' when priay seeing the time says I think I should start now. When vikrama nd neha comes out.. and priya says it was late and she need to go back.when vikrama says okk ate rehna' haian neha she says haan.. when vikram ask ram rem we have a got an imp meeting tom' have u prepared everything? He says oh yaa I need to finish let more work.. teek hain mein chalta hoon.. when neha ask priya how u will go?she says by bus or auto.. when neha says ram.. why don't u drop priya afterall it is on the way haina.. he says neha ' it is.. neha says ls ram wo bechari akeli kaise jayegi? He sasy common neha she is not kid na.. I am sure she can handle herself.when priay says haan neha I can handle myself.. when vikram says are raam this is not good drop her yaar.. after all it has become soo late.. he says I know vikram what u r upto and why it is late at 9 pm ..when priya says she is getting late and she has to go  she don't won't some one to be trouble because of her.. when neha says are no trouble for him' he will drop u haina raaammm she almost say it loud and says chalo ram' otherwise I will ban u from coming from to this house' he stare in anger.. when she says are yaar.. she is karthik and conda's sister common yaar.. and he says fine.. he says chalein.. and take priya but what they know he was all happy inside .they get into car.neha and vikram seeing from their window was happy thinking now they will surely talk something.. just an conversation atleast ..priya putting her seat belt. When he says be careful.. make sure it is not to tight.. she says don't worry I am fine. He says ye neha and vikram bhi na.. pagal hain.. she says but they love u lot haina.. he says yes.. the person who actually want me to get married and get settled and today they did such thing by bringing u.. she smiles .he says I know what u must be thinking' but sorry I had to behave like that.. she ask why he want to hide to them and they want him to get settled down.. he says he has some reason.. that why .. he says he very well know they arranged to day dinner for us to meet .they even want me and u to get married'
part 16

He says priya just remember the thing that u don't let the truth out infront of them spl neha as she will shout to the world�as she is waiting for the day. She ask why u don't want to not let anyone know the truth not even the person who love u soo much.. he says priya I think we better we may not discuss it and spoil our mood.. she says where r we going now? My house is in right direction he says I know but after seeing u I don't have mind to drop u so oo soon so we r going somewhere else she ask where?he smiles�  he take her to somewhere which was like going ou t of Mumbai and there he take her to some private cottage which was little away from road and was like more trees were surround it.he says let go in. she ask where r we?he says this is the new house which I have got for u.. she looked scared but he assure her everything will be arranged soon and says I will come back sit inside the car.she turn back and sees ram sending the watchman. And closes the gate.he comes back and door of her car eat.he starts to kiss her and slowly get into her side and push back the seat.he starts to nuzzle her and and starts to remove her duppatta she had to guess what his intention was � he starts to undo his tie when he starts to do it.. he start to unzip her tops when he says we will go to back seat and pull the seat front.he open the back door.he lifts her and lays her back.he soon throws his shirt  in front seat and enter the car.  He locks the door .he ask her whether she was comfortable in making out in car..she keep quite he ask r u fine she nodes yes. He kisses her

He open the door and wears his shirt and sees her.he ask r u fine?she nodes yes.he zips her tops and kisses her shoulder she says ram I am getting late shall we come here some other day?he says fine.on the way she had tears thinking does he want only this can't he see I need ihim not only for that but need him as my hubby and my kid's father in all way will he ever understand it?he sees her having tear she says are you fine?he stop the car slowing it.he ask priya tum teek ho na she says she is fine. He wipes her tears saying why do waste it?u very wel  know all phir bhi?i have told u u will not cry it is not good for your health.he kisses her.he start the car.he drop her below.she says mein kal milti hoon he says meri bus chale I would not let u go.. but al this for few more days.. she was about to remove the belt he says mein akroonga and remove it carefully .he places the hand over her belly and says is ka kyal rakna.kisses her forehead. He then bend down and kisses her belly goodnight baby he says.he drives of

she comes home when nani starts to shout.she says ache ghar ki aldki is time par ghar nahi athe... but shipra know she was with ram.she tries to tell her mother priya informed her and all but still nani tell hope u r not having any affair with someone varna .. just remember u r an widow now don't forget it � she says shipra I think we should tell her to leave her this house and send her to her maika� shipra says but mom� she says I know what u r thinking but I don't want such girl in my house� priya was in tears.. but sudhir calms down and send them to sleep. Next day morning shipra ask priya did she talk to ram about the pregnancy thing and any time it may come out.. she says ram has told her after sid and conda wedding he is taking her to somewhere and he took her there today so she got late.. she also inform about what happened in vikram neha's house .shipra smiled thinking they can help in such way that ram accept her in front of the whole world.priya says nahi maa..  Please don't do anything.. I fell eh is hiding it because he has some reason which is he not telling to any one� otherwise he would have not hide the matter.she ask shipra not to do anything which can hurt ram and cause them trouble as codna and sid wedding was in 2 days.she teases her saying are wahh pehle to itna nana kiya ab too sirf ram hi ram hain maa unko achha nahi lagega bura maanjayenge and giggles.kyun priya yahi na making priya blush. priya wonder how can shipra be like this.. shipra continues saying woo tujse bahut pyaar karte hain muje yakeen hogaya hain ki he loves u a lot varna aise todina kyal rakta .priya says maa abh bhi na thinking I too wish the same but is that truth.. shipra says agar tum kaho mein she says no ma u won't do anything wait for right time ok, She agrees, but thing let me try something so that raya can get together in front of the world..shipra is always shipra

Nani was like tom is the sangeet and mehendhi together and no preparation has been done� seeing priya and kept taunting her.. she never let her sit down nor relax.When shipra manages to send priya away saying her to take rest in her room. When time come priya end up feeling dizzy .she sits down when nani comes and starts her taunting when shipra ask her to keep quite.. saying she was working for non stop .. she send priya to take rest.. in time ram enter with niharika as they have come there to give shagun.. ram sees nani  tauting priya he think what kind of women she is? How badly she treat priya ? shipra calms her mother and invite niharika and ram to come inside and they give shagun and says they have to go lots of work is pending and goes .

While returning ram tells to niharika how weird right they r behaving.. I wonder why sid fell for such clown?niharika says what to do ram hamra kismet karab hain jo sid ne aise ladki se shaadi karne wala hain. Ma I need to talk to something.. he ask her to keep priya away from him as already sid is going to  marry conda and he doesn't want   them to manipulate them and bring priya.he tell muje bahut ajeeb lagta hain ye pura kandhan aapne shipra ji ko deka hain who happily send priya to do seva for us.. hope they are not planning for another wedding.. wo priya deka hain kitna bura dikti hain na koi sense hain dressing ka kuch bhi ka.. niharika says tum sahi kehrahe hoo ram.. even I feel weird .. oh god priya too look like an servant there .ram tell ma aapko pata hain vo vikram and neha ne kya kiya she ask kya  ? he    tells what vikram and neha are trying  to get him and priya together and even planned an dinner together making it look co incidence ..maa aap jante ho muje shaadi nahi karna  I need your help mom she says haan ram bolo .. He says she should make sure priya is away from him and says she is looking like an servant and weird� he is worried that something wrong may happen.. niharika says are raaam� but happy in mind but pretend and says are par priya ko toda make up wake up alga do she will look fine why don't u marry her and u can make sure she obey u waise bhi she is servant there here she can be ur wife to show off and she can dance in ur tunes. She ask him to get married to priya who refuses saying  he can't marry such women who has no culture nor class.. and all niharika was happy�she was now in confidence� that ram won't marry. She looked sad but in mind had an huge smile .ram pretend to look irritated but in mind thinks aap kya jaante hain mummmijiii..

part 17
It was the mehendi time priya was standing away in corner when nani comes and says yahan maharani kadi hokar meri poti ki mehendi haathon par apna buri nazaar dal rahi hoo?javo jagar mehmaanon ko kaana serve karo  she goes .. nani never left an chance to taunt her..priya had tears and she was wiping when shipra comes and  console her saying being pregnant it is not good to cry and also inform it is not good  to put mehendi,in this state as sometime it reacts but still she says she wil apply nd shagun ka mehendi after all she was the badi bahu and jedthani of conda and smile and makes priya smiles.priya hugs her saying aap bahut achhi ma hain.. shipra says priya meri itni bhi uamr nahi huyi hain ki tum muje maa bulavo u call me mom making her smile..Forgetting the worry.. she says aap nani bannewale hain don't forget .she says itni choti umar mein nani bane ka credit to muje hi jaata hain priya says ma my kid will be really happy when he will meet his nani who is soo nice.they share an good moment and hug.conda enter at same time and get jealous and angry seeing it thinking ma loves her more than me..and goes

in sangeet also naani treated priya like servant.she says tum door hi raho widow hain corner mein rho and look over the things ok.. don't come and dance like besharam . ram was present there he hears all� he decide to teach that nani and lesson.he ask waitress to drug naaani he says ye loo 1000 rupee serve this drink tot hat old lady he ask old lady seeing ram in weird manner he says meri sasuma hain pangla lane hain he says of course Sassoon se panga lena maaza ayega I will help u sir don't worry and goes.he say mam aap keliye kaas drink hain when shipra says maa muje he says aap keliye ye mango juice hain spl.. shipra take and drinks happily  nani start to drink the juice soon .soon she start to get into the happy land. ram was smiling vikram ask kya hua he says sahyd hone wala hain vikram sees priya and says haan sahyd hoga .. he says ram tune he was like what when and song is heard nani start to dance for munni badnaam huyi darling terliye, mamaji joins and starts to dance..  they start to dance sheila ki jawani and then to halkat jawaaani ,she end up dancing and embarrassing all due to drink.. she does weird step with mamaji .. shipra was shocked� (it was hotel where the function was conducted..)ram and other were smiling niharika was like omg they are really weird.
  priya was giggling seeing it and goes in corner when she felt and hand and giving her and chit .she moves slowly and read it which says come near washroom she was walking. he then manages to steal priya and take her away in room and romance when neha come she ask where u r going she sys to washroom she say even I am going there and says chalo when they go the washroom was locked and ram sees neha and soon vikram comes out of gent's toilet and ask what u r doing here he says selling bhel puri aur nahi to kya kiskeliye ayenge he says haan but ram the toilet is opened inside just the wash area is over I think we need to go to up stairs he says ohh thinking haddi agaye yaar ab kya karoon when vikram sees neha and then they tell it was locked they decide to take lift when they see all were getting out and they four enter when neha get idea saying vikram bachhe kahn hain ? he says what u mean she says oh god come lets go and take them varna kuch hojayega.. and stop t he lift  from closing and drags him out saying u people go we will join later and goes of. actually unknowingly neha and vikram helped them to travel in same lift  he says thank god.. after the door closes and says  priya u get down in next floor I will go to upper floor and come down ok here is the key she nodes yes and he goes to up stair and get down and walks there in lounge and then goes to washroom at other end .he comes out and walks away in steps

she enters and get shocked there was room with good fragrance and also dinner was served ready. He enters and lock the door and hugs her and carries her she get shocked as some sardar was carrying her she ask aap koun hain?he says mien hoon ram and let her down and removes the daadi and coat over sherwani she ask ye sab kyun he says aise hii ..she ask r u hiding something? He says it is necessary we discuss it all here?let us enjoy the night .he places his hand over her stomach pushing the chunni and says u must be hungry right.. let have dinner.they feed each other.he know the reason why priya was dull. He lift her chin and says  mein jaanta hoon why u r soo dull but I will make sure u r happy for my kid sake atleast� he kissed her she responded him  for the first time.he lifts her and carry her to bed .this time he din't make love but made her feel secure by talking to her about their kid and touching her bare stomach and .. they din't speak much but they felt each other.

  he tell her that after conda's wedding inform all u r going to ur maika.. priya sees him where he says as u will be coming with me to the new house. They come out .he takes the step and she takes the lift. Priya enter first and later he enters.. when the dinner was served he pretend to eat and says the food was not good.. priya refuses saying she was not hungry� they were stealing glances � ram inform niharika that priya was staring at him and doesn't feel good and goes away.. niharika smiles.. when vikram tries to bring them closer for dance he refuses saying I don't want to dance..when neha says let me and fatty dance u bring priya in dance floor and we will exchange � he says good one.. they try when priya refuses but forced by conda to dance. When the time come music changes and their plan fails�.. neha and vikram was like oh noo.. when niharika was the one who asked to change the music and sees ram who smiles in relief� 

part 18

hey were all going back� kapoor and sharma's leave.. When priya was in rest room as she was feeling naaani kept singing munni darling .. meri taklu raja kahaan hain uske saat naachna hain naaam jelebhi bhaaai ..shipra says maa chup and pushes her inside the car and she falls there asleep. She think where is priya she is not seen she can handle nani better. Shipra ask about to priya to conda who was lost in sid eyes says she was in other car with other members�.  So they leave from there, kapoors too leave.. ram says he will settle things and comes back later .. so other leave.. Vikram ask whether he will stay back but refuses as he need to settle the things for room he took and book another room for tom (hai hain ram itna besharam)he was in reception when priya comes out.. She was worried when she sees al have left.. she was getting panic when she turns around she sees ram she was about to go to him when he too left talking in phone and goes away taking the car.  When she run little fast  but stop herself as realizing she should not. She open her purse and get shocked as she has not brought her money purse and when she tries for phone  it rings to ram but he was driving and the mobile was in silent. And her bad luck the battery goes off..

she was dumb stuck. She was in tears almost.. she slowly walk out of the hotel.. she was scad  she think she will go home and pay but her bad luck no auto nor cab was coming .. she was feeling cold.. she get scad of surrounding. She decide to go back hotel and call for help. She return back but she starts to feel dizzy,� she manages tor each hotel and ask an person help in reception and tries calling rammm but no use she even try calling other but no use� she was feeling tensed.soon priya faint.she open her eyes she was in hospital she looks around. Nurse enter asking how r u mam?she says how I am here? She says ur hubby brought u here.. she says hubby ? When nurse says I will inform ur hubby and doctor. Ram enters.. she starts her questions of how she was here and how come he knew and all when he says relax priya he tells her that in signal he saw missed call and saw it was the hotel's number and when I called back I came to know that someone was trying to call me and fainted .. so I returned back and saw it was u so I brought here� nurse enters and says sir scanning keliye aap donon ko jana padega he says teek hain.he helps priya  and they go for scan .. ram and priya was together .. doctor shows ram their kid he was soo happy.hold her hand.. he tells it was time.she says aapko bachhe pasand hain?he says haan bahut jyada.. after it they get back into car he says that she get out of that house soon as he dint like when nani taunts her he hates as it will affect the kiss placing his hand over her stomach. I can't take any risk.. priya was sad but no choice to accept because he was saying the truth .he drops her and tell her to be careful

Next day was wedding.. priya was dressed in beautiful red sari, she remember the time when she used to like the colour but after the incidence she refused to see this color also and today again she was wearing as an suhaagan.. she had tears seeing herself  in mirror . Nani enters, she  taunts her saying widow aise kapde nahi pehente jagar change ur dress � when shipra enters  who says  maa stop it� today is an good day  .jaane do.. please chalo we r getting late u leave her dress waise bhi she is going to her maika in tomorrow so jo pehene jaane do waise bhi we r getting late we need to reach in time.. nani thinks ise mein aakar dekloongi.. . but get happy as priya is going back ..she smiles thinking it .when priya comes out with the bag of necessary thing which shd be taken nani seeing her says u come last locking the door u r not necessary taking the bag from her.. she goes and says conda to not to come and that to infornt of priya and make priya turn and take her away.priya was in tears. Shipra goes to her and tell beta rona mat.. please� she says mein jaanti hooon my mother words hurted u.. but please I will ask forgiveness from her she sys nahi ma.. mein shipra says nahi beta.. I know how lucky u r too us.. chalo..

The reach the wedding camp . they welcome sid and kapoors. Priya wishes conda who says  thank u  and was about to correct her bindi nani comes she starts her scolding and  says kud nahi laga sakti dusroon ki bindi teek karne chaligayi?priya cries. Ram see it and he was in anger when she as walking he come to her and says kya jaroorat hain to got here and do such things waise bhi she is not ur sister but sister in law rem agar teri wajese meri bachhe ko kuch hua I won't spare u rem it now go down correct ur face..she get little scad seeing his angry face.

In the wedding happen ram stand there pretending to type and he take priya's pictures.. after the wedding ram text priya to go up and wait for him she was not happy but goes knowing his anger.when nanis top her and ask where she was going she says woo loo she says hey ram kitna kaam pada hain u r busy with ur make up.. but wait kyun taaki someone see u and get impressed don't tell me u r doing it for that ram to fix urself with him.. don't u dare think like that so that u can become conda's jed rani mein hone hi nahi doongi yaad raaakna.. niharika who was passing there just smiles thinking chalo achha hian someone is thinking like me� then as it was not goof muharat  sid and codna were send to honeymoon suit.. so unfortunately ram text priya not to go upstairs and meet him out as he dint want any risk.. As mamaji came to know that ram booked an honeymoon suit where he says for sid and conda..he had to cover up.the sharama prepare to leave and tell that tom morning nuts and karthick will come to pick sid and conda and then the bidai will happen from their house .niharika agrees. They leave and sharam was leaving and ram stayed back saying he got an call to talk and have his car back.. he get inside the car and sees  Sharma's leaving he text priya who says she can't come as nani is with her.. shipra notices and ask priya she shows ram's text  she says she will do something she send her mother and says priya jagar wo cheese lekar ajana and make her get down in half the way and goes off

Soon she walks away and get inside's ram car who say itni deer kyun kiya?she says woo ma and nani..he says off god.. kitna kadoos hain wo nani.. btw tom u r coming to me that it I can stay away from u any more.. he gives her ticket and give her details.. she ask where we r going now he says to sharma house only after all that pandit made my plan flop�but kal subh se tum meri hokar rahogi.. Priya was sad thinking of it.

The next day all were sad as along with conda priya was also going to maika.except nani. ..  she was dropped in railway station by karthick after they do conda's bidai.he ask her to be in touch and contact and ask when she will come back she replies very soon but truth was something else. She advises karthick and then goes waving bye to her.she gets into train but get down after 2 stations and ram take her away.first they go to the farm house.. where he was taking care of her soo good he says he want an healthy baby not  an poor baby� she also ask about what kid he need ? he says he is fine with any baby�
sorry for mistakes

part 19

It was 3 years  after priya left� things were changed�

Priya enters the room �. She closes the door. She starts to change.. he comes out ,it shock her she ask aap yaahaan? Eh says why I cant come she tries to cover up when he says there is no need and throws the clothes.he sealed her lips when they made love. She wears her robe and says aapko too koi time nahi  haina ye karne keliye .. Just come here do whatever u want and take what u want right? U don't care about my feeling right? He ask what happen why u r reacting she says she is fed upp and says Mr Kapoor why don't u tell me he ask what? She says the truth? Why did u marry me� just to bear ur child? Tell me.. he says priya don't start it again.. I told u when time come I will tell u � she says nahi mr kapoor I need to know .. When he pull her and kisses her harshly on her lips and she pushes him� he says this is my answer and take his shorts .for past 3 yrs she ask the question and he kept skipping it.

She dresses herself and comes out ,She carries the little on who comes running and hugs her legs saying mamamaa uthaooo when suddenly the other one to come running � she says mmmaaa uhtaaoo she was little teary when she bend down to  take her other arm come and takes her.. it was none other than raya's twin kids� one was  one was Krishna and other was rohan ,he ask kya hua beta � meri beti .. why she is crying ?priya sees them she was already having rohan in her arm and Krishna was in ram's hand�  ram consoles her and  shower love� and kisses.. Suddenly he hear rohan saying papa and showing hand to carry him tooo ram had to carry them.. in spite of priya refusing that he can't handle them eh says he can..

Priya starts to remember the old time 3 years back. Priya was picked from station by ram. She get inside the car. He says thank god ab muje tumse door nahi rehne padega.. I can touch u even in night without ur words of going off from there. Any way tell me kaise lag raha hain apni pati ke saat jaate huye.. she say kaise lagega.. aaphi bata diye � he sees her and starts to drive towards the city to their destination.. after 10 minutes she says muje  ulti arahi hain .. stop the car and he stops and she get down and starts to puke he hold her.. and then  make her drink water.. and make her sit down in nearby platform and ask r u fine?she nodes yes and says can u do me a favor?woo meri dawaaii he gives her and then helps her to get inside the car and says sojavo.. and keeps ccusions.. he cover her with shawl.after 30 minutes she wakes up from her mini nap.she ask have we reached he says very soon .. When she says mere jeeb machlaraha hain.. muje panner ki sabzi aur chola puri kana hain .. I am hungry.. he think oh god where will I find it when he says I wills e whether we have got any restaurant nearby .. She says daba bhi chalega.. and soon he sees one dabba he was not happy but she was hungry without choice the get down.he orders it for her she ak aap nahi kayenge he nodes no and says he will have chaii� she was damn hungry when she was served she was eating enjoying it.. she forcibly feeds him and make him eat who thinks teek hain but oily but keep quite.. she finishes very soon being hungry.. she ask aapke paas lassi hain?muje wo chiaye  they give her she drinks happily saying kaan bahut achha ta.. he pays them and was giving weird looks to priya.. she again doze of as soon as she get inside the car.he thinks oh god I thought I will talk to her.. but nope.. he thinks ek baar let the kid come out ..

They enter the new house the same house and she felt shy rem the place as they made love in car. They get inside. She was feeling calm surrounded. She get inside she looks around...priya was in the new house � she sees it was not big huge house but  an decent 3 bhk apartment which was much away from city but it was close to ram office.. They enters and he inform her.. he has appointed an person to take care of her. he says he got 2 room down and one room upstairs.. she was pregnant so she need to be down. He calls the servant and ask to place the bag in downstairs.. she get inside it was fully furnished .she get inside the loo and see everything was already there and they had an mini wardrobe inside and shower panel sep inspite of behaving bath tub. She washes her face and walk back. He sees him already changed into casual .he says change urself.. I need to talk to u.. she goes to him she says muje bhi kuch baat karni hain.. he says haan bolo she says nahi pehle aap.. he says but tum bolo .. kya kehna hian tuje.. she says muje aapse poochna hain aaap muje yaahn kab tak rakenge mathlab kab hum saat mein wapas jayenge.. bahut ajeeb lag raha hain.. Inside her heart she feared what if he leave her and go in this isolated place .he says priya I told u u will be here.. no need to worry on anything.. I will get u tablet u can surf watch movies and all waise bhi I have already kept many dvds here and roz ek kaam wli bhai ayegi.. so don't worry.. he keeps his hand voer her cheeks ad says u don't worry I will be here by night after all how can I miss this time and kisses her she pushes him saying I am feeling puking and runs back. She pukes out.. he holds her and tells nothing it is just matter of pregnancy.. she says  ya I know.. she finishes it and then moves out with him he carries her.. he lays her down.. he holds her and sleep as he didn't want to disturb her and controlled on him..

           It was midnight when she felt she wanted to eat something felt hungry she gets up and goes.. she sees only apple was present in fruits she starts to eat it but she wanted something like achaar .she searched but didn't know.. he ask u r searching some something she turns and nodes her head innocently.. he ask what she says achhhaar� he says sorry I think it must be in fridge.. she says but fridge to yahan hain hi nahi he says oh god priya it is in u r right side she says but it is cupboard na.. he says nahi double side door fridge he opens it and says sab yahn hain she realizes and feel emabrassed he says noting is need to be embarrassed it happen.. she get hr acchar and before he cd get spoon she open and eat with finger and sounds hmmm(like preity zinda does in salaam namasste)ram looked amazed .but felt omg she is showing proper pregnancy symptoms..

Next preview:raya in pregnancy yoga classes.

part 20

they come back but that night he stays with her and continued to make love carefully he give her some gowns and nighty saying she will be comfortable in night as it get difficult for him to remove her dresses and then make love as he was impatient.'she ask ghar kab jayenge?.. he says aaj se this our house.. she still was wondering what is all this and why ram wanted to hide the wedding? She even tried to talk .. priya- aap samaj sakte haina.. aaj we can hide the wedding but what will happen when the kid come in this world don't they have right to walk free with their parents.. ?he says she need not worry as when they come he will be always there' she says but I want my kids to have the proper identification..  he ask what is the problem? I already told u.. this wedding is meant to be secret' stop behaving this way' just remember one thing I will never back out from being ur hubby nor leave the kid and u.. she says but I need security in my life.. Until when I will live this life .. she cries'he leaves her next morning and goes he will be coming in-between whenever it is possible from his office.

After 3-4 days priya again ask and end up getting emotional .He says stop this rona ka drama it is not good for ur health not for ur the kid inside u  .. she cries.. he says priya .. Please now stop it,'. He says if u think I will leave u then it is not going to happen.. he lift her face and says.. if some body is teaching u all this just tell them.. I vow the security of my wife .tell them that.. she says no one is teaching me I have my own brains to.. he says fine.. so u want to use it now ahnn?right hen keep using it.. I am going.

He left next morning and for next 2 days he doesn't come.. she gets scad.she even tried to call him but he doesn't answer her.she starts to get tensed up.. she tries to call shipra but it come up that the phone is switch off.. she gets frighten.. bad thinking were popping In her head .tears were flowing get more. she decide to go out when she realizes  she was somewhere which made her scad. she goes back in after walking for few minutes and returning back. she was sitting in garden and cries. she thinks ab shayd woo muje and weeps . ram enters and doesn't find priya and he shouts on the watchman.. he says she left the place ?tum kade kade kya kar rahe te?how could u leave her to go?he get upset.. he decide to go and ck the home he doesn't find her.. he get angry.. he he goes  back to the lawn and sit down in bench when eh turns other side due to breeze hitting his face with small tiny dust , he sees something..  he goes there and moves the duppatta he get shocked to sees priya laying the unconscious. He  carries her in.. he calls for an doctor. He was really worried for her.. he was furious as doctor was not on time..

The doctor arrives finally he almost shouts but calm himself .the doctor checks priya, He says nothing but shayad may have not slept properly .she will fine.the doctor leave. he scold watchman for being careless.he says aaj se tumari naukrai gaya. He was waiting for her to open her eyes.he felt badd.. he thinks maybe he should have not left her'after few minutes she moves and open her eyes.she  sit leaning the bed board with his help and he ends up scolding her .she cries. Wipes in front of him she says I was scad ram(for the first time) I din't know what to do.. I was scad u left me' I tried to go out but I couldn't know where to go' I tried to contact u but u were unavailable.. my mind started to wander around .. I could take it.. and I fainted when I wanted to walk back to room from garden..

He hugs her.. she hold him tightly. He sees his mobile ringing it was niharika .. he just cut the call and switch off the mobile.  He was taking care of her for next 2 days .. He doesn't even take his phone that much.  He dint leave her to move from bed.  When after few days he give her some property papers priya ends up crying saying she was not such girl like that and doesn't want his property or money when he says he know and kisses her.. he decide to shift her to other place where she could feel secure and were she is comfortable. He says it is because he wanted to tell her he does care about her securities.. she says but I dint mean the money.. he says I know what u meant.. but I wanted u to be secure with finance too' later he says in 3-4 days they wil change the place.. he thought she will be fine here but now he has decide d to take her where he is more secure' . he take her to yoga classes at spl timing and it was just below her apartment. He does yoga along with her and also helps her when eveer she need as the instruction. she thinks achha hain atleast he get less angry.. for past few days he is taking care of me.. Cleaning my all pukes after I finish it.. even help to take head bath with himself giving me shampoo wash.

Preview: (now faints the person guess the person..who ever guess the person correctly will get an special preview from me in their inboxLOL)

part 21

Priya was getting down suddenly she felt an sharp pain in her stomach.. she calls him rm.. they rush to hospital. doctor tell nothing to worry it was an normal one. He ask ru fine to her .. she says yaa but sit is still paining I am scad� they have an checkup where doctor informs it was an normal one she says it is just that priya need more rest .should not left heavy things.. they again go for an scan.. ram was also standing holding her hand� when doctor informs she was absolutely fine.. she informs congrats u r wife are with twins.. raya have a huge happiness.. he kisses priya forehead .they come out and he says thank u for this wonderful happiness. He hold her carefully. They were coming out he ask her whether she wants something  she nodes no but inside she thinks kaash if u know what actually I want.. she was feeling sad inside that there was no one who can celebrate this news expect ram. Kaash meri saat sab hote kitna kush hote.They were walking when somebody comes out of the doctor's cabin with an happy face saying to himself that thank god  neha is not pregnant varna I had to bear all the thing all again I think it is because I forget to ask her  everything on time.. rayaa and vikram at time cross and ram hits priya should with his shoulder unknowingly seeing the file.. he says sorry and ram ways like teri himamt kasie huyi and stops.. dum dum dumdum vikram says ram tum suddenly sees priya she was wearing her sindoor and mangalsutr  ram was having protective hand over her.he says ram priya yahan??? They blink..suddenly an nurse comes telling mr  kapoor aapk wife ki pregnancy reports u forgotten in the doctor's cabin.

They were in the parking lots.. vikram ask what is all this ram?i mean muje samaj mein nahi araha hain .. tum priya aur ye hospital� reports.. sab kya hain raam.. I am wondering  he says vikram can we  go somewhere and talk please.. he says nahi muje abhi janaa hain.tell me what is happening here?ram says pulls him close and says priya is my wife now can we go � vikram get shock and faints. Ram ask hey hello vikram open ur eyes.. Pregnant women faint.. hope he is not and picks him up and lays in the car and splash water on his face.. he open his eyes .he ask ram was I dreaming? I mean I heard u and priya are married.. he laugh � he says I am sure of dreaming .. he says ram pinch me he pinches so hard that he shouts ouch.. u r such mean when he sees priya  asking vikram ji teek haina.. he was shocked. ..he was like omg.. vikram kept asking where we r going when ram says be quite.. just shut ur mouth for some times.. vikram sees priya who was sitting back.she was looking quite tensed .. they reach the house.. Vikram kept asking whose house when ram says mine� he ask to get in. vikram  was like ab to  bataaooo .. he says sit down first.. he tells priya to go and bring coffee for them.. vikram says ram tell me.. he says come lets go up..he tells him something in mute.. he inform priya was pregnant.. vikram was over joyed and hugs him tightly and end s up crying happily .. he says tune doo ram kaaamaal kardiya hum san ko apta hi nahi chalne diya� and u got married� u know what me and neha was crazy that we want u people to meet and talk aur tum ne hamein bewakoof banaya.. priya bhi oh god.. u people behaved as if .. h good rammm .. I am soo excited .. when neha calls..  he says neha hain I will tell her she will be come double happy when ram warns him not to tell � he ask why he says for reason.. he says fine.. he tell the report was normal no need to worry� neha complain about fatty  and tells priya left to maika now how can we get them together.. when vikram says neha deko ghar agar baat karenge.. when priya comes in with cofffeee saying aap donon keliey coffee when neha ask koun hain ladki ki awaz when he says he is with ram.. ram says neha darling mein hooon.. she believes.. After the call end.. vikram smiles at priya he says priya utm nahi jaanti tumne ram se shaadi kar ke kya kiya hain � priya wonder

He says thank u soo much priya and hugs her.. she was taken back.. he come out of hug and thank her soo much� he says I am sooo happy that tum donon mummy papa bhi banne wale hooo .. tum kisi baat ki fikar mat akrna.,� kuch bhi hoo u can call me.. agar isne jyada tuje tang kiya just call me.. I will tell him kii what will happen.. she smiles.. he says ram.. deko I am telling u� u made an right decision by marrying her� u made my tension get big relief� I am sooo happy for u �. .. priya sees vikram having tears in eyes.. she wondered why.. she think happy tears� may be� he says dek tuu office ka koi bhi tension amt lena.. I will handle everything.. u just be with priya� ram wondered why vikram get soo excited when it comes to his matter.. he thinks may this is called friendshippp

Vikram as double excited and hugs neha� who wonder asking kya hua.. he says nothing� I am just happy today shall we all go for movie�.??? Neha was like what?  Have u gone.. mad.. he says samjo ais eh kuch let us go out and takes them all neha ki dimaag get light .. she thinks is he is having affair? Priya wondered why vikram reacted like that� days go by.. vikram started to come there often in time they actually changed the place.. he used to get some eatables and other stuff .. Thinking he would take care ram's waaris and also priya �. Ram's wife�  he almost became priya's brother.. but he was still un aware of few things .. priya and often go to check up and all and vikram was the one who cover all thing for now� neha get angry when vikram tell he will soon give an surprise neha feel kahi divorce to nahi�. Priya was glowing .. ram was taking care.. but at time when he scolds she get upset but later ram comes and console her and ask sorry.. one dai ma was appointed to take care of priya in day time. And in night priya get little afraid.. it is time ram comes but it was not he be there for regular. It upset her.. one night she get bad dream.. and form morning everything was going wrong.. she was getting upset.. suddenly she get cramps her in her stomach  she try calling ram but no use.. dai ma was also not there.. she was crying .. she without choice calls his office number..

Vikram open  the door calling ram and see no one she was about to close the door when he get to see phone ringing. He picks up when eh hear priya voice .. he rushes priya to hospital taking her from her home. He calls ram and inform him who was coming out from an meeting and sees the missed calls.neha sees vikram in road driving with someone and follows him.. vikram was worried standing in front of the room when neha comes.. he turns and slaps him hard asking koun hain meri sauthen.. ab muje samaj mein aya that u were happy because my sauthen was pregnant.. and opent he door and get shocked to see priya and sees vikram and again slaps him she says I thought u were supposed to fix priya and ram .. ab muje samj mein aya if u had try fixing her with ram u both can continue ur affair and I won't doubt haina

Preview:neha and vikram sees raya kissing

part 22

She remember the fb where they came to know about twins and how vikram founded them .later neha doubted her and vikram and how it was cleared that it was raya ..

 Neha was in shock. Priya tries to talk but no use neha scolds her and accuses vikram with many more words. In time ram comes he ask what was happening?when vikram  inform him about t priya condition by closing neha's mouth .. he goes inside the room..  in time neha shout on vikram and nurse ask them to keep quite.. vikram says muj par to yakeen nahi hain par ram par to haina just go inside and see. She open and sees ram talking to doctor. He was holding priya's hand.. neha sees him to' he says pehle calm down neha..  he takes her to next room which was empty he tells her priya was pregnant with ram's kid. When neha says she won't believe as uu would ask ram to help in it.. I am going bye and goes to ram priya room. She starts to accuse priya by barging in and starts to  shout on her saying tuje koi nahi mila ye fatty nahi mila kya .. why did u take my husband.. And cries.. priya starts to cries.

Ram cdn't take it he goes and says neha what the hell u r talking? Stop this all.. Vikram make her understand neha says use kya kehrahi hoo mujse baat karoo mein jaanti hoon ye bachha, ram shut neha's mouth with his hand he says ye mera bachha hain. She moves his hand and says nahi u may be helping ur friend.. Ram says neha that is enough' it is my kid.. can't u understand' she says fine.. But kay jaroorat thi vikram ko yahana lane ki.. Because only vikram knew about it says ram .. and please don't create any drama here..  neha deko I will tel u everything  this is hospital. Please try to understand.. he sees vikram please take her.. he nodes yes and takes neha.. neha was upset..

Priya was in tears.. doctor check her and inform she was not stable and need to be kept in hospital for 2-3 days ' she  was already 7 months and it is not good for her .. her stress was too high' ram sees priya was still crying .. he says he will take care.. he sit next to her and hugs her she hugs and cries'  he know priya was in not in good condition and it was his fault to leave her.. he think he should have told neha before to ye problem nahi hote'. Neha was tensed up.. vikram was trying to tells he ask him to keep quite. She sees vikram looking somewhere so taking the opportunity she runs away and vikram follows her . she again goes in.. vikram follows her..  she runs and open the door and get shocked..  ram was kissing priya on her lips telling everything will be fine.. her mouth was wide open.

Ram realizes someone had come and  He had to break the kiss due to her presence. He says neha it is basic manner to knock the door before entering.. she sees him.. she sees priya.. vikram to enter saying neha I can't run fast as u' ram stare at vikram he says mein kay karoon kud bag kar agayi.. she goes to ram and ask him to get up she slaps him hard asking sharam nahi hain bina shaadi kiye bachhe paida karne kii' and vikram u r giving his saath.. ram was like nehaaa just go out varna mein chillavoonga.. he sees vikram' she says mein nahi javoongi' don't see him mueje  jawab chaiye abhi doo.. how can u do that.. I can u make priya pregnant before wedding I know u must have blackmailed and made her pregnant' tum jasie mard ko ahchi taraf se jaanthi hoon.. she see priya and says tum fikar mat karoo mein tuje insaaf dilavoongi'tum tini besharam horam, first  pregnant ki ab hospital mein hain , u r kissing her without any shame' ram ask will u stop if ur husband kisses u.. she says nahi but' ram cut her saying same thing is here' priya is my wife.. she was shocked.. she faints hearing it.. vikram hold her.. ram sees him vikram smile in funny way to cover.. he carries neha.. Saying sorry priya'. Doctor..

Ram turns he thinks I am surrounded with pagal log and sees priya laughing due to it .. She smiles..  he ask why r u laughing? She says it is because even vikram fainted on hearing the news now neha.. I think u din't want to make all faint with our marriage news  it is the reason u have hidden it and sees him.. he smiles little. For the first time she him in smiling like that he says mein dekkar ata hoon and goes.. neha was crying.. she was now accusing vikram  for not taking her to their wedding .. vikram was trying to console her.. ram says neha she turns and get angry for not telling her about it.. when ram says I will tell u everything but please' be calm..ok.. he tells to neha who get angry and slaps him in his arms saying fatty how could u.. ' u made us fool ' w were like fool  trying to get u  together' btw tell me how much month is priya pregnant he says nearing her 8th month in 2 weeks.. she was shockeddd she sees him..wait a sec when u get married.. he tell neha starts to hit him saying tuje sharam nahi athii is taraf shaadi karne kiii.. hmmm it means u were married before nataasha and karthick'.. yaa even we were not there' u plan everything  isn't it.. when the nurse taps the door telling ram, doctor was calling him he excuse and goes..

Spl preview: Neha surprised with the god braai.. then it was really the best moment when she and ram carried their kids.. she saw in tears which he had and hided from her and wiping it.. she was surprised..

part 23

Priya was sitting nurse was checking her bp.. she says it is getting down. Jaldi normal hoajyega..  Neha comes in.. she says sorry priya I dint mean to hurt u,, well in din't know if I have known such thing would have never happen. I am totally sorry.. priya says its ok neha.. ram was about to enter but stops.. when neha was saying u don't worry.. I will teach how to handle ram when he doesn't listen� priya just remember whatever I have told u.. Always make sure the baby is cleaned by the men's.. then only they will know the difficulties.. u just hand over the kid to ram most of the time� u must make sure the kids cling to their dad when they enter the house� neha was giving such advises he was like omg.. ram enters he says finished giving ur stupid advises.. Neha says abhi kahaan I was lot a more to say..  she continues saying priya.. Never lift heavy thing.. fatty haina he will take care.. and for babby never let him choose the name u choose. Ram bangs his hand in his head. He says neha.. she says what.. I am telling priya how to handle things in future�  btw u too need to take classes to learn how to baby sit as priya cannot be all time.. u see.. he says if u don't say also we will be taking it soon thanks for ur advise .. she tell any way priya remember never hurry up in changing nappy.. always keep him beside to entertain the kid.. he says she can't ..

Neha ask why? Just because u go to office� he says noo because when the nappy changing comes � we both need to change nappies� neha ask why only one person should be doing with an baby he says exactly one person with one baby at one time.. soo we both have to it is because we r going to have babies.. neha was like what.. she realized wait a minute what did u say? He says we r going to have babies � neha was like twinsss he nodes yes.. She was like omg� I should announce this to whole world spl to he shut her mouth and says this is the reason I never said u� she frowns.. she says u r mean fatty and goes� she as upset and complain to vikram and vikram consoles her saying that at least he got married and all .

Ram was in hospital in night with priya.he forces priya to eat when she was refusing..muje bhook nahi hain he says I know u, u have to eat and makes her eat. He give her medicine and cover her to sleep.. it was morning when raya were returning to home after getting discharged. when vikram called ram telling ram that neha was  shouting on him from yes and hitting him.. ram says u deserve it and cut the call.. later they come home and neha vikram surprise them with an small decorative party .. they were surprised.. neha says priya guess what I am going to surprise u with something.. she drags her to room and shows it was all new it was painted in baby pink and soft yellow  they had stuck baby pictures which were damn cute.. they even painted some light painting which has aquatic scenario.. ram starts o sneeze  priya  was like wowww it is soo beautiful� she turns to see ram sneezing ,.. he says what did u people do? They says we try to make it beautiful. he says don't u know neha i have allergy to paints.. priya goes dull.. Thinking I don't know how many allergy he has.. may be me tooo.. Later he take medicines and they do room spray and make it light..  they were like this ram is making thing worse .. he says u should have inform me I would have taken precaution.. they says it was an surprise�

Back to present

Priya sees ram playing with the kids.. it was cute little boy and girl� at the present.. she wonder why he is not able to open upp.. why? I tried to open things but it never happened.. I have realized he wanted an wife kid but he never thought I need love too not just physical� he care for me but he doesn't love me..  I know that.. will he ever be able to answer it?will I be like this for ever in my life. She turns to see the picture album over the desk. She open it remember the past ..

Back to flash back

Neha surprised with the god braai who also coming there often along with vikram and helps priya .. it was godbarai of priya .now they were in outskirts of Mumbai .very less people were present .shipra was there who was invited and who was happy for priya. Very few ladies were invited who were their neigbour. Ram was not happy but due to neha and vikram had to go for it.priya dressed up with red sari and looked beautiful . ram was in usual suit but when he sees priya he was like getting pregnant has only added color to her beauty. Neha smiles so as shipra who makes priya sit in the chair. The function starts priya was happy and sad thinking she never thought such moments will ever come in her life. After what ever happen to her.she smiles seeing neha and shipra dancing  she smiles hugely.. Vikram says ram don't u think priya is getting beautiful day by day.. look at my wife who is enjoyn g fully  .. I am soo happy for u yaar.. They hug. Ram smiles.

They fill her god and tell something in her ear making her blush. Shipra says tere bachhe bikul tum donon jais e ho lekin usmien ek bachha meri jaise ho priya giggles.. she says ram jaise ek bachha jaroor ho par gusse bilkul na hooo. Neha says fatty ki choty fatty nahi bulki chota priya chiaye.. it was time for ram he tells hamare bachhe bikul meri taraf ho not like u who keep crying priya goes sad .he then says ab muuh mat banana.. samjii smile.. I want an smiley kiddos.. then it was vikram who became bhai and gave her an tofa and said donon bachoon mein ek gudiya jaroor hoo jo bikul teri taraf hoo shaant sa with innocent eyes aur muje mama kehkar pukare making her smile and get teary.. neha was like oye kya kaha he says are mein aise kuch nahi kaha priya says neha he dint says anything wrong.. and smiles.. Saying this is happy tears.. all were happy. Priya was helped by ram to sit in dining table after the guest left and only house members left.. neha was serving saying priya I got some spl food for u taste it and fed her priya says bahut achha hain.. she says I kow kyunki I to get it meri ma ne banakar diya when priya rem something and goes little sad.when shipra says achha neha but tuje pata hain miene bhi priya keliye ek sweet sa surprise layi hoon and give her her fav food saying priya aaj meri grandkids will have food made by their nani and feed her.ram wonder what an family drama.. vikram was having tears eating the chili accidentally neha consoles him and priya give him  the halwa made by shipra.. he says aap abhut ache halwa baante ho aur baton ko chupate bhi to hoo she says mein kya karoon meri damaad ji ne kaha ta ki mein ksii se kuch na kahoon� he says haan daaamdaad ki demand ki hain to manaan hi to padega seeing ram.

Priya was opening the gift after all left.even shipra with neha and vikram.she smiles hugely seeing the doll gifted by shipra she caresses it and smiles.. he ask have to say u r potential to cover all haina� she sees him he says I thought I only liked u but now I realized other too like u.. vikram ko deko kaise teri bhai banker firta hain.. priya was sad.he says are duki kyun horahi hoo mein to aise hii chalo teir ma ki gift ki dusri gift kolte hain.. They sees vikram and neha gifted them an lovely sets of story books .ram sees an new kangan in priya' hand and ask who gave her she says ma ne diya.. aur neha ne ye set diya muje.. he says great.. btw tune mujse kuch nahi chiaye?she nodes no.. he says I knew that but I got something and give her she open it was an beautiful platinum ring.. which had cute heart shape which had rp carved she smiled she thanks him he takes it and put it in her finger and kisses her hand he says ye sab meri bachoon keliye hain.. she blushes saying koi baat nahi.. they hug.he says waiting for the day when they will come out. She says so that u can make love to me.. he says ofcourse wo bhi reason hain.. she smiles thinking mr kapoor kitna ajeeb hain.. par mera pati to hain..

Priya changes herself into short nighty she sits next to ram and ask aapko kya lagta hain hamein kounsa bachhe honge? Mathlab agar 2-2 ladki huyi too he sees her .he places the tab next to him and says I told u not to discuss it anymore.. let us sleep I am getting sleepy she frown they slid into the bed comforter when he get closer to her and tell let me feel u today u were looking like an fresh cherry.. she sees him and frowns.. Thinking isko iske always koi kaam danda nahi hain kya sirf aur sirf yahi chiaye.. she says teek hain as today she wanted him to hold her very closely and she wanted to make him feel that she is an imp part in his life. He was very careful in making love. She ask why u have grown this mustache it is not nice .. he says but I like it.. she says it pokes her when he kisses her.. he smiles fine I will remove it making her blush. He tells the baby are growing  so as u..he was able to see an glow in her face

part 24

Ram send of niharika and other to America in time to spend time with priya.. he stayed back there for next 2 weeks. Raya goes for shopping and he doesn't allow her to walk longer .they go for evening walk around the garden. Slowly he protectively hold her he caresses over her belly. She even wear gown which he got for her. He informs her he have to go to an foreign trip she was not happy when he informs he has asked shipra to stay with her. Priya was not happy missing him when shipra kept entertaining her. She talked to her many thing about baby matter. She asked whether she has spoken to ram about announcing the wedding? Priya says ma I have talked it many times but he is not responding it properly and always asked me to not to talk on it and frowns .shipra says don't worry I will talks he says nahi ma I feel he has an reason for hiding it but I am worried.. pata nahi bahut ajeeb lag raha hain.

After an week when he return he get shocked priya crying and shipra holding her and consoling her. He ask what is going on? Shipra says mein batati hoon and shows paper.. She ask kya hain ye sab?aap meri beti ko biwi banaya hain ya kuch aur.. shaadi iss kiya bachha isse paida karwavogi but pyaar kisi aur se rachavogi muje aapse ye umeed nahi ta.. and she too drip tears ram tries to explain but both were not in good mood when ram get angry and  tells mein sirf aur sirf priya ka hi pati hoon aur yahi sach hain ..Whatever u see are just rumors u don't need to trust.. when shipra openly give damki of natasha being in their house .. if he harms priya she will send nuts back priya tell shipra not to do that.. when ram says oh really.. I will like to remind u  shipra jii if u think also it won't happen after all u r other daughter is also in our house btw good news she is pregnant with  Sid's kid shocking shipra.. ram gives an wicked smile and goes away to terrace room..

Priya says maa meri zindagi jaise bhi hoo mein rehloongi but don't spoil their life shipra was in tears.. she hugs priya saying I wish next birth u be my night.. shipra doesn't allow ram to sleep next to priya but she sleep with priya and send him in hall ram was damn angry.. it was midnight.. ram was smoking in outside.. he suddenly felt some one presence he turns to see priya who had tears and holding the wall he turns his face in anger.. she says u promised me u wont smoke he says of course i promised because u promised me that u won't fight nor talk on issue but today u broken it so I .. she cries saying mein kya karoon maa nee.. he says oh really going near her where she get scad  and feel bad.. he drop the secret and stamps it he tell apne maa se nahi kehsakti  that I won't cheat u.. she cries more saying par paper mein jo t a uski wajese.. oh common priya they need news .. isliye they write all crap and u trust it more than me? She nodes no but again nodes yes.. she says mein kuch nahi kahoongi aap jaise muje rakna chaiye aap rak sakte hain par meir bahi, bhen ko kuch mat kijiye ma ne jo kuch bhi kaha uskeliye mein maafi maangti hoon.. she weeps he says please priya don't cry.. it is not true.. trust me.. in this life u r my only wife.. they hug.. he says sorry she says me too.. he liftsher and carry her inside and takes to other room.he kisses her he says u r looking beautiful..

Shipra tells mein nahi javoongi priya agar raam nee she says maa aap fikar mat akroo mein samaloongi is waqt conda ko aapi jaroorat hain .. and convinces her to go back. ram thinks wow kaise saas hain nahi maa.. Lucky priya..shipra goes of.ram thought such rumors should be present so that no one doubt about his and priya's wedding and that is the reason he was spreading such wrong rumors. He was the one who gave such false news but never thought  it will make him sleep out of his own room but thanks to priya who came out who understood him.he consoled her  and promised her that he will protect her sister and brother.shipra goes and was not happy but ram tell her aapko fikar karne ke jaroorat nahi hain.. he then shows her paper which make shipra get shocked .she says ye sab.. he says aapko lagta haina ki mein aapki beti ko chod doonga but u r wrong.. I won't leave her. And it the proof� so u don't need to worry.. shipra was in confusion but she leaves.she felt may be she should think.

Ram was taking care of her.he even pressed her legs when she was feeling bad pain.. she din't know that he was doing it. Because she was sleeping.  She was finding difficulties in walking where he hold her. It was really bad when her thigh got rashes and she was suffering from pain.. he was the one who put ointment and was  blowing air through fanning with small hand fan she wondered it is the same person who just forced her into the marriage ? she was trying to bend down to get something which fell he ask are kya akr rahi hoo and takes it.. kuch chiaye to muje bula dena chaiyaa naa .she smiles saying haar baar todi na bulasakti hoon akir aap chale jayenge tab mein kya karoongi he says very funny shows raya their baby.. ram had huge smile priya has not seen him before like this because he was very much excited seeing the babies .doctor asks aapko babies ka moment feel hota haina she nodes he says haan even I was able to feel it when I felt the kick.. she used to say the babies kept rolling around.. do they fight inside? Doctor laugh and says no no just they don't get enough space to move after all they are twins .she says mr kapoor twins hain isliye delievery ka chance start mostly from 8th month itself because  the water ball can break at any time. So be careful and bring her checking for each weeks.. she is in her 8th month u need to be more carefull.she gives some medicine and says priya  go for walking and do little little work it will help for normal delivery. They come out of doctor's cabin .

He was holding her protectively when walking back to car.he carefully make her sit and drive back.she ask aap bahut happy haina?i know u r waiting for ur kids haina?he says haan I can't wait for them to arrive in this world when she felt the kick she says aapki bte ne sunnliya shayad isliye laat maara muje ..she was coming out of bathroom when she starts to feel her head spin and she was about to call ram but she faints but manages to reach near bed and fall over it �  ram was shocked.. seeing her unconscious. He calls doctor.. doctor tells it was very normal.. she informs  it must be due to less amount of food intake� priya was awake.. He says kitne baar kaha hain tumse kana kaliya karoo kyun nahisuntihoo?she says mein kya karoon ur kids don't allow me to eat anything properly.. he say don't blame them.. she says then shall I blame u for putting me in this condition? He was like what?she says why u feel sad?just think how I feel when they keep troubling me from inside just like their dad who trouble me from outside.. he sees her she smiles.. Saying aap gusse mein bilkul salman khan dekte hoo and giggles.he says priyaaa when the kid kick she says ahhh he was like r u fine she says noo because ur kids keeping kicking mee.. jaroor aapka beta hain.. he places his hand and feels the kick.. but enjoys it..

part 25

It was ram's birthday priya was in her nearing 9th month when she ask ram to stay back eh was refusing... and inform neha will be coming priya frowns.. he was about to go when she hold his hand and says sirf aaj yahan rahiye' uske baad mein kuch nahi kahoongi.. he refuses .he sit inside the car he starts the engine and was taking reverse when he turns he sees her crying .he goes off .she was seeing his picture saying aapko pata hain why I wanted to spend time with because today is ur birthday and I had mad e and spl cake for u.. neha and vikram will be coming today evening and we decide to surprise u but no use and tears fall in the photo she wipes it she places it in the  stand but get to see ram in the mirror behind it she turns he was there standing there.. He says soo u have planned to celebrate my birthday and u wanted to stay for it she nodes yes..

He was not ready but he knows it was her pregnancy state and can't refuse. So vikram neha comes earlier and they get to know ram know it and the surprise was no more surprise but still they were happy.. They were having the lunch.. Priya was showing neha cake and she was excited.. They make ram cut the cake and he feeds it to priya.. Next day vikram kept scolding ram as he left priya.. Niharika enters shocking both she ask what u were speaking he say nothing just planning for an trip to ooty wahan ek estate aya hain for sale.. soch raha hoon wo sid ke name par kareed loonga.. niharika says raam why don't u get it in ur name instead of sid' he says anhi mom it is my wish to get on id's name niharika first pretend but later agrees vikram thinks itni laalchi auraat..

Priya was taking the teddy and smiling when she felt an sudden pain.. Thank god as neha was present there she calls ram and vikram.. Neha drives the car and says don't worry priya everything will be alright'vikram and ram goes away.. They reach there and priya was rolled in the stretcher ram goes inside along with priya he was holding her.. Doctor informs it was not good sign as priya need to go through c section but will try to make it as normal.. Ram end up shouting over doctor.. When neha calms him down.. Who come in and take him away.. priya was in bad pain.. she kept shouting but soon doctor inform she was in labor.. ram was holding her she shout maaa and she deliver her first kid which was an baby boy ram was over joyed carrying his first kid he shows to priya who kiss him and he was taken to cleaning.. soon priya was in another  labor she delivers an girl.. Ram was over joyed and had tears seeing his own flesh own blood .. he saw the girl's face and smiled and  kissed her and then showed to priya and says ye hamri ladli hain.. priya was too happy seeing ram holding his daughter soo protective she was also taken to cleaning..  it was really the best moment when she and ram carried their kids.. she saw in tears which he had and hided from her and wiping it.. She was surprised. Ram was holding his both kids and says they are soo spl to me in this world. Priya felt soo happy.. He then gave her son to feed.. in time his daughter was feeling warmth and enjoying it  in his arms as he held her like that. He tells her u were asking which kid I want I got both today thanks for it.. I want to tell u one thing I wanted twins to be girls actually but now I have blessed with both kids I am feeling top of the world.. soon vikram and neha comes and they were overjoyed .. priya had finished her feed too. Neha holds and says deko deko donon bilkul ram par gaye hain just Xerox copy.. Look at the girl baby she is just sleeping like ram and smiles.. Vikram says omg look at him he looks exactly like ram same gussa wala face and smiles.. they were enjoying the moment. Shipra secretly came to meet her and overjoyed with the kids .. it was 3 years now' he secretly shifted her to pune  for some day she did not know why he kept changing her place and house. Today she was in Mumbai for past 3 months.. But what is the reason..

She rem how they were aka eth whole night taking care of the babies. It was night when ram was about to sleep he hear noise  he sees priya holding one and another one crying he goes and pick his boy who was crying they both together consoles them'they had to stay awake until the kiddo's slept. Priya and ram had to hold each one for them to sleep. The kids were cute pies .in time vikram and neha also comes ..they were over joyed with the kids presence so as shipra ..Vikram happily take both the kid and says neha photo keecho I will show them when they grow up that how their mama held them together.. When suddenly he felt something wet he ask neha kuch hua hain kya ???? When ram smiles saying oye vikram don't wear white shirts he asks kyun? he taking the kids one of them and neha other and says see urself..he realized both of them did susu on him.. They were laughing.. Vikram says it ok akir bachhe hain susu to karna unka hak hain'mein abhi aya and goes..

Ram was changing the nappies when priya was sleeping due to tiredness when neha enter and sees the kids were really naughty and kept kicks ram hand with their tiny legs.. neha laughed seeing the scenario ram says neha I know why ur laughing she say to mein kya karoon  it is soo funny to see u changing nappies I never expected u to do this.. I never img such an scene' I have habit of seeing u changing the employs like nappies and today u r changing real nappies.. He says neha' tuu bhi naa.. she says achha tell me what did u tell niharika ji and others? He says I told them I am going to ooty.. neha ask ram can I ask u something until when u r going to keep under cover helping with changing the nappy he says neha I told u I will tell when time comes.. she ask par ram priya ko he says I will tell her when time comes ab bachhe samaleein.. look at them ..

Shipra was happy as today was the naam Karan she got an spl gold chains for the kids saying nani ka hak hain she says priya jab unki nanu ko patachalein na woo bahut kush honge bus I am waiting when ram will announce it ' she says agle kuch din dekoongi after that I myself will inform him' she says ma don't do anything in hurry u know right she nodes yes ' she says javo bring the kids we need to get them ready nani has got cute dresses for her cutie pies

part 26

 Priya enters the room she get mesmerized with the view of ram holding Krishna to his close chest .she get shocked when she sees him having tears and talking she cdnt hear as he was talking very low sound. She was in wonder is that same ram? She remembered her family time before her marriage and goes sad.she wipes her tears and think ab kuch bhi hojay ram I won't leave u more than me my kids need u as their father.. uskeliye mein sab kuch koo sakti hoon kud ko bhi� what if our wedding is not shown to outside world? But we know we r married and committed to each other now I don't mind but only worries me is that what if an person come in ur life who u actually fall for tab mera aur meri bachoon ka kya hogaa?

Neha was holding the boy when Vikki come to romance here when the boy kick Vikki with legs and susu over him like an arch water fall.. Neha and kid giggles.. vikram says oye meri biwi hain kitna sharat hainye.. apni biwi ke paas bhi nahi jaane deda.. neha says I know he is very fond of me�vikram teases her saying oye lagta hain ye tujpar line mar raha hain aur tujse bahtu pyaar bhi Karta hain samal kar rehne padega and they clean him together� raya was busy with Krishna who had finished her potty and they were cleaning her� priya sees  how ram carefully cleaning her and when she was  throwing the kid's dirty nappy..  he then neatly put  little powder and tie the nappies.. she felt soo good.. she wondered why can't he love me like he loves them.. I wish I get his love.. agar aise hua to I will be luckiest person and happiest person.

Now it was time for naam karan ceremony.. they name the girl kid as Krishna and boy as rohan vikram sees ram and ask u named ur daughter as Krishna? He says haaan too he says I am surprised he says need not be� both the kids were now sleeping.. peacefully they were having their lunch in dining table neha and vikram tell abhi hamein chalna chiaye jaane ka man nahi hain par kids will be back from the school and leaves.. shipra was staying back..  she was showing priya some picture and tell I want to make an set for u priya was refusing.. She say are beta ek set to banae do muje Koch bhi nahi diya.. atleast ab to kuch dedoon teri papa ki kuch paise aye huye hain jo share mein invest kiya ta too soch rahi hoon teriliye kuch banavoon.. she refuses saying nahi maa aap conda ko dijiye� she was upset ram hearing it comes inside he says are priya lelo apni maa see if she want to give teri bhi to hak hain she says nahi mr kapoor I can't � he says I know u have many expensive gifts but it is going to be given by shipra ji.. she says mr kapoor mein jaanti hoon but I also know which is more imp� maa ek kaam kiijiye hamri sets mat banayiye.. natasa keliye banalijiye.. uska bhi to hak hainaa.. shipra agrees..

Priya sees the date it was by now 6 months after baby birth and she know ram was much impatient about making love and each checkup he kept asking doctor.. Thanks to doctor who told him no touching for 6 months.. but some where she missed his being intimate as she know it was making her feel as his wife somewhere. And finally doctor gave green signal and he was not going come here for next 2 days as he was out of station. She smiles, wished he was there.. she did not know why she wanted him.. was she got or getting comfortable with his touches more than before? Is she is missing him or what was that? She was feeding Krishna who was much naughty these days and often bit her and today she did it priya was like Krishna beta please don't do it.. in time she heard rohan cry.. she think ab mein kay karon even daima is on leave she cannot leave Krishna .. she wished ram was there.. kaash mr kapoor hote too use utha lete� he says looks like someone is missing me.. Carrying rohan and consoling him.. she was like aaap?

He was having parata  she was serving him.he tells her conda had delivered an girl baby and nuts was pregnant  priya was happy.. she wanted to see them but she can't. she says aap to bahar gaye huye te to aaj kaise agaye.. he say aise hiii I actually had only one day work and I lied as 4-5 days so that I can come here.. she says aap sabse chupane se achha hain sabke saamne bolte too kamse kam aise joot to nahi bolna pata haina.. he says I know what to do don't teach me � she think I think he forgotten to ask abt my ck up achha hain even i won't open my mouth..  he finishes his food. He tell when u r going to start feeding bottle after all it is becoming difficult to handle both soo consult an doctor .. she says I asked doctor told I can use bottle milk .. he says that wil be better.. she says I will clean and come.. eh ask where is daima she says chutti par hain.. he says ohhh.. mein abhi aya make my coffee she nodes yes. She bring his coffee and sees him robe talking in phone.. she thinks why can't he change and then talk ..uff ye phone ko ek din bahar pehk doongi.. she shows him coffee and he takes it and she was about to walk back when he just hold her pulling back and drink coffee and finishes the call.  He ask itna jaldi kya hain?she says muje kaam hain muje nahi hain �doctor ne ka kaha she ask doctor kya kahegi?he says I know u had ur ck up today.. tell me.. she says unhone ka sab teek hain.. he ask phir? She ask phir kya? Phir humlog wapas agaye.. he   says can't u understand or pretending as if u don't know tell me� she says muje kyaa samaj kuch bhi to nahi muje kam hain bachhe uthne se phele muje kaam katam karna hain.. soo leave me.. and goes ..he smiles. She was smiling standing near the sink when he hugs her from back and  ask.. sach bataoo did doctor gave green signal? She ask for hat? He turns her.. And then lift her saying suhaaag raat after kids' birth� she says wooo woo he smiles I know the answer and carries her.. she was in sofa he removes his robe.. she realized he had nothing inside.. he lifts her sari removes her pallu� rest in ur imaginations'

It was now nearing 12th month when Krishna and rohan at same time stood up and kept the first step.. and luckily ram was present there who sets the camera  and then take videos.. Priya and ram were over joyed.. They talk tiny bits in kids lang..  They first speak mapa rohan was naughty Krishna was quite.. now ram makes them shift to Bangalore saying he is going to have an 3 month project there.. in time.. the kids birthday was near.. they celeb the kids' first birthday and even neha vikram kids come who were over joyed with seeing kids and get very happy .. neha funnily says agar muje ek beti hoti to mein rohan ko apna ghar jamai bana loonga.. vikram says neha I don't  mind we can have our 2nd honeymoon neha says vikram� in shouting manner.. raya just giggles.. vikram was like meine kya kiya just wanted to help u..  they have funny and happy, birthday.. 

part 27

She puts the babies to sleep and he to help her and cover them in crib and sit down in the cot.. She ask can I bring u something? He says nothing and ask about does she has her periods she says no and then he pulls her inside the blanket.. she tried to protest but he says if she doesn't agree he won't come here after she keep quite. She says I know u only come here to do that.. And cries. He says deko don't spoil my mood I come here to be happy not to see ur crying face.. she ask why? Why is he is not ready to accept her � they have the kids now.. mr kapoor please even I have feeling why don't u understand? He was like what the hell? Just don't forget I had put condition on marrying u.. u will be my wife legally not publically samji.. he goes out.. Leaving her cry.. he was in damn anger� he think why can't she understand? She wipes her tears but it continue to fall down..

  she goes to call him for breakfast but he angrily was getting dressed up she informs him to come eh doesn't talk and starts to wear his tie she says mein kardeti hoon which she usually does he show his hand and goes away .she know he was in anger mode.. she was afraid� she tries to talk but he pushes her hand.. he kisses his kids and take his brief case and starts to walk towards the door she stops him asking him not to go he turns asking why? Why she is stopping him when she think him of something instead of her husband� why u r forgetting priya we have kids..She was in tears.. u will get what u want I will transfer money time to time and also our kids will get what it is necessary except that I am not going to come here after this is going to be my last visit.. She gets worried she ask him not to say that.. she was trying to convince him.. how can u say that think of our kid.. he says agar tum ye sab soch ti.. u would have not refused me priya.. she was in tears � he says I am leaving and was about to take an step she hold him asking sorry.. I am sorry mr kapoor dint mean that� I was not able to express anything� properly.. I am sorry he says  heard u, now and I am leaving.. Leave my hand.. And forcefully removes her  hand and goes away..

She tried calling him many times. But he doesn't reply she get sad.. she calls up vikram and neha who were out of India at that time.. she was soo upset.. she decided to visit him by herself.. she takes her purse.. she ask the naaani to take care of kids and goes to meet him in office covered herself with stole she ask about ram where she was not alone to meet him as she was not supposed to tell who she was.. They refuses saying without any appointment she cannot meet any one.. when she sees niharika coming  he had to leave�she again calls him returning back he cut her call.. she message him I am sorry I need to talk to u�meri paas waje tiii aise baat karne kii I am sorry when u meet me I will be able to clear it� I dint mean to hurt u pleaseee�

She was waiting for his call or mess but nothing was coming.. Suddenly she felt puking she rushed up.. she didn't know why it was repeated few times� thinking due to stress .. it was an week by now ram doesn't call nor nothing.. she was worried. She cdnt sleep all night she was making the kids sleep as they had an disturb sleep too . in time. Doctor inform her in phone about her test that she need to do her checkup as symptoms are there for pregnancy�she was shocked.. she felt her life was shattered... � she wanted to talk to shipra.. but she was not there she on the tv unknowingly when she get to see something shocking.. I t was displayed that ram died in an car accident in Mumbai pune high ways� his body was found totally burned.. priya was shocked she almost faints of... When the bell ring she ws already crying but open the door with lots of sadness and sadness when she get shocks of her life..

part 28
Ram was standing there all alive with bandages in head she break down and goes by her knee and cry heavily' he knew it would happen .. he says priya roo kyun rahi hoo holding her to stand  upp..she sees him she says I am sorry because of me all this happened I am there reason and cries. It may because of her kismet such thing are happening he was like what? Why r u crying soo much she says meine tv par' I saw u died in car accident I thought everything was lost' he ask what u thought u lost my money? An security? She see him he r tears get paused she was like what r u saying? Mein aaapke baaare mein baat kar rahi thi aur , money security? She was shocked as he thinks she wanted his money ' she ask what is all this r kapoor what r u asking have gone mad? One side they show the news u r dead and other side u ask me here am I worried because of money and security.. Wait a sec' r u faking ur death? Is that something which I am not able to see? Tell me she pulls by his hand when he says stop it.. u have no rights to question  me.. Just go and make food.. I am tired.. she says what I don't have right? I am ur wife.. For god sake tell me what u r trying to hide .. he says I will tell u everything because u r my wife?she nodes yes.. he says u know wife don't refuse their hubby when they want to touch and feel their wife ..which u did.. u refused me priya.. and u lost the rights u had..

she says don't say that mr kapoor where will I go.. I am married to u.. I am the mother of ur 2 kids.. mein nahi jaantii ye sab kyun hua.. us din ki baaad I came to ask sorry but u never picked my call nor responded'. I was totally upset that day because of some people taunted me and that the reason I behaved like that.. they raised question on my character otherwise I would have not done that.. muje maaf kardiyee please.. meri na sahi meri bachoon ke kathiir.. I promise I will never say no to u here after.. she goes by her knees and cries.. he seeing it goes off angrily.. he was sitting there lost in thoughts when she enter and give him coffee saying I am sorry please drink it.. I won't ask u anything.. I will do whatever u want. He turns to her takes the coffee she ask aapki chot kaise lagi aur woo accident.. ki news.. he says accident hua ta but I escaped and for next few days I will here with u.. but let me remind u don't u dare tell this to any one ok.. she nodes yes.. eh says not even to shipra.. she agrees  he tells shyam ko vikram ayega use andar bejna and don't disturb us.. samjii she nodes yes.. he drinks the coffee. She ask kane keliye kuch lavoon?he sees her and says tum nahijanti hoo I don't eat at this time.. he finishes his coffees. She says mein abhi ayi he ask dai ma nahi ayi she nodes no sayings she is on leave.. he ask bachhe?she says soraha hain.. 

He ask r u sure u won't stop me from touching u.. she nodes yes lowering her eyes.. he bend down holding her cheeks ..his lips touches her.. he make her lie on the bed. Throws away the duppatta .. he bend down and starts his work.. priya hold his neck.. she didn't want to lose at this stage. So allowed him to do his marzi she know he won't listen to her.. ..she also feared of losing him his protection .. an protection which she would not like to lose she obey him but her conditions' he was hugging her  and sleeping in an protective manner fear of losing her.. she thinks kitna confused personality he is.. one moment he give me pain and hurt me.. next moment he makes me feel I am everything for him.. what does he have it in his mind.. for past 3 years he was good and bad.. she was kept in confusion about him.. it is not the first time she was trying to make him speak but nope.. he was tough one.. she wanted to broke the shell, wall which ever around him but he dint let her.. do that..

Priya changes herself.. she cover him up after making him wear his shirt and he wear his shorts.. and sleep back.. he told her to wake up after bringing coffee.. she ask shall I bring juice.. he says coffee she nodes her head and goes.. she takes care of her kids who were awake.. she then comes and place them near him and tells not to disturb him and make them sleep next to them and make him put his hand on them and goes.. in 2 min she bring the coffee and sees that kids were over ram one was sitting and sleeping and tapping one single finger on ram's cheeks another one was climbed over him and was waking him up.. she goes and place the coffee nearby and goes and picks them up.. and keep them aside saying beta papa ko disturb nahi karte.. she carry one and take the coffee mug .she wakes him up saying mr kapoor please uthiyee aapka coffee ready hain.. he says hmm and turns to see his kid and then turn to see priya holding the mug and the child.. he thinks  omg god inspite of being mother of 2 she is still the same hot piece when I saw her first.. she think he must be thinking about me for sure.. I can read his eyes.. he takes his coffee and tells her to take kids out as he want to speak an imp call.. he says he will join with kids in short time.. he says achha teeek hain I will .. Don't worry.. ya I am waiting come..

he finishes his coffee.. he comes out  changed. He then tell her to prepare dinner as vikram will be coming.. I will take care of my little one till then and carry them.. ..he make one sit in the lap and other was sitting opposite and they were playing and he was entertaining them.. priya kept peeping from kitchen .. she cook the food .he inform her not to tell anyone that he was here and also inform he will stay in the upstair the secret room(he had it done secretly )  in few minutes vikram comes,' he order priya not to disturb and they go to upstairs room and closes the door.she was worried and hink shayd vikram se kuch pata chalega.. but how.. she wanted to even go to upstair room but nope eh had locked it from  inside .. she was thinking aise kya raaz hain which he want to hide from me why?

Ram inform priya that he going out of station for 1-2 days and will be back.. he will inform her when he is returning so that she can give daima holiday for 1-2 days..  she nodes yes.. vikram inform priya not to tell anyone about ram's existence as his life in danger she agrees. But wonders' after an day priya leave the kids with daima and goes to get something.. when she was returning she sees ram going in an car and she follow him in her car.. she reaches an places where it was mostly  out of the city and it was dead end and she park her car and plows him.. he made sure no one was seeing him.. and she realizes the housing surrounding were mostly empty.. she walks and goes and then sees vikram was already present there.. she manges to open the window and see them. She get to see ram giving  vikram some paper's he says sab priya aur bachoon ke naam par kardiya hain.. he says but ram tum.. he says ab muje kuch dinon keliye underground jana hi hoga he ask kyun aise.. he says sab jaante hue u r asking me this question vikram.. u know why I am doing it.. Vikram was like what.. He ask does priya knows he says noo he ask kab tak chupovogi.. he says we have discussed it lot and u very well know after being soo much in love with her I am not able to tell her anything .. I love her to hell but I will be ever to say anything o.. u know it very well..

so guys atlast parda ka uthne ka time ahii gaya hain Wink

part 29
 parda ke peeche se nikalega kuch sachh yaaa kuch aurr
He says tum?he was shocked because it was priya.. he was like tum yahan kya kar rahi hoo to tum muje par nazar rak rah hoo? She was quite.. she had tears.. she ask do u love me� eh was like what? She says do u love me? He was like kay bakwaaas kar rahi hoo.. she says today u have to tell me otherwise I will leave u and go.. I will inform to all about the wedding so as our kid.. spl to ur mom mrs niharika kapoor when he says nahii tum aise kuch nah karogii she ask kyu nna karoon mr kapoor? Tell me? Give an one valid reason for me to be quite.. aaj tak I never said anything inspite of I tried a lot.. Because some where I felt u had an reason today u have to tell me the truth the whole truth otherwise I will go there and inform all.. boliye sach kay hain I want to hear from u.. She pulls him by his coat and ask� see in my eyes and tell me�

He remove her hand but hugs her tightly saying aaj mein sach kahoonga.. Releasing from hug but yahan nahi wapass chalte hain chaloo.. they go back.. he sit down in the sofa.. he says sabse pehle muje maaf kardoo I hurted u badly.. chaiye with my words or physically.. I know I was an sadist I behave like an animal to u.. Many time mein jaan bukar tuje hurt kiya us sab baton keliye maafi nahi milasakta mein janta hoon .. I know I was not an perfect hubby to u.. I am sorry priya.. But for all of it I have an reason.. he sees her and get up form sofa.. Tum yahi soch rhai hoon na meine ye sab kyun kiya.. too sun loo priya today I will tellu the whole truth� the truth which I have kept away from u.. aaj mein us parda hat ne wala hoon jiske baad pata nahi hamri jindagi kaise mode lega..

He says mein muje jab pata chala nuts in love with someone and I start to enquire and learnt about ur family also learnt ur not daughter but their daughter in law who had taken in charge an in charge of elder son place. I was on the way to meet my client when I saw u first in the park near ur house.. u were playing with the children.. The day previous  when I met u�


Priya in white kurta and light blue jean and red stole she sees an kid crying as no one playing with her priay says mein keloon.. Then they both start to play and soon other start.. ram had to stop the car as it got break down he scrool down the screen and ask are kya hua itna time kyun le rahi hoo sir 5 min.. he turn thinking ye kya and stop someone had an hug smile and making other smile with her act.. he wait her hair to move and when an slow breeze come and she moves her hair which was disturbing her and clips it.. he smiles widely he get down seeing her when rain comes he get irritated and get back but sees her dancing in rain with the kids� he smiles when driver hold the umbrella and says car ready hain chalein.. he says ahaan seeing her .. and suddenly someone come and he sees she had gone.. they go off..

Fb end..

Muje usi waqt tum pasand agayi thi.. par apni man ki pyaar ki awaz ko mien daba diyakyunki mein chakaar bhi use bahar nahi dika sakta.. mein ne aapni andar ki dard ko duniya se chupa hi liya ta par meri kismet ko dekko mein tuje dobara deka wo bhi kaise? jis ghar mein mein apni behen ka rista lekar gaya taa us ghar mein tum tii wo bhi us halat mein jis halat mein sirf ek pati apni patni ko dek sakta .. I never thought such thing wil ever happen.. but meri kismet ko deko.. u were again inside my life muje usi waqt laga shayd  god has some mercy on me isliye he brought u there.. I saw the eyes the soft tender eyes which had the innocence I didn't see ur body first but ur   eyes.. but uske baad I shd have not seen but mein kya karoon meri aankoon ne wo sab deka tuje.. u looked like an beautiful art in front of me an art which had emotion to be seen without words .. I felt agar tu meir biwi hoti to I would have hugged u and said tuje tand na lag ne doon�

He sees her in her eyes she was also seeing his eyes.. he then walk slowly towards the kids room.. tum jaanti hoo priya I wanted to marry u with honor in front of whole world but I was in not in an state where I cd u propose u nor marry u like that.. I was in love with u but can't confess it to u.. na us waqt kar sakta na kabhi.. jaan bujkar tusse chupana pata., priya sees him in shock.. he turn mein jaanta hoon it will be very hard for u u to trust me ,my words.. tum yahi soch rhai hogayi na aise insaan jo tuje sirf istemaal kar raha ta aaj achanak kaise baton kar rara hain jis par visvaas karna teriliye muskil hain..kyunki mien behave hi aise kiya hain.. and I have to tell u I behaved purposely and only reason is I wanted to hate me not love me.. priya was just standing there listening whatever he was saying.. maybe that was all she wanted to hear from long time..i know u had an past where u life was changed completely after ur hubby death and mein dobara wahi dard tumein dena nahi chata ta isliye meine jaanbujkar pyaar honeke bawjood use jataya nahi.. I don't want u to go through an same pain all over again.. I loved u want to get married to u but was worried when u will know about me u will have sympathy on me and I din't want that to happen ..

She ask why u felt that? Tell me the truth muje purri sunni hain if u had love me soo much tell me why u behaved like that? What is the reason? Why u hide everything from me for soo long?he sees her. I eyes and says I will tell u each and every truth today the truth which I had kept hidden form u for soo long and only reason was I didn't want along with me tuje bhi koi chot pouncheyein due to me� it all started before I met u also..

5 years back  I was in office when I came to know of sid's deed


What is all this manager.. sir ye sabb it is all because of sid sir.. he has done it and warned us not to tell u,inspite of if we tell u we all will be fired and u won't believe us but believe him.. Ram was in fuming anger .. vikram was not there at time.he says aaj mein maa se baat karke rahoongi bahut hogaya. Bachapana samaj kar haar baar maaf kiya bus is baar nahi.. he goes when sid comes ram smashes his hand over sid and tell get out and goes off in anger he goes inside the house and climbs the steps .he near the room but stops ..

Niharika:ram ko kabhi pata nahi chalega kii what we have planned ahead.. he only know what we have shown him remember how we made him believe about his own mother� when she had done nothing we made him believe that she was characterless and left his father for sake of money when truth was something else I planned it soo well that ram sirf muj par barosa karein.. I showed him how Krishna was with someone when that person was none other than my husband who was helping Krishna in her bad phase to come out of her bad state after all doctor jo ta� rem I was told by hubby to take care of mr amarnaath kapoor.. it was not that easy for me to trap him even I din't have idea but realized it when I saw him gifting him an house to his wife I got jealous first but later when I saw him having an soft corner I decided to use it for myself�..

I planned and drugged him and seduced him step by step and made myself bechari  Infornt  of mr kapoor jo budda hone ka stage par te.. he trusted me as in few days I told him I was pregnant with his child when truth was sid was my first hubby's kid.. after all amaranth kapoor din't touch me in that drugged stage and I had to sleep with my hubby majboori mein.. amaranth had full confidence in me and when I told him about my pregnancy and threaten to kill myself he decided to keep me and he married me and I did not divorce my first hubby but chased him and gave him damki to kill his mom..(omg saas ko bhi nahi choodi chudaail ne) so he left.. I made amaranth to believe wrong things about Krishna showed him which I showed to ram..he believed it and got kamzoor after the first child was born.. it was not easy for me to make him trust me .. but I had taken baby steps� after 10 month of sid born I and that budda got together and I got pregnant and when doctor told I got complication he started to be with me more.. aise hii I got 3 kids� from him.. but actually truth is only rishab and nuts are his kids nisha was born to some other person.. jiskaa naam�haaaiiinn Ramesh meri ek hubby ka dost jiska ke saat meri chakkar chalana pada to know about the will and result was nisha� he told me wht was in amarnaath kapoor will.. woo bhi itni asaani se maanne walaoon mein se nahi ta.. deere deere karke I had to gt the truth out ..

The worst was all the property was written over ram and his hone wala bachha but an point which I came to know is if ram doesn't get married or happen o something it will go to amarnaath kapoor wife yaani mein after all I kept Krishna out of it.. and already I started to get properties in my name by using credit card called amanarth kapoor.. I also came to know about the will clauses where it mention the 51 percent of share will be kapoor kaandaan ka first kid after ram � which fell in favor to me� isliye to ram ka man kabhi shaadi ki taraf moodaa hi nahiii he ask what if ram comes to know she says I will kill him afterall now I can twist things.. as per my need ab meri bachhe bade hochuke hain.. aur sid ke shaadi hoe hii uska bachha hoga aur tab uske baad property over him in time I will make sure ram ka pura property mujpar ho� he ask what if raam fall for some one very simple I will kill that girl agar phir bhi bachgayi I will make sure she doesn't get pregnant at life time.. After some years I will plan and car accident where both will die and u know money can do anything and laugh and turns get shocked to see ram there in super anger�

preview:ram get pushed by niharika and he roll down the steps Smile

part 30

Niharika :I kept ram only in the sake of looking after this company so as taking care of my kid's need not only this� amarnaath kaise maraaa? He got bimari nahiii I made him get addicted to drinks and soon I started to give him drugs through it.. I used to cook food which were not suitable for health and made him eat�  I showered him love but to make him get died due to property varna hosaktaaa he would have made sure ram got married.. kahin aise waise kuch hojata too isliye kahi Krishna ke upar use taras agaya too akir he started to know about my real face.. With time .. one time he caught me with my friend nirmeeet .. but I told him an story forcing him to be quite� after all wo apni beta se bahut pyaar jo Karta ta ..budda kahega� par kheer ab bahut achha hain ab tak jo humne chaha wahi hora hain� jaise jaise meine plan kiya waise waise huaa hain..ram sirf hamariliye ek kamane ka machine hain aur hum ki jaroorat ka kyal rakna ka atm hainnn  and laughsss ,ram ko kabhi nahi apta chalaega what is truth �hahaha

Ram was shocked he was shattered his eyes turned in to red burning train� he was in super mahaaa gussa anger� he could not believe the person who he believed soo much whom he trusted more than his own mother had done sooo much thing to him.. they even were using him not knowing to him..he was in anger mode niharika turns happily but get shocked ,ram was standing there in maha anger mode ram says ab to sab muje pata chalgaya hain.aab . aaplogon ko mein chodoonga nahi I won't spare u people I will make sure u people get such an punishment that u won't forget in ur life maan karta hain I kill u people but I don't want to touch u people and make my hand into blooded hand  ..Niharika says raaam meiin meri baat ..he says kuch naho sunaaoongaa I will call police now.. and walks away taking the phone when mamaji tries to stop him and in that way niharika give leg and he trips and they push him .. he rolls down from the steps.. he get hit to the pillar at end an strong one.. which cause him get hit badly in head blood ooozzes out from head� it starts to flow down in floor.. when niahrikaa dn maamaji smiles when an servant comes shouting ram sir aapko kya huaa.. Niharika changed hr tone im and shout raaam tuje kya hua kaise huaaa mamaji says ohoh raam ka shayad bp low hua hoga aur chakakr kaakar girgaya hoga he may have felt down due to bp..koi ambulance ko bulayaavooo he smiles and niharika too inside.. give thumbs up� they wantedly  took time but his servant called imd.. Ambulance comes and they take him off..

In hospital.. niharika ask mere beta ko kya hua doctor woo kaise hain.. pata nahi kya hogayaa.. doctor says don't worry blood is going inside him I have put for scan and all.. Reports abhi ajayega� par blood have been lost  a lot� soo until he doesn't gain conscious we can't say anything� niharika was smiling inside happily..she says kuch bhi kijiya raam ko abchha lijyee uske bina mein amrjavoongi maamji says sweety over acting band karoo doctor ko shak na honedenaa.. Niharika shed fake tears� mamaji says doctor ji bachaaaloo hamari raam koo uski bina hamra kya hogaa.. ram was lying there.. all with tubes. Monitor was on.. nurse sees something was not good raam blood was going in bad phase..she goes out and call doctor .. niharika seeing ab lagta hain meri new white sari ka kaam aygaya hain.. raam ki moutt ke time I can wear it.. doctor come s out in doctor's cabin niharika ask ram teek to hoajyega naaa.. he says haan chances hain .. but problem hain kii when he gain conscious he may even loose memory or eveng et paralyzed because jis jagah par chot laga hain wahaan par abhut bura asar hua hain..isliye anything can happen nothing can be said..

Niharika enters ram room sees him tubes all over body� she says jjjuuhhh bechara ram.. feel pity for him.. he did not know niharika se panga lena achhi baat nahi hain� ab dekna if he agains tarts anything he won't be spared.. mamaji ask kaise very simple I will make sure he is named as mental after all I can buy certificates u know.. I can prove in mental and take over the power of attorney and ye kaafi hain to name all the property in my name.. after all ada to kar chuki hoon jo bacha hain use bhi karloonga� he will left in mental hospital where I can make him full mental from normal as no one will trust him after that.i will spin an web in such a way that ram chakar bhi use nikaal nahi payega which I have started already. As per now I have got 70 percent of his share in my name baaki too automatically it will come� and when sid get married and have his kid automatically 51 percent will transfer to him.. mamaji ask what if he forgets ?niharika says to achah hainaa.. I will make him believe what I want to� he says oye be aware he may get conscious niharika says aise hoen nahi doongi and goes to increase the drip flow to get him bad health but nurse enter soo she had to tell she felt something wrong and nurse says he is fine and ask to go out as she need to do dressing..

8 hours later.. doctor inform ram is gaining conscious and any time he may open his eyes.. they were worried.. Niharika enters the cabin. She check no one was there and slowly goes near ram and then she smiles saying jab u will wake up I will change ur life ram.. says out little loud.. let see how is ur kismet bechara raaam..he open his eyes she get shocked..

part 31

Ram open his eyes sees her and again closes his eyes she calls doctor.. as nurse comes she says dekiye raam kaa she says I will see.. Few minutes later niharika was tensed up when doctor inform ram is calling her she goes inside he says maa kya huaa muje kuch yaad nahi araha hain how I got this hurt? He tries to get up when she breathe relief of air and says ram woo she smiles thinking lagta hain us ka yaad dash as doctor told achha hain his memory loss has saved his life, From us. She says woo u were climbing steps achanak se ur bp got high and u fell down from steps ram.. pata nahi kya huaa.. doctor inform ram may have forgotten his previous happen.. he says don't try to give him any stress niharika smile achha hain as we will not let his memory get back.. ram sees niharika who says we were all soo much worried for u� uff got scad when such think happened I have decided to appoint and nurse for u.. he says no mom iski jarroorat nahi hainw aise bhi bahut kaam hain she says ohoh ram phirse kaaam nahi ab sirf aaram sid hainaaa he wil handle everything he says sid sid kahan haaain?he is not seen..

Fb ends

He says niharika thought I had memory loss but truth was I gained conscious long back but when they entered I pretend to be unconscious  to know what they are upto as I thought she wanted to kill me but I also heard what she said.. Thanks to god who made me hear that.. I have to thank that doctor who gave me such an idea by telling I may get memory loss when truth was I did not lose my memory but pretend to.. I kept my eyes closed for that 8 hours which made me to get calm and think about the future.. I decided one thing I will give everything to my mother which is right fully her which was taken from her or to say snatched from her.. kahina kahina I knew i won't be married but never thought about the future because I needed time to find what was going on first.. us din se deere deere I started to look over one by one from the bottom.. lekin sabse badi problem ta according to will I should have my kid thanks to niharika  who gave an information unknowingly.. I decided to hire an surrogate mother for it after all I know shaadi to nahi hogi lekin apna abchha to hosakta ta.. lekin waited for right time.. wanted niharika to get out of mansion .i learnt it was not easy I thought as she said she had spun soo many web threads around me yes it was like that.. I learnt many things which made me to wait think and move one by one by taking baby steps..

I never thought I will fall in love nor I will get married nor my motive was there.. but after 2 years when I came to know about nuts and karthick relationship  I was going and I saw you.. I fell in love but never thought the very next day I will see u again as I knew one thing u were my life�I decided to talk about the marriage to u.. Propose u but stopped myself.. I was worried remembering about ur past what if u refuse? Next when I came to know u will do anything to ur family I decided to take it as advantage ,I saw sid and conda and decided to use it to marry u..i decide to tell about my marriage decision to niharika to see her reaction but when I was nearing I was shocked to hear what they were talking


Ram was nearing mamaji's room he stop when he sees niharika and mamaji talking

He hide and hear what they were talking

She says bus bhaiya ek baar nuts ki shaadi hojay uske baad sid ki ho jayega aur kya us kee baad jo muje chaiye woobhi hoajyegaa.. he says sweetyy muje nahi lagta kyunki muje lagaha hain ki ram ki zindagi mein someone has come.. She says ohoh bhaiii soo what? U know what we decided. We will pretend to agree and we will kill that girl or stop the marriage and if it happen also we will make sure she doesn't get pregnant at all she says ek min rem I gave an medicine.. he says haan she says bring it.. she says this medicine is an slow poison which I will start giving it before wedding itself.. sooon after marriage I wil plan everything that all will think ram was doing it and wil be send to jail ..( baap re baap itna criminal dimaag cheee )or I will kill the bride and put the blame on ram saying she was not able to get conceived so ram killed her, bus� she laughs wickedly.. if it all doesn't go well I will make sure I bring an girl who does my work by framing ram to marry her and make sure all property I get transfer to my name.. becharaaa raammm har taraf se harega� ram blood boils outside the room he think how can an women stoop soo low?

Fb ends

Use wakqt I decided to hide the marriage. I also knew u won't be ready to marry me.. so I decided to use the photos which were actually morphed which u people failed to notice priya was shocked.. he says I know I was not doing it all as it was not correct it is an offence .. but still I did it.. I married u and hided it from the worlds and the reason u know now.. she says ek minute� whatever u said I can understand ,I can understand why u wanted to hide the wedding.. but why u.. he says u wanted to ask me why I behaved soo badly towards u.. I wil tell u priya it is because I din't want to fall in love with me.. it is an true fact that I love u too hell but I did not want u to love me back varna u will be hurt if something would have happen to me..

part 32

I know u were married to shipra ji's elder son.. Who died and u were widow.. if I behave good to u teri umeed badega joo mein kabhi bhi todna chata ta.. I did not want u to get hurted all again.. I chose to marry u reason was I love u not for sake for bearing my kid but I love u truly .. Another truth was I was not able to imagine anyone other than u.. as my children's mother .priya was taken back, surprise, he continue saying u know something priya when I enquired about ur family before I came to know u were not their daughter but their bahu I was shocked I was taken back ki koi aise kaise karsakta inspite of not being own u did everything for them and when I forced u in marriage u said yes to save ur sister in law image' I knew it from my heart aise sanskaar hi meri bachoon ko chaiye jo ye jaane pyaar kaise bina shart se kiya jata hain.. I wanted u too be mother of my kids. I could never imagine anyone in that place.. At same time I was scared somewhere inside rem niharika words of killing the baby in womb.. isliye chakaar bhi I kept u away from my love I was rude behaved insensitive jaan bukar tuje takleef diya taaki u don't love me nr get sad after my dead she tried to open her mouth when he says let me complete, as I know ek na ek din wo insaan meri saat aise kar sakthi hain.. I wanted to protect u my kid and my property from such evil people.i had to start from basic to get away from each and every property as they were right they have made such knots aur dere dere kar kar hi mein eke k knot ko remove karsakta ta aur mien kiya aur aaj unko bhi nahi pata that I have made all property back to my hand..

I have an such an bad faith inspite of being in love I could not show to that person nor make that person fall for me nor get the love back.. I was soo much in love u, never was able to confess it kitna bad kismat haina meri.Cry. cahakar bhi I could not tell u nor show u nor shower my love to u.. haar baar jab bhi mein tuje hurt Karta, chata ta tuje hug kar ke I can tell u I am sorry priya I did not want to hurt u.. u muse be feeling right I have used u for kids. Ram says if u think it is not wrong in ur thinking after all I made u think so.. but truth is I did not use u priya I wanted u to live with my kids whom will have an lovely mother like u who will not teach them bad things but an give an good life.. I wanted to secure u people from everything.. I never thought I will tell the truth so early but I had too which I did not plan it.

I know I have hurt u many time physically and  mentally ' meein jaanta hoon I am not worth to get forgiveness from u.. but still ia m sorry priya ' I am sorry really sorry he weeps fold his hand she ask mr kapoor why, why? ek baar bhi.. mein maanti hoon aap sab chupane chate te par aap mujse agar pyaar karte te why u were rude to me..? aaapko kya laga aise karne se mujse aap se pyaar nahi hoga?isliye kiya na ye sab? He says haan I behave soo rudely that u never ever like me as ur love.. and u never think I love u.. isliye when shipra jii came I said I want u warm my bed .. but truth was I wanted to send the marriage proposal but before it she came thinking I love u which was truth also.. I know she is the person who an convince u to come to me .i also knew she would not let me touch u before the marriage islliiye I pretend to say no first and alter yes because I know u won't agree it before meri intention aise ta that I force u to bed without marrying u because i was supposed to come and ask ur hand but use pehle aapki shipra maa agayi ti.. isliye meine socha shayd if I go directly I felt u people may think something else I wanted u people to think me as bad isliye I did it in such way'tum jaanti hoo meri intention tuje hurt karna ka nahi ta sirf I wanted u to have an safe and secure life ..

I know priya kahina kahin u r thinking that I used to have u my kids which is not fully true but yes I wanted u to be mother of my kids kyunki jo insaan apni pati ka parivaar ka itna kyaal raksakthi unka beti bansakti wo insaan meri bachoon ko itna achii aprvarish degi yahi soch ta meri kyunki tum jaanti hoo meine aapni ma ka pyaar ko chukka hoon kisi ki saadish ki wajese aur mein chakar bhi apni maa se nahi milssakta .. kaise miloon when she was in need of my support I dint trust her and today I need her but can't go to her as I have lost my mom's trust.. she will never accept me back.. but yes I wil return back her rights in all mean .

Priya was seeing him crying his heart in front of her she was just jeopardized with such an situation such an truth coming out in front of her' which she as longing for long but.. aise naih chati tii she never expected that ram would have gone through many thing .. he had to live with person who tried to kill him,' kitna muskil haina.. she always worried about her future her kids but seeing ram 's condition she realized she was been in better and safe condition it is all because of ram.. he had given her an secured life which she knewed yet it was unknown to her ram was blessing in disguise in her life she was shocked.. she realized he loved her too much and never expressed it he had suffered too she always felt she was suffering but yes today she know what was truth.. she know he came near not to fulfill his need but to make love to forget his worries may be .. or his way of showing love'or he wanted me to feel that he was present here with me as my hubby? whatever it is I know he love me that is only thing Is matter .

She did not know how to react. he says mein jaanta hoon I was not good with you but i love u from my heart.. u r my life.. tuje paane ka tareeeka galat hain par irdada nahi.. I want to lead an happy life with u.. isliye I did all this.. he close his eyes and tear droplet follows. she too had tears flowing down.

she takes and step and says why did u do this mr kapoor? why? what u thought if u could behave rude to me u thought I won't fall for u? tell me.. kya aga aapko today u will say and I will trust u? she pulled him by his collar she says kyun kyun kiya aapne aise?kya laga aapko I would show sympathy towards u?or u thought u will succed in making me think that u r bad rude using me for warming ur bed ? Serving for ur kid tell me? if u have thought soo u r wrong mr kapoor because inspite of all ur bad beahviour and pretending to be hatred I fell in love with he was shocked yes I love u raam I love u .. Pata nahi kab hua ye pyaar.. aapki nafrat se yaa aapki nature se.. u know what I myself tried to not to fall in love with you but I don't know I fell in love with u kabse meine nahi jaanti ti.. but when I realized it I was not able to express it because I was scad of losing u he sees her in surprise ,she says yess it is an true fact that I love u.on saying it .. it mean she faints'he was like priya and carries her to room.he spray water over her and she open her eyes eh ask are u alright? She nodes yes bus chakkar agaya ta.. he says priya chalo let us go to hospital she says uski jaroroat nahi hain she get up and says she places his hand over her belly and says I ck doctor ne confirm kiya I am pregnant all again with ur child..

he was like what? but ram says I was careful then.. she smiles saying but u r not careful everywhere. even at time when u were hurting me where u made sure it show u hurt me but u don't still u failed same way smiles with watery eyes . he kisses her hand he had tears she wipes saying.. aaj tak muje alga taaa kii aaap mujse kuch chupa rahe tee aaur aaj pata chalgaya what u were hiding from me? but affose is baat ka hain that u did not trust me enough o open it to me.. isliyeee I am angry on u mr kapoor and ur punishment is I am angry on u.. deklena ab priya ram kapoor ka gussa ab tak aapne ab tak sirf aur sirf(till now u saw only ram kapoor's anger now it turn for priya ram kapoor as per viewers demand of priya being anger for few time) ramkapoor style ka gussa kiya hain now u will see priya ram kapoor's gussa yes I am angry with u because u kept hidden all the pain inside u all alone and never shared.. isliye and pushes him and goes in anger ram thinks mood swings? yaaa is she is really angry on me?


part 33

His phone rings It was Vicky mickey he ask ram sab teek hain is everything all right.. he says haan vikram I need to talk to u..he says just before few hours we had words. He says know but it is urgent u just come here I need to talk.. he ask ram have u told priya but ram end the call.he goes out and sees priya drinking water. He hugs her rem the words I love u ram for first time she called him but today she was actually angry she pushed him she turned around and said don't think now I will allow u touch me any time.. Specially after u did and goes pushing him. He was like aaj se pehle.. omg.. is she is really angry ?he wondered. He was trying to talk but she was busy with kid when one said mama papa park she says park nahi beta no park sa now ur house is only park and papa is ur sing slide everything he was like priya what is this common I she goes off saying muje bahut kaam hain..he tries to talk but she says handle the kids I can't handle both together it is difficult and being their papa u have to handle it is ur responsibility btw it is always because u made me pregnant

Ram was playing with kids wondering why priya reacting like that..u in time vikram comes there he ask ram what happen I mean usually priya smile but she dint kuch hua did u scold her?he sees her saying nahii yaar but I told her.. he ask what u told her?he says I told everything .. he mean everything mathlab he says everything what is the reason and all he says wowo that great news.. now I don't  need to hide from priya and talk and calls priya and goes ram says vikram sstop there vikky micky .. oh god..he says priya I am soo happy yaar I mean atlast ram said everything.. she says haan he said but u knew all right ?in little fuming manner vikram get scad .vikram sees ram who had 2 kids one in hand and one in arms who was having water in sipper and spilling half over ram's shirt vikram smiles seeing ram's state. ram:yaar vikram u know all phir bhi priya:yaa vikram u knew all right?kya kaha  behen mana na muje still u hide kyunki u love ur friend more than ur sister isliye even u r worth get punished handle my kids for 2 days along with ram as I am tired.ram:she is reacting like that from the time she has told me about the pregnancy it is mood swing?vikram see him in horror thinking kitna besharam hain he did not even wait for few more time and made pregnant.

He ask mein kaya kroon he ask what u mean by mein kya karoon oye hello jo tune kiya usi ka fal hain pehle do haat mein aur ek priya ke pet mein and laughs..priya says chup no more words form u vikram.. along with ram u too have done same pretending haina.. can I ask u something? Does neha know? virkam says wooo haan I had to tell her varna u know what she did when u were pregnant right.. she says fine all knew that mean what I am doing here I am going  they were like priya she shuts the door. An hour later ram sees vikram happily sleeping along with kids after all he was supposed to say story but he himself slept ram thinks kahani sunanae ayaa hain yaa neend ka mazaaa lene?deko how happily he is sleeping with my kids and mee..  oh god now how will I pacify her?she is damn angry he goes inside the room and sees priya reading book he says priya mein she says muje aapse koi baat nahi karnii � he says fine I know u r angry that doesn't mean u can do this.. she says oh really what u did was correct hidden everything from me?wo sahi ta.. u know mr kapoor I am ur wife and u should have told me everything first.. to itna problem nahi hota.. u thought I was not mature enough to handle it right? He says it is not like that priya.. i.. she says ok fine u did it all to hide ur love but about making love jab man kiya meri saat aap.. u know how difficult it is .. how sad I used to feel u ever have idea? He says mein .. she says fine.. he says I did not mean it priya I am sorry hold his ears .. she had tears but sysa I am not going to forgive u soo easily.. very bad of u�  whatever u did because u love me but that doesn't mean u had right to blackmail me and my momm.. he says oh god priya mein kya karoon when shipra jii herself came and fell in trap thinking of trapping me.. sab unki wajese hua hain she says don't put blame on my innocent mom he says innocent and ur mom never think that ahhhnn I know what all she did .. she says as if u did not enjoy it.. Seeing me like that.. he says what can I do when my wife look soo sexy which idiot will keep his hand out.. she says an gentle man keeps out .. what u want me to do make u forgive me? She says be an gentle man he says fine.. I will show how gentle man I am.. he goes�

Vikram smells something bad and wakes up realizes he was sleeping near kiddo's nappy noo the kids bum were near his nose and legs over his head. He was like omg god.. Smelly diapy looks like time to change.. chalo today I will do it .. he thinks lastly I did it for my little son 5 year back chalo kardeta hoon..he changes nappy and best part was kiddo was still sleeping happily.ram thinks kar vikram karo varna ab jo anewala hain use koun samalega.. vikram ask kya hua ram sab teek ho gaya he says kahan but haan toda bahut hogaya hain.. chaloo ab age ki sochein.. he ask agee kya karnewale hoo? He says I got an plan.. priya thinks let see how mr kapoor behave I know he can bus let me check by myself he need to know agar koi rude hota hain to kitna bura lagta hain�

She wears the same nighty smiling remembering ram gave her to wear to test calm he can be?she geos and sit in table carrying her son as ram was already feeding his daughter who was not eating from her plate but his plate spilling over her dress but smiles ram find it very cute and enver say anything but admires it.. she thinks too beti ko kilarahe hain aab deknaa she sits in front of him removing her coat saying it is very hot her.. ram becahra dekkar hosh hud jata hain.. but can't do anything. He tells to himself be calm composed u need to prove her what u r.. akir izaat ka sawaal hain.. oh god aaj hi ye nighty pehni tii when ii ask her to wear she doesn't aaj dekoo.. priya happily feed her son and think he is soo calm aise to nahi hosakta.. After all I know him may be I don't know.hope I don't end up in mess..  both keep stealing glances when they give unknown notices. Priya says beta u have become naughty like ur dad when u eat food see how u spill all over ur dress ram was like are beta mama se kehdoo it is very common to spill and eat in this age.. she give s him angry stares.. later finishing the dinner she goes and clean up thinking what he think of himself? When she hurts says opuch he see sit and holds it asking kya huaa?she pulls her hand and says none of ur business  he says ab tak narazz ho?she turns says haan when he hugs her he says mein jaanta hoon u r very much angry but gussa toda sa concession nahi desakthi? She says oh really did u give me any concession on being rude? He says oh mein I told u she goes off in anger taking her coat covering herself..

part 34

He get inside the room and locks the door and hugs her...she says Mr. gentle man aaj subh aap hi ne kaha ki u will be an gentle man and prove it.. He says baad mein gayi gentle man bannna I am ok with romantic rough man..  mujse apni biwi se door nahi raha jata hain.. she turns and pushes him saying but ur punishment is on javoo he says kounsa punishment she says u forgotten.. he says haan bhool gaya mein kya karoon jab biwi it ni hot ho too shed say chal hat jayiye.. ii am superb angry he says really? She nodes yes and takes pillow and blanket when he says are u can't sleep in couch it will make shout ouch after u r pregnant she says really but for ur kid n information this is not for me but for u.. u r not pregnant soo c ouch will not make u shout u ouch. He says that's is too much nor me going nor u and throws away the pillow and bechara gentle man bangaya kissy man he give an tight kiss on her lip closing her mouth .she open her eyes wide but soon she hold his shirt collar and moves hand around his neck.. he sees her after the kiss she smiles slightly it kafi ta uskeliye raya get romantic. He lays back and cover the blanket (so that we cannot see what is going under sheet)he make love but carefully making sure she is not uncomfortable. She says u can't keep ur hands out of me right? He says mein kya karoon I can't be an gently man but an besharam when my wife is soo hot and sexy making her blush they hug.

Neha get shocked hearing priya got to know all and she says ab priya mujse naraz hoggi na  he says shyad u know raya have decided to make us baby sitter .. she says usmein mein maheer hooon I can handle but  tum kaise karogi he says neha� they come to raya home.. They enter without knocking. They smile seeing the sight.. priya was feeding ram instead of feeding her girl as girl trickily turn her spoon to ram and eat from ram's spoon nevi smiles seeing it priya was busy feeding both kids and boy was messing up and priya had to make him open his mouth  he troubles her a lot..

Raya get surprised seeing nevi who smile and inform them of how food spoon are exchanged priya says ohoh mr kapoor kitna baar kaha hain not to read paper when u eat food dekiyee and shouts.. she sees neha and says tum bhi shamail tin a in sab mein she says mein kaya kroon priya akir fatty en shaadi jo kiya ta isliye maana pada.. par ye bhi sach hain he married a girl like u.. she says haaan haann u will support na he is ur friend jo hainnn and soon runs to puke.. ram was like priya he give both kids to nevi and tell smaaloo and goes to priya and help her.. she sees vikram he says muje nahi  pata� ram was like priya u shd take care of ur self kitna baar kaha hain don't stress deka phirse ulti� nevi was like ulti kyun? Priya says woo  tumahri dost phirse papa banne walae hain neha get shocked priya says don't faint like previous time she says faint and me nononooo I am soo happy and faints in sofa giving the kid to vikrm

He was like neha holding both kids who says neha same as vikram.. raya laugh.. priya says i knew she would faint.. Vikram was like meri biwi ko kya hua hain darling neha darling and boy says neha darling kya hua hain.. vikram says oye chup karoo meri biwiw hain he says same thing oy chup kar meri biwi hain.. raya laughs and they take the kids' and vikram hold neha and says oyee meri biwi  okay hogaya priya says abhi aya and brings water..  neha wakes up and says oh god ram tumein too saari busy schedule mein bhi apni biwi ko pregnant banana time miljata hain.. have to say.. vikram kuch seekoo ram see he says are bina seeke hi tuje 3-3 bachoon ki maa banaya hain samjii.. raya says are bus kar yaar.. later they sit down with chai which neha says mein banaati hoon.. priya says I will put them to sleep and take them inside� ram and vikram sit down and says abhi ka too we have to take action  vikram says ram this is correct time I think they should know saare property priya ke name par kardiya hain tune.. he says haan but just wondering will priya bhi able to handle it.. he ask did u talk to her� he nodes negative.

Priya was unhappy with plan as she had to go to km she feared.. When neha and vikram don't worry we will shift there with u tum fikar mat karo ause waise bhi wahan jaate hii u know we can shipra ji also.. she says par mein kaise ram says priya just be alert.. Don't worry about anything they can't do anything I have made law points strong for us. here is the properties paper she says I dont want this ram he says I know but samajne ki koshih kar yaar u can handle it.. he says I know is haalaat mein I shd not send u but agar ab nahi kiya they will win u know right wo log kaise hain tum fikar mat karoo.i will appoint some person who will help u aur sab hain and don't worry I will shift to very near of km I know an secret way priya says I can't and goes .she closes her eyes remember ram's words the pain she think I should do it for him and for also the kids.. she agrees to goo all were happy� ram hugs her and thanks her.. he could see the worse fear in her eyes but he know she can do it..Later next day daima returns and ram was in secret room when daima was taking care of kids' priya goes and give food and all to ram who tries to romance she refuses and goes teasing him.

It was an week after ram's death news flashed niharika and mamaji were happy and telling bus kuch dinon ki baaki hain uske baad sab haamra hain as per will when mamaji says oyee itna kush mat hona tuje yaaad haina woo lawyer ne kya kaha in ram's chauda day he will open the will.. she says oh common bhai aap jante ho ram ne kya lika hoga it belongs to uss with his will but he doesn't know I have made all thing in such a way it comes to me only he says oye sweety don't be over confidence be calm after all u should pretend to be sad she laugh sad and me hmm ok acting to karna padega na to show all.

It was that day the great opening day niharika wore her new white sari  happily doing make up saying aaj se mein hi is ghar ki maalkin hoon media ki saamne javoongi  and laugh hugely.. she comes down and pretend to be sd saying meri raaam and soon lawyer enters niharika was happy he open the letter .he start to read the will niharika was waiting for the name which the property belong she was smiling suddenly her smile vanish when she hear the name he says this property belong to mrs priya ram kapoor �ram's only wife. Smile
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part 35

niharika faints almost bt manages to handle herself she was like joot bolra he hain mazaak kar rahe hain aap when she hears and kid cry she turns to see priya standing there with tears and having an child in her hand.. she says priya tum.. she says kya hu mere pati koo kya jot v mein dikaya wo sach hain? shipra comes saying haan priya haaan jaise jo dikraha hain wo sach hain beta ram ab is dunia mein nahi raha teri pati ram nahii she says nahiii aise nahi ho sakta unhone wada kiya ta to tell it in front of whole world.. Lawyer says sorry  mrs priya ram kapoor for ur unfortunate  she becomes sad.. he says then, this property belong to u from now onward and u r the owner of kapoor's empire . Niharika almost faints and drop in ground.. vikram neha smile seeing niharika halat in corner..  Vikram goes to priya saying priya how could u sayd that what proof u have? how can u put such blame on ram she says why u r talking like this ram gave u one parcel rem to keep it ur secret case it was our marriage video and cds� and our registered papers of marriage. This shocks him he says I will get it abhi ata hoon in few minutes he brings it saying I kept in my car for safer reason as it may be needed today and open the box as priya said photos were present and neha was like fatty got married aur unhone hamien nahi abtayaa?

Niharika get shocked when she see priya and ram wedding picture and vikram plays the cd smiling hiding to all.. it shows ram priya wedding and niharika presence niharika ask what was al that she says shaadi ka video.. she was like hwo can u hide it she says mein kaya kroon ram forced us to hide kaha agar mein priya se shaadi akroon I have to keep it secret.. she add more flavor saying aap nahi jaante kitna pyaar karte kare ram priya koo he almost kidnapped her woo to mein tii joo use calm down kiya after all he had eyes on priyaaa niharika says I won't trust u and all she says fine wait and take her mobile and show pictures of raya getting married and also show at engagement time of karthick and nuts how ram carried priya next shows picture of ram hugging priya in nuts and karthick wedding shocking all. Niharika refuses to belie when priya shows the marriage papers shocking her and also lawyer inform it is an truth raya marriage is true .

Niharika ask what the lawyer was saying when he inform ram sir had already made legal papers and also got his marriage registered certificates and legally priya is his wife.. Shipra was happy thinking raaam sab achha kiya hain before he gone I am sorry ram I did not know u actually loved my daughter varna ye sab kyun karta.. mein hi pagal it who cdnt understand it .the lawyer announce priya is the legal owner of the property and malkin of the kapoor's emprie.niahriak was fuming and she says she won't accept this and this is an lie and shout when mamaji calm her down saying sweety kay kar rahi hooo and drags her aside and tell if u over react all will end in mess and ask her to show sympathy towards priya and act but she refuses and tell abhi I will throw priya out and goes when shipra stops and pushes her saying niharika jii ye kya karrahi hian aap meri beti ke saat.. agar ram ne shaadi karke saare property iske naam kardiya to what is the fault of priya don't u dare do anything to her.. vikram think haan ram was right shipra ji can stay back and protect priya

Niharika says muje priya ko nikalne see aap bhi nahi rok sakte and touches priya and seeing kid tries to push her but priya stops and slaps her hard shocking her . she says bus niharika jii don't u dare touch my kid I won't spare u, I lost my hubby already ,i won't let anything to happen with my kid,just let me remind u if u try to harm me or the kid u will be behind baars and says I have already informed to police about it before coming here .niharika was stunned never thought in her dream such thing will happen suddenly an women enter with child claims to be ram wife and heir no never she never let it happened but today some truth was in front of her that priya was ram's wife and now the owner of kapoor's empire niharika felt her life was crashing in front of her .. priya says aaj se mein unki yaani haamri ghar mi rahooongi she says mein apni saman koo unke kamre yaani aaj se mera karma mein shift karne wali hoon maa meri madat karsakthi hain she says ofcourse priya chaloo vikram says mein ram ki room dikavoon priya muje pata hain he had already told me everything ab unke  yaadon ke saat muje us kamre mein hi too jeena hain and cries saying kaash he would told me too i would have not let him go and shipra consoles her

Niharika was fuming in fire.. maaji drags her to room and give her water and says to clm down she broke the glass in time sid and conda comes where she accuses conda.. when sid says too stop saying she doesn't know anything mom leave her and conda cries.. eh says aapko pata hain she was informing me about shipra going often to some places and she was doubting shipra and soo I wa s following shipra jii but I dint find anything but aaj hi pata chal raha hain ki sach kya hain.. agar kisi ki fault hain shipra ji kii she was the one .. Niharika says stop it I dont believe ur wife words.. nor trust her blind like u.

She says throw her out and pushes her when sid says stop it mom why u r behaving like this? u ever know wo aapkeliye kitna concern tii bechari cond a kooo kuch bhi mat kahoo ek aapko support kar rahi hian upar see aap chalo my mom doesn't understand we r in her side and goes.. mamaji says kya akr rahi hooo sweety u r forgetting we can use her and get priya rid tum jaanti hoo priya apni behen keliye kuch bhi kar sakthi hain aur too bhi naaa and give her sleeping pills mixing it with her drink thinking if she keep reacting something wrong may happen it is better she sleeps
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 sorry this part ram is not there par i will give u small preview

 ram talks to priya's photo missing her and get shocked to see some oneWink

part 36
Ram was seeing priya's picture and says gayi huyi pura ek din bhi nahi hua but I am missing u dear aur dek a hamri beti jo abhi abhi sohi hain I know even she is missing u' papa to hain par mamma ka hona bhi jaroori hian bus kuch dinon ki baat hain uske baad hum sab saaat saat rehenge .he kisses her picture he says I really miss u priya.. Suddenly he see an figure shadow in the wall and he turns and get shocked it was neha(surprise..kaise laga ?)she says achha jii biwi ko yaad karke koi romantic ho raha hain he says neha tumm wha t u r doing here.. Mein?  Mein to dekne ayi thi kii meri dost ki beti kya kar rahi hain?he says kuch nahi bus sorahi hain.. she ask waw baii u handle her haan?i wish u teach vikram also he doesn't can't handle my kids single handed ..he says neha.. soon vikram comes and says raam in loud he says shhh deere she is sleeping yaa.. he says sorry and says come out we need to talk enha says mein yahna rahoongi tum donon javo' vikram inform niharika reaction and what happened he says priya told him..vikram says yaar I think u shd come back mathlab deka kaise react kiya niharika ne.. he says I know but I also know priya can handle her.. barosa hain muje and meine jo kaha u people did it he says han we asked shipra I to shift there by now she would have been there..


munda sada doli chad gaya, band baj gaya oye hoye hoye - (2)

neha was like omg dressed in kiran kehr attire


chad ki saariyaaan ek baariya, dil nu laiyaan ki bemaariyan - (3) andturns vikram and ram

munda munde naal paunda yaariyan - (2) they dance in place of john and abhishek

sheraa panda nure aunda, khwabee maa da ujad gaya

maa da laadla, (maa da laadla bigad gaya -4)

munda sada doli chad gaya, band baj gaya oye hoye hoye - (2)


the songs was going and neha says nahi and closes the eyes

she hear an song

Bole chudiyan, bole kangna
Haai main ho gayi teri saajna
Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te margaiya 'conda was in kareeena place and sid was in hrithik roshan place (I know guys u people r thinking sid and conda nahiii but kya karoon situation aise hi hain varna mein aise todi na karthi)

(Le jaa le jaa, dil le jaa le jaa
Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa) ' 2

sings conda like kareena in k3g niharika get shocked thinking ye kareeena ki jagah ye kya kar rahi ?????

Aah aah aah aah, aah aah aah
(Bole chudiyan, bole kangna
Haai main ho gayi teri saajna) - 2
Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te margaiya
Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa
Dil le jaa le jaa, ho

Bole chudiyan, bole kangna-now priya sings
Haai main ho gaya tera saajna
Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te marjaawa
Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa
Dil le jaa le jaa, ho

Haai haai main marjaawa marjaawa tere bin 'priya sing
Ab to meri raatein kat ti taare gin gin
Bas tujhko pukaara kare, meri bindiya ishaara kare

Hoye, lashkaara lashkaara teri bindiya ka lashkaara-ram sings
Aise chamke jaise chamke chaand ke paas sitaara

Oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh-priya sing
Meri paayal bulaaye tujhe, jo roothe manaaye tujhe
O sajan ji, haan sajan ji 'hugs ram and sees either side and ask him in kajol style
Kuch socho, kuch samjho meri baat ko

Bole chudiyan, bole kangna 'ram again sing
Haai main ho gaya tera saajna
Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te marjaawa
Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa
Dil le jaa le jaa, ho
the songs ends there

With ram hugging priya niharika says ye nahi ho sakta and sep them but no use when she turns get shocked


Oho o
Oho o
Oho o
Oho o
Oho o
Oho o
Oho o
Oho o

Chutki joh
Tune kati hai
Jori se kati hai
Yahan wahan.. raya was there in place of vidya and nazarudin sha making all shock myself too jii

Ruthi hoon
Main tujhse ruthi hoon
Mujhe mana le na
O jane jaan

Hum tujhko
Ladki tu hai
Badi bombaard
Aha aha aha aha

Ooh la la'
Ooh la la'
Ooh la la'
Ooh la la'
Tu hai meri fantasy..

Choo na na
Choo na na
Choo na na
Choo na na
Ab main jawan ho gayi.. and priya winks seeing niharika she says nahi when some one pull back and she turn with spinning and get shocked

mera chain bain sab ujda ,jaalim nazar hata le - 2
barbaad ho rahe hai ji - 2
tere apne shaher wale
mera chain bain sab ujda ,jaalim nazar hata le
meri angdai na toote tu aaja - 2
kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina - 2
ho kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina - 2
ho mere naina mere naina mere naina judwa mere naina
kajra re kajra re tere kare kare naina ram dance along with priyaa

niharika says ais ehone nahi doongi and pushes them togetherbtu instead she falls not able to push when they laugh she says meri kamar'

and closes her eye and open and get shocked

dadaang dadaaang dang
Chikni kamar pe teri
Mera dil fisal gaya..
Hey chikni kamar pe teri
Mera dil fisal gaya..
Strongly yeh jadoo tera
Mujhpe chal gaya

Hey chikni kamar pe teri
Mera dil fisal gaya..
Strongly yeh jadoo tera
Mujhpe chal gaya
Jadoo yeh chal gaya
Mera dil fisal gaya

Oh darling tu pehle se
Kitna badal gaya..
Strongly yeh jadoo tera
Mujhpe chal gaya

Hoye hoye hoye hoye

Teri meri yeh jodi jamegi
Apne love ki kahani banegi
Tujhko nakhre uthaane padenge
Saare chakar bhulaane padenge

Mujhe saare funde hain aate
Haan log kis tarah ladki pataate
Ho tune aankhon neendien udaa di
Soyi soyi si dhadhkan jagaa di
Jadoo yeh chal gaya
Mera dil fisal gaya

Oh darling tu pehle se
Kitna badal gaya..
Strongly yeh jadoo tera
Mujhpe chal gaya

Dadaang dang dang dadaang dang dang dang 

Niharika says nahi and wake up from such a huge dream.. She says aise nahi hosakta aise nahi.. meir hii nazaaron ke samne hogar he did all this.. Mathlab mathlab kya hain uskiii arhghg mein pagal hojavoongiii nahiii nahi I won't let it happened and start to get angry and throw pillow and tear open it .. Mamaji comes and says oye kya hogaya tuje niharika sweety meri behen' and hold her and in time.. sid bring doctor and tell doctor I told u meri ma ke halat aise hi hain kal say and he give injection and makes her calm down and sleep. He says I think she need an psychological help. lagta hain  kuch wajese inki man ko gehra asar pada hain' vikram enter saying mein jaanta kuch aise hi hogi.. kya karein ram ne jaane se pehle aise kaam jo kiya hain .. be Chari niharika jii (really vikram) he says muje lagta hain ram ka guzar jana hum sabse jyada niharika ji ko attack kiya hain I think she need an change .. Why don't we shift her in hospital for few days soo that unki rest hogi aur unko kud ko smalne ka samay bhi milega.. sid was like ye tum kya kehrahi ho vikram he says mein jaanti hoon sid she is your mother but think I am saying it for her good only  agar nahi karna chhate koi baat nahi we will appoint an nurse who will take care for her at present .. sid think for an while and says hum dekengein ma ke hosh mein ne ke baad bhi woo aise react karti we will shift her to hospital akir sshe need to get back to herself .. mamaji was like sid ye tum kya kehrahi hoo he says I know what I am saying I am telling for ma getting well .. I don't want to lose her.. vikram smile sid whow as going back and thinks ab ayega asli mazaa jo tum log ram ke saat karna chate hoo ab hum tum logon se saat karenge..

Ram laughs hearing it from vikram .he says kyaaa sid ne haan kaha.. wow achhi baat hain.. bus ab jaise hum logon ne plan kiya hain waise karenge.. u ask priya to take over the house charge he say haan keh doonga par yaar tell me how will she will manage bechari yaar himmat to dikayi par kahina kahin she is very afraid.. And u know how niharika is.. he say haan  ek kaam karoo shipra ji ke saat tum log hi wahi shift hojavo .. he say par ram hum kaise..  he says kal dekoo ..

Priya was all lost in thought and putting her little one to sleep, wondering would her baby girl be fine had ate agar ram ko trouble kiya hoga too kya karoon...when shipra enters and lock the door she ask beta Krishna kahanhain ? mein bhi poochna charahi thii Krishna hain kahan ? Priya was like maa wooo wooo daima ke paas hain woo I can't handle na isliye she says are aise todi na hota hain.. beta bring her I am here now I will stay with u don't worry I will take care u bring here.. she says nahi ma please ek aur baat don't tell about Krishna to anyone.. Please.. she nodes yes and ask why vikram and neha are behaving like this when they knew about u and ram and tell I never expected such things will happen and cries and tell meine socha nahi ta tum dobara.. when priya says maaa please' and hugs her and they both cry.. priya think I think I shd tel my mother everything but should talk to ram first.. kya karoon? Shipra says tum so javoo mein yahi rhti hoon teir paas.. kal subh humn Krishna ko lekar ayenge.. meri poti mein smaaloongi.. she consoles priya but wonder why priya is nnot sad ? and doubts something..

After shipra sleeps priya calls ram getting inside he bathroom and tell him.. and he tells her not to worry.. I have ask nevi ko bhi shift hone keliye rahi baat Krishna ki she is very happy with her dad haina beta she smiles and says haaan.. she ask u people have not gone to bed it is time .. he says socha aaj hum donon keliein.. she says bad ram.. stop pampering her.. btw I want to meet u.. muje bahut ajeeb lag raha hain he ask teek hoo na.. I mean doctor ko she says nahi ram.. bus aap jayeiyee.. aap yahi rahehiye hamri saat muje kuch aur nahi chiayee.. he smiles tum bhi na priya.. achha sunoo abh avoon? She says abhi anhi aap kaise he sy are don't worry teir ebti ko bhi tuje milna hain.. she ask but how u will come? Yahan itna kuch haina ur aap.. he says he know an way where no one know and no one can find him.. he says tell shipra to take care and come to kitchen  saying u want to heat milk for our little one ok.. she nodes yes.. she does the same and closes the door and goes down .. and get t inside kitchen.. she get text saying to off something and she does.. he says now open the cupboard next to fridge and ask to over the compartment little and she does and she get shocked it lead to an opening and sees  it led to an open area.. When suddenly she hears mamma.. she turns and ses ram and Krishna were standing she get soo happy and hugs them tightly..


Preview: see I am ram kapoor and I build this house and I made such thing which no one can imagine.. she cries her heart out..

part 37

Priya was shocked seeing them she ask how come u both are here aise hii.. he ask can I come in she says nahi and she come out and says koi dek liya too he says koi nahi desaktha not even cctv in kitchen she was like what? He says don't worry I made u off it on entering.. u see no one know the control of this cctv is there in every room which I made.. She ask but how come u .. he says u see I am ram kapoor and I build this house and I made such thing no one can imagine for sake of some purpose but today I am happy I made it and smiles .he says u now when builder said to keep an door I refused it and ask to put the cupboard and then thought why not have something like this shayd kabhi useful hosakta hain and I did it.. and later made it in my way not knowing to anyone.. she smiles..   
      she says meri pati bahut intelligent hain taking the baby from his hand she ask aapne papa ko pareshaan to nahi kiya na.. he says pareshaan are nahi too ye to meri beti hain meri saat kitna happy thi haina.. par haan donon were missing mummy and rohan a lot.. Making priya blush.. he says I was missing the one inside the mamma also she says aap bhi na.. she ask Krishna ne kya kaya aaj he say parata..she see him.. he says meine nahi neha ne banayi she brought it for us.. she says achha jii.. to neha aunty brought food for u both.. he says u know right I can't cook food  she says I don't think so.. he says haa but I can love u very well u know she mr kapoor.. he says mr kapoor ,mr kapoor kya keh rahi hoo ab to ram kaho na. she nodes noo she says muje sharm ati hain.. he sees her and says sharm.. waise u know u r hubby is besharam when it comes to u ..she says aap ko sirff.. hmm jagah to dekiye he says kya? chandini raat hain saat mein jagh bahut kaali hain only me and she says our babies.. Krishna was seeing raya.. she says mamma aap sirf papa se baat mat karo mujse bhi to karo.. mein bhi miss kiya aapko..  she says achha mein bhi bahut miss kiyaa.. she says mr kapoor shipra ma kehrahi thi Krishna ko bhi lekar aane ko par..

He says priya I think it is not good idea u know right.. she nodes yes she says but how I am going to handle shipra mom.. it is better we tell her he says abhi nahi priya not for now. he says btw priya I called u to see u because we were missing u badly today romance karne ki soch raha hoon aur tum ho kiii she says achha ab tak kya kar rahi hoo? He says kuch bhi to nahi.. Krishna ask mamma romance kya hota hain? She says beta romance wo hota hain jis ki wajese aap jaise bachhe paide hote hain.. ram giggle Krishna was like mama muje samaj mien nahi ayaa.. ram says muje bhi she sees him.. when Krishna says mamma muje aapke saat rehna hain ram ask are mera sat nahi rehna she says haan but I miss mama and hugs her tightly.. priya get into tears she says miss u too beta.. he says are mein bhi miss karta hoon muje bhi koi hug karein? She says mr kpoor please.. javoo.. u know it is really difficult to handle pata nahi aap sab kaise manage karee haina ur mein upar se aapko pareshaan karti tin a..
     he say are pareshaan todina kiya apna adhikar maanga ismein kya hain? she says phir bhi aapko business ki tension niharika se chupkar mujse milna aana aur pata nahi kya kya he says are priya tub hi na ye sab kyun soch rahi kal se tum samalogi.. u have to get into the office she says mein nahi mujse nahi hoga.. he says are pulling her closer saying have Bluetooth on and also I will give guidance through vikram don't worry ab vikram neha bhi teri saat rahegi don't worry and hugs her with Krishna.. he says chaloo kuch kana kilado muje bhook lagi hain she see him thinking bhook? he says haan in an manner she think mr kapoor he giggles says are aloo parata wale bhook tuje kya laga she blushes.. Krishna says muje bhi.. she says wait and bring them and feed them and he feed her..

He says I am missing u. They were sitting leaning over the wall and Krishna was sleeping and priya was having her lap and ram was having his head over her shoudler.. she was holding his hand and so as he.. he says pata nahi hum ye sab kaise karenge lekin itna jaanta hoon agar hum saat hain we can do anything tum jaan bhujkar niharika ke saamne javo aur haan make sure u r in safer place varna she can push u aur kuch bhi kar sakthi hain.. be careful rohan ko uske paas jaane pehle kisi ko sompna ok..she ask lekin aapke bina sab muskil hain he says ek baar jaise meine kaha waise hojayein it is easy for me to bring her truth out.. and just go and get the house keys.. so that we can change all the locks and uske baad we can make more things.. she nodes yes.
   He says Krishna sogayi na.. she nodes yes he says too toda romance karein;.. she says aap bhi na .. ma must be wondering where I went? He giggles saying no way ab tak rohan aur wo doon saat saat gode bejkar sogaye honge she says meri ma aise nahi hain achha.. muje pata hain how she is..  she says don't tell something about my mother.. he say achha ji gussa.. itna gussa ram ko pasand nahi hain and kisses her she ask ye kya ta he giggles saying kiss of course she says muje jana hain .. he says mat javo na aaj rat tum aur mein akele she says Krishna will wake up.. he frowns saying uff ye zindagi bhi na.. priya goes dull when they leave he carefully drive of.. she comes back and closes the door and goes back to room.. and was thinking about ram..

Next morning niharika come out and calls bansi kaka where r u where is my green tea? When she get shocked to see priya shipra vikram neha other were present.. Conda was fuming when shipra was consoling priya's kid and says beta tum aram karo waise bhi is halat mein tumara istaraf kaam karna achhi bat nahi hain dekoo .. waise bhi ab tum janti hoo ye bachhe hi tumahra zindagi hain uskeliye to jeena na..she says mein kya karoon ma.. sirf yahi waje hain meri jeene ki varna mein and cries.. Niharika fumes.. she says kya kar rahi hoo subh subh stop this melodrama.. she sees priya and says how dare u how dare u? this house belong to me.. just get out.. she says stop it niharika this house belong to me.. this is my hubby's house.. she says oye really.. abhi dekati hoo and come s when mamaji stop her saying sweety what u r doing? Stop it.. and pulls her back when the bunch keys falls down from her hand which she usually have it with her pallu or duppatta.
   Priya take it and says ab ye meri hain is ke upar ka hhak mera hain when conda says bus karoo aap it belong to mummy ji.. aur sahi mahine mein she is the owner she says ye tum kya keh rahi hoo tum jaanti hoo na.. ram ne mujse shaadi kiya ta.. aur is adhikar se I am the owner conda.. she says ma why u r not saying anything.. it is ur daughter's life .. she says wahi too beta priya ki zindagi hain ab bacha hi kya hain uski bache aur ye sab samal na hi uski zindagi hain meir bachhi.. conda fumes.. she says ma I am ur daughter not her.. don't forget she is ur son's widow.. it shocks all.. even niharika and other presence there and priya had tears.. when conda continued saying first she swallowed my bro now ram ji ko.. bhi nani was right  she is an when shipra slaps her saying how dare u say something about priya have u forgotten.. she was the one who stood with u in all odd.tum nahi jaanti priya ne teriliye kya kya kiya hain kya kya saha hain? Priya says maa and node her head no.. shipra wipes her tears and says don't u dare say anything to priya ab she is ur jedtani aur saat hi is ghar ki owner.. niharika as fuming achha aap ke beti nahi bahu hain itni badi bat chupayi aap humse wow.. deka sid I told u.. na ye bhi unse mli huuyi hain when sid says nahi mom u r wrong.. she told to me everything .. I know priya s her bhabhi not her sister.. niharika start to get hyper and shut on sid.. and mamaji tries to control.. but when the kids start to cry she get angry and says tuje chodonga nahi and was about to go when vikram come in-between and takes the kid from chair and hugs him. He says bus kijiye.. I know u have gone mad I told u na sid isliye I told u to keep her in hospital so that she get calm down varna woo Teri bhi bachhe ke saat kuch bhi karsakthi hain after all she is angry on conda.. and divert sid mind in it.he thinks yes it was right his mother can harm the kid..

He calls the ambulance when niharika shout on him he say nahi mom u need to to calm urself hospital se behtar jagah aur koi nahi hain.. neha smiles and takes the kid from vikram and indicate him.. vikram says dekiye I know it is ur family issue but for now u have to.. sid says han mom, mamaji says don't take any decision in hurry when he says I know what I am doing with ma because she is my mom and hold her and say come with me niharika begs him to leave and mamaji tries to when he say nahi mamaji is bar nahi.. and locks her in study.. and wait for ambulance and niharika bang and breaks the things there.. priya sees it and rem ram telling and thinks ab dekna what all we will do with u.. which u want to do it against my hubby.. Ambulance comes in 15 mina and sid make the person hold niharika and the doctor inject the sleeping medicine inside her though injection and take her away.. sid and mamaji along with vikram goes there.. she get tied up as vikram tell doctor and pays him.. and tell him to produce and report where sid make sure she is here and he does it.. mamaji was against and talking when sid shuts him and says this is our house matter.. Don't forget now priya is the owner we have to hear it.. it is not acceptable but if we take any action all will point out finger on us.. don't forget..
  I am sure by now priya would have told it to some police.. ab muje uski chamchagiri karna padega waise bhi ek achhi bat hain she doesn't know about ram's businesss so I can tackle it but vikram haina phir bhi he also is not house member so I can handle it by showing conda after all she loves her very much pyaari behena maanti hain use rakkar I will manage.. isliye u people don't create any mess and goes .. vikram her it and hides.. he think achha sid.. but u don't know one thing priya can handle the business as ram is always with her and also she has got knowledge about his business and smiles.. he mess ram saying done..


Preview:kya aap logon ko raya ka romance chaiyeWink?

part 38
Priya talk to ram inside the bathroom and tell I think our next plan can be done now.. he says haan.. right time.. but do one thing send sid and conda and her kid away to somewhere varna problem hogaaa .. as he can use his brain.. she says but kaise.. tum kar sakthi hoo priya.. she nodes yes.. he says  u just do what I told u rem.. un logon ki kamzoori pakodo aur uska istemal karo.. and I know my priya is brainy who can think and execute plan.. just think I can give u idea but I want to see how y wife is going to handle thing tab tak I am going to play with my kiddo .. she think and smiles and get an idea.. she calls all the manager and inform all that she will take over industry sid fumes but she says but still jo pehle ta waise hi rahega.. just ur boss is changed.. meri pati ka sapna hain kii, international mein bhi hum shine hoo.. isliye we will open an branch office in dubai..
 sid I want to handle that dubai office until it doesn't get settled.. isliye kuch dinon keliye u people go there he sees her she says mera mathlab hain Ayesha tu aur teri kid.. waise bhi chutti chal raha hain u people to can spend time for ur self, mein jaan ta hoon ab mein apni pati ke saat nahi ja sakthi lekin meri behen aur uske pati ke saat  to bej sakthi hoon I have realized  zindagi bahut choti hain,. Isliye.. agar tuje nahi jana to mat jana, mein kisi aur ko bejdoongi.. and turns when sid says mein javoonga.. u don't worry I will make sure everything is well settled there.. she smiles and says mein janti hoon u can only do it.. akir kapoor kandan ka beta jo hoo unke baad ab tuje hi sab samal na hoga.. no one can take his place but u can handle things.. I believe u ..

Conda after seeing it later tell why u r doing natak.. she says natak .. are I love soo much u r my sister u tum mano ya mano.. rem the day when an old women talked ill to me who fought for me? U too kaise bhool sakthi hoon waise bhi yahan ki mahool ki waje sei can see u and sid are often fighting. isliye socha kii tum dononka riste samalne ka waqt aur yahn se todi door jayenge to u people will get time for  urself and start fresh.. and talks emotionally codan get confused. Shipra goes and tell conda saying priya is ur sister and inform how ram blackmailed using her picture and codna get shocked.. she inform priya want to do sooo many thing to u people isliye.. she married ram.. kya lagta hain tuje.. achha socha agar priya ki jagah koi aur aati too.. what if some person would have come and kicked out u people? But noo u never think like hat.. priya loves u as her own and u.. think of it.. shipra thinks uff is ki dimaag kyun nahi chalti.. agar priya ki baat manegi, ye suki rahegi.. uff.. conda says u r right mom� don't worry we will go to dubai� shipra smiles.. Thinking ab rasta saaf hain ab meri priya hi is ghar ki rani banegi aur us niharika koo dekloongi..

Priya enters the office as the new managing director and owner.. they welcome here. She inform she won't give big big words because she believe in doing it.she will work in such a way which will maintain her hubby's respect. She ask for their co-operation. She and vikram goes to ram's cabin .vikram says aaj se ye aapki seat hain she says nahi ye hameshaa unki hi rahegi I will put extra chair and sit down because I know he will be coming back and occupy his own seat. I am just and replacement for present bus� waise bhi ye sab handle karna meri bus ki baat nahi hain isliye I am not worthy also.. vikram laughs he says ram ne teek kaha  you will say like this only.. but u know what he told he told if u refuse also I should make u sit over the seat kyunki ye hak tumahra hain.. she says nahi vikram bhaiya ye sahi nahi hain .. he says aise kuch nahi hain priya when her phone rings  she answer it,it was ram who says I know u r in my office in my cabin ab jagar us seat par baito aur ek picture lelo aur muje send karo muje dekna hain meri biwi kaise dikti hain.. she says mein aise nahi kar sakthi ..he ask kyun? She says it is ur place.. he says priya now it is you, don't forget u r now the owner.. he was busy heating milk for Krishna.. she says nahi I can't. he says priya it is my order samji sit and take an picture.. tum sirf biwi nahi meri malkin bhi ho.. priya get teary he says oye rona mat yaaar.. tu bhi even Krishna and rohan cry like u.. she says because it ur kidddos..
 he laugh ofcourse meri hi to hain chalo bait javo and ask her to on the laptop and they get connect through skype and then he tell her to take picture and send him.. she ask why he says aise hi man kar raha hain..  ram show it to niharika in an time ,making vikram dress as an girl and show him as vikram had mask.. but bad time when mamaji start to see vikram and says oye ji kitni khoobsurat hain ad start to flirt when ram laugh from other side. he come in parda and give an nice slap saying how dare u tease my child? And calls an police who was coming nearby and make mamji go with that police and ram and vikram laugh.. here priya started to attend  office and ram called and help her whenever she need it.. 3-4 days goes it was an week after priya took over office and was learning many things.. shipra was handling the kids along with an appointed daima and priya keep monitoring them from office .

Niharika open her eyes she get shocked she w as in hospital she get up and sees her hand were tied.. she was like y kya haina and start shouting.. when suddenly doctor enter� she get shocked seeing ram.. she says tum, tum yaha kaise asakte hoo? u have died u cannot be alive I saw with my own eyes .. I saw u die.. isliyee too.. when power goes.. Niharika open her eyes and tel she saw ram and tell mamaji who think sachi mein sweety pagal to nahi hogayii? ya phir koi banarah ahin.. muje to pata lagana hoga and turns, when he get clashed with an nurse.. uska naam hain saudhamini.. mamaji falls down and sees her suddenly background song play chod chaad kar apne saleem ke gali anarkali disko chali.. mamji ki mooh kula hi rehta hain usmein ek makki jata hain aur mamaji ko hosh mein lata when saudhimini giggle saying wo makki meri bhai hain jo muje bachata hain haina bhai and makki song plays back (the famous movie makki where the hero dies and come back as makki to revenge wow no one can think such concept.. hatt of to the movie) mamaji was like uska naam.. he goes behind her forgetting sweety.. vikram and ram laughs here who were in pharda.. Krishna was brought by priya .. conda get shocked seeing her when priya says she had twins.. codna thinks omg twins muje chakkar araha hain.. When sid comes she and he talk and he tells I need to make sure my position is there isliye we will go to dubai when conda says u r right sid he see her saying u have no objection she says nahi akir we can spend time alone haina bahut waqt hogaya haina.. and they get cosy ..

preview:good news on the way as sid and ayesha get packed to dubai LOL

part 39

Next day morning sid and codna along with their kid goes away to was night when priya was missing ram.. when she get an mess to come down she goes he ask bacheh she says both are with neha and mummy and vikram playing with them achha kisi ko shak nahi hua na she nodes no and smiles she says I really missed and hugs him..he says I too miss u a lot baby kahin bahar chalein she nodes no.. he says teek hain mein ajata hoon andar she says par.. he says don't worry I already told u na upr ek karma hain jahan par koi nahi jata. she ask irada kya hain aapka he says toda pyaar karne ka..she says aap bhi na muje wapas jana hain. He says itni bhi jaldi kya hain toda pati keliye bhi time dedo.. she says are kya kar rahi hoo koi deklega.. he says koi nahi dekega.. to chalein she ask kahan he says upar wala room mein.. she says lekin koi aapko dekliya to.. he smiles saying btw jo koi hain sabko pata hain aur jinko nahi pata woo shipra ji hain,an by now she would have slept. So chalo

they enters the house and close the way and both go to the secret stair which was present in another way from straight from kitchen opening an room which lead to upar wala secret kamra.. she ask aapke paas itna saar secret kamra kyun hain?he says are meri galti nahi woo meri architect ki galti hain joo haveli se inspiration lekar bana diya chalo and they goo priya get shocked when she realizes the door has been attach to nearby ram's room and from their they enter into an open space and she was wondering itna bada open space she ask par this is not seen from outside of the house.. he says I told u na that person who build this house got inspiration, she laugh saying but I thought u would have opposed it ' he says haan but I thought toda alag kyun na sochon ab deka kitna faida hua and carries her to the room it had glass door all four side with screen they locked the door which was entering the open place .

He carried her she realized and bed was here not over the cot but over the small round wooden board over the floor it was neatly had the baby pink spread of cloth with cute pillow or to say an big cushions.. she says do u prepare everything first? He says samjo aise hi kuch she ask what u mean? He says I took help of vikram u see meri alawa he know these ways.. she says omg ur friend is also involved have to say agar wo  ladki hote u would have married him he says no way.. yaar common neha ka kya hoga and they laughs.. he was kissing her she was hugging him and happily kissing him back on his neck.. when she ask mr kapoor aapko kounsa bachha chiaye is baar.. he sees her and says koi bhi chalega.. waise job hi ho bikul teri taraf ho she says nahi aapki taraf achha. tab to pata lagana padega kis ki taraf hain and pulls her closer to him her hair was lying down along with her rest of the cloth material which she had worn and his material to accompanied hers .she was lying on his chest.  Drawing lines over his broad shoulder..

he as having an smile caressing her  hair slowly. She says ram please stay here I don't want u to go. bahut ajeeb lagta hain when u r not there.. he says even I want to be with u but kya karoon u know the circumstances right.. I am just waiting that when will the time come where I can romance my wife without any fear.. but yes I love doing romance aise chup chupke. she says omg look at this.. will any one believe that mr ram kapoor want to romance his wife like this? In this way coming inside in an secret way stealing his wife to secret open place and he ask so? she says nothing and get up in shy way covering her blanket he get up and moves the hair and kisses her shoulder she turns and says we need to get back they must be searching he says they won't she ask kaise I told vikram to handle she says bechara vikram bhaiya he says kya karein when he himself has announced him as my saala oops my brother in law and giggles..After few minutes.. he ties the dori of blouse saying I have to tell tailor to keep ek hook tabhi u will call me to hook after all it is easy to remove to.. she says mr kapoor toda to sharm kijiye.. he says I told u biwi aise ho to koi bhi besharam ho jayega' she says aap bhi na buss..ram kisses her before going

Next priya goes to office and in time nuts comes there along with karthick and sudheer to stay there for few days priya get senti seeing sudheer and also karthick.. they were very happy seeing the kiddos and when sudheer learn priya was pregnant.. he thinks kaash ram hota to .. priya think kuch dinon ke baad he will be happy when he know the truth.. she ask karthick to join office to help her and he agrees. Here niharika was going bad saying ram dikraha hain she even say ram came in as nurse.. mamaji says oye oh ram nahi- nahi.. Saudhamini hain.. one day as per their plan they make her get escaped.. and she comes to km and pretend to accept her defeat and ram has already told priya about it.. What she would do, and she did and says her to stay with them.. here mamaji was busy roaming around saudhamini.. One day.. Niharika was sleeping when ram enters and says aaj tuje mein nahi choodonga.. and scare her.. she think something is going for sure.

She was wondering when she sees priya going somewhere.. she follow and see her meeting someone.. she decide to kill her .. she forces her car and was about to hit her but an moment she sees ram ghost behind seat through mirror and give pressure on break and stop and runs away.. and says bhooot bhoot and when other goes and sees inside they say nothing s there.. she comes to home.. and sees mamaji she ask where is other? he says sab bahar chale gaye hain.. she says too him that I am sure .. muje ye bhi shak hain has ram really died? When mamaji says how he cannot? We, ourself saw the dead body akir plan to hum ne hi to kiya ta.. don't forget we were the one who made sure he died and that to natural type jaise natural accident.. isliye to uski drink mein we mixed something so that he can get disturb and drive rashly and wahi hua na.. sirf itni kya.. kabse we were planning isliye dawayiyoon ki zariye we were giving him addictive pills.. kisi ko hum par kabhi bhi shak nahi hosakta jaise we did it with ram's father and laughs.

She says ab dekna priya ke saat bhi mein wahi karoongi what I did with ram.. I will win her trust and then again I will slowly make her weak and I heard she is pregnant ye kafi hain I will make sure she dies. akir I will change the pills and tell pati margaya isliye isi duk se wo bhi margayi' aur jo bacheh hain unka kya I will prove it is not ram's, phir saari property will come under mine and laughs when suddenly she turns she doesn't find mamaji she ask bhai we r u? and turns when power get off.. (An traditional k series style track) ram comes in white shirt and pant and ask why did u do this with me? u know how much I trusted u? she says tum tumm he says haan mein hoon ram kapoor jo aaaj ek aatma banchuka hoon sirf Teri wajese.. I lost my life.. pehle u tried to kill me and when I lost memory u took advantage of it and now again killed me bigada kya mein teri? Tell me

part 40
All my life I lived for u and for ur kid.. I worked like an money making machine and earned for u people why did u do this? why? she says because i hate u.. I hate u I hated ur mother.. aur muje sabse jayda nafrat ta apna poverty ka.. I did not want to live an life person who keep seeing and get happy, but I want everything.. isliye I married u father.. wo bhi aise nahi un hain fasa kar was not easy process for me too deere dere kar kar fasaya phir bhi Teri baap ne teri ma ki hi ta.. not even touched me when  he was drugged also, majbooran muje joot bolna pada ki mein pregnant hoon unki bachhe ki jab asliyat tii wo mera pati ka ' aur kitna mehnat kiya meine to sep ur parents.. ek ek karke I showed u and ur dad the false image created by me of ur mom saying she was an characterless women when she was an pure and gem.. even she was not ready I have to give damki and thenn she left.. uff.. aur teri baap ki property to teri naam par ta ye baat janne keliye I have to loose myself again.. kitna kiya meine.. us ke baad muje mrs kapoor hone ka naam mila uske baad rishab aur nuts hueye.. aur teri baap uff nut ke paide hote hi use apni pehle biwi ki bahut yaad aya aur muje ye baat pasand nahi ayaa.. I hated when he still loved his first wife.. unke saamne itna khooobsurat biwi ti phir bhi use wahi buddi aurat chaiye ta.. teri maa se woo tab bhi pyaar karte te.. isliyeee muje eshsas hua aur meine teri papa ko dead bed par pounchadiya.. jaise meine chaha.. pehle kaaana kilakar kamzoor kiya uske baad dawayiyoon zariyee.. aur tuje bhi waise hiii meine plan kiya aur I gave u additive pills.. deka how I killed u.. and laughs' but stoppss seeing him .

I never thought u will pour water in my beautiful plan by marrying that soo called priya .. us mein u made me bewakoof.. how come I din't not notice that u like priya muje laga us jagah par mein maat kagayi.. us ladki se shaadi ki tumne .. omg agar bolta to mein hi karwadeti aur teri saat hi mar jathi and laugh I knew that isliye mein kabhi nahi kaha she stop her laugh and sees him he ask aap ko kya laga meri yaardash sachhi mein chala gaya? she sees him in horror.. he laughs and says nahi.. I heard u talk with ur soo called brother.. when I wanted u to hand over to police u pushed me from stairs.. niharika was shocked.. he says I rem everything.. but u did not know one thing I was awake and hearing in the hospital.. hosh to muje bahut pehle agaya ta.. lekin meine hi kaha doctor se not to tell u.. aur wahi hua.. as I heard u people.. kya kaha u will not let me marry na is kaandhaan ka bachha hosakta hain.. right.. abhi soch liya I will take away all the properties from u jis taraf aapne muje apna varsh mein kiya,  usi taraf mein bhi aapko apne varsh mein karoonga.. aur kiya bhi lekin aaapne muje hi maardiya.. u killed me showing it as an accident? She says haaan I killed u I planned the accident.. aur ab bhi tuje nahi choodongi and says I know ram u r not dead fully but I will kill u today and goes and hold his neck when the light comes.. she leave his neck she was shocked all were present.. and mamaji was in hand cuff already.. she was shocked to sid,ishita  and all she turns and sees ram smiling' he ask aap ko kya lagaa.. mein mar gaya?


Niharika says iska mathlab u r alive?(man karta hain song gaavon jor ka jadka haii joroson se laga)he smiles and says haan mrs niharika kapoor ya kahoon mrs niarhika verma..he says haan very much.. she says is ka mathlab u tried to make me mad right? He says pagal too tum muje bana chati tii but I wanted u to confess the truth isliye I pretend to be dead but with help of police .. it just we needed an proof and we got it' we planned everything .. meine ye saari plan aaj nahi kiya us I din soch liya when I heard what u wanted to do with me.. u were right if I had married priya too u would have also killed her along with me isliye .. na chate huye bhi muje chupakar shaadi karna pada.. Because of u me and my whole family has suffered a lot.. Because of u I kept my mother away.. aaj meri halat ye hain chakar bhi meri ma ke paas nahi jasakta  because I never trusted her when she wanted me the most.. but I will make sure she get back her rights.. I will make sure u get punished for all ur crimes.. she says tuje kya lagta hain ram.. haaan my kids will leave me like this.. they love me more than u.. when nuts says enough ma kehne bhi muje sharam arahi hian.. chiii how can an mother stoop soo low.. u tried to kill my bro.. jisne aapki beti se itna pyaar kiya .. aapko bina maange itna respect diya when u don't even needed it'she says nuts tumm she says buss.. please leave us alone.. aapki jo kiya hain uski wajese muje bahut sharam araha hain.. go away from our life..

Niharika starts her drama and show her crocodile drama when rishab says mom please aise na deko muje, ii I even feel ashamed that why I was born and turns his face.. ishita sees her mom when niharika was about to speak.. she says aapki bachhe hone ki aaj muje bahut bura lag raha hain.. u tried to kill the person who gave u everything? U  brought me into this world just because of your selfishness.. u had an affair an resulted  to me.. u ever thought what would happen when my hubby comes to know about it.. wo meri bare mein kya sochega.. I am feeling like and cries .. sid consoles her and says muje aaj bahut gin aati hain in see.. she says sid tumm bhi inke saat kya kuch nahi kiya for u.. I did everything for u . and u.. he says buss.. u never did anything for us  u did everything for ur self.. only.. u loved ur self more than us.. isliye u spoiled some one's family and got everything.. I realized today that why I am bad it is because of bad blood of urs inside me.. i wish I never ever see ur face in my life ever.. chali jayein yahan se.. she says sid u ? ye tum kehrahi hoo I did soo many thing, he says for us ?.  go away.. varna mein kud aapko maardoonga.. Inspector take her away from our eyes.. all were shocked of his reaction mamaji says sidd meine kya kiya he sees him and says u were the reason for all this.. aap donon ko jail hi sahi jagah hain and niharika keep shouting and saying I will not leave u all I won't spare u ram..

Ray were holding hands.. shipra says chiii itna gaditya insaaan.. mein soch bhi nahi sakthi.. hey baghwaaan.. nuts was in tears hoping she doesn't think her like niharika and keep her away form karthick and kid.. when shipra says beta.. tum kabhi bhi use nahi Milan varna aise na hoo uski pagalpan mein woo teri aur teri bachhe ko kuch karna dein.. door hi raho,' nuts ask sorry to shipra when she consoles her saying there is no fault of u .. agar kisi hain to sirf niharika ki hain.. conda was shocked.. never ever thought she won't be kapoor anymore.. she was in dilemma but only thing came in her mind is she loved sid whoever he is.. sid get upset and goes away to his room asking sorry to ram.. he was crying in his room when conda comes .. his daughter comes and hugs him and says papa.. rona mat and wipes his tears he hugs her tightly.. he sees codna nd lower his eyes and say mein jaanta hoon tum kya soch rahi hoo ab tum sach jaan chuki hoo  and I know u r angry on me tum hara jo bhi faisla hoga I am with it.. when she turns him and says deko sid I love u not ur surname.. bura laga but isliye nahi ki tum kapoor ho isliye kii u r born to such an witch.. never ever think like that.. I am not such girl.. I love u truly bahut jyada pyaar karti hoon do u understand and he hugs her tightly.. nisha was crying when nuts consoled her and ram tell kabhi kuch mat batana kaas kar ye sachayi to ur family.. I want u to know that doesn't mean u r not my sister any more u will be always.. Don't tell about any other truth.. varna hosakta hain ur sasural wale think bad of u which I don't want .u will be my sister only she hugs and ask sorry for niharika deed ram consoles her.. she hugs priya and ask sorry to her also.. and decide to return back next day.. Shipra comes to ram

part 41

41.Ram beta muje maaf kardoo mein e tuje galat samja.. he says ye kaise baat kar rahe hain.. maafi muje aapse maangana chiaye I always thought wrong about u.. he says it is not fault.. it just u thought, because I made u to think like that. I hope u know the reason why I did all it and hide the wedding matter she nodes her head. He says but I have to say agar aap nahi hote to meri aur priya ki shaadi kabhi ho hi nahi pattaaa thanks u ..sudheer sees shipra.. who says meine hi kar wayi in donon ki shaadi.. feeling proud priya smiles rem how she blackmailed her and thinks if uu would have not blackmailed me I would have never married him thanks u mom. She goes to sudheer and says papa mein jaanta hoon aap bahut upset hain he says nahi beta.. teri kayaadaan nahi kar paya is baat ka bura lag raha hain .. but mein bahut happy hoon that my daughter is married to an proper guy.. aur is baat keliye mein shipra se gussa bhi nahi hosaka koonga.. shipra says muje maaf kar dijiye he says nahi and they have senti hug

rishab was very upset when ram sees it and goes and holds him and tell mein jo ishita se kaha wahi kahoonga u r my brother and will always be.. he hugs her and ask sorry for his mother deed and all.. he ask sorry to priya also but she says u don't need to be and all becomes bahut senti (omg I rem the song mein senti ta mein senti hoon from mdkm)karthick consoles nuts and also get happy for priya being married and settled and spl knowing ram is alive.. when shipra goes and bring the sindoor and says meri beti ki maang suni nahi rehna chaiye .. please fill it ram.. he smiles and takes it and fill her maang.. vikram neha were very happy who were holding Krishna and rohan who slept in their shoulder.. they get happy.. neha says buss ab senti nahi I think ab properly priya ka ghar pravesh hona hain raam aur bachhon ke saat chalchalo..  priya does her graha pravesh with ram they take blessing and sooon neha ask vikki to click pictures..

raya goes to talk to sid and conda who were packing the clothes .ram says u people are very much part of this family and codna says nahi we r not.. she goes to priya and ask sorry and for her misbehaving when she says she has forgotten  all it was an past she doesn't need to be worry she says ram know everything ..she says phir bhi di I had talk ill to along with nani when priya says it ok.. and sid also ask sorry but they both console them and says it was an past and they have to move one.. later sid and conda inform of their returning to dubai.. mr give him additionally responsibility and tell my brother has capacity of doing it and they all get happy later in dinner.. all were present.. except raya.. vikram as ye ram aur priya kaha hain thinking kahin romance to nahi karna chale gaye.. Suddenly rohan pulls his pant he sees him and ask kya hua? He says kaana doo he says haan beta.. jaroor and he give a little piece of parata when he pulls neha and feeds her saying kaise alga.. vikram ko jadka lagta hain he ask oye mujse  parata mang kar meri biwi ko kilarhai hoo ? neha says because he loves me isliye he give me parata unlike u who is not bothered.. rohan giggles.. all too he says are ye ram ke beta hain ya meri dushman jab deko meri biwi se dat milta hia iski wajese.. deklenaa jab bada hoga na tab mein.. neha was like tab kya haan.. meri baby ko kuch mat kehna.. raya comes down.. they were very happy seeing all together.. they have changed dresses and priya was wearing beautiful pink sari and ram was in pink shirt matching her .all smiles seeing each other.. raya wonder why..

priya was like rohan ne pareshaan to nahi kiya na.. vikram says pareshaan nahi pyaar kiya neha ko parata kilakar ram laugh saying oyee vikram my son is soo fond of neha haina.. he says ram. Ram teses vikram.. saying u r not taking proper car of neha isliye.. he says abhi bhi neha ne bhi wahi kahaa.. how mean.. yaar.. priya was like badmashh hain just like his dad in his mind. When ram sees her and says in his mind mein jaanta hoon what she is thinking.. here Krishna was happy sitting with her nuts bua and playing with her son.. karthick deko deko.. kis taraf bikul meri jeeju ki taraf ye bi apna behen se pyaar karta hain how he feed Krishna.. such a cutie pie haina .. nuts says Krishna ko bhi to deko she too feed her brother how sweet. She says she is just like my ram bhaiya man karta hain ise meri saat hameshaa rakloon.. when nuts goes near and says muje bhi ek girl baby achha laga hain and wink making her blush.. when shipra says nuts beta. Ye priya ki hain agar tuje ek gudiya chaiye muje bhi chiaye meri choti nuts in my hand taaaki I can pamper her and laughs.. sudheer says shipra.. tu bhi na..
they have a great happy dinner.. priya also plays with ayeshaa kid she calls her massi and priya was very happy.. rohan happily settled with neha and Krishna was with nuts and karthick.. nuts ay aaj raat mein ise meri saat rakoon priya says wo tuje bahut parishaan karegi she says bhabhi let me handle her .. agar kuch kiya to I will knock ur door hope u don't do romance without locking hehehe  ram says nutss.. sudheer and shipra was about to leave when raya asked them to stay back for few  more days .. and they agree.. here vikram neha also was stopped by raya and in time neha get angry and says rohan will sleep in-between us.. vikram was like kyaa bechara hameshaa biwi ko hug kar karke sota hoga aaj to koi aur neha ko hug karega.. raya laughs.. neha did not have problem as she had habit of handling the kid.


All goes priya say mein abhi ayi and goes ram follows her and sees her eating achar and wiping her mouth.. he smiles.. he scoops her in his hand she ask kay kar rahi hain aap someone will see us.. he says no one.. btw aaj officially it our suhaag raat in km making priya blush. She says u always keep thinking on it.. he says kya karoon oh priya aadat se majboor.. waise u know right when wife is soo hot who will not become besharam.. she says rammm aap bhi na.. he says achah laga teri mouth se ram ka name.. he carries her he says btw my wife is pregnant to careful rehna padega na.. she says aise? han too.. he locks the room happily after all he is going to romance with priya.. he turns when she  goes to change and comes out wearing an hot red nighty(oye priya ka irada kya hain?) his jaws drop he thinks ram.. aaj teri priya ko kya hogaya.. abla naaari se seeda menaka bangayi hain,' wow I love this attire over priya she turns and sees him and smiles..  she ask change nahi karna ? he says karna haina Change, hugging her from back.. she says ram I am damn sleepy he says I am not and turns her' hugs her tightly.. he undoes the over coat knot and loosen it she plays with his shirt button he slowly kisses her and she start to respond.. her hand automatically goes to his hair.. and hug his neck sliding down'

He tucks her hair and smiles.. she ask u r very happy na.. he says haan bahut jyada.. akir I am back to my house with my wife and my kids.. spl after making love to my wife in this room .. she sys but u have already did it right he says haan but that was long back u know.. but ab baat aur hain.. we don't need to hide from anybody.. she kisses his forehead she says thanks he ask for what? She says for everything.. jab pehle shaadi hua ta tab u look like an devil ,he ask now? She says loveable naughty boy nahi mannn my hubby and hugs him more he smiles hugely.. achha itna loveable hoon dekavoon? She says raam he cover the blanket over them. Priya have her bath and comes out and fills her maang when she realizes the ms was missing she searches everywhere.. And goes and searches in the bed .. she move spillow.  But noo she dint get she was worried and rem ram removing it last night.. she goes to him but stops seeing him drinking his coffee and reading paper thinking nahi hoga.
She turns he ask what u r searching for kahi ye to nahi and shows ms.. she get surprised she says mr kappor dijiye ye.. how many time I have told u not to remove it.. and geos to take when he says nahi doonga pehle ek showing his lip tapping it with finger indicating her to give an kiss she nodes noo. But bad thing he says teek haina and make hr get near and pulls her sit in his lap and start to kiss.. she says ram.. leave me someone will come and take it from his hand when he say itna kya jaldi hain and put it around her neck.. she says mr kapoor office nahi jaana? He nodes no.. she says bahut achha hua he too smile thinking of romance when she says aaj sab apni apni ghar wapas jarahe hain bachoon ko mein akeli nahi samal sakthi aap samalijiye.. and goes smiling.. he says priya

Sid conda leave to dubai along with their kid. Nuts and karthick also goes.. shipra and sudheer also goes saying they have to go back too indore for some days and all. Neha and vikram also goes saying their kids will be back and neha was saying she will miss the little one.. sab chale jate hain even ishita.. here rishab says he is going to his friend wedding and from there he will go to ihis hostel.. priya says sab chale jayenge too I will get bored.. when suddenly enter the daaadi ram's daadi.. she get shocked seeing ram and get happy and hugs him tightly' and cries.. and later raya tell everything and daadi get very happy seeing ram married and having 2 kids and one more on the way.. she says meine bahut galat kiya of not trusting Krishna wo kehti rahi.. mujse..  all was my fault.. when I realized niharika was  doing something I should have told u.. and ram consoles her.. but in all that daadi get very happy saying golu's little ones .. she was showering her love on them.. priya was touched with all this.. she too was tears.

Ram was in room standing and seeing outside the window.. Krishna comes and pulls his kurta asking papa kya kar rahi hoo? He sees her and says kuch nahi beta carrying her.. she ask ap rorahi hoo? Bhook lagi hoo? He hugs saying nahi beta.. pap is sad. She wipes it and kisses him saying rovo mat. I will give u chocolate and give him her chocolate.. he smiles and say meri beti kitni pyaari hain priya comes and sees him hugging krishu with tears.. she wonder ram was in ters all again and she know may be the reason of him missing his mother.. yes it was the reason she realized.. he wanted to give the right back to his mothe, she know he was guilty and doesn't know how to face his mom? she goes to him and ask r u thinking about ur mother mr kapoor? He says nahi aise kuch nahi she says ab to hide mat karoo I know u r.. he says fine I am .. she says why don't u call her ?wh don't u speak to her? What is the problem? U don't know where she is now? Tell me.. he says meine jaanta hoon meri maa kahan hain.. to phir what is the problem? He says I am guilty priya how can I talk to her ? kounse mooh se unse baat karoon? U know right? She says I know mr kapoor but I also know she is an mother she will accept u.. u told me right she love u and left u to save u.. just go and talk to her she will understand u.. she will be really happy ram ab to unko aapki pyaar se door mat rakiye.. he says nahi priya mein.. tum jaanti hooo mein.. she says mein chaloongi aapke saat.. ye ghar unka haina.. kya unka hak nahi unki pote potiyoon ke saat rehne kii? Boliye.. he was silent.. Krishna wondered what they were talking..
she holds his hand and says I know how much u love ur daughter' ise dekeyi.. u will rem ur mother.. isliye to u kept ur mother name to her.. haina' he sees her she smile saying I know vikram bhaiya told me the truth.. why u named.. I am really happy for it.. I want u to go and talk to ur mother.. she will come back.. muje bhi saas ka pyaar milne ka adhikaar dijiye .. he hugs her and Krishna to hugs her  both mother and daughter kiss ram on either side of cheeks.. rohan says smile running coming inside the room and take picture with his kid camera.. and smile saying meine photo leliya.. ram smiles saying photo mein ek insaan missing hain chalo aajvoo family picture lelete hain'  ram was clicking picture with his mobile and recording videos..

Raya talk to daadi who says mein bhi chaloonga to bring Krishna.. back .. raya along with daaadi and kid go to meet Krishna who was now in Jaipur for some reason and she will be staying there for 2-3 months  they go in their spl chartered flight daadi was busy talking to priya and kept saying her about the hone wala and scolds ram for hiding matter and tells about the param para. The kids were handled by raya and both were sleeping.. they reach Jaipur they goo with arranged car.. they reach the guest house.. they get freshen up Krishna was running around and not getting ready and rohan already got ready as when he came to know he was going out and was sitting with daadi and hearing stories from her.. he even ask question when daadi says my little golu puttar ram thinks daadi ise bhi golu keh rahi hain.. hmm when priya calls him in action and tells him to come eh goes and ask what happened? She says aapki beti see she is in her diaper and running around not ready to wear the gown.. we will get late na..  he smiles and says bus.
He show  chocolate and take her and priya put the gown' she ask chocolate dedoo he says chocolate chiaye too papa ko kissy dedoo and gives her and she giggles and kisses him again and ask ek aur dedo na.. ram sees priya who says she is ur kid know her way.. Hooking her gown and putting her shoe.. ram smiles and give her another chocolate and she smiles Krishna get down and runs and says rohan chocolate lelo.. ram sees priya who says deka usne apne liya saat saat apni bhai keliye bhi leliya and smiles he says she is like u in it.. she laughs. He turns and goes to take his phone when she kisses him and says muje bhi ek chocolate dedona.. ram sees her and pulls her asking I never knew my wife also is soo romantic she says mein to romantic hoon bus aabhi abhi dikana shuru hua hain.. aage age deke hota kya hain and giggles she takes the chocolate and eat saying ye meri liye nahi aapki ek aur Bache keliye and they hug .


Krishna open the door thinking who has come this time.. she was shocked seeing ram there tears flow down from both person eyes.. he hugs her tightly and says ma.. she cries more saying taras gayi tii ye ma sabhd sunne keliye teri moohh se and cries. Kaise ho mera bachha? When she says chali jaavo yahan se beta varna woo tuje kuch kar degii mein nahi chati meri wajese tuje.. when he says I know mom don't worry she is now in jail for her deed .. I am sorry I am sorry and goes by his knee she holds him and make him stand up.. they again hug and he cries in his mother shoulder she consoles him.. when suddenly Krishna sees daadi standing there with tears.. she says beeji.. aap wahan kyun hain andaar ayiye na.. she says muej maaf karde putttar and cries and Krishna consoles her too.. and she too asks sorry .. when she sees an women and 2 kids with her one in her hand and one she was holding ..

she ask ye .. ram se aapki bahu and ur grandkids she was like kyaa? My bahu? Priya was little sad worrying of rejection. when Krishna goes and says saaas se mili hoo ashirwaad nahi legi kya priya says woo when Krishna laughs saying kitni sundaar hain meri  bahu.. aur boli bhi jaise muje ram keliye chaiye ta.she says beeeji deka aapne aaapki pote  ne kya kiya she says haan bahu tuje pata hain he married her lekin muje bhi nahi batayaaa.. maaloon hain iski shaadi hogar ab 4 saal hogaya hain Krishna was like what? Ram se woo mom mein.. priya blushes.. Krishna smile and says mein bhi na sab andaar ayiye.. she was over joyed seeing her grandkids she carries rohan who happily goes when she ask aapko mein chocolate doonga avogi meri paas he sees priya who node yes and imd he goes to Krishna who happily carry him and shower him with kisses.. Krishna sees her and thinks ye chocolate degi rohan ko aur muje koun dega?

Krishna seeing her says are meri gudiyaa tuje bhi chocolate chiayee? She nodes yes happily she says tab to aaapko apna naam bolna padega she cutely says Krishna.. ram mom was touched by it and sees ram who nodes yes she was soo happy.. she says tuje pata hain mein bhi Krishna hi hoon.. she kisses her too..  she was over joyed with all of them coming there.. she take them all in.. she says mein sab keliye chai laai hoon when priya says mein banati hoon maa ram makes Krishna sit down and tell what happened and keeps his head on her lap and cries.. Krishna and rohan were running around and rolling their respected toy car.. they see ram crying  on Krishna's lap and wonder Krishna too cries soo as daadi.. when Krishna says ab hamein rona ko band karna padega varna mery bachoon ko deko wo bhi rone lagenge.. ram says he want her to come back., Krishna refuses first when daadi ask she was in thought priya comes out with chai and serves all..  when she says maa agar aap nahi ayi.. to hum yahi samjenge that u did not forgive us.. Please come back we need u mom.. look at ur grand kids.. don't u want to bring them up like u brought him? Daadi to says please Krishna wapas ajavo.. meri bte to nahi raha aur agar tum bhi nahi rahogi meri saat mein.. kabhi aapne aapo maaf nahi kar pavoongi .Krishna was in thoughts'

she agrees to come atlast when Krishna comes with rohan and tell daadi aap hamare saat kelogi? She had to melt on their innocent faces.. When daadi says oye Krishna tuje pata hain tier bahu phir se maa bane wali hain is baaar  I will do everything which was left last time.. ab to meri bahu bhi agayi hain tab to double celebration hoga na.. Krishna was very happy hearing it.. she blesses priya.. she says ram.. ek baat poochoon ? he says haan maa poochiye' tumne priya se shaadi kaise ki mathlab jahan tak mein jaanti hoo I know u must have forced her into the wedding bolo.. priya smiles she says haan ma he forced me but I married him with my own wishes.. but ur son was an good husband haan ye baat muje bahut deer se pata chala.. that he was protecting me from many things.. Krishna says I knew that.. ram says maaa ye sab chodiye  na.. aaj muje aapki haat ka bana hua kana kana hain.. daadi says muje bhi bahut yaad athe hain teri haat ka bana hua kana.. she says to tee kahin mein aaj kana bandoongi.. ram inform they will return back next day but Krishna says not to hurry up and go after 2 days and he agrees.. they too shift as Krishna was in 2 bhk apartment and she and beeji  shared an room and raya in an room along with kids who were very happy running around.. and kept saying daadi daadi to both daadi .. Krishna was very much happy.. ram and she shared an spl bonding .. priya notice how ram to hold his ma pallu for all things just like rohan..

It was the time to leave and evening was the flight and in morning priya inform about vikram and ram and tell how rohan  is fond of neha and vikram get jealous of it and they giggle.. ram who just come back get happy seeing them laugh and enjoying' he get happy..he was seeing the sight of his daadi mom and his wife enjoying their talk.. and I t was al because that priya came into his life varna ye sab shayd kabhi nahi hota.. Krishna ask ram kya hua? he nodes nothing she says ajavoo .. Krishna tells ram was not less making him get embarrassed .. she says ram to hadh kar diya when he said he want to marry his teacher who used to take physics for him itna zid kiya one day he wore sherwani and stood in front of us and ask us to take to her house to get married .. but he did not know that teacher was married already and when he told him his heart was broken bechara.. uske baad mooh pulakar baitgaya and laughs priya laugh img.. he says maa pleaseee muje embarrass  mat karoo..muje sharm ati hain.. tab to nahi ayaa and laughs' dadi says yaad hain muje kaise zid pakad kar baita ta.. bechaari phooli jo is ke uppar lattu tii aur isne use kaha ki he loves teacher not her and uska dil toot gaya aur ise bahut sunayaa ' tabhi se ye mera golu bangaya and laughs'

ram sees priya who was giggling and img him in it.. he says bahut hogaya mein room ke andar jaraha hoon muje kaam hain .. daadi pulls him back saying koi kaam nahi hain bait javooo and make him sit back.. after some time they start to airport. Ram checks the ticket and soon his son says papa muje ball chiaye aur wo car bhi showing it in duty paid shop ram says now? He nodes yes.. he takes him there and get it and sees an sweet doll he smiles he get it for .. he comes and priya says phirse u got him he says I t ok na priya.. he says this is for Krishna varna uski gussa ko tum janti hoo she says haan baap par jo gayi hain and smiles.. he says I don't get so much angry.. she says oh really? When daadi says puttar hum yahi hain .. they blush and turn red.. they get into flight and land in Mumbai.. and rohan was trying to run and ram had to hold him and make him play with toy where he made the car run over  his head and over his arm and gave to his daadi asking her to pack up as  ti was time to sleep for the car she laughed on his cute ness.. on other hand Krishna was messing with food and priya had already put towels  and then hugs her tightly when landing so as ram hug rohan who was trying to says papa chodo  eh says beta it is flight so we have to hold u.. he says uff and slaps him in his hand and says chodo muje he says chupp and says will give u chocolate .. in time flight land up.. he jumps while walking .. Krishna was walking holding both her daadi's hand priya was trying to hold rohan but he was ram kid coolly jump and then ram carries him saying oyre bus karoo ..

they collect the baggage's and go of in time priya manages to feed rohan and put him to sleep while Krishna was crying asking for ram, and  when he take her she  holds him tightly and ask him to take for getting an cake ..he refuses saying abhi nahi but she start to cry ram says nahi nahi papa lekar degi ok no no.. more crying.. and get it and she spills all over his coat as she refuses him to feed and eat by herself .. Krishna secretly take pictures.. she giggles and tell daaadi how ram was handling.. they end up collecting luggage and ram clean his coat but the strain remains and priya scolds him for doing that.. he says mein kya karoon she was crying.. she says too u will get it.. kal flight mangegi wo bhi degenge aap he smile uski kya jaroorat hain already haina.. she says aap bahut bigaad rahe hain aapki beti ko dekijiye ise.. kitni kussh hain after spoiling ur coat. He says are jaane do coat hi to hain ek aur lelenga.. agar wo is mein happy hain I don't mind spoiling my all coat present in my wardrobe priya goes quite ram notices and sudden change he ask kya hua she nodes nothing and tells daadi and ma are waiting and they goo .


They enter kapoor mansion when daadi stop Krishna and welcomes her with aarti when Krishna stop priya and welcomes her with aarti and they smile.. in time vikram neha also reach with the kids  they decide to celebrate.. it was also the kids birthday in time sudheer and shipra also come and they all get happy along with nuts and karthick.. it was really funny when vikram kisses neha rohan who was sitting in between them slaps vikram saying meri neha hain.. he says ise too mein neha says shut up.. kabar dar meri bf ko kuch bhi kaho too he say bf? She says boyfriend to mein koun hoon? she says pati and laugh .. saying deka.. kitna possessive hain .. agar sachi mein pyaar karte hoo to aise hi karna chiaye koi aur meri haat bhi pakade uska baadn baja dena chiayee par tum to hmm chaloo rohan we will go and dance .. look how ur dad is romantically romancing ur mom wo bhi itn carefully unlike ur vikram uncle.. vikram think meine kya kiya? but think what does she mean? Neha pregnant hain? Woowww ek aur bachha.. he goes behind neha says darling kuch kavogi .. katta  she says katta? Kyun kavoongi mein? He says too meeta kavogi kyaa?she says vikram stop behaving weird.. uff when she says if u don't stop it I will ask my bf to slap u again.. sudhar jaa samjee he says are ye kya when I am not doing anything she says I am soo un romantic when I do she says I am soo besharam mein kya karoon..

The music start saason mien from hum tum..

saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zara
dheemi si dhadkan ko badhne do zara
lamhon ki guzarish hai yeh paas aa jaayen
hum.. hum tum..
tum.. hum tum..

let the breaths mould into breaths (of each other)

let the slow heartbeat rise,
it's the plea of moments that come together..
we, you n me
you, you n me

Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dhalne Do Zara )...(2)
Dheemi Si Dhadkan Ko Badne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai Ye, Paas Aa Jayein
Hum, Hum Tum, Tum,Hum Tum
Aankhon Mein Humko Utarne Do Zara
Baanhon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai...Hum Tum
Saanson Ko...

Salvatein Kahin, Karvatein Kahin

Phail Jaaye Kajal Bhi Tera
Nazron Mein Ho Guzarta Hua Khwabon Ka Koi Kafila
Jismon Ko Ruhoon Ko Jalne Do Zara
Sharm-O-Haya Ko Machalne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzaarish Hai Ye...Hum Tum
Saanson Ko...b
Chu Lo Badan Magar Is Tarah, Jaise Surila Saaz Ho
Andhere Chupe Teri Zulf Mein, Kholo Ke Raat Aazaad Ho
Aanchal Ko Seene Se Dhalne Do Zara
Shabnam Ki Boondein Phisalne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzaarish Hai Ye...Hum Tum
Saanson Ko...
Baanhon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai Ye...Hum Tum


raya dance it and he was very careful holding her moving baby steps and their eyes were on each other.. she keeps her face on his chest after he song ends.. he hugs her and all starts to clap and they realizes and part away but shipra comes saying are iski kya jaroorat hian bahut ache lag te hoo saat mein.. we won't mind.. don't worry if they mind also iam there na.. ram thinks omg.. ye achhi hain ya buri hain muje ab tak samaj mein ayaa but jo bhi hain  hameshaa supported my relationship with priya .. priya says maa please.. and goes away to neha.. she says are ye kya sharama agaya kya? Ohoh common priya we won't mind.. She says neha tum bhi.all have nice time enjoying the time. Rohan and Krishna cut the cake and feed raya. They feed Krishna and rohan.. now rohan take another piece of cake after feeding raya and calls vikram he goes happily thinking he is going to feed but he goes to feed him and vikram open his mouth but suddenly he turns and feed neha and they laugh at him. Vikram says ye rohan what u think ahh muje kilane nahi chata ta to kyun bulaya he says aise hii vikram says ram ur son make fun of me. Ram says are mein kya karoon. Who pampered him his mamu na.. enjoy and giggles.. neha says vikram common yaar meri sweetu love me a lot haina baby he nodes yes.. vikram says not fair.. when Krishna take the cream and apply on his face and says  now u r fair all laugh bechara vikram. Priya says ye bachhe bhi na.. vikram bhaiya jaane dijiye because they love u a lot.. he says I know that.. immediately rohan ask where is my gift he says oyee hain to itna but talk like an adult wait and take and give two cover ram ask what it is that? He says kolo.. he open and ask are ye kyaa?

Vikram says kya mathlab lika hain wahan par.. he says but iski kya jaroorat tha?he says jaroorat to pata nahi but I thought it will be an good gift for them.. waise bhi priya muje bhai bulati hain to itna to hak banta haina I mean isi riste se I am their mama right. Ram says but iski kya .. he says ram this is from their mama he says tu bhi na vikram.. neha says deka mera pati ne kaise gift socha.. he says tuje bhi pata ta she says haan aur when he said it I was happy.. priya sees ram and he says deklo she get surprised as  vikram had put fixed deposit of 50 thousand on rohan and Krishna name (each 50,000) she ask what is need of this aapki pyaar hamreliye kaafi hain.. he says oye abhi abhi to ram ko samjayeiii I am doing it for kids.. na u have given me apna bhai ka jagah to itna to mein kar sakta hoona.. she get teary and cries.. he ask are why u r crying she nodes nothing and thanks him saying I have got so wonderful family she hugs vikram and neha and thank time karthick and nuts says ab gift dena hamri turn hain.. they were like nuts karthick � then along with their kid they come and give their gift they gift them cycles so that they can drive inside the house.. the kids were over joyed seeing the cycles and runs and start to ask when they can drive .. priya says not now kal..and take them back.. shipra says are wait yaar muje bhi to apni kiddos keliye gift deni hainaaa.. wait wait.. and comes dragging sudheer and says surprise and give them cute tiny earing and tiny ring for the boy saying for last three birthday she wanted to do and she is doing ti finally priya says maa ye she says are priya mein apni grandkids ko kar rahi hoon u r not going to stop me samjii sudheer node yes and gives to priya she was soo happy then comes Krishna and daadi who gift chain with pendant to both kids.. ray were overwhelmed and full of joy and happiness which filled kapoor mansion full of happiness but someone was sad inside inspite of being soo much happy rem something

Priya was removing her jewels rem the birthday incident and un knowingly some tears flow.. she tried to control but it got flow unknowingly. She heard ram entering with kids who were al in half sleep. She soon wipe her tears and turns towards them, she goes to them and carries Krishna from him and lays her in their crib which ram had got for them specially he then lift rohan who was already in half sleep but want to do masti and play somehow ram manages him and makes him sleep in crib next to Krishna and plays their toy next to them along with pillow .they cover them properly she says I will change and come. He nodes yes. When she goes he kisses his both kid who by now slept deeply he then take his night suit and closes the door of the room without making noise. He cool removes his dress and changes to night suit she comes back wearing an plane salwar kameez where he goes and hugs her and says raat hogaya hain jaaneman ye nighty ki baje u wored this kyun? she says mr kapoor aap bhi naa.. he tried to get romantic so start to kiss hersaying u r looking soo beautiful in that pink nighty u know.. but she was not in mood he starts to unzip her kameez she says please aaj nahi aaj muje neend araha hain he says par muje nhai nuzzling her shoulder moving her kameez.she cdn't even push him back but end up weeping silently. He was kissing her but suddenly felt something was wrong and imd releases hi hug little bit and sees her crying he lift her head by chin he ask kya hua she says woo mein kuch nahi.. he says achha teek hain and turns and zips her and kisses her shoulder and lifts her and carries to bed and lays her down and cover her up. he lays next to her and get closely to her and ak ka hua itna pareshaan kyun dik rahi hoo ro rahi thi kya?meine kuch galt kiya kya she says nahi aap nahi.. ek baaat poochoon he says haan poochooo she ask aapko is baar kounsa bachha chiaye he says ofcourse a girl baby she ask kyun why not boy he says that will be after it she says ram tell me why girl? He says because she will be just like u pyaari sii gudiya.. she ask u don't hate girl child ? he says what? Priya betiyaan hi papa ki ladliyaan hoti hain tuje nahi pata kya tu bhi to apni papa ki ladli rahi hogi na..


  Ram get shocked when priya had tears running from her eyes and she turns and hugs him tightly and cries in his shirt wetting his shirt he assay are kya hua priya priya tum she wipes and says sorry he says are jaane do sue why u r crying.. she says nothing and hugs him and says muje neend arahi hain aise hi sojavoon he says poochne ke baat hain kya? Next day in office ram was sitting and thinking why priya reacted such way.. What will be reason? Vikram enters and talks something he ask ram is that fine he says haan.. he says oye ram kya hogaya tuje he says kuch nahi priya ke bare mein soch raha hoon.vikram ask priya ke bare mein sab teek haina he says haan but I am worried kuch ajeeb baateein hoti hain this is not first time it is way she is reacting for 4-5 time shayad he ask what? He says priya ask her this question and get senti.. he cdnt understand why.. vikram ask ram tumne kabhi pata lagane ki koshish ki of priya's family.. he says he did .. meine try kiya but I came to know she used to live in Mumbai almost outskirts and uski papa ek jagah par naukri karte hain bus uske jyada nahi.. as presently they are not there and for past 10 year they are not in contact with priya.. muje ajeeb laga.. samaj mein nahi arah hain vikram..

he says why don't u talk to sudheer ji he says correct he is the person.. but before it talk to priya.. he says nahi vikram I tried to but she refused to let it out aise lag raha hain something had happened in her past.. isliye she get much senti on things.. I will talk to shipra ji abhi jata hoon vikram says but ye meeting.. he says kal karlenge.. this is more important.. vikram se jaane se pehle call him and go. Ram calls him and he says haan beta milenge.. they meet in beach nearby. He says bolo beta tuje kuch baat karni haina.. he says sudheer ji. Muje samaj mein nahi araha hain ki mein ye baat aapse kaise kahoon mathlab poochoon. He says beta muje apni papa ki taraf samjo aur jo poohna chate hoo poochu.. mein nahi jaanta kya meein teek kar raha hoon but I need to know I want to know about priya's parents.i want to know kyunki I have seen an un said pain in her eyes .i want to know about it and want to remove he pain from her..

Sudheer sees ram and ask beta bura mat mano tumne priya se ek baar baat karne ki koshish kii he says haan but she get depressed more aur is halat mein I don't want her to get sad. He says ise mein kuch kahoon mein ek vaaada chata hoon u will never tell priya that u know about her until she herself says he nodes yes.he tells him about priya's lif e in her parents' home and after how she was married and then what happened .he says ye baatein isliye tuje bataya which is necessary kahin bhi ismein meri priya ki koi galti nahi hain ram beta. beta can u do me an favor kabhi use mat kehna that I have told u everything until she herself say it he nodes and says I promise u don't worry about it and hug's him. ram comes home he sees Krishna and kids playing in garden along with daadi and priya who was watching them. while daadi giving tips to priya on the kids.. and enquiring and when he goes daadi make him sit next to her and pulls his ear saying itni badi baatein tum ne hum kaise chupaya? bolooo goluuu he say daadi mein min.. she says bakri ki taraf mein mein kya kar rah hain.. ek baad ache se sunle kabadaaar une meri bahu ko age pareshaan kiya to..

he says mein kahan pareshaan karta hoon pareshaan too seeing priya she pulls his ears more saying oyeee kabadaaar tune meri bahu ko kuch bhi kaha too samjii .. ab chaloo sab andaar chalet hain.. kal pooja raka hain uska taiyrai bhi karni hain.. he ask pooja kiskeliye she says honewale bachhe keliye ye hamra parampara hain because of u last time ti din't happen ab to hoga teeek hain we have to go to mandir. he ask why mandir we can do it our house itself.. she says oye koun daadi hain mein ya tuu he says aap too we will do it in mandir.. ok.. chalo ab .. he says achah chalo.. Krishna was like carrying Krishna who was researching her ears and asking ye iske andar kya hain why can't I see.. rohan when ram come comes and jump into his lap.. And so he carries him.. Priya hold daadi hand and they get back.. Krishna answer to Krishna and they laugh of daadi poti funny moments..

now niharika was in jail and so as mamaji no one was ready to help and s ram was ram kapoor he made sure she is behind baar for her life time and they were in jail now as he asked for fast track court and it happens and then she was sentenced to life time prison.. for her jurm as she killed her dad with slow poisoning and trying to kill him.. soo after showing the proof judge order her for life time prison..

Priya was sitting in bed she was caressing her stomach and was looking worried he ask kya hua why u r upset she says I am not able to feel any moment and get worried he yas are kabhi kabhi aise hota hain don't get stressed yaad hain what doctor told to have some Luke warm milk and sleep in one side.. don' worry but priya was in little panic state.. he says achha chaloo we will go to doctor .dctor inform nothing to worry some time it happen and ask them not to be worried.. kid was fine. Doctor informs it was twins for them first so they started to feel the moment earlier so need to be worried. Raya were happy. They return home.. aate hi Krishna and rohan run to them and raya had to carry them as they hugged their legs and looked show how much they missed them. He ask donon ne pareshaan to nahi kiya na they says are nahi.. bus they were remembering u people. Then they go to dinner. After  dinner. Rohan climb over bed and sleeps there saying aaj yahi sovoonga.. priya says teek hain..

Krishna was in ram arm picking her  night dress at last they choose the red dress and ram makes her sand inside the cupboard and changes her and then neatly carry her to sleep and she also says she want to sleep in bed ram sees priya asking what happened she says it is because they were away from them for few hours .. he says hmm it ok chalo and they,  4 adjust into the bed. He slowly take rohan o his side and hug's him to sleep as Krishna sleeps quietly but he may kick and so he had to be careful but rohan wakes up and cries for mamma ram consoles him as sees priya sleeping and handles him and show mamma wahi hain and consoles him he tries to go near priya but ram manages him to and start to tell story and walk around the room with him sleeping on his shoulder and manages to make rohan sleep and suddenly his eyes falls on the calendar and realize day after tomorrow as priya's birthday he remember for past 3 years they celebrated together but he had to be angry with her all time to pretend  but this year he can celebrate happily but wondered as priya never mentioned about her birthday but he decide to celebrate.. this time and smiles

he slowly lays rohan in bed and cover him up and  sleeps next to him and he sleeps quietly . ram kisses him and smiles seeing the sight of his wife and kids' he put his hand and sleeps. Next morning when he was awake sees priya getting ready silently and when he  was about to call she says shh indicating kids were sleeping he smiles and then shows he will get ready. He comes out and soon sees rohan getting down and climbs over the chair and and sit and tries to drive his tiny car over the handle.. Ram was like kya hogaya.. priya comes back with the milk which was in their sippers she says Krishna beta utho and says aap use ye doodh dedijiye he nodes yes and take and give him where he refuses to drink and turn his face sad ram sit down and ask kya hua he says mamma.. priya sees it and comes to rohan and ask kya hua beta.. he makes an tears face and make her to carry him and hugs her tightly.. priya say shayd bura sapna deka hoga.. aap Krishna ko pila dijiye I will handle him he says kuch aur to nahi na she nodes no and  consoles him and feed him milk .

Raya comes out ready with kids for pooja they go to mandir and the poooja happen raya sit down but ram kept asking was priya was ok. .later they return back.. ram tell her he was taking off after afternoon and will come back to take them for shopping she ask shopping he says haan she ask kyun he says man kiya and all she says fine.. after priya feeds the kids and trying to put them to their regular nap but nope they were running around priya was getting tired and when both run toward door ram scoop both of them and ask why u people are running.. they says hamein nahi sona he says okk we will go out then priya says mr kapoor let them get their sleep varna.. he says re kuch nahi hoga chalo.. and they get refresh and go for shopping.. they were in shopping mall and priya was getting clothes  for daadi and Krishna when ram tell wore sari kaise hi hain?she says achhi haina .. she ask the price they says it was 12 thousand priya says omg itna mehenga.. ram says lelo she refuse saying I don't want.. he says are lelo ..

she refuses completely when he says are ur hubby can afford it then she says baat is not for affording but it is not that worth.. after it is saaari.. agar wo 6 thousand hoti to shayd soch leti but it is too costly.. we will some to her sari.. ram think omg itna soch rahi hain.. but achhi hain.. she then pick another red sari which was around 5000 she says ye achhi hain.. he says haan the kids were running around but ram had eyes  and kept looking at them when suddenly rohan pulls one lady sari and runs away. .ram sees it and the lady turn and slaps the person near her saying besharam ram laughs.. he goes and takes rohan and bring him and make him sit saying badmash kahega.. he says badmassh kahega ram was smiling.. here Krishna was in priya's arm..  they pick dresses and go.. ram was holding rohan who was all dong one after another almost running jumping full mood mein ta and keeping making noise walking and on the way ram had to buy him lollipop and he eats it half and when one kid was coming and he happily give to that kid who happen to be girl and smiles..

 the girl mummy says oye deko dekoo ye bache  ko and says iski baap par gaya and ram and that person end up fighting but rohan was happily kissing that girl and smiling.. priya had to come out side of the  sore and make them calm and when they see rohan and that girl priya says he is just like u dekoo kya kar raha hain and pulls him and give Krishna to ram and carries rohan saying badmaash kahega chaloo and ask sorry to that women who start to fight when priya shut her saying are bachhe itna ache se apni lollipop diya aapi beti ko aur aap hain ki and shuts her mouth saying to control her daughter and teach her when someone give should not take it.. and ram smiles saying achha kiya when she end up scolding hi saying it is al because of ur son.. he says are ismein iski kya galti hain.. she yas right not his fault all ur what is necessary to buy him lollipop he says mein kay karoon he wanted na.. bechara� she says achah ji kabaar daar u give him and takes them and they were going ram says shall I carry ur bags she says no need  he says are how much u wil carry and takes it.. they were going when Krishna says papa cake.. priya sees them and says no cake when rohan to start to jump.. without choice they go inside cake shop


Priya was feeding cake and as usual rohan what with making it full of mouth and at a point he drop s the last piece of cake over priya.. she says rohan.. she sees ram who says meine kuch nahi kiya and sees Krishna who was eating cake with her tiny hands.. priya had to feed rohan as he is naughty.. she says samalijiye donon ko I will go and wash and geos asking the washroom she cleans up and was coming when she get clashed with someone she get shocked she says papa when he says koun papa kaise papa tu too kab ki mar chuki hain meriliye jis din teri shaadi kiya us din se the relationship between us ended.. never call me papa and  make me insult and goes leaving priya to cry.. she wipes it and goes dull to table.. ram was cleaning bother of them with tissue and says mamma se aaj bahut scold milega for us.. chaloo ghar chalet hain when Krishna says nahi toys shop.. he says we will go later.. ghar chalein? She nodes no rohan says muje car chaiye.. he says car we got one yesterday a he says haan wo kal hain aaj car chiaye.. he says omg .. when priya come dull and sit and says mr kapoor ghar chalein. He says are priya deko tumahri bte ko ek aur caar chaiye aaj she says nah aaj nahi we will go home he sees her dull he ask kya hua she nodes nothing .. they then were going back..
driver was there soo ram and priya were in back seat along with kids Krishna was sitting over priya's lap and looking outside.. while rohan was asking so many question to ram who says priya tum kuch kahoo na .. deko itna question kar rah hain.. she turn to rohan and says chup nahi reh sakta tum,.. he get cranky when ram says are itna jooor se daati kyun and consoles him. She get sad and says sorry beta. And he goes to her and and now both rohan and Krishna were on priya lap when ram says are ajavo papa ke paaas but both doesn't go.. he had to mange to go near and take them in alp and bribe them with chocolate.. and put the kids to sleep. They return back and they carry kids to and put them to sleep. Ram ask kya hua why u r soo dull she says nothing .. rest was he was very much in mood off. It was night 12..ram kisses priya and says I need to talk to u and takes her carrying her to the secret open place. She ask where r u taking me he already closed her eyes he then made her stand and opened it she was shocked'

Priya was shocked when she saw the place was neatly decorated and an huge board was kept happy birthday my dear wife priya she get shocked .. tears roll down and she wend up weeping when he shows the cake present infront of her which had written to most wonderful person who made my life she sees him he says happy birthday  and gives her gift she take her hand to take it but cdnt and runs down and stops in step when ram stopps her asking kya hua why u r crying aaj ur birthday hain he says nahi raam meri birthday nahi.. ram mat dilavo yaad muje.. kyun ki jis din mein paide huyi usi din ke agle din meir maa margayiii aur isliye.. meine apna janam din kabhi nahi manaya.. na use yaad rakthi hoon because when ever I rem I rem the day and cries.. he hugs her and hold her tightly she holds his shirt and crushes his pocket area her tears was full over his shirt where she was crying,..

he hugs her tightly and holds her letting her to cry after some time he slowly move her and says priya tell me kya hua kya tumne aaj se pehle tumahri birthday she nodes no and cries he wipes it and hug her he says but I want u to celebrate birthday.. manta hoon hamari shaadi ko bahut waqt hochuka hain and I never celebrate ur birthday jaan bujkar.. but is baar I wanted to celebrate as that time I had maj boori but not now..she says nahi mr kapoor I don't want to he says priya ek baat boloon until u don't face thing u won't be able to come out.until u don't tell me about u fully how can I understand u?bolo.. I told everything about me.. but u ? u hided things from me.. aaur aaj mein chata hoon tum muje bolon mujse openly baat karoo I want u to let out all the pain apni dil ko hal ka karo.. kab tak um apni andaar saari bateeein dabakar rakogi.. aur isse hamri hoenwalae bachhe ko bhi asar padega .. agar nahi baana nahi chati hoo to mein and says neece chalte hain.. when she hold his hand she says u r right mr kapoor u need to know me fully u have the right also.. shayd I should have told u but circumference were different and I feared isliye but muje batana chiaye meri ateet ke bare mein .. u r right varna we will not able to move on.

She says my papa had always wanted to have son(now both were in near terrace entrance ) but when he came to know that I was an girl he started to hate me from my mother's kok but wo meri  maa se bahut pyaar karte te' aur ise wajese shayd muje apna liya.. ye soch kar uske baad ladka hoga..lekin us ghar meri ek hi insaan mujse pyar karti ti wo hain meri daadi kyunki unko koi farak  nahi ta apni pote poti mein.. but kismet too meri saat bahut bura kiya when my mom got into labor she got into complication.. Bleeding was more .. they managed to take me out with operation and meri papa ki bahut karche hogae te.. for c section.. aur meri paida hone ke baad my mom was in ventilator and after I was born meri pap refused to see me also saying is ki aate hi musibaatein ana shuru hogaya.. and was in angry' (btw use ye sab bateeein kaise  pata hoga akir wo baby tina us waqt?) and the very next day before the sunrise my mom died leaving me alone in the world. My father even refused to take me along but my daadi took with her.. one side my mom last right were performed and other side I was left crying.. Tears rolled down. Meri papa ne meri mooh tak nahi deka she wept .. he held her she says u know ram why I kept asking u which kid u want? this was the reason. I was afraid whether u will neglect if it is girl .. dar laga ta.. but when I saw u holding the kid with such love I realized u will not be that father who hate girl child.. aur when I saw u holding Krishna and crying I realized aap bahut ache pita hoo isliye bahut kuch poochna ke iccha hote huye bhi chup tii because I don't want to lose father of my kid but ye bhi pata ta mein aapse pyaar kar beti jo aaj se pehle nahi hua aur isliye I did not oppose u until..He hold her but she run to the place of bed and slowly sit down and cries.. Saying meri papa never loved me.. ye baatein muje nahi pata ta.. lekin sab pata chala when my dad married another women..
I was 2 years when my dad had to marry another women .. I did not know the truth.. but I was always been disliked by that person and my dad who doesn't even like to see my face from my birth.. he always kept me away from him.. only person was my daadi who loved me.. jab mein 8 saal ki sayad when I heard my dad speaking to my step mom.. that he wanted to me to get married after I attend my age he was not even liking me going to school' but my daadi stood with me.. my suateli ma to mujse itni nafrat karti tii kii she was even ready to marry me of ,at  age of 8 ..but thanks to my daadi.. hamessaaa wahi to ti who stood by me.. when I asked her about it she told me' meri ghat mein mera naam absahguni hain..meri sauteli ma called me abshaguni she hated me soo much that she even used to blame me for her miscarriage but truth was she aborted her kid when she came to know about girl child later when daadi told me.. my dad never liked me nor ever took care of me.. whenever I longed for his love he just behaved as if I was not even existing..

I waited and wished one day my dad talk to me see me hug me shower me his love par kabhi nahi huaa.. but he loved my brother born to my sautheli ma.. whenever we tried to get along and play she always taunted me and kept us away and poisoned his mind  even he started to hate me.. u know I never celebrated my birthday but when I was 14 year old when first time my friend planned my surprise birthday party and gave me an new dress and I wore it happily and cut the cake and when I took the cake to my father to give him and take blessing he and cries


Papa aaj my friend celebrate my birthday ye lijiye cake.. Have it he pushed it and the cake fell down as the plate fell with noise.. He says how dare u come and give it to me .. Because of u I lost my wife' from the time u came into our life all thing happen bad first my I got de promoted uske baad I lost my father'. Phir when u were born the next day my wife dead.. u r an curse in my life.. sabse buri baat u r an girl who is an bhoooj in my life I am waiting for the day to get rid of u.. hosake kisi ke saat bag jana .. never soo me ur bad faith face ..hope after it this house become good.. priya was heartbroken..

Daadi what is papa is saying..When her daadi told her mother died and says u r not bad faith or curse he is not able to see the wonderful person inside u and consoles her

Fb end

She sees him and says u know ram how I felt that day'I decided I will never celebrate my birthday nor rem it . no father will say such words to his own daughter but he did.. I wished the earth swallow me alive but I had to live due to my daaadi..she was the only person who loved me who stood by me and I wanted to live for her and from that day I decided that I will show my papa that I am not his bad faith and will never be '. But what to doo my faith was neither kind nor my god

I was in my first year college aur wo apna board exam dena jaraha ta tab


Priya sees her brother had left hall ticket and runs and give him when her sautheli ma says satya naash gaya aaaj exam.. meir beta ka teri chera jo dekliya and fill her dad ear and he taunts her and she was crying and after the exams when the result came.. that day I was returning from college aur raste mein mein gir gayi due to puddle there and I got hurt and I limped to my house and when I entered my so called sautheli ma started to taunt and says teri mooh dekkar gaya hogaya saya naash(he saw ur face and went and so only he failed in exams) he failed in exam.. sab it is all because of u and ur kismet.. deka ji I told u marry her off but u were keeping quite due to ur mother aba is nahi hoga marry her to anyone who come.. priya was crying.. she looked at her dad hoping he will have mercy but he says u r right we have to marry her .. btw I was trying to find an groom but my bad luck her kundali is not matching but now I will surely make her get married. She was crying.. she tries to talk but her father say .. kal se college jaane ki jaroorat nahi hain.. as I will make sure u get married in next few days start learning household work which will be useful to in future varna even ur sasural walee will say u don't know anything and it is their bad luck to have u as their dil.

Fb ends there.

I was stopped from going to college but my daaadi she fought for me and told she won't let it happen and send me to college.. I was really happy and studied to become an graduate and fulfill my daaadi's wish.. it was my 5 th sem exams was on my daaadi got ill. So I stayed back awake and took care of her ' and I gave my exams.. when the result came I passed with flying colour I was soo happy I came back to tell it to daaadi but my luck turned to be my bad faith.. my daaadi died and priya cries ram hugs her he holds her tightly.. she says uske baad papa decided to get me married in 3 months saying he can't take my bhoj and stopped me from going to college and in 3 week I got rista.. it was from shipra's mom side.. she was searching an girl for her son who was in army' army mein hone ki kiran many people did not want to marry their daughter to him and he was rejected 4-5 times.. but this time my dad openly said yes not even considering me.. I tried to talk to him but no use as he refused to listen to me.. and lied to shipra ji that our kundali matched when truth was it din't .. and in 2 days I was forced into the wedding I even tried to tell them but my sautheli ma slapped me hard and locked me inside the room and forcedly got me ready to wedding.. I was married he din't even do my kanyaadan and made my bade papa to do the kanya daan saying he got hurt in hand.. He lied as he dint want to.. I felt stab in my heart.. I cried all my way.. They thought I cried because I left my home but what was truth I only knew .

I never thought once again my faith is going to play with me, turns to him u know ram no girl would digest such words from her hubby in her suhaag raat but I did it.. he was enough to say the truth to me as he wanted me to know the truth.. it turned to be an huge shock ..he ask aise kya kaha she says sach truth'


She was sitting all shivering and crying thinking what is going to happen but he sat opp to her.. deko priya mein  nahi jaanta what I am going to say, I mean how u will take it but u have to know the truth an big truth which only I know.. no one else.. being an wife u won't be able to take it easily but if I don't say it  will be hiding form u.. u know I wanted this to say before marriage.. priya think he must be loving someone else.. but'

Fb pause

Ram ask kya kaha usene? She says I never expected an truth to shock me like that I thought he would be saying about his love life but

Fb play

He asked "priya u know the reason why I was rejected before? "she sees him
He continued "because I told them to reject me


Fb play

He asked "priya u know the reason why I was rejected before? "she sees him

He continued "because I told them to reject me saying I am not worth enough to be an man "priya was shocked..

He says "I know it is an shock for u but it an truth I am not an man enough I am an impotent isliye I never wanted to get married to any one so only I joined army so that no one give their girl to me and reject me and that only was happening and when the girl got ready I had to open the truth and made them reject me.. my family doesn't know this matter .. Because if they come to know they had to face soo many trouble.. I told this matter to ur father but he said he did not care and made u get married to me. i even try to tell u but u were not available.. I know hearing such truth in ur suhaag raat kitna muskil hoga but if I don't say it today it will be cheating on u. priya tom evening I have to go back to camp.. I don't know whether I will come back or not. But I will leave an divorce paper signed by me.. Whenever u want u can sign it.. I will help u to divorce me bus ye sach ko meri parivaar ko pata chalne dena.. u carry ur life with the person u love.. I won't stand as an hurdle in ur life.. how u want to live ur life u can live� but please never let my family know this truth and fold his hand ..i know I have spoiled ur life but I was pressurized sorry and had tears" priya was shocked she saw him like an rock she did not know how to react .. the whole night both did not sleep.

Fb end..

That night we cdnt sleep.. I was in shock never expected such thing in my life .. Before we cd speak the sun took over us.. ma knocked the door. The whole day the house was filled with noise and in our minds we had an huge silence an void mind . when we wanted to speak it was late.. he had to leave back.. but before going he handed over the divorce letter and also told me to continue my education.. but I did not want to, but ma and papa wanted me to .. u know mr kapoor I was soo afraid to speak to papa but papa ka pyaar kya hota hain unse hi jaana .. ma ki mamta kya hoti hain I came to know from sipra mom.. she never thought me as her bahu but as her daughter unlogon ne meri zindagi mein sab kuch dediya ..itna pyar diya I forgotten al my pain and moved on.. after 5 months meri graduation ki happiness ke saat we came to know that my hubby died in bomb blast fighting with enemies.. his body was brought and all started to curse me and it was started my my own father.. he even told my sudheer papa to kick me out of house as I am bad luck but he said


Maaf kijiye ye hamri bahu nahi beti hain.. and we will take care of our beti at any cost until we live we will carry her responsibility.. "

I stood shell shocked samaj mein nahi aya react kaise karoon .. should I cry for him also I did not know.. umr kya ti meri sirf 20.. after few days when papa got his dead certificates and postmortem report he came to know about the truth.. he came to me and asked sorry but when I said I knew it she was taken back.. he is the only person who knew all the truth..

Our family was in financial crisis but I decided to take care them and took over the responsibility due to papa's bad health.. upar se karthick and conda ki zimdari bhi to tiii I became their elder daughter.. she sees him who had tears too she says mein jaanti hoon  I did not have good faith but I got good family due to it.i decided to live for them.. it is not thtat they did not want me to marry and get me settle down but I postpone it because I wanted to give them first priority never wanted any one to come inebtween it.. dys passed so years.. karthick and conda grew up and when karthick fell for nuts us ke baad u know all.. isliye I never wanted to celebrate my birthday nor think about it.. aaj se pehle I never told u feared kahin wapas sab.. I am sorry ram and cries when he says I knew it priya I asked sudheer ji who told me everything but I wanted u to confess it and waited for it.. I wanted to tell u that u r soo special and jo special hain I want to celebrate the birthday.. I want to give u fresh memory erasing ur painful memories.. he wipes her tears she hugs him tightly and cries her hugs her back

He remove the hug and kisses her in her lips.. it turn to be heated passionate one when suddenly an cool breeze come hitting their body.. her sari blow off her pallu and  she get shyn and move out form his kiss and walk toward the other side when he comes and kisses her.. she turn into shy and goes and sit in the bed he sit next to her and remove her ties hair leaving the hair to fly and make the pallu drop.. she lean over the cot. He kisses her back removing her hooks ..she open her eyes and sees him who was having bare chest she blushes he come down and she hides her face in her hand he remove it and kisses her cheeks as she turns.. he smile.. their hand get close allowing the fingers entwined with each other.. she bite her lips feeling his heated body in her.. they made love all again ..

Priya get up holding the c white blanket feeling shy when he says I want my wife to cut the cake her baby dress she sees him and she realizes what he meant.. he bring the cake near and she cut ti after blowing the candle and feed him .. and they celebrate the birthday.. after an half an hour they get down dressed.. and come back to room and sees Krishna was awake and crying in sleep and they get into consoling her..ram put her to sleep asking priya to take rest she says but he say I am telling u u have to take care of one more kid who is inside u na and put her to sleep. Here Krishna goes to priya and  hold her and  ram cover them tightly and Krishna to sleep holding her ram hug his wife and daughter and sleeps..

Next day morning priya get awake and sees the time 7 she thing itni deer tak sorahi thi? And soon she feels puking and goes to washroom and puke of everything.. she feels weak she washes her face and mouth.. she comes back and sit back .. she feels tired.. ram comes out from his morning workout he goes to her seeing her and ask baby r u all right she nodes yes and said she just puked out.. he says doctor ke paas chaleinshe says no need  it was common she then ask where was the kids r they are awake? He says haan and smile saying when I got up.. I saw rohan moving I tried to put him back to sleep but he got awake and asked me to carry me and iw as holding him when tried to put sleep next to Krishna and u he woke Krishna too bus donon milkar meri saat kelne lage to mein taiyar hokar unhein bhi taiyar kiya aur mummy ke paas dediya to handle for some time as I thought I need to do some workout she ask aapko work out ki kya jaroorat hain ? I know u r much fit he say achha kaise? She says aise hi pushing her hair behind the ear blushing.. when her phone rings disturbing their sweet chocolate moment .she ask who has called? She takes the call when the  person says kay lagta hain tuje u will be happy I will never leave u people to live in peace piya get tensed when she ask koun who is talking? She says u forgotten me soo soon mrs priya ram kapoor? She sees ram who takes the phone and ask who si this.. teir sautheli maa raaam kapoor he says how dare u call ?she says hahahaa I will ab dekna how I am going to destroy u people u put me behind baars that doesn't mean I am helpless I will nto let u people live in peace.. soon priya panic.. ram says calm down iw ill call police when the servant says police has come down.. priya says deka raaam ye din it is unlucky day and cries.. he says nothing like that priya and hugs her..

They come down when police inform niharika has escaped from jail he ask how it is possible? He says she did it because someone helped her  wo lawyer rajesh ne aapki mom ko bahar nikalne mein madat kiya hain he helped her to escape.. they were like what? As our information both have escaped and possibility getting out of Mumbai.. because that lawyer was recently arrested for trying to kill someone.. ram was shocked .. he says iska mathlab .. what u r saying u ever know she can harm us.. he says sorry sir ,� she blew powder in our eyes but don't worry police have been alerted and one gang is following them and we r trying to track them .. aap fikar mat karoo but we r leaving police protection to ur house.. aaj raat tak we will capture her.. when he get an news that niharika and that fellow had an skit in car and died in accident while police chasing them.. ram says don't trust them I need to identify the body � varna she may even play death game.. ram tell he will go to see it priya says no.. he says don't worry ..he assure her and ask her nto to get panic.

Ram was right it was niharika but that rajesh's mistress.. she escaped .. they tried to reach her.. the police got information of the pco where she called from and goes around. Niharika enters the km as the naukarani.. Through the secret way and decide to steal the kid and blackmail raya ..this was not known to many which niharika made (omg isne bhi?) she comes there in form of daima.. she goes she sees the kids were sleeping and she says I will finish the happiness I won't kidnap u kids but will kill u and take the knife and stab the kid full form.. but suddenly someone slapped her hard.. it was none other than ram.. Immediately police caught her.. and the lady inspector slapped her hard and took the knife with kerchief and says u were right sir she came to house as we expected achha hua u kept cctv camera.. she sees him he smiles saying I am ram kapoor ko k series ka bewakoof hero nahiii samjii kya lagta hain I am bewakoof.. to keep such things.. I will tell u one thing we have shifted to an new house kyunki ye house is having ur memory which I don't want kynki wo ghar mein meri maa hogi where it will be her house mrs Krishna amaranth kapoor,mother of ram kapoor.. aaj se we people will live there not here.. I am soo happy I took this decision.. u will never able to escape again u know why that person who was helping u died.. and teriliye jail mein special intezaam kiya hain.. she says i won't leave u and tries to get when the inspector shoot her hand and take her aawaya.. later she was dropped into dark room and was not allowed to meet any one.. she goes mad there..

Here raya and all shift to new house an huge mansion bigger than it. Krishna ask why all this? He says because eye Krishna house hoga not kapoors she says but I am kapoor he says I know mom but I want to be known with ur name.. she says par meri bahu.. he says she gave me idea.. she was soo happy(btw ram guessed she will come and so he send them to priya's house as they expected. It was also ram wanted to surprise with new house on her birthday.. with house warming function so it happened) it was evening by now.. raya entered with graha pravesh and then sat in havan.. after it ram take her to their new room she was shocked it had their picture and an picture which was taken in nuts and karthick wedding she sees him hwo says I took it from my phone.. they hug.. then their wedding the babies sab.. he even made an new room attach to their room for their kids. He says aaj se ek nahi shururwat hogi in the new house with new life


priya cut the cake and feeds ram and get teary saying aaj se pehle I have not celebrated any birthday he says but today is our spl day haina.. rem this si the day before 4 years I saw u jaldi we will be entering our 5th year.. she smile.. they hug when other says hum bhi yahan hain.. she feed one by one.. AL were sooo happy.. her kids were having full cake and ry were wiping the cream from the hands ..picture were clicked and all were enjoying it.. raya do an baby steps dance due to ram saying deere karo ..she says aap bhi na .. the highlight was neha and shipra's dance  for dola re song where almost sudheer and vikram got heart attack seeing their wife..
when priya was saying muje bhi nahcna hai ram say nahi ayar deko how fast they're dancing aise nahi karsakthi us had been very careful.. so dancing.. agr karna hain mein hoon naa and then he starts to dance for the song.. biwi no 1 priya was blushing and all teases her..  the birthday end with happy note as even the kids dances punjabhiyon ki battery charge rehte hain� priya says this is my bested birthday in my whole birthday.. raya hugs.. only to be taken as picture by vikram saying ye frame karke will gift them .

Krishna was seeing photos next day with rishab showing it on the tablet when she goes dull daadi ask kya hua Krishna bahu why r u soo sad? she says kuch nahi beeeji she ask tell me .. When she says I had great want of seeing my son's wedding but it din't happen.. I wished to do all preparation by myself but.. daaadi says but ram ne shaadi kar chukka hain too ab nahi hoga na.. Krishna says haan .. Daadi sys par mein is baat se kush hoon ki usne shaadi karliya.. when rishab says if I say thing will u people get upset they says no tell it. He says why can't we get them re married? so that all our wishes get fulfilled even I wanted to see his wedding I had great want to see it.. I want to be with him make him dance on his wedding but it din't happen kya kahein shall we ? daadi says jeete rahe puttar to to meri dil kii baat cheen liyaa .. Krishna what u say? She says neki aur pooch pooch? Par ram aur priya daadi says tum fikar mat karo I will talk.. they all smile .

Raya comes after their checkup .. when Krishna and rohan runs to them and both carried them.. when they asked papa mamma aapki kab shaadi huyi? they see each other.. he says long back.. Where were we? Ram says with daadi and smiles funnily both start to cry face ram ask kya hua why u r crying when he says we want to be with in ur wedding.. he was like what? He sees priya even priya wonders.. when he says maa what happen why they are asking such things.. when daadi says because we wanted u people to get re married as except shipra jii no one was there in ur wedding and we also don't know what u people did.. we want to do it with all rasam.. ram golu u know right we have soo many rasam to do before wedding and after wedding.. shipra told u got married in very much hurry .subh kaha shyam ko shaadi kar liya naa it is not done we all want to do ur shaadi dhoom daam so we have decided to re marry u people� he says but daadi we r already married she says too phir se shaadi karna se problem hain? He says daadi how can I make u understand i.. she frowns and cries and says no one love me.. I had only wish to see my golu's weding ab it is not also happening.. when rohan says papa shaadi Karlo don't let daadi cry.. Krishna also says shaadi karlo mamma.. papa se and smile.. raya see each other .in time vikram and neha also come.. they ask daadi u called us kya hua? When daadi tell he was like wowww and jumnp saying ram aur priya ki shaadi hogi..
ram says heloo vikram are u out of mind? He says oye u be quite.. u married not even saying to me.. so isliye u have to get married it is my order.. neha says exactly this time I am with vikram.. even we were like planning to get u both married but u people pretended as if u don't even feel each other exist.. Krishna (ram's mom) ask kya hua neha ? she says haan aunty and tell her.. how they planned.. so isliye u people have to get married priya says neha samja karo yaar it is soo awkward.. she says koi awkward nahiii common priya.. kya tum  nahi chati hoo phirse shaadi ho sab rasamon ke saat.. priya get worried when ram sees her and tell we will talk and tell the decision tom.. all says fine tom morning u have to give us answer but positive one samja..when rohan pulls vikram kurta and ask aapki shaadi hochuki hain kya? He says haan aur neha is my wife.. he says but I thought sweetheart is ur wife?neha was like who is that and all and he says are tuje hi to sweet hear bulata hoon.. she says achha really then go and pick my dresses I have given for dry cleaning.. he says neha.. rohan laughs.. he says tuje to mein deklloonga he says me too raya were like omg.. ye rohan na.. rishab says oye kya kiya aapne .. to rohan he says nothing.. he says my cute chota bheeem.. raya sees each other..

Priya wa in room and feeding Krishna her food.. she says mr kapoor I can't understand from where this idea came from? U know it na awkward hota hain.. we will say no .. he says priya don't take stress .she says it is soo embarrassing .. he says haan.. more than it shaadi mathlab we will kept away for few days which I cannot afford.. she sees and ask what did u say? Krishna says papa can't be away from mamma.. making priya blush and kiss Krishna. When shipra calls .. she says mr kapoor Krishna ko kilayioye� he says okk ..  shipra tell beta so when shall we go to shopping she was like kyun are teri shaadi honewali haina.. she says maaa she says priyaaa.. kya beta.. bahut ichha ti that u get married properly last time also very much in hurry teek se shaadi karlo.. naa she says maa it is she says ahcha acha wait talk to u dad. She says use samajayiye.. he says yes with facial expression.. he says priya beta kya kar rahi ho? Kaise ho? She says teek hon papa. he says priya beta tum shyam ko ghar asakti ho? Tujse kuch baat karni hain.. she says papa I don't want to get married please ma ko samajyiye.. please..
he says beta.. ghar ajavo we will talk aur damad ji ko bhi lana.. we will meet up for dinne.. waise bhi shadi ke baad kabhi nahi aye hain shayd aye honge but.. she says teek hain. She inform ram of going there he says fine.. She says he wanted his damad to come along he sees her she says why u r seeing like that he said about u.. u r his damad na he says haan bhool gaya and smiles.. Rohan come running and hugs ram saying papa muje bhi kilavoo waise bhi neha aunty nahi hain.. ram says deko tumahri beta ko neha ke peeche pada hain bechara vikram. She says mein kya karoon bachhe apni papa ki taraf hain and giggles.. ram says priya.. she says abhi ayi rohan ka kana bhi lekar ata hoon rohan says mein bhi chaloon she says aajaavoo krishan says mein bhi.. and runs to priya.. ram think omg she can't carry both says mein bhi and carries his kid saying priya should not lift weight..

Raya enter sharma house who was in top of joy .. the kids runn saying naaani.. nanaaa mamau nuts bua..  nuts and karthick daughter also get happy seeing them.. they share family moment. Shipra welcome them with aarti and give him sweet she says are ram ji kaise sharama mujse and feed him one more.. she also feed to priya.. she says maaa bus karo.. and then they come in.. later she place snacks and drink ram says are bus kijiye ek din mein muje mota nahi hona.. the kid wwere running around so nut says mein inhhain game seekati hoon so that thy get divert and take them to her room and all three roll over bed and nuts manages them to sit and make them place.. sudheer then talk about the wedding ram and priya were saying no no when sudheer says priya beta mein jaanta hoon why u r saying it .. kya tum nahi chavogi tum hari shaadi har rasam ke saat hooo?
She says papa aap, he says beta. Meri bahut ichha tiii ki me and shipra do the kanya daan.. won't u give this mauka for me? Priya was in thoughts.. don't u want ur kids to have beautiful memories of their parents wedding? What will u says why u people got married.. do u want ur kids to think wrong on u waise bhi no one was present except shipra.. usk bhi bahut armaan hain tum donon ki shaadi karane ki.. shipra says haan beta.. (by now karthick also went inside with kids)we want to see ram and u get married again .. we want to do the kanyadaan.. proper riwaaj rasam.. Krishna ji told me she too wanted to see her son's wedding itna to kushi hum sabko de sakte haina.. raya were lost in thoughts and kept seeing each other.. when sudheer shipra says we will get the food ready think of it..


They were in dinner table when rohan ask manav u don't have behen like I have Krishna he nodes no. when he says oh oh bechara u know I got Krishna and I also going to get one more  brother which is inside my mummy's stomach.. all sees each other� he says meri paas ek bhai aur ek behen hogi and smile saying 2 honge teri paas kuch nahi hain.. he starts to cry.. Ram think omg this ladka bhi na.. Priya says rohan come here be quite.. Sudheer and shipra smile and says are beta it ok. And consoles nuts son.. When he says muje bhi ek chiaye mamma r u having one inside the stomach.. when u will each raw mango kyunki when raju's mom ate it he got one brother nuts was like omg.. Karthick says are beta.. aise nahi kehte.. Kids are not got by having raw mango they are given by god and angel delivers it.. he says but I heard doctor deliver it all laugh on his innocent words.. rohan says uff doctor ko  bi angel hi dete haina turn towards shipra and says haina nani.. she says haan haan and laughs not able to control. Soon she realize something was wrong and sees Krishna spoiled her dress with painting food over her dress she says omg Krishna smile.. she says achha to aapki kaam hain priya says Krishna ye aapne kya kiya kitna baar kaha hain not to.. sudheer says jaane do beta.. its ok. Bachhi to hain haina she giggles.. the dinner get fun filled. Ram was embarrassed when shipra keep praising herself and making fun of ram. Saying kahin isliye shaadi keliye na to kehrahe hain that u have to be away from priya? all laugh.
Ram says aise kuch nahi hain. Priya too blushes and she know the reason.. Kids were busy playing and soon rohan says papa ghar chalo muje nennd araha hain rubbing his eyes.. he says haan beta we will go and take him ins lap when he says papa story sunavoo nuts and karthick laughs when their son manav says papa muje aap story kab sunavogi.. nuts says common karthick ab to toda story book pado.. he says nuts.. she laugh saying I can't believe it meri bhai aur meri pati ko apni bachhon ko story sunaa hoga.. jo log always be an man, have to father to tell story.. karthick to teek hain lekin bhai aap.. priya says don't worry nuts he has habbit haina Krishna.. she nodes haan and says pa told me 3 story showing her 5 tiny fingers that day.. nuts says omg look at this cute one.. kitna cute se bolti hain.. bhabhi can I keep her with me.. manav says mama Krishna is rohan's sister muje mera chiaye .. all laugh .. on the kids innocence.. shipra says muje lagta hain wo teek keh raha hain.. raya say bye to them as kids were falling to sleep. Rohan kept asking for stories when raya told him when they get to their house they will tell and carry back Krishna and rohan who were half sleep. Manav to sleep off and nuts and karthick were talking after raya leave of how much fun it was and wish raya agree for re marriage.. ram was in car rem the words which sudheer talked when priya was not around.

Sudheer tell him that priya was married hurriedly each time and each girl has an wish of marrying with all traditional and priya too she would never tell anything.. Ram was thinking about it.. in night they tell rohan and Krishna story and make them sleep.. Priya changes and says aaj bahut mazaa aya bahut dinon ke baad me papa ma nuts karthick.. And our kids.. she turns sees him lost in thoughts she ask what happen he says nothing she ask r u thinking about the wedding? He says aise hi kuch she says ram I think we should go on.. mathlab should we? I know u don't want it is ok we will say no.. he hold her hand and says meine kab na kaha priya smile. He says I want to see my wife in dulhan ka joda aur phir suhaag raat hogi naa.. she says badmaash and hugs him.. she says now I know why rohan troubles vikram bhaiya.. he laughs. next day morning raya comes down.. daadi was upset seeing raya not with happy face.. Krishna ask beta too kay decide kiya hain? He says mein.. When vikram and neha comes with the kids.
They ask kya hua ram jaldi bolo.. all were having teri finger crossed raya see each other and she says u tell he says um bolo.. they together daadi it is not possible for us.. daadi face fall so as Krishna when they says it is not possible for us to get married until u people don't start the preparation.. vikram was like what? It mean.. ray smile and says it mean we are ready to get married he was like wowow congrats and hugs raya .. along with neha he says ab to ram godhi chadega aur we will go dancing as bahratiss .. Ram says goda no no vikram I am not going to he says it is part of wedding.. Yaar common it was my dream to see u in that white horse, dulha.. Rohan pulls his kurta vikram sees him..

He ask ye kyun karte hain he says it is an ritual for dulha to climb over the horse and go .. he say achhaa.. to if I want to get married should I go in horse? He says haan shaadi karna hain too godi chad na padega.. he smiles saying mein bhi shaadi karloong ridhima dii se godi chad kar? vikram was like oyee ye kaise hosakta hain? he runs and sit over his toy horse which move to and fro and says aise ab mein godhi chad gaya muje bhi shaadi karni hain wo bhi ridhima di se taaki mein neha aunty ke  saat reh sakta hoon.. vikram ka mooh kul jaata hain and give an shock look neha se mooh band karoo vana makki chala jayega andaar and laugh all too . he says raaam deko ur ladla .. what he is saying.. wo meri .. arghh deek ram aise nahi hosakta mein kehdeta hoon.. pehle se hii he was fond of my wife ab meri beti noo way.. waise bhi she is elder to him.. shaadi todi na hosakta hain.. neha says are so what it is fashion now to marry elder person na mathlab .. boy marry elder girl ..
he says no aise todi na hoga neha tum bhi. She says are common celebrity do it.. he is not less to celebrity.. he says neha samjoo priya ise samjavoo na.. when he sees all laughing he realize wait a minute.. neha says baby.. don't worry aise kuch nahi hoga waise bhi wo itna chota hain dekoo he I laying with the horse wow kitna cute hain mera cutie pie.. he says what.. she says we were just having fun with u yaaar� common seriously aise todi na hoga.. woo bachha hain he is an kid.. vikram ka tai tai fish hojatha hain.. ram says vikram don't worry jab tak ye bada hoga teri beti ki shaadi hochuka hoga.. and laughs.. he says tu bhi ram.. inke saat milkar .he says are vikram choda na.. see I dint teach him he is soo fond of teasing u to mein kya karoon? He says I am sure u must have thought him all this.. neha says are vikram jaane do. Priya says jaane dijiye na bhaiya hain to aapki ka dost ka beta, jo hain.. But one thing for sure when he grow up he will surely come to u only for asking help.. kahega mama ap please papa ko manavo na.. vikram says woo to jaroor ayega.. meri na sahi neha ke paas to jaroor ayega.. all were smiling..

Shipra says aaj se priya hamari ghar rahegi ram was like kyun iski kya jaroorat hain.. all see his reaction.. She says because until the marriage doesn't happen the girl should be in her maika only.. he says but.. we r married na.. Vikram says too are common yaar it is natural na.. The girl should be in maika before wedding. He says but.. When daadi says golu puttar it is rasam.. we have called pandit ji .he will come and tell the date.. he says daadi ye.. she says beta.. ye sab pehle hona chiaye ta.. when enters the pandit ji.. she says jai shri Krishna they wish and make him sit. They dint give raya's kundali.. he sees it and says kundali to donon ache hain.. he says is kudali ke hisaab se inko 5 bachhe kamse kam hoga.. all see towards ram. He says are ab tak meine aise bhi kuch nahi kiya.. look. They all laugh.. vikram says hosakta hain.. ram says vikram.. un mein se 2 bachhe tuje samalne dedoonga.. samjaa. He says are raaam.. Common.. panditji says inki kundali ke anusaar. Agle aane wala 3 din ke baad ek achha mahurat hain.. u can make them get married. Btw ye pehli shaadi they says dusri shaadi� raya was like omg ab 3 din mein shaadi? Shipra and all says omg itna saara shopping baaki hain. raya says shopping ki chodiye itni jaldi it is fine with u all they says haan.. Krishna says par beeji itini saaari rasam hain.. are fikar mat karoo sab ko aaj hi kabab kar do.. ask all to come.. and we will divide the work.. shipra aaj hi aap priya ko lekar jayiye aur kal se eke k rasamon ka start kardenge..
Krishna ask rasam kya hota hain rice ke saaath kaane wali to her rishab chachu who says are nahi it mean rituals.. Krishna scratches her head so as ram and ask riiituatl mean? He says hmmm and says bhai answer ur daughter I can't answer her. When he laugh saying oye seeklo jalde when u get married even u will have kid. He says seek loonga but u answer this question.. when ram says mein.. and says vikram karega.. Answer haina.. akir u r his mamu.. he says mein? in shock. when rohan comes running and ask haan karo na answer.. as neha aunty say u never answer.. Her calls.. he says oye aise kuch nahi hain.. he says nahi too u kept ur phone in ur hand and said meri Hitler biwi is calling � he says oye I never say anything sees neha who was fuming with anger� priya says rohan.. and says sorry eye hamesaa hi.. Neha says are nahi nahi priya he is only one who open my hubby's pole.. Ram giggles when Krishna says kaho na papa wo kya hota hain.. he say oph lifting her.. says when u do marriage these thing happen like mehndi sangeet and haldi. Correct na.. all laugh.. Krishna says muje samaj mein nahi yaa.. priya says na smaaj mein aya to hi teek hain chalo.. ab jagar packing karte hain to go to nani's house.. she says nani house and smiles ..ram says now itself? All laugh.. daadi says oye golu ye shaadi ka rasamon keliye na aise hi hota hain.. aaj hi jana hoga priya ko.. kyun shipra ji she says haaan.. Krishna says chali sab jagaaar kaamm karlete hain.. Neha vikram tum donon meri sat avo rishab beta.. tum na ek achha sa event manager se baat karlo they will be able to help us and he say haan ma..

Ram was left alone with rohan who ask sab kahan chale gaye? (shipra was with priya to help her in packing) he says to sep ur mom and dad temp.. he frown he says cahlo papa hum donon milkar mummy se baat karte hain. He frown.. Ram was like priya aj hi jana jaroori hian.. He says haan ma muje nahi jaana.. muje papa ke saat rehena hain she says beta.. we r just going there for few days.. we will come to here very soon.. he frowns.. so as ram she says are why u people are soo sad.. I am just going because of this rasam na.. varna nahi jaati.. waise bhi kuch cheezon mein intezaar ka fal meeta hota hain he says not fair priya abhi abhi sab teek hua haina nd they are.. she says ram.. putting her hand around her neck and sys aap itn upset amt huyi ye.. jab ahmari shaadi hua ta.. I was soo upsetthat kuch samaj mein nahi ara ta.. aap ko teeek taraf se dek nahi payi but this ime I want to enjoy  each and every moment aur I want to see as my dulha.. he frowns.. she ays aur phir now playing with the top button going near his ear aapki wo spl raat bhi ayega na.. he sees her.. he says I am not going to fall for this trick.. She says ram maanjavona.. he says nahi manoonga common priya tum isi ghar mien rehkar ye sab nahi hosakta kya? She says I know ram what u r going through but please.. only 4 days he says 5 days including today.. she says achha baba 5 days.. it will go just like that.. waise rasamon ke bahane we will eb meeting naaa he says no priya  I am not happy.. rohan says me to. She sees him who was in bed standing same like ram..
she says junior golu see his face just like u even in gussa.. he says mamma muje nahi jaana and cries.. ram says see she asy ram and geos and hgus him and says are meri lalla no crying baby.. she says beta we r just going there for 5 days we will be back na.. btw nanai has kept icecream for u� he was like icecreamm and smiles and says abhi chalo.. ram says yeee kya .. rohan papa will give u more ice cream.. he says haan papa but nani make spl icecream.. priya laughs he frowns.. priya says mana jayiye na.. he says nahiii she says aap aise karenge how will I be happy and how willt he kid inside be happy and tears flow he says achha achha.. rona mat.. I can't see u crying.. has doo.. she says but u r.. he says ok and both smile and  hugs when rohan says papa mein yahi hoon muje bhi koi hug karona.. he scratches his head.. and says ajavo and Carrie him and both kisses him..


Ram says he will drop them.. He drops them.. and tells he will take the luggage's and come when priya says mein lekar jaati hoo he ays are no need mein hoona and carries and drop the luggage.. Nuts and karthick were over joyed hearing the news they get happy on priya getting re married.. ram was having no mood to leave his wife but no other go have to leave.. when he was going Krishna start to cry asking him not to go.. rohan to starts.. ram says I wil take them to an ride and drop them back.. varna rohenge.. priya say mien bhi chali hoon he can't handle both.. shipra says are aise kaise.. ahi abi to.. nuts says mom elt them go ..s hayd donon akele mein kuch baat karna chate hain and teases the.. ram says chotii tu bhi na.. aise kuch nahi hain.. and say lets go.. he takes them to go around ad when they see park they start to shout and they get to take thm to park and make them play.. and after that they get them ice-creams.. then priya says muje paani puri kaani hain he ays no way road wala nono I don't know kounsi paani mein baana hoga she says but I used o eat from long back he says no way.. she frown are priya.. tuje paani puri chiaye na I will get u.. she says but u said he says yaa yahan ki nahi kahin aur ki.. she ask kahaaan?
he says bhool gayi when u were pregnant with Krishna and rohan I got it for u she says wahan. And get happy.. they drive of with kids.. who asked so many question to them.. but raya goes to the place and he order the person who are from 5 star hotel and serves them paani prui exclusively and priya forcedly feed him.. and the kids were having fun time.. .while returning back.. the kids sleeps off calmly.. raya carries them back .they put the kids to sleep. Ram didn't have mind to leave but had to go.. With sad face.. in time manav who was gone with karthick also come he was also sleeping in karthick's arm.. Karthick inform he slept of but asked soo many question.. ram ask did u answer he says it as not easy.. eh says fine.. btw kal se sirf manav nahi 2 aur aaur poochenge give them also the answers and goes happily he says mieinn?

Shipra kept discussing and sudheer was like shaadi yahan par hoga.. Krishna ji requested to me specially and they agreed and shipra was shopping kaise karenge kahan se.. nut says are mein hoona and helps to design priya's outfit she says kal we will try some outfit I will ask my staff to bring for u.. Ram was missing them.. When he call priya inform she is busy he frowns.. he cdnt sleep properly the whole night.. next day Krishna, rohan start their question and now manav too joined.. bechara karthick ka behaal ta.. when she says I can't handle them alone nuts help me. Naa.. priya says ek dam chup and give them book to draw and colour but they colour the wall instead of book shipra was like omg.. when the kids says yahan ki colour achah nahi alga isliye .. she says priya karthick sudheer ye dekooo all come and get shocked but laugh on the kids who had colour over them also priya say ye sab kya hain? They says coloring.. She hits her handover her forehead and says chalo sab ke sab and take them 3 and give them bath.. she get them fresh and says in thi non ko too kya kareeein? In same time vikram comes with some things and says aunty meins aari saman lekar agaya aur neha bhi shopping gayi hain to get the rest and sees the kids who have huge smile and goes and hug him saying hamein bhar le kar chalo varna he was like varna kyaa? They says hum aapki upar paint giradenge and runs to get paint and vikram says wait wait.. I will take u out.. wait wait don't do anything.. they laughs..

priya says ye 3 doo.. ek kaaam kijiye take these 3 to  mr kapoor waise bhi now for sure he want be busy . he says but office I am sure ab tak daadi would have banned mr kapoor from going office he laugh wo to hai and says chalo.. all were smiling on kids naughty activity..  vikram says mein akele kaise lekar javoonga.. sab wo bhi ek nahi 3 -3 ko.. priya say but u r father of 3.. he says haan but neha does most of the time.. when luckily come rishhab to talk on the event manager and the kids get him also.. so rishab inform they have arranged an event manager who will come today afternoon and all has been called to Krishna house.. soo now all get ready as lunch was there they go.. the kids on entering run too ram room and he was busy in phone when he hear noise and cut the phone and geos and hug them.. manav says mama he says how is my little manav he says achha.. aur meri Krishna aur rohan who says we miss u papa and hugs him he says omg me tooo.. vikram says u know ram what they did.. he says kya kiya? he describe the scene and ram laughs.. he says they love u a lot vikram.. 

The person call rishab and ask the direction and comes she enters she was all nervous.. she says mannste mein sowmya.. rishab to lattu hogaya.. us par.. ram notice rishab reaction and smiles.. she was little tensed but they make her feel comfortable and soon she start her presentation and all get impressed and agree for it.. she says aaj se decorate karna shuru kardenge as per necessary and she was told advanced was send to her company she get happy.. when she was going rishab offer to drop her but she refuses her .. but he forces she get scad.. when he introduce himself nicely and then slowly they get comfortable.. she thanks rishab for dropping her.. kids were sleeping when nuts goes to see where they are and get shocked as ram too slept with them she show priya who say it is usual one he sleep along with them.. in name of putting them to sleep.. now they get down leaving them to continue their sleep.

Nut shows some dresses and one was good which as red and and mixture of red and pink so Krishna chooses it for priya wedding dress.. then as per decided they go for Punjabi wedding. Then the sangeet was in flower theme.. where all need to get ready related to flower and it was the next day evening, mehendi was on the previous day of all discussion they were doing and selecting jewels and all. When priya goes to kitchen and someone hugs her.. she sees it was ram.. she says aap yaahan bache too he says shhh and says vikram is there.. she laugh saying bechara .. hamaesaa aap use fasa dete hain.. he says are common mama haian todi handle karne doo.. she says aap kab he says shh no question only romance and says chalo and take her away she ask kahan he says are kahi bhiii and take her away.. when they were going he get shocked as daadi was like goluuu putttar.. he says daaadii she says shaadi se pehle nahi nahi.. and take priya making ram face fall .. and priya was going ram was upset .. and kids were sleeping so it was easy to take them away.. in the house night mein ram call priya and tell ajavoons he says I want to feel fresh in wedding not pale.. next day..  the sangeet was in evening so ram goes to meet priya where he was not allowed his kids meet him and  he get inside with them. But they manage to send him..

It was sangeet and the songs were on sab dance karte hain nuts karthick neha vikram..  even the kids.. ram doesn't alow priya to dance.  But steals her when other were busy dancing to romance he was like 2 aur din she says he have to to wait.. he hugs her when again he hears golu puttar mein yahi hoon.. priya laughs on seeing ram being caught and daadi pullir his ear.. after of fun filled ssangeet all return back and ram was missing and kept talking to his kid who were also missing him.. next comes the mehendi.. priya was having mehendi and rohan was with ram as he picked him as priya cannot handle both.. Krishna get along with nuts so it was not problem. Rohan was asking soo many question and get upset if he doesn't answer so ram have to be very careful in dealing so take him to office along with him.. here rishab was helping sowmya and both were speaking with eyes.. ram was with rohan who ask so many question.. ram then had to go to meeting as an emergency without choice he had to take rohan who ask question to vikram who was like ye wo but when ram's secretary come to serve coffee they hand over to her who goes happily.
When ram and vikram goes after finishing get shocked as rohan was making all play around him and made them run behind him and as he was boss kid they can't say anything.. and he says like very naughty.. all were running but he run faster and at last ram goes and catch him and says ye kya hain.. when his secretary says sir.. I tried a lot but he dint hear me.. virkam says ye kisiika nahi sunta don't worry ram ask sorry to all but they all smile and says it ok sir.. and he carries him away saying vikram if I don't go home office to gaya and they go off. He talks to priya and inform about the naughtiness she ask pareshaan to nahi kiya na he says naa .. and ask ab kay kar raha hain he says sleeping.. after his food. the mehendi ceremony happen .. priya had done her ful mehendi and when she remove alter it was nice red .. and later got darker.. next day was the wedding .


For an surprise sid and conda come with their kid for spl weddingWink .. on the wedding day. Ram was happy he get up early and also make rohan get ready as the wedding was in morning.. vikram come and so as neha .they were saying wow achah sherewani hain priya ki selection hain kya he says haaanEmbarrassed woo they teases himWink.. vikram inform he will be joining priya's house soon when after the baarat start, he says but vikram u r my friend naAngry u have to be hereOuch he says are baba rahoonga but when wedding happen will shift there na after all they also need help naLOL.. he says ok but neha u have to be here she says are nahi muje bhi jana hain he ay sab ?Shockedwhen rohan says papa meine hoon na and make him  get smile.Big smile. ram and rohan was dressed in same style of sherwani. Wink

Shipra was soo happy to see conda and her kid shruthi priya was too happy seeing them.. the haldi get over and priya start to get ready conda was helping her she says sorry diCry she hugs herHug and priya says aise mat kaho I am not angry at all and consoles her.. here manav get upset both shruti and Krishna was pampered by nutsWinkEmbarrassed, who  apllied makeup and do hairstyle and manav says meri koi nahi hain Confused.. kaash mein bhi ladki hoti and frowns.Ouch. sudheer says beta ye sharma house ki parampara hain when girl get ready boys have to be quite varna  and says chalo,  daaddu hainaWink and takes him happily..The girls were looking prettyEmbarrassed.. Karthick come saying chaliye sab we have to reach there in time.. he sees priya who was heating milk for Krishna and  rohan.. when he says dii mujse kaho mein kardeta aap kyun she says are nahi bus.. he says dii aapko hak hian mujse kehne ki too and says aap dulhan hainSmile aur aaj ka din aap keliye kaas hain so u don't worry I will do it and does it.. Smile

priya says thanks he says dii form when u have started to say thanks..? and they get emotional he says I will miss u a lot.. then they all go.. shipra get shockShocked when nuts shows her dress matching the dress of shruti and Krishna.. she ask how u managed she says common mom mein designer hoon I managed.Wink. and all three click picture.. they get down and shipra consoles priyaCrywhen she was going.. all get into the car which they have arranged.. priya was having Krishna and she ask maamma why u r wearing this.. muje bhi chiaye .. she says ye bahut baari hainConfused u can't wear it beta mamma will give u another one, she frowns as she can't wear it but.. shruti says koi baat nahi I will give my new chain mamma has got me 2 and tell haina mama codna says ofcourse betaEmbarrassed.. and smile Krishna get happy.SmileTongue. They reach the venue..

Nani comes and sees taala in the house and ask the padosi who inform aaj priya ki shaadi hain isiliye sab wahan gaye hain Shockedand we are also going there only and nani to goes with the wedding hall fuming thinking priya ki shaadi kabhi nahiiiAngry.the barathis were already Krishna takes the aarti and also does to rohan as he was like muje bhi karoo.Embarrassed. then vikram says godi chadoo he says noo he say are for few minutes atleast uske baad u can shift to car and make him climb and also rohan in front and they dance and after few minutes.. ram forget that vikram told that they will get inside car as he dint know and kept enjoying and rem priya they kept going and in few minutes they reach the mandap as it was near. Ram and rohan get down and vikram left a few minute and reach the venue to help them.. Smileshipra was standing there with aarti.. she then does arti and rohan says muje bhi. she says beta aaj sirf aapki papa ki karte hain kyun ki unki shaadi hainLOL.. he frown says mien bhi shaadi karloonga muje bhi karoOuch.. all laugh.. LOL

neha comes says oye meri raja ajaa neha aunty aap keliye surprise raki hain ye chodo and carry him ram was in reliefSmile.. They were welcomed in.. priya was also brought ..rohan on seeing priya says mmammaa aap ye sab kyun pehni hoo muje uthavoo Ouchand priya was not able to do anything Confusedas she had heavy dress.. when sowmya ask mein uthavoon he say nahi mamma.. neha ask mein? he nodes no.. vikram ask mein? He nodes no.. he criesCry hugging priya leg and priya was like rona mat beta.. please.. and tries to console him but it was getting difficult for her but vikram get an idea.. he show chocolate and tell wahan icecream hain chalogi.. and he frown but on hearing icecream he says 2 chaiye he says haan and carries him.. and get him icecream and was feeding him.. neha says achha hain.. she says nahi neha .. I am worried she says are kuch nahi hoga.. he will be alrightWink.. vikram ke paas haina.. he can handle and make her comfortable..LOL

Ram and priya come infront of each other and both were blushingEmbarrassed.. Krishna on seeing ram runs to him who was playing with shruti.. and hugs him he carries her and ask kaise hooo Embarrassedseeing priya she says aapke bina bahut boring hain papaa.. kab hum ghar jayenngee?Confused He says bahut jaldi.. Smileand kisses her.. when they were told for jai mala.. Krishna was taken by rishab as he promises her to click her wonderful picture and she was giving poses..LOL raya exchange garland and in time  virkam also come with rohan and neha get shockedShocked when her kids says mamma deko papa ko as rohan had apllied his icecream over vikram's coat but he dint mind as it was not more imp for him than raya happiness Winkand kids too.. Neha says u r an sweet person to vikram he says really when neha says tum nahi rohanCool and goes taking him who happily goes and show his tongue out Tongueand kisses neha he says achha iceceam keliye mein kiss keliye neha not fairOuch.. they giggles.LOL. raya exchange varmala.. with lots of emotion.. song was played in background mangalyam tantona nena majeevana hetuna .the garland was exchanged raya had huge smile on their faces he goes near and says u r looking beautifulEmbarrassed but shock happen to an person who sees it .Shocked

Nani was stunned seeing their wedding happening she shout yaha par kya ho raha hain? All see herAngry. She says hey raam yahan kya hora hain.. is abshaguni ki shaadi woo bhi dobara hey raaam' raammm. Ram says haan mujse hi horaha hain' she get shocked says tumse hey baghwaaan..Ouch ye kya hora hain.. aapke ek widwa se shaadi karenge making priya cry.. shipra says maa chup karoo.. she says mein kyun chup karoonnn sab ko jaan nna chaiye kii is ne kaise fasayaa .. When shipra says maa bus karooo aise kuch nahi jaise tum soch rahi hoo.. when the kdis ask mama ro kyun rahi hoo she get more shockedShocked.. she says achha bina shaadi kiye bachha bhi hogaya.. Karthick says naaani bus Karoo sudheer ji also says  says u r misunderstanding priya ki shaadi ho chukka hain she says whahi too aur uska pati. Shipra says maaa priya ki shaadi ram se ho chuka hain .. she was like what.?????????????ShockedShe says but shaadi to abhi abhi hora hain.. when sudheer says they have been already married for 4 years ..naani was like what? Krishna ask ram kya ye priya get teary when he says mom woo mein batane hi wala ta but.. she says koi baat nahi beta.. tune achha kiya hain.. daadi was little upset on hearing it when ram says daadi please galat mat samjiye mein sab batavoonga.. daadi says puttar mein is baat se gussa nahi hoon that u married an such a girl but u din't tell me.Ouch. tuje kya laga mein purani kayalt ki hoon aise nahi hain.. he says sorry daadi.. they stand with priya.. when here nani was saying bad thing.

Sudheer says maa ji please koi tamasa mat kijiye jo galti humse huyi ti us ka praychit karne dijiye.. waise bhi ye shaadi shipra ne karwyi ti.. nani ka sabse bada jatka ' shipra says ha meine hi karwayii maloon hain I was looking very pretty in my blue sari.. nani shout shipra.. tuje sharm nahi ayi she says kaise sharm? are maa meine priya ko apni beti mani hain isliye mien yahi socha aur whai kiya.. waise bhi jo shaadi pehle huyi tii aap jante hoo kaise hua aur woo chalagayaa hum sab ko chodkar..Cry to priya ki kya galti hain.. uska hak hain jeene ki aur mein whai karoongi chae aap meri saat de ya na dein.Angry. conda says mein abhi ayi and goes. She says maa papa jaldi chalo we r getting late.. when nani ye tu kay kehrahi hain wo priya she says nani please kuch mat kehna.. I am fed up with ur words .Dead. u don't know how much priya di love me.. whatever u say is wrong I have realized it.. Stop doing this we are getting delay for the marriage bhai mom dad chaliye they are waiting.. Nani says I won't let it happen when she says nani agar aapko pasand nahi hain aap ja sakti hain byeeLOL and takes them all.. sid ask what happened she says kuch nahi solve hogaya and they head for wedding.. shipra says meri maa todi aise hi hain maaf kardijiye shaadi keliye age badein she says priya rona mat make up bigad jayega aur photo bhi achhi nahi ayega and take them.LOL. nani fumes and goes to talk to Krishna and daadi who instead support raya and shoo her off as rohan apply chocolate over her sari Wink

The fire haven begun.. raya were sitting and the kids also sitting nearby. asking what they are doing bechara vikram aur karthick as both boys and girls kept asking them.. then kanya daan was done by shipra and sudheeer.. priya get emotional when ram says itna rona mat yaarr.. please varna I will to cry she laughsSmile.. then the knot was done by nuts who was happy .. all were throwing flower when they were taking pheras.. then mangalsutre was tied around her neck.. he then fill her maang some red vemillion falls on her nose she blushesEmbarrassed.. vikram send rohan to neha to ask question and she was answering.. when he ask meri shaadi kab hogi? she says jab tum badi hoga tabBig smile.. he ask kitna bada? she says papa jaise.. he says tab too muskil hainOuch and they laughs.Smile. now after wedding the picture were clicked.. Krishna and rohan were in raya hand they were happy ram says now when they get little older I can answer.. Wink

Graha pravesh happen and the ring rasam where priya wins Wink.ram says achha hua priya jeet gayi they were like why? he says because she is my wife.LOL. all laugh teasing him.. Priya was putting Krishna and rohan to sleep one in her lap and another in her other lap.Smile When neha comes and tease her asking raat keliye u r putting them to sleep kyaWink she says shh and indicate kids sleeping.. ram kept seeing priya talking to vikram sid and rishaab.Wink. vikram and other understood and excuses and goes.. vikram tell we have to go and winkWink she understand and they all goo when vikram says enjoy .. ram goes and carries rohan but he wake up and hugs priya and she ask him to carry Krishna and he does and they carry into room and he locks the room happily it was decorated and priya get shyEmbarrassed he says no need to be shy.. pehli suhaag raat nahi hain she says but agar deka jaye to yahi sahi mahine mein suhaag raat hain and blushes they hug after putting the kids to sleep.. (rem he made extra room attach to their room so it can be locked but still the kids can be monitored )he then lift her and take to their room which was decorated.. Embarrassed

Priya clothes were lying down so as hisEmbarrassed. Priya says ram I love youDay Dreaming he says I love u to' after they make passionate love full night. But was very careful'after some time she changes and got to see kid who were sleeping happily Smileas they were tired.. she says we forgotten to change he says it ok and slowly they change them they get awake but they sleep of again. After that raya also sleep hugging each other.Hug

Few months goes it was priya's godbaraai..Smile Priya was brought down and the men's were allowed for change.. priya was red sari with chunni.. kids were in asking question but now all send them to rishab who becharaConfused had to divert by making them play in his I pad .one by one give gift and wish something in her ear. Ram says this time I want an sweet gudiya just like her mom. She blushes..Embarrassed neha says I want an sweet boy like rohanSmile.. Krishna says jo bhi bachha ho but let be healthy.Big smile. shipra says is bar na meri taraf ladki chiaye.LOL. she says maa . the function was really nice as shipra neha Krishna teases them fully.. ram sees sowmya and rishab talking in phone as he goes to call him and he hear it and smiles.Smile. lagta hain ab kisi aur shaadi karne ka time hain.. ram talk to priya on it who smiles and says kal baat kareeinSmile.. he says haan and they go to sowmya house and talk.. they decide to teases rishab.. rishab enter when ram tell eh has decided to marry him to his family friend daughter he says but bhai mein meinConfused he says are kya.Ouch. priya comes and feed him sweet saying congrats rishab the girl we have seen is soo beautiful LOLu know we personally met the girl she was too good itni achhi maloon hian bilkul jo tuje jaise and smiles. He was upset but get shocked Shockedto see sowmya raya ask kaise laga he blushesEmbarrassed and then their engagement get fixed.. all were happy.Smile

Priya was on her regular checkup when she hears an women crying and sees .she get shocked. She as upsetCry.. Ram ask what happened when she cries.. on insisting she says papa kitabiyat bahut karab hain meri bhai bhi a bunko chodkar chala gaya aur and criesCry.. he consoles her.. he enquirers and come to know that her father was suffering from heart problem and need 10 lakh for operation.. he then goes with priya.. to meet her dad. But she refuses but they pay money and her choti ma get shockedShocked.. she always hated her but today she was the one who helped them in their need. Not even her own son whom she loved so much she scolded her for his son failure but later she realized he failed as he was not studying.she feels sad.Confused. priya tell papa ko kabhi bhi mat batayiye varna woo nahi lenge and goes' her choti ma get upsetOuch.. her dad get operated after some days.. priya was in her 9th months and kids were running around playing with vikram and neha and their kids .ram come and is next to her and says deka priya how they are playing aise lag raha hain kids are vikram and neha no other and laugh.. LOL

She says thanks he ask kis baat keliye she says for everything.. u gave me.. at a point I thought I lost everything but when u came I never expected u to be soo good Confused.. I always thought u as a rough and tough personOuch but today I know who u r are exactlyEmbarrassed he says sachi koun hoon meinWink? She says an wonderful and loveable person thanks for coming into my life.Smile When they were about to kiss priya says ram he ask kay hua she says my water brokeShocked.. ram was tensed other were trying to calm down.. and after some time they hear an noise baby was born..  it was an surprise it was an baby girl and ram jump in joyDancing and hugs vikramHug saying I won  ladki hihuyi hain.Wink. and get happy. Vikram says but I was expecting beta who can give back rohan and neha, are I wanted an boy to support me to.Ouch. when nurse inform an baby boy was also bornSmile vikram says mein jeet gaya.Big smile. ram and vikram were mad in excitement  Priya was all tired after delivery and he holds his little princess and prince who was like himEmbarrassed (is baar bhi)all were soo happy (planned for triplet but socha 2 kafi hain already 2 hain' aajkal bachhe ka season haia iisliye 2-2 bache hehee .. raya won't mind hope u people also)

Krishna and rohan were little upsetOuchCry as priya was not giving time but ram handle them saying it is because the babies  was small.. And they love them.. and manages them and convinces them.. and they too get fond of new ones and they lived an happy family.Smile. in time priya father also realized his mistake and met her once and asked sorry and left but priya got her wonderful family.Smile. jo riste mein parda ta wo bhi hut gaya deere deere se.. priya ko apni umeed ke upar jo parda daalkar raki ti wo hat gaya and she came to know about herself and she knows now that the hope once she lost of her life and covered it with and parda unknowingly, Embarrassedhad come to front removing the parda.. not only in her life even in ram's life.. an new journey had begun in name of their happy married life. Which was not less to heaven on earth after an journey of struggle Smile

Parda hath gaya raya ki life mein aur mein parda gira rahi hoon is ff ka.Cry

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