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parde ke peeche hain kuch ankahin bateein

Character intro: ram kapoor age 27 todi motu golu hain but sweet at heart but has little ego.. His sabse badi chinta hain uski weight but tab tak nahi mana jab tak uski life mein aise kuch hua.. After his father passed away he had taken over the business from young age along with studies he looked over the business.. Although Krishna was presence she had to stop going as in house her presence was needed and she did it when ram completely took over the business. She was happy. She has one more daughter who was just 18 years.. she was studying.. and as she lost their dad ram pamper her and she loves her brother soo much.. rest intro will carry one with the ff as per need. Ram was very sweet and caring in nature but one weakness is eating due to his dadi's laad pyaar..
Krishna kapoor an women who can analyze and the only person who has right to shout on ram and stop him but when daadi come on it she can't do nothing.. but she loves her saas as she stood as an pillar support when she lost her hubby.. today she had only one worry that no girl was ready to marry ram and who ever wanted was only behind his money fame and name nothing else.. but she wanted an person who love ram whoever he is.. Not as an business man but as an loveable person.. in time she get to know about an family and she was happy for  her son who is going to get married to an girl who will love him as he.. it was none other than Sharma family
Sharma family consider of sudheer shipra priya and Ayesha the super conda .
Priya Sharma the person who stay with her bua who is in other part of Mumbai due to her ill health and she is very fond and love her bua so stay s with her.. she is 23 now and engaged to assswine  she knew assswine from college time but not as n friend but as an classmate and when the rista came they din't have any reason to say no so accepted and engagement happened as in assswine house rasam the house put the ring on the bahu's hand not the  honewala .. and priya gave the ring and same sudheer had to put in the damad's hand .. they were all happy and now it was 3 months since they go engaged and both were busy with their respective jobs and he is working in another city and trying to shift to Mumbai .. shipra decide to get conda also get married so that both the girls be settled soon and she was also 21 ready for marriage..
Rest as the story proceeds with go on'
Good morning sir.. He says sit down.. ur qualifications she give him he sees it and says uff ye qualifications hain naaa, not nice.. btw miss Sharma right.. ya miss priya sharma what make u think u r fit for this job? What if I don't give this job? She comes and pours the coffee and also water saying this is my answer motu and goes.
6 months later
Krishna enters ram's room he was busy working she says bus karoo raam.. lo deklo  yahi ain wo family mien baat kar rahi thi yaad hain jis ladki k a rista aya hain aur muje achha laga.. he says mom aap janti hoo mein I am no more interested mom u know girls are not ready to marry me because i am fat and if they are ready only reason is money.. and u r saying me to get married? I don't want to see any photo mom.. she says ram.. beta listen to me.. once u see her u will like her.. btw I enquired about their family they are very good and do not have any problem with ur goluness ..he says then surely behind money .. she says noo u know they are not bothered about ur money'they like u very much beta. Eek baar dek to looo please meriliye and places the photo he smiles seeing the picture.. she says beta unke paas bride ka single photo nahi ta.. isliye family photo dediya.. waise bhi ladki bahut achhi hain muje bahut pasand hain.. he sees his mom she ask pasand aya ladki? He smiles saying ok.. in his mind agar ye ladki meri paise ki peeche nahi hogi I know that .. she says aaj shyaam ko we r going to see her be ready.. he smiles.. he was looking over dresses and was not able to choose  he thinks today is spl day.. what would I do? When nuts comes shouting bhaai and stops as she wanted to ask him to choose her dress and here he himself was confused and smiles.. she says blue nahi ink pehnelo meine suna hain bhabhi ko na pink achhi lagta hain.. he turns and says choti tum.. she giggles saying bhaii I came to ask for ur help and u urself is soo busy he says mein kya karoon.. he says choti.. chal bataoo she says I can't understand what to wear.. Eh says donon achhi nahi hain and goes and get her parcel and says ye dekloo and she open and get shocked it was same red set she was asking for.. she ask yee ye aapko he says haan haan mein jaanta hoon tuje chaiye ta.. isliye I got for u..  She says I love u bhai.. and hugs him and says don't forget and goes.. he again sees the photo and think shayd red bhi pasand hain meri taraf and wear red kurta..
Ram was very happy and kept seeing the picture which he cropped from the pc after scanning and loaded it in his mobile.. they reached Sharma house. They welcome them and all got here happily.. he was very happy.. sudheer and shipra were very happy and they welcome them and give sharbad and then fruits and all sorts of  samosa kachori bread pakoda all.. shipra ssys meri beti ne ye sab seek rahi hain damad ji keliye and ram blushes nuts says oye oye boy seek rahi hain yaa iski mummy bana rahi hain hehee and giggles ram says choti chup.. she says kya bhai abhi se hone wali saas ki side par.. hmm? she giggles. Ram sees around and sees the photo and finally the picture and smiles.. he thinks how simple and innocent she is ' just as I want.. Shipra then says she is getting ready ram think ready hone ki kya jaroroat hain she is good as she is.. when shipra says abhi ayi and says chalo beta we r getting late chalo kabse damad ji aye hain he is very impatient to see u .. she says maa wait last touch upp she does it and says I am ready unhein pasand avoongi naa.. she says ofcourse why not meri baby.. she bring her out when ram was smiling when he hear sorry everyone I got late.. he turns and get shocked to see the person ' it was .. let sudheer give intro.. he says are priya beta we are all were waiting for u.. u know right Ayesha cannot do anything without u.. she says sorry papa sorry every one and sees ram and she goes to her dad and ask papa Ayesha ki hone wali wo kahan hain? sudheer was like priya wo red kurta wala hii hain .. she was like what?
Ram was shocked when Ayesha comes and says sorry I got late ram turns and shipra smile saying kya dekrahe hain damad jii yahi hain meri ayeshaa aapki honewali patni. Even choti was shocked.. ram kept seeing Ayesha and priya. In shock.. priya seeing ram gave weird looks and think kitna motu hain .. meri behn omg kitna patlu? Nooo nahi ye nahi she goes to conda and says are how come u say yes to such man deka hain pura sofa bhi is looking small when he sit and u and me can sit in same sofa and u want to marry him she see her and says are dii it is ok.. deko he is good nice.. achha insaan hain achha who told u she says mom.. she sees shipra who was smiling fully of 32 teeth jumping out of mouth.. priya says are don't listen .. yaar mathlab toda socho if u and he go to somewhere u will be hidden  when he walks in front of u.. she says achha haina dii no one will know I am behind.. btw look at him he is wearing  ur fav colour red.. she sees him they were seeing them. She just smile and says conda don't marry him it will spoil ur life.. Krishna sees it and tell shipra jo to hum chalte hain.. shipra says are jaldi kya hain abhi abhi ram aur ayeshaa ki baatein hona hain.. priya says mom agar wo jana chate hain aap kyun rok reha hain.. hosakta hain unki koi emergency ho.. ram says mom ghar chalkar baat karenge she sees him and wonder kya hua ise bi? Sudheer sees priya and ask her to be quite in eyes.. .. priya frowns.. nuts also frown as she also thought about priya and came and when they came to know about conda they were disappointed.. Only Krishna know conda was the girl..
Shipra ji sys par aap.. she says um ghar jaakar phone karenge.. conda says aap ki faisla kuch bhi ho muje is shaadi se aitraaz nahi hain.. take u r time . and smiles to ram.. who get little scad seeing the red dark lipstick.. Thinks komolika ki lipstick kyun peheni hain?oh god.. ab kya hogaa? Muje nahi pata ta.. I thought priya was .. he was disappointed he didn't have same happiness when they were going back as he had when he was excited before seeing priya'priya ask mom dad aap log aise rista us keliye soch kaise sakte hain have u ever thought how both look conda says di   common he is good.. she says good nahi he looks laddoo ya phir balloon she says so what? She says common Ayesha think.. when u both stand together both will look laurel and hardy she says so what di.. Opposite attract.. I don't mind how he look he has lots of money in mind..  she says ayeshaa common think shipra says chup kar priya tum agar pasand nahi karte ho to teek hain but that doesn't mean she should not marry ok' any way achha rista hain.. muje bahut pasand hain wo ladka she says haan maa ofcourse because when u both stand together both look sister brother.. she says priya.. sudheer says priya beta.. chup hojavoo .. ye faisla Ayesha ki zindagi ka hain aur mine jana hain wo ladka achha hain.. bahut achah.. haan toda mota hain she says todaa? She says priyaaa jaane doo na please waise bechara wo ladke ka man tootagaya jab tum use us taraf deka.. priya was like omg kya akroon..
She kept thinking here Ayesha talk to ram who did not want to speak but smiles. When Ayesha talks sweetly.. he goes down to sees Krishna who was very sad talking to her hubby picture agar is baaar bhi a hogaya to shayd ram ki shaadi ka.. kaash woo shaadi keliye haan kardein.. ram know his mother was upset.. he sit down in garden.. he talks to his fav doggy who recently got to gift to her honewali .. he then says to the dog jaroori nahi hain har koi waise ho jaise mein chavoon agar ma ko is mein kushi milti hain mein shaadi karloonga.. kamse kam wo too happy rahegi na.. and kisses the dog and put it in the doggy house and cover it.
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Part 2

priya seeing ram tells to conda, oye r u going to marry this motu? deka he is like an huge ball please say no to wedding don't hurry in the decision deko u have soo good looking men.. she says dii I have made up my mind I will marry ram and only ram.. kya hua agar toda mota hain? she says toda? She says it ok dii he is cute haina.. in mind waise bhi mein jagar diet karwakar use patlu kardoonga agar nahi hua to bhi kya fark pad ta hain hain to wo ram kapoor I can be mrs ram kapoor..

Priya says mein ye shaadi hone nahi doongi har kee..


Ram was sleeping thinking about priya and the way she looked at him.. Krishna on the switch and says ram bansi kaka informed me you refused to have dinner? Kya hua what happened? He says kuch nahi ma I did not feel like having food she ask why? Sitting next to him and he keep his head over her lap. She says ram it is not necessary whatever we like come to us it is wise to be happy with which ever think we get .. that will help to have an better life he sees his mother who was caressing his hair and smiles a little she says tuje ladki  pasand nahi aya kya? He says aise kuch nahi I just wanted to think wanted some time. She says I know ram but trust me she is an good girl. She is not bothered about other things she is happy however u are. She will keep u happy.. he smiles.. but closes his eyes and when his mother was talking. She suddenly look sees him sleeping and kisses his forehead. mera bachha.

Next morning daadi ask golu puttar did u like the girl? Nuts says daadi she was ram stopping her words haan daadi I liked her she is perfect bahu for this kandhaan.. nuts was taken back but seeing ram who assure with smile she be quite� daadi was like Krishna did u hear he said yes to the wedding call the girl parents inform them to start the wedding preparation I can't wait to bring my daughter in law .. she says but engagement daadi says we will do it before the wedding rituals  I don't wasn't to delay any further .. Before I die I want to see my golu's little baby.. nuts frowns she goes of Krishna ask what happened she says nothing and goes saying she was not hungry.. ram tries to stop but she goes.. Krishna assure she will make her understand .not to worry. She calls shipra who get very happy..

Priya was drinking her chai when Ayesha says dii I am soo excited she ask why that motu said yes  to u kya and was about to take the remote she says haan dii he said yes priya chokes.. she was like what? He said yes for u? she says haan dancing like mad person.. priya think oh noo my sister life spoil by that motu? i should talk about this to asswine otherwise thinks will get spoil .. she calls assswine� scene shift to the park .. asswine says soo what priya it is good na she si getting married to ram kapoor the ram kapoor u know kitna big person he is ? she says yes of course itna big kii when my sister walk behind him he will hide her completely.. asswine laugh saying soo what priya this is life.. deko god must have planned someone for someone and so here it is like that.. what is big deal? She says assswine u r telling this my sis life will be spoiled.. he says relax priya.. don't over react� think about her good future if u try to stop they will think u r jealous of ur sister life.. just leave it.. when  miya biwi razii kya karega kazii chodo naa .. Thinking if Ayesha get married to him faida to hamari hain aur ye priya uhhh doesn't understand we will have an bright future if ram is married to conda.. I need to make sure priya doen't create any havoc and stop wedding otherwise our life will be destroyed before made. He convince priya atlast she says ok.. I won't say or do anything.. if u think conda will be happy then it is fine but still I hate that motu.and walks off asswine was like priya priya..

Priya was seeing ram who was present along with his family.. she was murmuring and preparing the food and goes and serves them and show to ram he chokes eating an pakoda as he got chilli in it but priya giggles� ram sees it when song plays bade ache lagte hain teri muskaan ,teri zulfein ye ankeein.aur tummm ,mirchi tumne humko kilayi phir bhi ye lage ye hamein meeta.. pyaar ki zule mein hum tum hain, ek  safar ke saaathi.. (own lyrics with balh tune sorry for doing it) bade ache lagte hainnn ye mulakateein , ye  milna aur tum�.

Ram drink the chai and sees priya.. When Krishna ask ram u don't like tea and u r having it? he says it is nice.. she smiles.. Thinking ab se sasural pasand araha hain.. she did not know sasural nahi use priya pasand hain.. daadi ask ayeshaa puttar tuje kaane mein kya kya bana ata hain? She says muje kana banaeki kya jaroorat hain meine suna hain ki bansi kaka achah kana banate hain.. priya giggles.. Thinking motu ko bansi kaka se shaadi karlena chaiye isse nahi.. shipra calls priya jamai sa ko washroom dikavooo beta.. she says ji and ram goes with her and she ask aapki himmat kaise huyi meri behen se shaadi karne keliye? he was like excuse me.. she says sahi suna.. How dare u marry my sister? He was like what? She says mein kehrahi hoon abhi jagar tell them u r not ready to marry her.. Because u r not fit for her. He says no way �. She say where there is will there is way.. he says fine I will say but one condition I will say no to ur sister but tell I want to marry u.. and winks she says how dare u.. tum jaante nahi ho I am engaged.. he says I damn care and goes smiling.. she says ye motu kuch jayda hii and stamp her foot and hit the bucket and says ahh.. Ram smiles and turns back..

Shipra was happy that wedding was fixed after an week as they were in hurry.. priya was shocked hearing it.. she frowns..krishan says time is very elss and we have to make soo many arrangements.. ye sab kaise hoga.. nuts says mom don't worry I got few wedding planner name they can help us.. shipra and conda smiles and says even we got few.. who do in good but with great discount.. priya thinks omg donon kabhi nahi sudheregi.. aise lag raha hain Ayesha ki nahi ma ki shaadi hain.. sudheer says shipra� he says aap fikar mat kijiye we will finsh things in time as our priya works in event management company and she has good experience and she will help.. priya says me?no way in her head.. she says papa when they say they know good wedding planner why to force in unwanted matter let them handle na.. as far as our house uskeliye woo neeche walai aunty who plans wedding who achhi rahegi.. shipra says nahi nahi priya nono whatever wedding she plans either fails or the wedding get stopped priya think tab to wahi hogi in her head.. she says mom no no u know she made my friend got married al were praising and she is soo happy shipra ask who ?she says mukta.. my friend and smile when suddenly mukta enters crying.. and hugs priya saying priya  meri  pati aur meri shaadi toot gaya achha hua I gave him divorce he was bluffing  all these time.. And cries� priya hits her head ram laughs  conda says ram u smile soo cutely.. he stops and be quite.. priya says muktaa and says excuse me and take her in.. Krishna says shipra ji don't worry we will appoint the wedding planner for u people .. Sudheer says par Krishna jii.. she smile and says I have only one son and I wanted it special so don't worry about karcha it will be done by us.. as we have planned the wedding in our hotel itself.. so problem nahi hoga.. jo bhi ek beti ki papa ki taraf karcha karna hain kariye.. but don't worry about wedding venue or  food as it will be good in our hotel itself haina ram.. he says haan mom.. codna was smiling horrible scaring ram.. bechara dar jata hain..

Part 3

Nuts thinks bhai I pity u for having such wife but I hope the best� kash priya hi meri bhabhi hoti hi� it would have been really nice I saw u people together u people look so good together� par kay kareein.. if faith has decided something else. I just pray for the best.. shipra says nuts beta u did not take anything? She says I am fine aunty thank u. She smiles.. Krishna tells ab we should leave lots are works are there to do.. we should start ti from today.. she says aan ma chalein.. they all take an leave but ram forget his keys.. here inside priya consoles mukta and calms her down and come out to take water when her father ask her to drop the key they left. She frown but he says priya beta do it.. he can't walk back as u know lift is also in problem.. she thinks because of him uff and stamp the feet and goes climbing down she was climbing down fast murmuring and at first floor she get clashed with ram and he holds her from falling and as the floor portico some renovation was going on the wall was broken down half which face the outside and so air blow and priya ka hair open hojata hain and falls on her face and she was holding his hands and both have an eye to eye conversation.. but she suddenly realizes moving her hair and look down and think hwo dare and pushing him stand straight and ask aap ko sharm nahi ayi to do all these thing? he says what did I do?
She says u did.. uff how he iis pretending after doing all wrong deeds.. uff god save my sister from this person and wedding� he says I saved u from falling down.. is mein sharm kya kay baat hain she says enough shut ur mouth bahut bolte hain aap.. motu kahekga.. he says excuse me.. what did us ay she says I said u r motu.. like an huge balloon flying in air nahi� itni big weight person cannot fly an huge laddoo.. agar if u r send to Guinness, diffidently  the book will get filled. He says hello mind ur words. U r talking to me ram kapoor.. She says oh really I am surprised and show face and says I don't care if u r ram kapoor ya motu kapoor.. he says uuu she says haan me soo when nuts comes asking bro did u get the keys and sees priya and says aap she says haan my dad told to give this keys to ur bro akir he can't climb up again na.. kyunki baar baar if he climbs the building may collapse.. (ram fans don't get angry on me.. age jagar u will know why I wrote these things.. I am not making any fun.. it is just priya thinks like that� nothing personal ok.. after all we love ram as he is right)and goes giving the key ram and nuts keep seeing ram sees nuts who burst into laughter.. he  says choti tum bhi.. she says relax bhai .. now definitely  u need to lose the extra fats varna he says choti tum bhi she runs of saying sorry.. he thinks I won't spare u priya� and goes..

Priya was thinking all night about it.. she rem him and his looks and think ab dekna will make sure codna doesn't get married to u.. here ram thinking about ti and get down from bed and goes and sees in the mirror and he thinks I am not soo fat also.. but I will lose weight and smiles and goes to his personal gym and walks and sees time thinks sirf 10 min have got over? Omg he sees his calories burned it was only 15 he says itna mehnat kiya and only 15? I will try cycling and starts to do but sees same things and says yesab mujse nahi hoga .. he goes off.. Saying I am hungry I should eat something.. but some body was seeing it.. it was Krishna who thinks ab things have got started I am sure when my bahu comes she will change ram and make him health conscious like her .. I am soo happy.

Ayesha common yaar u know it very well.. Waise bhi actress when they achieve what t they want they get married and get settled and so I am doing it first after all he is good and big business man. Her friend but he is fat na.. She says so what.. when people get married after few years they get fat and eh is fat b now is mein kay hain? I damn care.. all I care is he has got the cash which can be used by me.. And marrying him will make sure I can spend without any question.. soo who care about his extra fats? Any way I am happy because if he is thin and if I get fat he will have problem but ab aise kuch nahi hoga. He won't mind how much ever I get fat.. And smiles.. img herself in pampering herself.. here priya was cooking and hitting the dover hardly thinking of ram.. how dare he.. how come my parents say yes to that motu uff.. and hit hard and end up hitting the  vessel. She says jab bhi kuch bhi kehti hon I get hurt myself.. uff I am sure by now he would be eating paratas and with lots of butter. Ram was smiling and saying ye huyi na aloo parata wali baat.. 
Krishna ask beta what u r doing? He says mom eating.. She says round 2? He says haan mom I had done so much workout.. and lost many energy so eating to fil it.. his mother thinks oh no.. When will he learn? He says mom can I have one more it Is yummy.. she says beta but 10 parata were left he says I ate it mom.. she was like ram� uff.. no more paratas jagar sojavoo ti is getting late.. he says mom but she says I will scold u if u don't go and make him go..  Priya was like itna heavy food log kaate kaise hain.. I am happy with 2 roti wo bhi chota chota aur ek daal .. Good for health. Ram was sleeping and seeing the cellphone mein image priya ka photo he was caressing saying I no right over u but u will always be my first love. Love u priya.. This is the first time and last time because form tom onwards I am going to start an new life where u will be in my heart forever.. he wanted to delete the picture as it was wrong but nearing the delete key he stops ad save in personal and put password.he sleeps off but in his mind and heart only priya. At an moment he wanted to stop the wedding but if he do his mother and daadi will be upset and that was the reason he said yes.. Nothing else..

Priya was seeing shipra choosing outfit she seeing the money says no mom itna mehenga.. no way.. Choose this it is worth for money she see her and says priya be quite� I know waise bhi I have saved money sep for the dresses akir Ayesha ki shaadi hain she says to meri shaadi keliye kuch nahi she says mein kab kaha meri donon beti keliye alag alag se I have saved money and smiles. Priya says phir bhi ye design achha nahi hain itna expose hora ha body wearing it.. and takes the book and turn pages and show her an yellow dress saying this is good shipra seeing ye acdhha hain and orders.. ram shouts bansiii kakakaaa he comes there running ask kya hua sir.. ye yellow gandi wala shirt kisne yahan raka? who kept here don't u know I hate yellow.. and shows his anger face. He says sorry sir.. and take away he say throw it away.. agar if I see ti anywhere u will be fired..  Anaconda the Ayesha was like omg yellow dress and green duppatta my fav thanks di I know u must have choosen u know how yellow suits me.. and smile priya says toda ka karo varna aise na ho motu dar jay.. she says dii don't call him motu.. he is ur jeejuu she says no way.. he is always motu.. she says diii she goes of giggling.. T
he work was on peak. 2 days runs of with tones of work. And practicing for sangeet which was 2 days before the wedding. And this was the 3rd day and next day was sangeet shipra and codna was busy doing facial Medicare pedicure. And all.. Priya was not doing anything happily in her own world and talking to assswine who now mostly talk about ram priya get fed up and tell him that she is busy with wedding. priya mother and father personally goes and invite  assswine family who smile hugely and talk about gifting assswine an car.. Sudheer goes dull but shipra promises thinking she will talk to ram.. Here assswine talks to shipra about promotion and job in ram's company where shipra says don't worry and smiles.
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Part 4

Codna was smiling seeing her lehenga and turning when one person excuse me.. she turn and get happy it was raj who says u came to give audition for that so and so ad right she nodes yes.. he says but u did not get any call right she nodes yes.. it is because they rejected u for an high five model.. but they don't know how talented u r.. I wanted to tell about the one film production company where we send ur pictures and they wanted to meet u I gave them ur number did they call u she says haan but I am getting married..
he says love marriage? She nodes no then why u r marrying so early? She says bus aise hi.. He says rubbish u r spoiling ur life think nicely before it.. as u can have name and fame if u get into the film world.. u will be world famous.. u have that scope  ye meri card and give her and talk her to her more confusing her.. conda was thinking priya says uhff ye abhi tak taiyr nahi huyi hain aaj iski sangeet hain.. ayeshaa kya kar rahi hooo she says dii wo mein shipra comes in shouting to get ready and not to waste time.. she was getting ready and find difficulties in pleating her duppatta when priya comes and ask what happened she says kuch nahi and tells about the offer priya giggles and says too bag jaa don't marry this motu� she says dii she giggles aur nahi to kya chalo don't think on unwanted thinks lets goo

It was sangeet.. priya dances fully making fun of ram.. and ram goes and gives back to her by teasing her back.. she get angry and tells to assswine who support ram.. She fumes..  here conda dance naagin song dance (bajathe raho movie) priya was angry so,she add an chilli in his kofta and serves him who eat he eats it and realizes and sees priya who smiles and he eats it seeing her.. she get shocked.. he controlled his tears.. she get worried she did it for fun.. she then takes and goes to give him water who know had excused and went to corner she offer him water when he.. paani he pulls her by hair near his mouth and says water will not fulfill my burning and bring his near her making her get shocked�  shocking her.. he says teri diye huye mirchi bhi hamein meeta lagta hain.. aur ab jyada hii and goes smiling taking the water  she realized his lips came near her shocking her but it did not touch it .he did not kiss her but gave an shock which she wanted to give him.. she was all mad at him .. she says chodooongi nahi..

Shipra says Krishna ji kal mehendi keliye jaldi ajayiye kyun if u don't bring mehendi it won't happen na.. she says sure she will be on time.. and all leaves.. priya was angry.. and ask assswine not to talk or praise about ram if he does she ill pushes him form car making him get scad.priya was thinking all night.. she sees conda getting up and saying dii I got an ad dream I kept mehendi in my hand and it din't get red.. it mean ram doesn't love me .. and shows sad face where priya smile and says may be .. shaadi rok do na.. she sys dii and sleeps back � she giggles but get an idea and smiles.. mehendi function starts.. Generally mens were not allowed but it was special soo they were there in one corner.. priya wa s saying ye design achha haina.. conda says di but it is old fashion she says so what.. achah rahega.. na.. she says uffo di.. when she sees ram she get huge smile..
she calls her choti friend and her friend mukta and tell something in ears.. ram was talking when someone says excuse me.. he says yes.. aapko aapki saali bularahi hain in that room ram was like priya omg.. ab kya karne wali hain? Kahin kuch inzaam to nahi lagane wali .. for safer side I will on my cellphone and goo. And goess as the girls drags him saying emergency.. he enters and get shocked.. An mehendi cone was in priya's hand who was smiling he get shocked.. she says ayiye aapki haat mein mehendi lagani hain .. he says no way.. it is only meant for girls not men.. she says ohoh I know but in our house it is rasam for men's to put mehendi he say no way.. she says it is n rasam if u doubt call ur mom and ask he calls who says haaa as her phone was with mukta..
ram was shocked when girl forcibly make him sit .. priya take his hand and ask kya design karoon? Building to nahi karsakti haan flower he says noo she ask why? He says he doesn't like .. she says fine.. she will draw monkey he says priya noo she ask to mein apni name likoon in ur hand..he says not an bad idea.. she says uff and take his hand and draw an weird design shocking him� she click pictures and goes happily he says ab mien kaise kahoon? He calls choti who was searching for him and show her she get shocked.. she goes to shipra and ask about the rasam where she says aise kuch bhi nahi hain� she says oh nooo bhai� she goes and inform him and by now it was already 45 minutes.. he says it means priya's trick to make him get embarrassed ab mein kay karoon? she say go and wash it jaldi chala jayega.. mehendi won't last.. he says better

Part 5


He manages to open the tap and give his hand but stop and sees the mehendi and smile remembering priya's deed as eh was seeing her when she was doing it.. He fold his hand as it was dry by now and removes it and washes it. And get shock as it was written golu molu ram.. by priya he laughs and also get angry on priya for doing this.. he comes out and when he sees choti who ask hogaya he nodes yes and shows his hand who says omg bhai.. The mehendi rang is good in spite of short time.. Looks like bhabhi loves u a lot' he think bhabhi? And just priya image come infront of him.. he says may be and goes.. Sadly.. Seeing his hand.. Krishna sees his hand when he was eating with spoon and ask what it was and he sees priya who was happily showing her mehendi to her friends.. she was like omg priya did it.. He says she tricked me.. Krishna laughs. And Krishna says agar priya ki sagayi nahi huyi hoti I would have ask priya for u not Ayesha after all she can manage u perfectly ' she says kheer chaloo..
priya was  not able to eat her fav sweat as her hand was having mehendi.. not yet removed.. when she hear may I help u she turns and sees him who sees her she get little afraid as she know by now he would be knowing.. she ask aapki mehendi kaise hain.. he says bahut achha.. and says ye tumen achha nahi kiya but yaad rakna I will give u back at right time.. she says we will see when suddenly she realizes her duppatta fall over showing her front part of course she had blouse and skirt but her duppata was covering her.. she turn and tries to cover and her mehendi hand.. he picks it up and cover her and turns her around and tucks the duppatta in her skirt shocking her saying always pin ur dupptta varna it will fly off and goes smiling eating her fav sweet.. priya was like uff kitna muskil hota hain to remove the whole mehendi.. conda was like sleeping with her mehendi hand.. priya says uff kitna aram se so rahi hain.. and then.. get shocked as assswine name was not there but r was written she thinks ye kaise hua.. ok flash back here it happen when the lady was putting mehendi she was very busy and ask priya about the first letter of her hubby she turn and says ahhhrrrn  and she hear r as her ears was little damaged on that side and so she did it.. yahi huaa

She says oh no.. better I hide' she sleeps and rem tricking ram and putting mehendi and smiles in sleep. Here ram was sleeping but cdnt sleep he get around 2 am to drink water and sees in mirror he then see his hand which was dark red in colour and only think he got rem was priya' he smiles and kisses the name priya but realizes and says to himself I should not do this this is wrong and sleeps of.. but not able to sleep. Next day was haldi ram was irritated when haldi was done as somewhere making fun of his cute belly and the haldi was going on here Ayesha getting haldi of ram informed her friend to exchange with fresh haldi which priya had mixed for herself and take it saying I don't want another person uthara hua haldi.. and no one would know.. here priya take the haldi and apply over herself.. Saying ye ajeeb haldi hain.. Thinking maybe she is thinking too much..
it was same haldi which ram had over his body she din't know priya was having haldi all over her face and legs and hands and walking when her mother called but get c lashed with ram who had come there along with jeweler to take conda finger ring size.. her hand and face get clashed over his white kurta spoiling it.. so as her finger prints which was yellow fall over his kurta due to clash.. she says omg sorry and trying to wipe hit his face on his chin making the haldi over his body'(I know everything is very drama and filmy kya karoon filmon ka asar hain )he was shocked seeing priya haldi face but still founded it very cute.. when shipra scolds priya ram says I ok and tell jeweler to take size and goes of saying kurta karab kardiya isne.. but priya giggle she thinks my fav kurta' ab I need to wash.. he reaches home and all ask when he had to explain and Krishna thinks it shows some bad signs' it shd not have happened..

Ram removes his kurta and was about to put in cloth bag he sees the finger prints and smiles.. he was about to kiss but stop himself he folds it neatly and pack it and places it place where no one dare touched.. here priya comes to know as Ayesha and her friend were talking priya says omg.. I had haldi which was over ram yucks and runs to get bath.. she comes out frowning saying ye ayeshaa koo .. she scolds her but she was like diii and al.. assswine calls and talk to her where she get angry and cut the call making an lame excuse .priya sees Ayesha phone ringing and take it where they inform about her audition.. when Ayesha ask priya inform and tell pagal log they don't know my sister is leaving that for an motu kapoor.. and frowns Ayesha was in thoughts. She says abhi abhi waqt hain if u want to say no say it today itself u see ram family coming here for the food rasam we cann tell no to them.. but ram hears It priya turn and sees him and get shocked.. but goes off .

The food rasam as going on.. Sharma's was serving kapoors .. When priya comes to serve to ram.. he says agar mrichi dena wali ho to batado do.. she ask kyun he says jo adhura choda us time I will fulfill it this time and smile and winks shocking her and she goes of murmuring.. he smiles.. Eating the food. Priya prays to god bus baghwan abhi bhi time hain break his wedding.. and goes off. But she stops hearing something her parents were talking and get shocked' she moves to see conda in her dreams and img herself as queen.. priya cdnt sleep whole night so as ram.. next day come.. the maurat was at 12 pm afternoon.. all were happy' Krishna says meri sapna pura hua.. aaj tuje aise dekkar.. and does the arrti.. he tries to climb the horse but no use  then they go by car' shipra does the arti and welcomes them..

Ram was sitting in mandap waiting for dulhan but kept seeing priya.. he thinks kassh ye hamari shaadi hoti but after the rituals all will change.. I have to accept it' god help me in it' pandit says bring the dulhaan.shipra says abhi bulakr lati hooona nd goes and so as priya but get shock' priya sees an letter and get shocked.. she reads it and get more shocked.. shipra cries'

Part 6

Shipra says ab mein kya karoon when pandit tell suddeer goes and get shocked learning the truth. When nut s goes up she get shocked hearing them talk.. Priya sees nut she says nuts woo she goes down and priay follows so as others.. Krishna sees nut who come down and sees ram. And then her.. Krishna ask what is happening where is Ayesha. sudheer at last opened the mouth of Ayesha running.. all were stunned ram get up from the mandap.. sudheer and shipra had folded the hands� when priya was holding the letter.. Ram sees it and ask what it was and take it and read it..


Mom dad I am sorry mein jaanti hoon meri is harkat ke baat u people will think I betray which is not true. I am doing this because I have realized my dream my ambition. I want to become an super model and ac tress .. I want the name and fame which i won't get in marrying ram.. haan I will have tag of his wife but won't have an independent identity  where I will know by my name not by my husband's name.. Sorry for doing.. Kyun muje aaj hi realize hua.. Thanks did agar aapki support nahi hoti I wouldn't have been able to do it.. u were the only one who told me not to marry and u were correct di.. I am not made for all this I have my life.. agar mein use mote se shaadi karti meri life would have been spoiled. Because of ur encouragement I was able to take this step�  your Ayesha

Ram was shocked terrified horrified  he sees priya he was in shock and anger.. Because it was not that he was depressed after this but was hurt .. because it was not hurted his ego but his family prestige�Krishna ask kya hua ebta.. he says ayeshaaa chodkar chaligayi hain.. Krishna was like kyaaa? she says aise nahi hosakta.. aiyshaa nahi kar sakthi� when

Kya dulhan bag gayi? All start to gossip aunty uncle who all where there starts to says are baagti kyun nahi akir deko to sahi kitna mota hain dulha.. she says are nahi.. meine suna hain sirf motapan nahi hosakta hain kuch aur problem hoo dulah mein isliye.. she was like kay kehrahi hoo ram heard it .. he turns they be quite.. he was in anger mode.. ram kapoor mode.. When priya was maa abb hamein when

Ram says sab tumhari wajese hua hain priya.. she says really? Then u r wrong sab aapki wajese huye aapki jo gol gol belly haina uski wazahan ko uthane ke wajese meri behen ne bag gayi..Shipra was like priya. She says aur nahi to kay maaa? He is balming me..As if I told aiysa to run away from the wedding ..

He says too sab tumhara plan hain in red bull shot eyes u were against the wedding from day one right� I am sure ab jo hua hain uski waje tum hi hogi.tumne idea diya naa. Priya get angry she says haan too meri hain ,ab to hain hi meri plan, achha hua bag gayi . meri sister she is saved from this balloon 'ram he says tuje mein chodoonga nahi, he he she says u can't even catch me I can run fast .. he says how dare u? she says haan mein too, shipra says priya be quite' ..she says quite me he is blaming us.. he says i wont spare u..She says hahaa.. really.. I can make sure for that after all I am not like u.. so I can escape from what ever u try.. He was in maha anger.. when.. Sudheer tries to ask forgive ness ram shows his hand Krishna says yahan se chalo beta when she heard people talking around and when he was refusing she get little sick.. so he goes away.. shipra was angry. She drags priya who was still in mood to fight with ram.. Ram was like I won't leave u priya soo easily. I will spoil your life.. teri waje I lost all the respect�

He was in hospital. Krishna was given treatment inside.. he thinks agar meri maa ko kuch bhi hua .. I will destroy Sharma's..nuts says bhai� and he hugs her who cries in his chest saying ey kay hogaya  ma ko.. achha hoa ye shaadi keliye aap na keh dete � tab ye sab nahi hota� he says haaan nahi hota�. To ye sab bikul nahi hota.. Priya because of u, my mother is in this condition.. if u have not provoked Ayesha to run away the marriage would have happened and my family would have been very happy.. I can sacrifice anything for my family anything.. But today.. Because of u.. Their happiness has been spoiled.. tumhari wajese my reputation has been damaged.. u have hurted our family prestige�by this act.. ab dekna I won't rest u in peace. Meri ghar mein jo ashoon ayaa hain.. uska hisaab tune dene hi padega� are ye to pakka filmy villain looks and talk hain ya serial ki vamp hehee..

Here priya was in the home.. shipra was sitting sudheer was like ye e kay hogaya.. Ayesha ne sab barbaad kardiya uski wajese.. bahut bad naami hoga.. priya says aise kuch nahi hain papa .. manti hoon what she did is wrong spl before the wedding.. agar inkaar karna ta pehla karna chaiiye tab ye problem nahi hoti.. when assswine.. galat priya.. bahut galat ayeshaa ne jo kiya hain uski wajese se raam sir aur unki family bahut hurt huyi hain.. uske saat saat ham sab ki reputation aur future bhi(shayd kud ka ) priya says but assswine� is mein.. when shipra stopping assswine ji teek kehrahi hain.. sab teri galti hain.. an tum use provoke karti na ye sab hotaaa . it is because of u� u were the one who was against the wedding.. kitna achha ladka aur rista mila and because of u everything is spoiled.. she says what is my fault in it.. are ayeshaa bag gayi I dint run away.. sudheer says stop it all.. pehle se troubles are not less and u people don't increase with your words .. When assswine mother coming inside.. sees assswine and ask what u r doing here? chalo we should get home.. he says mom woo she says chup.. we r not that family where girl run away from wedding nor we have given such sanskar.. pata nahi.. From where we r going to make u get married where an girl run away from wedding. First of all priya being elder doesn't get married in name of some reasons and now the smaller one runs away from wedding great family.. Because of them our reputation also is in trouble.  When sudheer was like no I can't my other girl life also get spoiled of ayeshaa deeed he goes and fold his hand and ask sorry and ask them to calm down and was almost in tears.. talking to them.. Asking them not to worry as priya was not like that when they demand of fridge extra in wedding and go.. priya was angry.. but shipra shouts on her and make her quite.. no one cdnt sleep and sudheer get chest pain and was taken to hospital..

Ram brings Krishna home along with nuts and ask them to rest.. and comes out when he get shocked seeing the paper� Ayesha Sharma ditched industrialist ram kapoor what is the reason? And many crap was written making him get more angry, he goes to his room.. In anger.. He take his phone to call his manager but it fall down and he take the phone when it had priya photo.. ram seeing priya's picture "i won't spare u for spoiling my name priya sharma , will spoil ur life because of you and your family my life have been troubled u have hurted ram kapoor's ego now u will know who he is� he calls the manager.. And order to arrange and press conference.. After 2 hours and he will speak to them � he goes in anger� on his way sees priya coming out form that event management company.. he goes there and finds priya work there and came there to tell about leave she was taking� he smiles.. he then says I want to meet your owner.. He was given number as the owner was out of town.

Part 7

Ram was facing the press who asked him so many question about the wedding been called off. He said if u people get silent I will be able to answer u all. They get quite he says first things the dulhan didn't go but when she said she wanted to proceed with her career and she realized it.. I had to let her go. Because we can't force any one to get married. When she told me about it. I happily send her because even I realized my love was not her but someone else. One person. Sir r u trying to manipulate things he smiles saying if I had to manipulate why would I had call an press conference.. one person ask but my friend told me she ran away because she dint want to marry an fat man like u.. He says really if she had not like it... wo shaadi tak nahi ati... it is just that she wanted to proceed with her career... aur is mein meri fatness ki baat kahan se agayi? But to be frank even I was in love with someone who just told me her yes before I was about to get married... aur ye baat muje abhtu achha laga... and I am thanking god who made both the women realize at right time. He says can u tell her name sir... he smiles saying why name I will give u her picture but not now exactly after 20 days when we get married... they were shocked... he says hope I gave u a good answer for the unwanted rumors and havoc created by u peoples. If u people still think it is not right I can't take the time back to show the truth' but one person sir but... he says no more questions... the conference end here and goes... many ask question but he goes away...

On the way he calls the person to aaapko wo article milgaya hogaya.. aur waise hi publish kijiye as I told u.. That person says of course sir.. He smiles'. Ab dekna mein kya kya karta hoon.. Sharma's will fall in my feet..wo kud wo karengen which I want to.. ayeshaa ko bagaya na ab mein kya karoongi deklena miss priya Sharma...

Priya was like sir how can u do it? I told and informed properly he says but sorry aapki behavior istaraf baar baar leave lene ki wajese... I am fire u from ur job.. And gives her letter of dismissing her. She says sir please aise karenge too. He says enough and says if u don't leave I will not give ur contact certificate and u knows the value of it. She goes sadly when she sees paper and get shocked' all crap was written about her family and her sister. she says us raaam motu ko and marches off to his office and get inside without permission and eh shout how dare she enter like that she shows the paper and show her anger when.. He says well Miss Priya sharma. What u thinks I will be quite if u do this? U were the reason for my life to get spoiled so suffer it... she says I wont mr kapoor... oye motu I know u were the reason for my job to bee stolen from me don't worry I will get an better job and stant in front of u.. deklena.. mein kya karti hoon' I will make sure u apologize for ur deed and for the things published in this paper.. And he says really? She says of course what u thinks. Agar ek job chala gaya to dusra nahi mileage? Mileage and deklena... mein mein kya kar ti hoon he comes enr aher asking kay akrogi she says abhut kuch jo aap soch bhi anhi sakti... agar mein Ayesha ko baga sakti hoon yue bhi kehsakti hoon aap shaadi ki kabil hi nahi hain... he get angry... she says no wonder  aapjjaise insaan ko ayeshaa bag gaya shayd pata chal gaya hoga how u r deklena aabhi agar puri office mein khogi ki aap ne meri saat kitna batameez se baat ki aur kitna bura hoo he get angry and pulls and palces an hard kiss on her lips sealing it, shocking priya.. After 2 and half minute he realizes it and she push him managing to and they stare each other...

Ye kaise pal jo aye meri zindagi mein aaj hii?

Tumne ne ek saawaal joo poochaa hum ne uska jawab diii'bade ache lagte hain ye hawayein.. tez dadkenein aur tummm

She slaps him hard... and goes crying... and sees all and goes crying' ram realized it when the door got hit with the wall closing he was like mein kay kiya did I kiss her? omg and smiles.. But was like ram what u r doing...

Priya was sad but when she comes sees doctor going out she ask what happened doctor informs sudheer condition and shipra being sad she had to keep quiet and shipra shows the paper and tell papa read paper uske baad hi and cries and priya had to console them and make sure she will make sure ram pay for this... but before it she have to manage the expense so had to take up and new job.. She starts to search in paper... and get to see vacancy in an event management company she get happy and calls the company who gives her instruction and ask her to come at morning 9 sharp.. She sleeps happily hoping to get the job... next day morning she goes there at sharp 9 and she was interviewed and when she ask why she left the job she said she needed more exposure and learn more and manages to answer.. They give her job and she gets happy and thinks kya ka ha Mr Ram kapoor ab dekna I got job ab tum kya karogi? She walks with pride... the person sir aapka kaaam hogaya... he smile ab dekna miss sharma mein kya karta hoon... I won't tell but work on it to show u that who I am... sirf motu nahi ram kapoor hoon.

Priya was happy and been appreciated for her work done in office it was 2 days since she joined. She was very happy as she was been praised and given good work... they tell her to handle an event which was after an day... and gives details... she was happy... some one was keeping eye on her which she din't know the even works was going high it was an high socialite party.. Priya was managing the event. And was very happy with all and many were praising her boss order her to come and tell as the dress code is red she have to come in it she decide to wear and red sari... shipra tell her to go with assswine.. She says she had called him but looks like he is busy not attending the call but assswine comes there and surprises her he was in black suit... she smiels and with happy note they go for party when on the way one person deka ye donon ko.. pehle iski behen bag gayi hope she doesn't do some ulta see her dressing deka hain ' people who are sad doesn't wear red.. But look at her as if nothing worry looks like she is like that assswine was like aunty bina jaane kuch bhi mat kahegi' priya stops him and tell let go we r getting late and they go... priya was upset.. From that that time. She goes to venues and continued the work... she was organizing when... she gets shocked...

The boss says priya hamari boss and owner of our company mr ram kapoor.. Sir meet priya, he wanted to meet u priya. Priya get shocked... He smiles hugely he says hello miss priya Sharma... and give his hand he frown but forced to give hand... she decide to reign hr job but she know he wont let it happen but if she does wrong they wil fire her' he presses her hand hardly and tell u look hot in this sari but he pinches his hand and make him leave and says get lost mr motu. He says we will see... and pulls near he and says chalein to dance she says i wont dance with u... he says u will and twirls around and take her to dance floor... he places his hand around her waist and pulls her closes but she was protesting he was refusing when she syas if u don't leave I will shout but his bad luck his mobile ring and he manages to go.. She ask for an juice the waiter goes to bring it... she was seeing ram with angry eyes... when the waiter serve her the drink she drink it in an gulp to cool down her... asswine come and ask may I have the pleasure to dance with the pretty women she smile and was about to give when the boss calls her for work and she had to go.. She was talking to her colleague she feels something... but talks hen ram comes near her and ask can I have a dance with u she looks other wise when he pulls her by holding her hand and hold her tightly and starts to dance.saying if u don't dance I will make sure   asswine lose his job u see I can do anything.. And keep make her dance but she manages to go...


Part 8
Priya was feeling very down her head were spinning and was vision was getting blurred. And she sees the black suit person and she smile as she know it was assswine and says muje chakakr araha hain muje le chaleye ghar jana hain.. Party to katam hone wala hain and hold his hand but fall when that person hold her tightly from falling and says I will help u.. She walks away holding that person.. She ask ye ajeeb hain where were r going he says to take rest. U r unwell and locks the door.. He helps her to get lay down in bed.. That person smile and comes down removing the coat.
Next day morning priya hold her head and open the eyes and get shocked' and hold the blanket and also sees her sari laying around she hold the blanket tightly she picks her sari and runs away in bathroom.. she come out and get shocked to see ram sleeping in the same bed.. Covered in the blanket till his chest which was bare' she cries and walk back and hit the wall and cries but stops herself.. thinking nahi aise nahi hain and sees her purse she takes and runs off' ram open his eyes and smiles' ab asli mazaa ayega and sees time and says 4 baje hain.. 6 baje tak ' bahut kuch badal ajyega.he remember yesterday night incident where priya came... He held her and she thought he was assswine.. He says tum rest karloo u r unwell and lock the door... He helps her to get laid. He smiled seeing the figure sleeping in front of him. He removes her sandals. And soon goes near her.. He says u hurted me and my family today I won't touch u but make sure u believe I touched u.

he closes the eyes and removes the sari pallu and cover her with duvet he then pulls the sari and drops it down.. He remove the dori from her blouse and closes his eyes and unhook her blouse but doesn't remove it. He mess her hair and removes her bindi. And removes her earing. He also removes her anklet. And drop over the bed.. he take bangle from his pocket and crushes it and drops near and remove her bangles and keep it inside his coat and removes his coat and throw over her sari and unbutton and sleep next to her but his eyes did not close but kept seeing her' until he felt her moving and pretend to sleep' the flashback ends there'
Priya enter the home sadly. When her mother questions her she says deer hogaya and goes off to bath' she was blank seeing the wall in her room... When a mess comes when her eyes moves hearing the sound she sees it and open the mess, it had "see the headlines today. One breaking news for u" and had smiley.. She runs out but get shocked to see her parents having the paper and tears were in their eyes and so as anger.. Sudheer throws the paper on her face it falls down and she gets shocked. She takes the paper. It had picture of her and ram they were under the duvet cover ' she realizes ab mien samjiii ye sab uska plan hain' I will not spare him her parents question her she says maa this is not true ram had played and dirty game I won't spare him but the home phone ring mean land line..
It was from assswine house. they say the engagement was broken' priya says she will tell them what is the truth and goes there and they talk ill to her she inform assswine that it was not true.. it was all ram's plan to frame her for the picture nothing more.. he says don't say anything about ram sir.. jab ayehaa baagi ti usi waqt we shd have understood about u people galti hamari hain and she get angry and says tum kay rista todogi I am breaking the engagement and goes off..
She walks in anger. And goes tom ram's office directly at 8 am where ram was present already and happily' smiling seeing the picture in his laptop Screen. Priya enter he says I know u will come priya welcome. She comes and pull him from his chair bus affsose cdnt and fall over him. Hitting her face on his shoulder and tripping and falling on his lap' he holds her by her waist and both were seeing other' when suddenly the media enter mean 1 2 person who come there starts to click picture of raya position and priya manages to move.. r am says are ye sab kya hain who let u in, security.. They ask sir is the girl u were telling whom how are going to get married.. he says samajdaar ko ishaara hi kaafi hain.. When priya goes to hit the reporter asking how dare u, say something like that and when ram pulls her back saying darling .. Why u r getting aggressive.. waise bhi yes night also u were much aggressive.. She shout how dare u say ram.. He says I can how was my jawab priya darling near her ..
The photographer click pictures.. he says are bus bus kijiye u people have got ur news please go varna koi aur  will publish the news and manages to send them off saying me and my girlfriend need to have few talk privately.. and closes the door and closes the screen.. and turns and smiles.. Saying I am loving ur bebasi.. Kitna achha alag raha hain seeing ur state, I am soo happy.. He ask kya hua she throw the paper taking from the bag and ask ye sab kya hain? He smile saying wow picture perfect.
She says what u think mr kapoor I am ekta ki serial ki heroine ya hero hoon who believe after such nonsense where ek bina sense wale ka faida udayajay aur photo click karein, .. are koin aise tasverein nahi click karte specially the private moments.. What u think I am like that.. Am I fool to believe this.. I very well know nothing happened between us.. he says really she says yes.. he says ok fine jab 1 mahine ke baad when vomiting starts let me know mera chota golu jo ayega' she says oh really .. aap pagal to nahi hain.. what u think I am ekta ki heroine ya hero hoon where  they make love without one's sense in drunken or not in sense state still they get pregnant .. it happen only in serial as in general aise kuch nahi hota,' specially when is not in sense and drunken' or spill' it happen only in ekta serials or some movies.. not in real' samje aap itna science I also know' I must have realized aap aise kuch karenge' after all us gadiya serial jo aap dekr rahe honge' aap jaise mote log jaroor dekte hain(sorry fat people aise kuch nahi hain ti is just priya provoking ram) he says boldiya..  maana padega.. tum bewakoof nahi hoshiyaar hoo but .. it happened priya.. she says u r lying.. Mr. kapoor and I will prove it. He asks how? She says very simple.. when I saw u ,u were wearing ur specs and generally when people sleep they remove it before going to bed' isi se pata chalta hain that kuch nahi hua kal raat ko.. he sees in surprise thinking kitna intelligent hain she says ab dekna and, she goes in anger way .. She enter her house and get shocked. (Btw ram wears spectacles to)
She sees the lift is not working and in anger climb the steps and get into her house and she get shocked.. Krishna was sitting there. Her parents to were sitting.. She sees the tings placed there it was like shagun ka taali and she was right it was.. she sees shipra who comes near her and says priya beta.. hamari naseeb bahut achhi hain hain isliye Krishna ji want ur hand for ram.. Mean she had come here for ram and ur wedding.. she says no way ma.. I will not marry that motu ram.. Shaadi us ram kapoor se nooo.. she says u know what he did mom she says priyaaa.. chupp.. ye kay kehrahi hoo tummm she says aur kay kahoon. U know what he did too she says chupp we know what u people did in that hotel room' u wish or not u have to marry ram.. ye inki badapan hain' hain after all this also she want u as her bahu.. varna jo tumhari behen ne jo kiya uskeliye ye hamein kahin ka nahi chodte..she says mom have u gone mad' meri aur ram ke beech aise kuch nahi huaa hain ' he is faking.. Krishna sassy teek to mein chalti hoon aab ki jawab ka intezaaar rahega and goes' priya says mom why don't u tell her nothing is going to happen when shipra says u have no other go, other than marrying ram it our decision u will
Priya was in maha anger' she tries to talk but her parents doesn't listen.. Finally she goes to ram office marching fast. She pushes the person who tries to stop her. She enter force fully  in conference room and get shocked  assswine being there and giving his speech and saying thank u all.. And tell thanks ram sir for appointing me as new gm and with an promotion' priya was speechless' she was shocked.. assswine sees her and get shocked she goes near him and throws the ring on his face removing it and says tum kay shaadi todogi I am breaking with an man who is worthless .. he says priya when she raises hand she stops saying tum jaise insaan ko haat se nahi kuch aur se and kick her legs at his point hurting hm saying u r not worth to be man.. he was pain ram was like omg.. and keeps chair infront of him hehee she turns I know u r and bad person but today I know how cheap u r says to ram and tell what u think by breaking the engagement and giving him the job u can marry me no way. I won't marry ram suna aaapne mr motu ram kapoor' aaj kehdiya but tom sees assswine and goes. She says just because some rubbish published in paper that doesn't mean I will marry u because I know it is fake and I won't trust it.. I know u very well. She marches off.. but stills he had soo much anger which she want to show him form of word which blast over him but she stops herself controlling her anger.. But made clear she will not marry him at any cost.. She gets back home

Part 9

Her parents were waiting for her.. They say she need not go out. She ask why they says because they don't want to get more ruined.. maa it is because I am said not o marry ram? She says agar aise hain to haan aise hi hii because of u we r been bad name in whole society.. First ur sister ran away now u r doing it ..she says maa ayeshaa bag kgayi to meri kay galti hain she says saari galti teri hain u were the reason jab se uska shaadi tai hua ta u kept saying no no and talk so many negative things isi waje hain ab.. When after all this deed of urs .. Krishna ji came with soo big mind to ask ur hands for ram.. hamein unki ehsaan manna chaiye ..because of them we r saved in society varna if in their place if some other is there by now they would have spoiled our life.. She says mom please stop over reacting and was about to go she pulls by her hand and says priya today u have to listen to me.. u have to marry ram that is final decision.. she says no never.. she says papa why u r not saying anything he says mein? Mein kya boloon what can I say after what u did? She says papa u too.. He says haan.. me too  what u expect first u sister run away then ur engagement break after u have spent night with ram. She says papa.. he says what u expect from us.. it is good that Krishna ji wanted u and ram to get married.. agar ye shaadi nahi huyii me and shipra will not give damki of dying but will ask u to get out of our life first one died being alive and now another one tooo.. she says papa fine.. I will go out of this house but won't marry that motu ram kapoor.. They shout priya.. is this ur last answer she says yes papa.. I won't.. shipra says u have too she says no way ma.. I will not marry such an person who is not fit for me and I very know he is framing us.. I want fall in his trick..u can believe I won't and goes to pack the bag shipra goes to stop and tries to convince but.. priya says maa mein jaanti hoon u want me to get married to ram but I won't� why don't u  believe me� he is lying .. she says priya after seeing everything with our own eye what u want us to do.. bolooo

When they hear an noise something fell they go out and get shocked to see sudheer lying unconscious they take him to hospital rushing up.. Calling ambulance.. shipra says sab tumahri wajese hua hain priya all because of u.. na tum wo harkat karti na ye sab hota.. From first u were always been troubling him.. First u refused to marry and now dekoo kya kiya and cries.. when doctor comes out he say we need 5 lakhs for his treatment as his heart is being need to be had an operation as an block had occurred and now it is in serious condition .. I told him before but now it is in serious condition.. if it is not operated his life will be in danger �  priya say aap fikar mat kijiye I will arrange for money and rushes to bank.. and finds out sudheer took loan for wedding and the money  was needed to be paid.. she also come to know her house paper was under bank .. she was shocked to learn it.. she goes to find money and tries.. but after running for 4 hours she return back trying pay at least what they have and get shocked the operation was going on ..She ask ma who gave money or doctor agreed for the.. she says nahi.. Doctor did not agree for it but his condition worsen and I was trying ur phone and u dint pick so I called ram.. Without choice.. she was shocked.. she says u called that monster? Shipra says mind ur words priya.. u r forgetting he is the person who had helped us.. when no one is ready to help us even our own child she says maa.. u r getting me wrong.. she says noo I am not.. u don't love ur dad..she says mom.. She says kyun.. she says but mom� why u r thinking like that? Shipra says to.. if u had agreed for the wedding ye sab hota hi nahi.. aaj meri pati ki jo a halt hain wo sirf tumahri waje hi hain� and cries.. priya too cries


 ram comes and says aunty u don't need to be worried I have enquired about what going on everything is fine operation will get over in another few minutes uske baad uncle will be totally fine..  don't worry after the operation uncle will be fine within an week.. she says I don't know how to thanks for all ur help.. I am sorry beta because of my daughter s ur life has been he says please aunty please don't cry u sit-down first.. kuch nahi hoga uncle go and consoles her and goes .. as he was about to cancel meeting but shipra forced saying it shd not be stopped.. so he was going priya was walking slowly in veranda crying. A s shipra told her to leave and not to come infront of her.. she was crying and soon get chakkar and was about to fall when ram hold her she was in his arm holding his coat's shawl collar his hand were protectively holding around her waist.. she closes her eyes.. he carries her and lays in the stretcher nearby and calls doctor.

Priya get awake.. she removes the glucose strips and seeing ram goes and tell how dare u ram .. ow dare u ..he says shut up.. chup.. this is hospital.. when nurse come and ask her to lay back not to stand as she was in bad shape and her hubby was worried.. she was like hubby she sees ram.. and nurse says yahi to hain aapki pati.. priya faints of and ram holds.. priya get awake and walks away and get to see ram giving shipra money saying medicines keliye help hoga. She says nahi ram beta already u gave us money for this operation now.. nooo he says no aunty it is necessary.. and she cries and ask forgiveness which priya cdnt take it.. when doctor comes and calls shipra.. ram turns to see priya she comes and was about to hit him he stop� he ask pagal hogaya ho kya she says haan .. how dare u try to buy us with money? He laughs saying buy u people? Here   ok fine if u r thinking like that wahi samjoo .. u r right ab sirf iskeliye nahi bulki ur house papers are also with me and show shocking her.. he smile kya hua.. priya� achha teek hain.. I will not ask money for all this but one thing.. Marry me.. the only condition.. zindagi bar I will help ur parents she says no way mr kapoor is achah I will die fine .. sochlo.. aram se baitkar think about ur father condition if u give any shock he will die .. what u want u want ur dad to die and ur mother get ill .. u know she loves ur dad haina.. sochlo and goes.. she was crying.. she goes to meet doctor when she hear doctor and shipra talking � she realizes she have to be good as sudheer condition is bad..  she kept thinking later she talks to shipra who refuses to talk .. she begs to her and not to be like that when shipra says in one condition if she agree to get engaged to ram she was numb but she think before wedding she can expose ram before it

That day evening sudheer wanted to see priya she enters. He says beta.. Please agree to marry ram with tubes on him.. she nodes her head he was very happy.. an in time ram to comes with Krishna.. when shipra was happy.. and ells priya had agreed to get engaged to ram� and all were happy ram was in top air balloon.. he sees priya was seeing other side wontedly.. he says aunty I want to talk to priya .. and says chalein priya.. she says ab kounsi baat karni hain.. when shipra forcefully send her saying beta are javoo na kuch discussion hoga and gie her hand in rams hand and he takes her away.. she says leave my hand he says ab nahi chodoonga zindagi baar,she forcefully take her hand.. she ask what u wnt.. he says an kiss she was shocked he smiles saying aise nahi kahoongi don't worry after all making her remind  of first kiss and make her get embarrassed. She ask why did u bring me.. he smile saying kuch nahi bus dekna chata ta kii tum kaise lag rahi hoo. So when shall we get married.. she says my dad is not good abhi naihi after 1-2 mahine and turn he says agla hafte we r getting engaged and after that in wan week wedding she get shocked she says she will never agree he smiles.. he get an call when priya walk back and learn same thing from her mother and ram's mom.. who give her shagun kangan and tells ram daadi has return and very happy� to welcome her bahu

Shipra and sudheer were very happy but priya was upset.. when ram says ma mein priya ko kuch dena chata hoon.. she says muje bhi tuje kuch dena hain an slap from me..when shipra says why not.. he take out chocolate and says I want to feed u this on this rista happening when she refuses shipra force fully make her take it.. he says mooh kola priya and force it in her mouth.. when shipra clasp and says ab tumahri baari [priay says I won't do this� ram says it ok ma .. waise bhi use chocolate nahi kuch aur kilana pasand hain and wink,.. making her remind of mirchi incident.. Krishna was mathlab.. he says pakoda.. and smiles.. priya fumes and turn her head.. ram smiles.. after it doctor comes inside and tell sudheer health was improving super-fast.. when sudheer says because of his jamai saa.. priya get angry .. on all this she goes out to get fresh air.. when think ab ye ram ko mein.. and was about to slip when two strong arms held her form falling and pulled near chest and it was ram..

Girte samalte ye pal kaise beete aaj hamein eshaass hora hain hainnn

Na jaane kab hua ye teri liye meri dill kii pyaar ki eshaas haiinn hoo

Kab tak samalaoon  ye dil ko,dhdadka  teri naam paar..hoo

Bade ache lagte hain .. ye tandi hawayeein .. teri pyaar ki eshaas. aur tummm

She says leave me.. he says ahh she pushes him and says don't u dare touch me itni time se I was shouting to leave me phir bhi u were holding like my words were for an dumb person. He says oh mein.. she says  pehle u touch me and now .. tuje too and raises her hand when rain falls over them she says abhi ye bearish hoen ta.. he smile saying barisshh pyaar ka mausam ka hain jaadu.. passs aye hum tummm.. bade ache lagte hain ye baarish,tum meri saaath hoo aur tummm

Priya runs off .. he smiles.. and stand in rain.. Smiling like an crazy lover.. priya frowns.. Thinking aaj baarish sue bacha liya but har waqt nahi..after that day.. daily ram comes and priya manages to hide herself from him.. 2 dys it goes like that and here Krishna was on preparing for the occasion.. here shipra manages to force priya to get ready but she refuses.. here sudheer was getting better.. and on 3rd day ram enter and priya was  coming out  both get clashed she get angry and stamp his feet he says ouch.. jungle billi kahega sh she says really and pinched him.. Making him shout.. she pushes him and geos off in anger he smiles..  next day sudheer get discharged and given lots of instruction� ram comes and help him and take him home.. and when sudheer says meri koi beta nahi hain but u fulfilled it beta.. and smiles. Priya frown.. she think and tal to herself.. pehle shaadi behen se aur ishq ladaain dusri behen se..  ab.. ye sab drama .. I know after engagement I will make sure it get break� I will bring his real face out.. that he is framing us� tab dekna.. if u r ram I am priya�

The 5th day..

Priya get irritated with shipra making her to get dress and that too red colour saying raam ka fav and call beautician and discuss priya refuse saying it was just an engagement but shipra says but it was ram too.. that day night.. priya get shocked when shipra forcefully make her get mehendi done.. like an bride and she get angry� next day she get shocked as it was dark..  then.. the next day morning.. she get up and was bout o go when shipra stops saying aaj teri engagement hain bhool gayii she says no way and all but shipra forces and make her get ready.. making her sit wear the dress� and kapoor send the car for them.. sudheer and shipra along with priya goes there she was frowning all the way where shipra say hasoo yaa .. atleast for papa sake.. and forcefully make her smile..

Her dress was an wonderful red blue lehenga and her hair was having and small puff in front and then back braided long with decorative pieces on it.. With flower and had and veil over her.. she had bridal set and so as anklet arm hold hip belt chain all.. With bangles.. on entering she get shocked.. it was not engagement buuut shaadi.. she ask have we come to wrong place mom? She says nahi we have come to correct place today is ur wedding she get shocked.. she was like it cannot happen and turn when girls come and pull her and where her relatives were present .. they drag her.. and then.. was made to sit forcefully in mandap she cdnt get up.. she sees shipra in angry way .. she feels sorry but .. She comes to priya and says sorry beta we did not have choice if we say wedding u won't agree isliye we have to lie as ur engagement. She kept crying. She says aasoo pochloo.. ram smiles at priya who in turn look angry at him�

Part 10

She says muje ye shaadi nahi karna.. When he says u have to coming near her.. if u don't I will display the video which happened between us that night and think about ur dad he may even die due to shock' and ur house it is under me' bhool gayi chup chap shaadi Karol.. priya was all in anger the pandit I says kanyadaan keliye mata pita ayiye.. shipra and sudheer were doing but when shipra sees priya she was in maha anger so as having tears' she refused to look at them.. it was over.. shipra feared .. Next the pheras were done after knot tied happen by nuts who was very happy and excited.. Thinking his brother ki dulhan is whom he wanted.. ram forcefully hold her hand and take pheras.. but she pinches him but he pinches back.. then the marriage continues.. she sit down along with him .. the pandit ji give the mangalsutr where ram forcefully put it around priya' then sindoor he moves the maangtika and apply when she sees him in anger but he smiles' the sindoor fall over her nose where he smile pandit announce wedding over.. She get angry want to hit ram but kar nahi sakti.. she think meri shaadi is motu ke saat.. and cries.. Pandit tell to take asshirwaad .. she says uski kya jaroroat hain sabki asshwirwaad ki wajese hain meri shaadi is motu se hogaya hain' and give shooter angry looks to al.. but when she get up.. and ram tries to get up he get troubled she turn and says deka.. u can't even get pup sitting down motu kahega.. When shipra says priya she moves her self-saying sorry mein aapki kya lagti hoon why u call me after all u want to drop ur weight on him jo aapne kardiya.. now I am someone else.. and turns her face in tears of anger rolling down ..

Shipra says priya beta aise mat kaho.. when ram manages to get up.. he say chalein to take blessing. She says uski kay jarorat hain.. after all,all blessing are with u.. he says ofcourse wo to hain chalein and drags her holding her hand.. and bring near Krishna and takes blessing and then goes to daadi and make her bend.. by pinching her waist,.. it was like .. touch their feet she turn her face  when he first tickle she sees him.. and then pinches her waist and forcefully make her bend .. same next going to shipra and sudheer where she was not bending ram say if u don't bend.. I will kiss u here.. And make her bend.. but she was upset.. when Krishna says the time for  leaving shipra says but kana..she says not to worry.. aap fikar mat kijiye mehemaanoon ko yahi kana kiladijiye.. we will leave as pandit ji have told subh mahurat is in 30 min and we have to reach our house before it.. shipra agrees but was sad.. priya was crying' shipra comes to talk to her she says beta ab se ram ki ghar hi tumhara hain.. when she says bhool jayei u had an daughter jaise ayeshaa margayi hain aapkeliye mein bhi and turns her face making her cry more'.shipra fold her hands to ram.. who says nahi aap mujse badi hain ..she says par meine I have given my daughter to u.. if she does anything wrong or does mistake please forgive her.. he smile and says don't worry she is my wife now.. I will handle her' sudheer was also present. He too folds his hand but ram says not to worry as he not only their damad but also their son. He ask to take care of his daughter and he agree.. they go.. priya goes in anger throwing the rice in anger hitting all.. she sit in car when shipra comes to talk she raises the screen.. but she start to cry ram sees it and find it innocence of her.. he says u love ur parents isn't it.. she says mind ur business mr motu ram kapoor.. he says oyee I am ur hubby now.. she says for the world not for me.. and turns her face.. he smile.. he says messing with ram kapoor is not good.. she turns and says messing with me also is not good

Ram tell to raise the ac number.. as it was having lots of hot air inside she turns to him in anger and he give and cold look.. in 2 signals they reach  kapoor mansion where already nuts and Krishna was present to welcome them.. he says utharo we have reached she sees and get down.. all sad.. he put his hand around and says chalein when she pushes it hardly saying don't u dare touch me u may have forfully married me but I have not accepted this samje.. they get in.. when nuts does the aarti in happy form.. she say bhai u shd pay me if u need to get in.. he smile when priya says I will go back pay karke muje andar nahi jana is bhoot bangle mein.. when Krishna says nuts beta jaane do.. when ram says are mom priya ko Mazak karne ki aaadat haina and give an 1000 ruppes bunch saying it for u.. she then place the rice bowl and red water thali when priya kick it hard when Krishna tells beta push this with ur feet and come inside .. she in anger forcefully kick it shocking to other where it fly away.. and hit the wall and rice spread all over.. daadi says ye tune kya kiya bahuuu ..
priya says wahi jo mujse kaha gaya.. and think thank god now daadi will tell me to get out and tell she can't accept me as her bahu and smile in her mind but' daadi laughs saying bahut achheee kiya tune .. is ka mathlab u know? It means spreading happiness all over u know when I was married. even I did the same finding it funny (she thinks oye may be ekta ki serial dekti hoon wahi bhi aise hi hota hain and smiles thanks to ekta to teach how to handle situation.. lagta hain badi fan hain ekta mate ki )' even my saas said it same way' and laughs.. Krishna and other too smile making priya ko upset' she then had to walk the red water. she steps inside and walks.. when daadi says puttar.. chaloo ab kode ki rasam karte hain.. and makes them sit down. Opposite... daadi tells nuts to do the mixing and she does. Ram was searching while priya was wontedly roaming her hand not interested' suddenly she get with something and take out and all claps saying priya won' she smile seeing ram.. when daadi says 3 times hota hain  and next round.. ram tickles her hand making her move and he wins.. and it was last round.. priya was like is baar I will win.. ram smiles.. when both get the ring at same time and take out saying I got it..  all laugh seeing it as together they took it out' Krishna says its mean both will respect each other equally and smiles..

Krishna says ab time hogaya hain chalo ram priya ko godhi mein utha kar upar apni kamre mein javoo he was like me.. she says it is riwaaaz .. daadi says haan putttar u have to carry ur bride.. he sees priya who frowns.. she walks back.. and she get hit with nuts. And ram comes and scoops her in one go... all claps she frowns. she had to balance so hold him tightly and they say to go and encourages.. Priya says ' motu kahega. He scare of of letting her down.. I will put u down if u don't behave.. she says I will tickle u .. he says if u do I will drop u and u will get hurt and carries her into the room which was decorated fully she was shocked.. When goes and drop her in bed and goes and lock the door and goes off to the place where the food was placed and says wow kitna achha kushboo ara hain wow aloo parata my fav. and starts to eat.. he doesn't to ask priya and keep eating.. priya thinks uff.. kitna kata hain ye motu ..Kitna besharam hain not even bothered to ask to me.. omg bahut bhook lagi hain ..
she get down.. goes near he sees and says avo avo priya in mind.. kana chiaye too mein kay karwa ta hoon priya seeing it says I am going to change dress hope my bag is send here.. he says muje nahi pata. She says fine and was about to open the door.. when she hear Krishna saying raam beta.. she was about to open lock.. she says darwaza mat kolna.. bus ye batana hain priya ka dress is in ur dressing room her bag is there priya smile and sees ram who was eating.. Thinking kay jaroorat ti ma ko to tell it.. I would tease her nicely before it. And made her to sleep with this heavy garment.


She then goes and take her dress but get shocked.. to see some nighty kept and fumes then she picks her salwar kameez and goes inside.. ram eat fully but sees another plate and letter below it.. where his mother has written to feed priya.. not to let her sleep starving ..he frowns.. she comes out.. and throws her flower in her head on him and he sneezes .. she turns and smiles remembering Ayesha saying he has allergy to flower.. he says tumm .. u know I have allergy and sneeze she says too.. and says meri room mein I will be like how i want to be.. he says excuse me ye mera kamra hain ..she says ab mera hain.. he says oh really.. she says haan koi shak.. he says oh .. too common clean the food stuffs' she says she won't.. and turn when he put his hand around her waist and pulls back.. making her hit in his chest..
he says aaj hamari suhaag raat hain jab u have agreed it is our room we can do anything soo and move her duppatta when she stamps his feet angrily and tell don't he dare.. agar paas bhi aya too yaad rakna.. I know karate .. and ram was reminded the scene of assswine getting kicked and moves little. She smiles and goes and sits down... Saying kuch logon ko manners hi nahi hain to ask whether the other person is interested in having dinner or not.. bus whatever they get eat fully.. Selfish kahega and starts to eat.. Saying itna bhi achha nahi hain uff itna teeka.. aur ye gulab jamoon just like like this motu balloon he was like priya.. she says uff ye mirchi.. gussa too motu ki taraf hain hehe and eats .. ram get angry and goes for changing.. but he take little time.. and take bath and all and return changed and get shocked to see priya have occupied the full bed sleeping in such a way he won't get any space to sleep priya smile remembering.. What happened?

She finished her eating and sees ram has not returned and smiles.. seeing the bed.. she says motu ab dekna .. u framed me into marriage I will make u cry tear of blood .. u have taken panga with priya ab dekna.. she get into the bed and cover herself and sleeps cross way.. Smiling... he comes and she pretends to sleep. She smiles flashback ends

He thinks omg now how will I sleep. How can I forget she would do something like this...? And think now how will I sleep and look around and realizes no couch. He gets worried

Daadi was with Krishna who says shayad god helped me by not sending to golu previous wedding as it was not supposed to happen. achha hua  varna meri golu ki wo halt dekkar mein kud ko samal hi nahi paati.. shayad baghwaan joo karta hain achha keliye hi karta hain.. isliye hamri golu ko priya mil gayi .. jab us waqt shaadi par ah nahi parahi ti na, muje bahut bura laga  ye sochkar meri golu ki shaadi hain mein nahi ay payi but aaj mein bahut kush hoon.. ab mein samaj gayi kyun ho wo sab and smiles hugely..Krishna says haan beeeji achha hua.. meri dil mein bhi ek bhoj ta ki golu ki shaadi ayeshaa se horaha hain but aaj mein kush hoon kyunki golu ko priya bahut pasand hain.. and smiles.. and tell beeji about the mehendi incident where daadi laugh.. she says oye Krishna.. golu ek hi insaan samal sakti hain aur wo hain priya puttar and both smile..


Ram get an idea and goes and kisses her feet making her get awake asking kay kar rahi hoo he says are suhaag raat hain hamari, too soch raha hoon ki we can celebrate it.. After all we have got married.. She says really and comes near him suhaag celebration my foot and raise her hand when he holds her saying don't forget I am stronger than u.. She says oh really dekte haina and pushes him and he get angry  he says how dare u .. she says how dare? Ab dikati hoon and comes down when he moves back but in side she get s down when he roll over bed covering himself saying hogaya meri happy raat and she says how dare u.. he says what? She says achh to isiliye ye antak for the sake of sleeping in bed,. He says ofcurse meri bed hain mera room hain she says excuse me room and bed ab mera hain he was like kaise? kyun tuje nahi pata.. u brought me here where u forcefully married me.. he says muje nahi pata I am sleepy and sleeps when she says o really and goes and bring huge water jug and pour over him making him get up and asking ye kya batameez hain she says batameezi nahi this is my style of telling u who I am .. Now go and sleep in couch. He says no way..
she says where there is will there is an way u see and pulls him but falls over him not able to pull where he say omg kitna baari hain she was like what me and heavy no way it is u mota kahega he says oh really and pushes her hard and she get angry and pushes him and not less to an fight like kids and trying to push where saying ye meri bed hain and he says this sin mine if u want sleep in floor.. She says how dare u and pushing and hitting each other with pillow blanket and throwing things like an war of 2 person and last she slaps him hard.. and was about to get down and go when he get down half keeping his leg down and says tumein mein nahi chodongi and pulls her hard and she falls back and both over bed breaking the bed'

Ab kya hoga?

Part 11

Raya were trying and struggling  to get up but kept falling back priya manages to get up but slips and fall over him he shout ahh she says don't shout.. with ur horror voice he says horror meri nahi teri hain.. she says u and fighting get happened and she pushes him and get up and manages to come out of the broken bed which was in bad shape..  he to get up moving the stuff.. she says it is all because of u.. he says oh really it is because of u.. my fav bed got broken she says what? Fav bed? yuck itna karab bed aaj tak meien nahi deka.. uf my back is paining badly.. he says hello don't talk anything..  Bandar kya jaane adrat ka swart. .. if u have slept in such bed u would have known she turn oh really as iff u were ,wait wait now I know why u r fat sleeping in this bed na.. motuuu  deko to sahi kitna mota hain mota kahega.. he says phir se mota kaha..  I won't spare u she ask what u will do he says I can do many thing including suhaag raat and u very well know no one can stop me..  he winks.. she says u r forgetting I am not like other girl mein black belt hoon samje .. if u try to come close to me also I will kick u badly don't forget ram ki face go frown rem assswine kick by priya.. she says chup chap sojavo.. ab tumahri waje muje neeche sona padega.. pata nahi kay dekkar meri ma ne tuje choose kiya . if I had a chance I would have nt let conda run in her mind.. as because of it ram is her hubby now..  both were giving firing stare for some time and then he goes off.. and sit in chair and she to urns.. and after some time.. Both were sleeping on either side of bed after an kid dish fight..

But at night priya felt cold seeing the high ac.. she then off it but ram again on it.. she then say she will fire it if he on it.. he says karke deko.. she turn around and tries to find match boxes.. and he gives her and she burn sit but she realizes  it was not working when ram smiles saying match stich ka asar kuch der keliye hota hain and in cold it get off soon and smile.. making her feel as an fool  he goes and sleep happily.. .. she feel bad.. she sleep down but get cold so sleep over the carpet below the bed.. trying to cover herself when she feels someone nearing she see shim snuggling inside the duvet he says muje iske bina neend nahi ata .. meri dost hain she says omg.. pagal kahega and pulls, he pulls more and she end up falling over him and he says chup chap sojavoo.. she sit up but  sleep and in night but were sleeping hugging each other  inside the blanket as she felt warm holding him unknowingly and morning happen.. he open the eyes and sees priya and smiles hugely�  kitni mausam hain ye chera , us bachhe se bhi badkar.. kassh muje har roz milta is mausumat ka ek nazara.. ohhh bade lagte hain ye chera,teri mausmiyat, ye saath sona aur tummm

Dil se soor hain hum aur tum but phir bhi hain ek dusre ki saath hum .. chata hoon ye dooriyan meet jayein


Priya open her eyes and he closes it.. she sees and thinks motu ki himmat deko and pushes him and still he pretend to sleep she goes away.. Thinking how dare he hug me. He smiles thinking she was the one who hugged him thinking has her pillow.. he smiles.. priya was picking her dress top wear when he come sout from shower.. she was in her night suits .. he smile and when she move her hand little above to take the suit.. He pinches her waist and walk fast and she pinches his hand saying don't u dare do that varna their kehr nahi�

He smiles.. she come out without wearing her sindoor and mangalsutr.. and daadi ask kya hua.. beta? She says kuch nahi and says beta.. teri sindoor kahan hain she says wo mein bhool gayi adaaat nahi ahianaa.. Krishna's says koi abath nahi addaat ho jayega and calls ram.. and says chalo and takes to mandir and tell ram to fill her maang.. he says why  she says it was rasam to fill it after the suhaag raat.. and make him tie another ms saying it was blessing from god. They do the arti..  and all then in breakfast.. priya faints seeing the menu.. and here ram was ordering an new bed and cot for his room.. when Krishna ask

Ram kya hua? He says mom it was of bad quality isliye toot gaya shayd.She was like how can it break after all it was one of the fine quality of wood.. When nuts giggles aying mom shayd sr ka asar hain.. bhai aapki sr kaise beeti wo us cot se pata chal raha hain.. omg. He says choti tuje too Krishna giggles.. she says meine bhi suna bed tutone ki awaz ko and smiles..

Here priya think elephant sone ka asar hain seeing the broken bed be taken  but other teases them..



 he says muje late horaha hain and turns when daadi comes smiling saying golu putttaaar kitte jaraha hain aavo meri saat and drags him and says priya puttar tum bhi avoo.. and making them stand together says.. ye lo meri shaadi ka tofa.. ram was like tofa and open and get shocked it was honey moon ticket� to Switzerland. Ram was like Switzerland nahi daadi.. Please.. Priya says haan daadi I don't want to waste my honeymoon with him that too Switzerland nope.. waise bhi meri passport renew nahi kiya hoga.. daadi says no bahna I did all.. akir ram kapoor ki daadi hoon � ye kya itna jagadogi bachha kaise hoga.. when nuts giggles saying daadi who know where there is fight they will be lots of love. he says daadi ye she says oyee kya dekraha hain muje apni par pota jaldi dekna hain isliye tu bhi jaldi honeymoon javo aur waaps ate hi happy news dedo.. he was like daadi priya says aise kuch nahi hosakta hain muje ek chota golu nahi saha jayega.. ek kafi nahi hian kya.. daadi giggles.. Saying to teek hain chota priya hi sahii shocking her� she was like omg daadi too much hain.. She says daadi how can we got o honeymoon we need to have do so much rasam haina.. she laugh saying koi baat nahi I talked sab rasam baad mein.. bus tum donon honeymoon javo.. ram sees the ticket place and says daadi ye kya honeymoon wo bhi Switzerland .. daadi I won't go.. priya say kya Switzerland? And get shocked and also upset.. but she have to stop by any mean and says how can I go I don't have passport.. daadi says I know u will say like that but u forgotten I talked to shipra she gave me ur passport.. I got visa too for u both.. so no trouble.. priya was like honeymoon motu ke saaat no way

priya says muje nahi jaane teri sat honeymoon in the room.. he says even me not isliye u go to ur maika I will go to Switzerland for my holidays.. priya get angry.. she says oh really.. and smiles and sees ram..

Golu putttaaarrr priya closes her ears and smiles.. hiding ebhidn daadi.. he runs down asking  kya hua daadi? Sees her fuming neither like before.. he ask kya hua.. tune meri priya puttar se kya khahaaa? Bloo .. he says miene kya kiyaaa? Tune wo kiya jo tumse umeeed nahi tii.. tumne ye kahaa kii tum use chodkar akele javogi.. Priya smiles and winks to ram when he sees her.. .. he says meinn woo daadi se chuppp kar.. kya kaha meri bahu ko aise chote chote kapde pehn na padega if she want to go with u meri bahu aise kuch nahi pehenegi aur teri saat jayegi bhi.. she will wear what she want to let me remind u.. this honeymoon if for u both.. kabadaar if u trouble my bahu I won't spare u.. Shocking ram.. javo get ready for the honeymoon and haan help priya in packing.. priya smile and winks at him and think ab ayega mazaa honeymoon yaa aapki barbaadi ka moon and says thanks daadi if u r not there what would I do.. and pretend to cry. She says nahi puttar rona nahi mein hoona javoo tairyr hojavoo.. she says ji daadi and goes and jaate waqt hits ram belly with her elbow and goes happily.. nuts seeing it giggles. Thinking meri bhai keliye perfect match..

Ram was like uff fas kahan gaya not coming out of bathroom.. he was about to bang the door when priya open making his mouth get wide open .. she ask ka y hain why u r banging the door teek se ready bhii nahi hosaktii he was with wide mouth open when she says close ur mouth otherwise fly will go in and he says uu she says arghh.. he says I won't spare u she smiles saying me too.. inside the mind I will make sure I spoil u happy holidays .. mr ram kapoor.. he says I will make u remind who I am mrs priya ram kapoor


Ab ye honeymoon hoga yaa fighting moon?

Little preview: flight mein fight?

Part 12

Priya was making so many thing he says hello we r going for a week not for months. Why u take so many clothes uff deko kitna karab kapda hain? What u will do all with this outdated clothes? She says outdated excuse me.. Outdated is ur.. nahi nahi not outdated but out of size he says u.. when there was an knock asking can I come in? It was nuts who smiles and says oops sorry for disturbing the sweet romance..  he was like choti.. she says bhai ye loo dresses for my bhabhi I shopped spl for her.. he says haan haan she need an wardrobe change.. pata nahi kahan se kareed ti hain aise down market dresses when nuts says bhai.. u r being mean .. she says haan bahut rude bhi hain kadoos, motu kahega says priya nuts says bhabhi.. meri bhai itna bhi kadoos nahi hain.. he is sweet but pretend to be kadoos .. btw ye saara kapda ka bill bhai ko to hi barna haina and giggle and show her dresses priya says wow achhi hain but  ye gown bahut choti hain.. mein when ram says I knew she cannot wear such dresses.. nuts says bhai.. javo bahar.. we need to talk something personal and btw ur packing is over right.. javo he says great I have been asked to leave my roommm

Nuts says bhabhi common u can wear u will look good she says nahi muje ye sab achha nahi lagta wo bhi itna chota sa.. when nuts smile she ask why she was smiling she says kuch nahi I rem something which my bro said about his future wife priya was like what? She says he wanted an wife who be modern but with not forgetting her culture nor being to orthodox too and aap waise hoo u r modern yet traditional.. he also wanted an wife who doesn't wear short dress� hehe agar pehne to bhi sirf uski saamne and aap waise hi hoo and says u take other dresses I will return it.. priya feels something.. she says btw bahbhhi don't forget the red sari� she ask kyun ?nuts says because u look good in it. And winks she says pagal hain sab?.. Priya says this is good.. and closes the zip.. she comes down  calling mummy ji dekiye ram kya kehrahe hain.. she ask kya hua beta. She says he says that uhuhu uhuhu and uhuhuhu.. she ask kay hua itna ro kyun rahi hoo.. she say woo muje chicken kane keliye kehrahe hain uhuhu .. Krishna shouts ram��

Ram comes asking what happen ma? She says ram this is too much.. he ask why? What is wrong with u? she says wrong with me or u? how could u ask priya to eat chicken? When u very well know she is vegetarian?he says I din't.. she says chup I know u told u will make her eat chicken and forcing her to eat.. ye galat hain bahut galat even I am an veggie but ur dad never forced me� and u r doing bad very bad ram.. priya was smiling and winking at ram and dancing behind Krishna ram was fuming when Krishna ram why u r  making angry face this is not right..  samje tum priya will not eat chicken.. if u force I will make sure no one eat chicken or non-veg in this house ban kardoongi he was shocked. Saying mom mein.. Krishna's says priya beta don't worry mein hoon na she says ji maaaji and wink and smile at ram.. when Krishna goes.. she says kuch bhi kiya to yaad rakna  he says u dint do good priya u will pay for it. She says who will pay whom let us see.. and goes but get hit with him crossing and says uu.. and stamp hi feet but he pulls her and kisses her 

Nuts seeing it was like omg.. Shocked.. Thinking bhai bhabhi romance in middle of house omg.. and turns shyly.. saying I am here please romance in ur room.. and giggle ram leave priya and she runs off seeing nus.. ram thinking omg ab choti muje chidayegii oh god priya why u make me get angry.. priya think samajta kay hain ye motu apne aap kooo I won't spare him.. aane to doo room ke andar.. and smile thinking an plan  ram enters the room and goes into the bathroom to change but.. when he open the tap to get freshen up the water fall ofcourse  he then takes the towel and wipes his face and comes out and calls bansi aka coffee lana he brings and get shocked seeing him� he tries to hide his smile he says saaab ye.. he says kaka I am telling u bring my coffee I got work.. he says woo and goes scratching his head.. ram think pata nahi log aise kyun hojate hain.. when suddenly nuts come calling bhai daadi is calling u  when he turns she get shocked and laughs a lots asking bhai r u doing some spl facial kya? Pack laga ho kya? Wo bhi itna badly? Priya was giggling who was near the door� she says pack nahi kuch aur..

Ram was like choti kya hogaya tuje? She says bahi muje nahi aapko kuch hogaya hain..  he was like what when Krishna enters calling raam beta  when u visit Switzerland don't forget to call our relatives and stop seeing him and ask ram agar tuje face pack lag wana ta tum muje kehdete I would have send an spl person to do that aise.. btw ur marriage is over .. agar ye sab karna ta u shd have done before the wedding not now beta.. u know right u have to start ur journey.. he was like mom kya hogaya aap sab ko.. priya was laughing without noise not able to control.. ram was like pagal hogaya kya sab.. when did I put any face pack� Krishna says then what si in ur face he says face? She says check it out in mirror and he goes and shout ahahhaha hhh he got seeing the green paint in his face he know kisne  ki hogi .. he says priyaaa tuje mein Krishna says chupp kud kuch lagti ho and u blame priya� kabadaar.. javoo jagar wash ur face and come� nuts says mom lagta hain� he wanted to look good infront of bhabhi isliye ye sab try karraha hain.. Krishna says chalo nuts .. We need to do pack some foods for raya.. priya moves back and enters when they leave

Ram seeing his face was in anger thinking ab mein priya ko nahi chodoonga.. she sings  green green green everywhere is green what an wonderful colour is green green green green everywhere is green ram says priya tumm.. she says mein kya? Poocha na mein kay kar sakti hoon bahut kuch kar sakti hoon yaaad rakna.. aaj sirf garwaloon ke samne I made u green kal I will make u look black and shows her tongue out he was about to chase but get hit with bed (new bed hain isliye shayd lag gaya)  she laugh saying this is not ur fav bed which hear u but my choice of bed. And winks at him and was about to turn but turn back and says one se c and take his picture and says wow u look better with green thing in ur face and goes happily he says I won't spare u priya.. and goes to wash his face  

Ram come down and see priya was already ready all packed and ready to leave.. and taking daadi's blessing he wondered kal tak jane keliye taiayar nahi ti aaj kya hogaya may be something is fishy running in her mind ..i must be aware� daadi se oyee golu puttar kay dekrahi hoo come here she blesses raya.. raya sees their face and he says deklena kya kya karta hoon in this honeymoon priya says I am waiting ram will give u back whatever u give me woo bhi double.. daadi says� god bless u with happy life with 1000 babies (haila daadi ye kya kaha aapne readers waise bhi muje kehrahe hoon ki I makes population increase) raya was like 1000 kaise ? ram says daadi 1000 ka pata nahi but haan but haaan if ur darling bahu agrees we will have ur grandchild for sure.. he winks seeing priya who give fuming looks.. nuts says bhai jab avogi make sure bhabhi ka belly aapka belly se match kareinn (omg she means pregnant) ram says chotiii Krishna laughs saying meri bahu ki ate hiii ghar ki charoon orr sirf kushiyoon se bar gaya hain beeji u were right.. chawal ke saat saat is ghar mein bhi kushiyaan ko faila diya(which mean like rice was spread the happiness  in the house) priya smiles seeing ram's belly thinking even pregnant women will not have such a cute belly(haila belly pasand hain ? ajeeb pyaar hain in donon kii ) ram say sab hogaya to chalein we r getting late. Nuts says bhai is very impatient to go for honeymoon and giggles he sees nuts saying tuje agar dekta hoon they leave..

Raya were in car.. ram sees priya thinking surprised how calm she is may be happy going to Switzerland.. here priya I am not happy but yes I am going to Switzerland to trouble ram dekna priya kya kya kar sakti hain .. u married me with dhoka and I will make sure u suffer for ur deed.. when the car jerk.. Ram se teek se chala nahi sakte ho? He says sorry sir� priya says kya karein when there is signal? Break to lagana padega and smiles sab kuch aapki hisaab se todi na chal sakte hain every time.. and smiles.. he frowns and give angry face.. she thinks aapto shaadi to jabardasti meri saat kar liya but sab kuch nahi because every time ,the faith will not favor u� she smiles� after some time they reach the airport.. the driver places all the luggage's and priya take her hand luggage  and sees the airport and soon her face goes dull remembering something..


Conda sees airport and says auto wala baisaa toda rukiyaa he ask kya hua she says kuch nahi and sees airport and the flight taking off .. priya "kya hua ayeshaa?  " she says di dekoo "flight.. ek din mein bhi usi flight mein javoongi.. aur walk in the airport as super model aiyshahaa and log meri paas daudenge to get autograph�" priya"hai raaam kitna daudraha hain " aiysaa "kya ? koun?" priya"meter aur kya?" aiyaa"dii I am talking about my dream u r talking about the meter?" priya"to aur kay boloon  if u r seeing the flying thing and forgetting we r in land come down ,bhai u start the auto and go " aisaa" diii " she says chupp "

It ends

Priya goes sad.. ram turns seeing her sad ask"kya hua scad? Ongoing  the flight?  She says scad my foot and goes inside they walk rolling the trolley they stand in the front of boarding cabin when ram shows the ticket.. and after checking the luggage's were in put in boarding .. they get the boarding pass when priya ask window wali seat haina? Rama giggles saying are u cannot jump from flight kyunki ur bones won't break but u will break ur ties from earth.. btw u cannot jump after all it has glass window. She says glass window hain to kya we can open to get fresh air.. ram says omg.. u don't know flight ki window open nahi kar sakte � priya covering up I know bus was checking ur iq.. priya in her mind omg� mein bhool kaise gayi the flight windows cannot be open priya u r loosing ur brain in this janjat be aware.. she says mr kapoor I need an window seat.. he says excuse me I need it .. she say muje chaiye I want to see outside .. he ask what u want to see kuch nahi dikega.. she says so what ..i will see the white sky waise bhi u r less adventure unlike me.. he says yaa yaa.. she says I need it he says I won't� she says fine and geos and ask about the boarding pass that person says sure mam and give another window seat in first class after all he is ram kapoor 

Raya were sitting as they had little time before security check.. soo priya says muje bhook lagi hain and geos to get  some ice tea and returns but not able to find ram and her passport was with him.. she was almost scad she tried to search but no use.. she was almost in tears when she sees ram back she goes and calls ram but it was some other person us ka face fall ho jata hain she turns and looks around thinking shayd kaane keliye and geos there but no use and when it was almost 20 min she was searching she was in verge of crying when other start to see her.. Suddenly where were u kab se doond raha hoon? She turns and sees ram and hugs him's tightly.. and weeps ram was shocked he hugs her back happily he thinks chalo achha hain  kuch bahane hi sahi pehli baar when suddenly she moves off and says  kahan chale gaye te aap u know where all I was searching ? jaan nikal gaya ta merii but u have no care or affection towards me.. ram says priya calm down.. all are looking us.. she turns and says soo so what? U r my hubby and I am ur wife.. and u shd have not left me like that.. u know how scad I got he says priya listen to me I was away for an imp call and .. he says soo can't u tell me an goo itna bada airport what if I get lost.. he says no problem I would have found u.. are camera haina airport par.. she sees him.. but he seeing her find cute..  with her cute face .. he wanted to kiss her but controls.. she says u know because of u all my ice tea got over searching u I cdnt drink happily..ab muje dusra chaiyeee.. he was like what?

She was drinking ice tea wen the security check up was going on and they were in line and priya makes noise while drinking ram sees it he smiles seeing her drink.. he takes pictures.. the officer says her o put the drink she fight saying it was costlier and she cannot throw.. then the officer refuses priya say fine and drink at one gulp and give the glass to officer saying dustbin aapke peeeche hain.. then the checking goes.. the offices moves around her  metal detector  she get  un comfy and ask kya kar rahi hoo gud gudi horhai hain she says mam it is an procedure.. she says ohh kais eprocedure.. when coming enar her neck something blink she ask what it was priya shows  ms saying ye hain.. she says achha and ask where u r going she says for Switzerland with my hubby the officer ask for honeymoon? She nodes yes something happened in her heart.. they collect the things and proceed to sit down before  going to gate .. priya was like why such long procedure isi mein 2-3 gande nikal jata hain uff.. he says u won't understand he sees him .. then they have to get into the buss

Priya says wahan kyun nahi ja sakte  he says it is economy class we r in first class.. she sees him thinking flight also there are many difference?   They get into the flight she was shocked it wsa first class.. priya was sitting and seeing ram and seeing him sleeping aram se.. she think jo karna ta karke kaise aram se so rahe hain now wait and watch and takes the cockroach and places on him and sleeps

Preview: raya ka flight journey hoga kaise btw is any one from Switzerland? Need help on it

Part 13

Priya says wahan kyun nahi ja sakte  he says it is economy class we r in first class.. she sees him thinking flight also there are many difference?   They get into the flight she was shocked it was first class. First class mean it is an fine class in the flight First class  - every seat is huge ,retractable bed like, which is covered in all the sides. no two persons will be side by side.. Individual TV screens., musical system and special service.

Two people will be on either side of a full length movable partition, but can talk face to face  on either side at beside

Complete privacy for individuals.  it is long distance journey, passengers prefer to sleep journey of 9 hrs 25 minutes ( thanks for helping it my friends for helping me to collect details so as giving details  )

This was an spl first class were it was less number of seat and they were cabin type and happily sleep around.. Ram was in individual cabin which was an 2 seater and one's sets of 2 seater's were present shayad honeymoon couple keliye after all flight was for Switzerland..  Ram ke next seat par ek insaan agar bait jata hain and priya was happily sitting in her window seat which was front cabin of ram.. Priya ke paas bhi another girl came and sat. When she heard the flight was about to take off she got afraid.. so as the girl next to her who was more scad.. .. when the flight was about o take off she says muje meri pati ke paas ajan hain priya sees her.. she says wo my husband is in back wala kamra.. woo kisko window chiaye ta soo we had got sep cabin. If u don't mind aap  wahan jasakte hain?  Woo kya hainaaa.. muje meri pati ke saat baitna hain he is the only person who can handle me.. aur aap bhi shaadi shuda lagta hoo aapke pati kahan hain? She says peeche wala mein she was like what? Wahan to mera pati hain she says window seat par mera pati hain  she says great to please aap wahan jayiye aur muje aur mera pati ko ye seat dedijiye woo kya hain abhi abhi shaadi huyi and we r gong for honey moon isliye if u don't mind.. priya says koi baat nahi I will go back.. she was sad.. but happy for the other couples.. she send that persons saying aapki wife want to shift u there and I will take this seat.. he says thank u aapko koi problem nahi haina seeing ram  she says koi problem nahi hain ye meri pati hain he says that great I am sure aap bhi honey moon jarahie hoonge and goes smiling thanking them.. raya sees each other when airhostress come and tell her to take seat and put seat belt as flight was about to take off she was about to sit down but an jeerk happen priya falls and directly in his lap and eye contact happen and she sits back.. she sees ram who smiles saying window seat bahut achhi view deraha hain haina priya and smiles she on the tv and says tv is better than the window seat view and smile and hearing the song and pretend to dance but when the flight fold the front wheel and take off priya get scad and hold him and hide her face in his shoulder shocking ram when the flight take the first  fly she hug him more and when the second fly mean the next level (kisko pasand hain to travel in flight I just love it to travel) she hold his shirt.. over his belly he smiles and keeps his hand over her and assure her nothing will happen she says chanting ram ram ram he laughs

He holds her with her arms he  thinks she looks soo mausoom  kitna darahi huyi hain may her first experience.. but I am there for her mein hoon naa.. she ask ram it is fine now.. still closing her eyes.. he says haaan nahi she sees him and says liar flight is in clouds now eh ask who do u know she point out through the window  he says haan.. she turns saying how mean.. he is taking advantage of the situation� if that girl has not told about her honeymoon I would have not given n my seat to her hubby .. He smiles saying faith is always with me.. Priya think why always luck favor him not him? She then starts to read some book.. Ram start to working in his laptop.. priya see shim if he was soo much interested in working laptop use window seat need hi kya ti? At least I would have seen something and goes sad.. She was feeling cold and she was looking around and sees ram who was busy .. when air hostess come she ask to get her an blanket as she was feeling cold.. the air hostess give her and ask whether she need pillow priya node yes and she gets one ..she sleeps but cdn't sleep as ac was little high and she didn't know it can be adjusted(pehli baar flight par jane logon ko aise hi lagta hain) she cdnt ask him reason egooo .. she was covering more and more.. when he says uff kitna garmi hain ac bahut kam araha ha and sees the ac was kept on other side and he adjust it to himself and priya sees it secretly and sees him adjusting and smiles thinking achhaa ac meri taraf ta isliye itna tand lagraha ta and turns her and says enjoy this also motu and sleeps but cdnt sleep.. as ram starts to see movie in the screen of the seat back cover in the flight and sees him seeing all action movie and sees some hindi movie but all action and other no romance and she goes sad she think how did he get it and rem him asking for airhostess and she calls her and ask for some hindi movie that person says sorry maam all the movie are over .. priya a mood dull hojatha hain.. she ask ek bhi nahi she says nope mam as the romantic dvd were borrowed by the person in front seat  .. priya says thanks and be silent but seeing ram enjoying ask for English romantic when that person says sorry mam wo bhi aktam hogaya unexpectedly.. and ask for name sake it is first class kuch bhi nahi hain and sit back but the person ask mam we have got some English  movies agar if u have no problem priya nodes yes without choice and they give her she ask that person help.. ram was seeing it with his side eyes often ..

Priya was soo akward and got bored with the films and takes her book out to read and hear karate of ram..she think ab dekna mein kya karoongi muje trouble karke kud itna achha sorahi hoo wait and smiles  he rem something she open her bag and sees it it was dummy cockroach which she brought as ram was afraid and thinks if he tries something I will use it but now I am using it for troubling him hahaha .. she places over his body and sleeps back..


mere khwaabon mein jo aaye
aake mujhe ched jaaye
mere khwaabon mein jo aaye
aake mujhe ched jaaye
usse kaho kabhi saamne to aaye

mere khwaabon mein jo aaye
aake mujhe ched jaaye
usse kaho kabhi saamne to aaye
mere khwaabon mein jo aaye

he was shocked it was priya dancing running around him.. he was seeing her.. it was the dream of raya .. no ram of raya

ram says hot super-hot sexy .. and laal tapak pad ta from his mouth

priya fumes she thinks biwi paas hote huye sapna kisi aur ki? Kiski ?

Kahiiin us Katrina kaif ki too nahi naa naa but hosakta hain � nahi he likes vidya balan shayd I rem him seeing the movie just before few minutes how he was seeing with open mouth  omg.. haila ..muje kuch karna chiaye and thinking she smiles she open her purse and take  out the cockroach and smile saying ab tum is motu ka sleeping beauty nahi handsome ki sleep se jagavo and giggles and keeps it over his coat and tickles his face and cover herself all smiling  ab kya karogi motu.. I know u r very scad of cockroach ram move and turns and feeling something and seeing cockroach he shout aahh and throw it out and it falls over priya's blanket and she happily and pretending asking kya hua and cover the cockroach and ask kya haua he says cockroacjjjkkk she ask kahan and turns and in time air hostess come and priya cover it with her feeet and pretending to search take it and smartly put inside her bag  and aap bhi na u must have seen dream  abt such thing.. Cockroach yahan kaise asakta hain? That too in flight? Airhostess ask sir are u alright? He ays yaa okk.. he ask has the flight have been cleaned properly ? has pesticide control done? I saw an cockroach priya was  controlling her laugh .. Airhostess was like no way sir.. such thing never come in flight u must have saw an dream nothing else sir.. it is highly protected.. not even an fly or insect come inside.. priya says I can understand.. he must have dreamt of cockroach after all he is very scad na� and smile and says u can go now .. she sees ram and says dar gaye?

He says no I am not.. bus I don't want that to trouble u and u get afraid due to it she giggles saying I am not afraid of cockroach  but u r and says btw mr motu ab aapko achha neend ayegi na cockroach ke saat because I saw that in the corner and sleeps smiling covering herself.. ram was like omg with open mouth.. he ask priya u r lying na she says aapkeliye haan and sleeps smiling under the cover.. an hour ram later ram was eyes was closing  but open his eyes he was soo afraid that he was not able to sleep and here priya was in full sleep.. suddenly something touch his shoulder with lots of afraid thing he turn and sees priya sleeping over his shoulder and say ohh thank god priya hain.. she says motu.. sojavoo and pat him in his face in sleep.. she says karate mat karoo flight mein sab dar jayenge and will jump without the parachute and giggle he says tuje too and says priya uthoo priya.. she says sojavo motu ab tak switz nahi ayea hoga.. and smiles.. he says omg.. and another 20 minutes goes.. he was soo awkward but seeing priya face balh song place..

Dil ki dhadkhan dhadk ti jaye jab tum samne ,jab tum payee, hoo

Dil ki dhadkhan dhadkh ti jaye jab tum samne  jab tum payee..

Bade ache lagte hain ,ye dharti ,ye nadhiyaam aur ,aur tummm

Ram ogles priya and lost in her beauty seeing her sleeping and help her to sleep properly on his shoulder and places the head and smiles.. suddenly she get awake  making his get ahead with her mean and his chin get hurt in it she says ouch and he too says ahh and both see each other.. she says meri son aka faida utharahe hoo motu.. ab deknaa. And search and take the water bottle and open it and splash over him but uska bad luck the bottle was empty and ram giggles saying deka.. kuch nahi hoga because I know aise kuch nahi hain but u took advantage and slept over my shoulder baap re itna dard horaha hain.. she says but I was sleeping on pillow and sees him and think omg.. iski haat ko I was thinking as pillow ..omg.. she says I am sure u must have made me to fall on ur hand taaki u can boast urself later right i know that.. he says excuse me.. Stop behaving soo immature.. pata nahi kaise ladki se meri shaadi hogaya jo ab tak have not left her childishness.. she says excuse me.. how dare u and stand 's upp he says what? She says tuje nahi choodoongi u said I am having childishness to u have wickedness where u cheat me into the wedding.. .. rem kaise shaadi kiya.. u, urself such an beast.. and saying I am kid how dare u .. aahh when the flight jeerks making her fall on him and he holds her as she landed directly on his lap..

Their eyes meet..

Switzerland � on hearing it what we see beautiful green blanket covering the brown land�,on other side white cover over it� the Switzerland an land which is famous for it's name itself.. an land where chocolate are famous so as the Rolex watches.. an mini switz is made to give an small view of it..

More than all above when an person think of honeymoon in an foreign place the first name come is Switzerland reason due to its own's beauty so as the climate.. soo raya ka honeymoon wahi hoga..

Next part will continue the fight in flight but will make them land in Switzerland for sure..

Part 14

Their eyes meet..

Tuje deka to hii jaana sanaaam pyaar hota hii dewwaaana sanam. Priya turns in white chudidar(same as kajol wh**e in ddlj) and when ram ka introduction hota hain priya shout leave me.. Making him to come down to earth she ask r u mad. Why u r holding me not letting me to move to my seat? Uff and pushes him harshly and get back saying kehne keliye flight hain ek jadka nahi laga buss  thinking kuch hua to nahi flight ka engine omg news mein jaise dikate waise to nahi and gets up in tension ram ask what wrong want to use toilet she says nahi flight koo kuch hogaya to nahi ? it gave an big jeerkk he says priya aise kuch nahi hain she ay no I have to check in  neeed to talk to pilot he says priya it is normal to happen due to weather. She says I dont trust u.. uhuhu agar meri margayi meri mom dad ka kayl koun rakein and gets panic  he says priya sit down she says noo and was about to move when air hostess come and ask ma kuch problem she has haan muje nahi flight ko hain she says excuse me? She says are flight ko kuch hogaya itna bada jadka laga ram says she is little panic I will handle u can go thank u and make her sit back he says what u r doing.. she says wrong sab teek nahi hain u r asking me to sit down wahan deko flight is in trouble and starts to behave panic and ram had to shut her and places his hand and she bites and says I will shout now that ur trying to hide thing.
This flight is in danger and was about to shout hugely he kisses her and make her sit down (btw kisi ne nahi deka) he lays her back. She tries to hit him but still he continued to kiss she hits him tears roll down.. she then catches his belly and squeeze it hard making him leave her and shout aahh jungle billi hoo she says sharukh calls piggy chops like that so dont call me like that because nor I am priyanka nor u r sharukh, he says I know that btw what was that,.. she says what? U tried to molest me and ask what was that? Arghh I will complain to police he says karlo na mein bhi dekta hoon kounsa police akar poochenge that too between hubby wife.. u dont know even police hate interfering and avoid it when the matter is between hubby wife  she says how dare uu he says me.. I am ur hubby the only person who dare in front of u and winks shocking her she says tuje mein nahi chodongi .. He says meine kab kaha chodne keliye avo agar pakad kar baito and open his hand to hug her and she pushes him and this him with pillow and says dont u dare.. I am not aise waise ladki.. and shows her duppatta saying yaad rak na dont u dare think women are weak agar kuch bhi nahi mila ye hain jo hum pehente hain which help to protect us.. kaise ye batana jaroori nahi hain and ties his hand he says chodo muje she says nahiii pehle tum maafi mango.. varna I will close ur mouth with this kerchief..

he says nahi manoongi jo karna hain karloo and she stuff the kerchief saying tuje chance diya motu ab utilize nahi kiya meri koi galti nahi hain enjoy being silent and giggle and sit back and pulls his cheek saying motu aap kitni motu hain.. bilkul ek amul baby ki taraf .. aise chup rahogi to achhe lagte hoo he nodes his head and fire with eyes  she lean back and continue to read book he was trying to free himself but no use he was sweating when he see her and scratches her hand she moves and then her high she hits him saying kabadar.. he please with his action please.. she smile to sorry bologi he nodes no she says to aise hi rahoo he says huhnn shaking his head up and down she then open the mouth and says sorry bolo he says sorry she says aise nahi pyaar se sorry priya.. he says sorry priya.. she says very good and open the hand and take her duppatta saying next time if u try something I will sue pepper spray  .

After 28 min 33 sec airhostess come and says mam sir apka food.. and serve food priya says bahut bhook lagi ti in mind she open and get shocked it was something no fine she ask excuse me ye veg haina no mam it is non veg.. she says but I am an vegetarian.. and seeing ram who seeing priya says woo mein bhool gaya look and says I did not know u were vegetarian .she ask ab mien kya kavoongi.. he says wait let me handle this he ask airhostess she says she will look over it.. priya was almost to cry as she was damn hungry but when ram eats chewing happily saying wow this chicken piece is yummy  wow the food is awesome and priya ka bp toda bad raha taa she was there in hunger and he was enjoying the food.. he make noise.. priya was fuming in anger.. Wishing to throw the food on his face but wo aise nahi karsakti kyunki wo itni buri nahi ti to insult the food at that time.. he sees her and smile saying wish I had an camera to take an picture of ur face this time kitna gussa ata hain re tujeee.. ohh and giggle.. and priya was in anger and gusse mein ansson ate hain kuch logon to uuusse bhi agaya ansoon  she turns her face.. She heard him chewing noise she turns and sees him eating and says mazaa araha hain .. (haila rambabu is eating as if he has not eaten for age kya yaar ram babu paas mein biwi is bhooka and u r eating chicken chukka not fair) in time airhostess come and tell sorry mam we cannot replace the meal as no other meal is available at this moment we generally get extra package but this time it didnt happen sorry mam she says it ok and give them back the meal..
she ask for juice and they serve it.. she sees ram who was eating  enjoying his meal.. he ask are kana nahi karahi hoo she says nahi aaj mera vraat hain he says ohh bechari.. and he was eating.. she cover herself with blanket and was letting her tear down her cheeks. Pretending to sleep. Ram turn to see her.. he feels bad bechara bhooki hain aur mein but kya karoon?  I wish kuch hojay priya then wipes her tears and opening her blanket and gets up he ask kahan jarhai hoo omg don tell me u r going to tie the duppatta and demand for food.. she says excuse meee.. I am not person.. samjee aap going to use rest room and goes.. she washes her face seeing the mirror says omg I am looking so pale.. all because of that motu jaan bujakr non vveg lika hoga b muje bhook to bahut lage hain stomach ke andar chuhe daudrahe hain ab mein kya karoon


2 years and few months later

Priya sees the food remembering the past.. she sees her husband rk  he ask what happened why u r looking at the food like that she says nothing kuch yaad agaya.. he says ok.. she says suniye thanks.. he ask for what? Because u order vegetarian food for me. He says its my pleasure and I know u r veg isliye.. he smiles she smile too .priya thinks kitna ajeeb hain ye pal kisko meri veg hone ka yaad nahi ta and aaj kisiko yaad hain woo bhi waise hi ek journey mein wahi destination mein ..

Back to present that is 2 years and few months before(u must be wondering kya hogaya achanak kuch ulta bulta but haan meine socha kuch changes karoon is kahani mein  jisse ek shake mile and little diff mehsoos ho aap sab ko isliye . more than it recently I saw the past and present writing by few writer and I liked it very much isliye socha use meri mein apply karoon but differently isliye past and present se badalkar present and later wala type karoongi beech beech mein. ..  thanks peeyara spl because her ss was an inspiration for me to think more how to change thing little bit and thanks to chill pc who told me to give an make over to your story, because chill pc ko jab meri kuch problem bataya about the update typing she gave me little ideas of changing make over and today I was able to implement in my own way.. so thanks to her  also)

Priya open the rest room door and coming out when airhostess excuse me mam she turns.. mam u wanted an vegetarian food package right? She says jii..  Haan.. She says u r lucky mam because aaj kisi ko non-veg food chaiye ta and we had veg and when we asked that person that person was ok to take ur food package instead of veg food.. she smiles and says thanks u.. she says mam aap apna seat par jayiye I will bring and serve the food to u.. priya smile and comes back happily and place herself on the comfortable seat and sees ram who was busy chewing his food and eating it.. and pretended as if not care.. 

Here the airhostess. Placing the food in tray was searching for spoon and ask may I take the spoon the next air hostess says of course yaar lelo.. she says thanks.. are kya soch rahi hoon and whom u r taking the food she says wahi us seat wale.. she says but.. they.. she says haan I know but u know she is very lucky to have an husband like him  she ask why? She says because that person wrongly gave food info as non-veg and his wife was veg.. so she gave back the food and that hubby couldnt see the wife stay in hunger so came and requested me and  when I told only paid food package was left he paid the amount and told to serve his wife and also told make sure his wife doesnt know about it.. How lovely na.. he loves his wife a lot .. lucky wife. Another airhostess kash I wish I too have such hubby who care so much about his wife (I dont know the international flight have paid food or not as ek waqt the kana was free in flights but today everything is paid except few .so here I am using it sorry guys muje jayda info nahi hain so ye ek raya ki friction hain wahi dikarahi hoon kisko bura laga sorry for it kuch aur baat hain feel free to pm me )

She server the food and priya eat it happily  she was showing of her food to ram and says wow ye kheer is soo awesome and wow ye parata wow yummy hain and make noise infornt of him because it was aloo parata jiske upar hamare motu fida hain she says aloo parata yummy and this pickle wow and take one piece wave it in front of ram and eats it while he has his mouth open as she pretend to take it near him and eats it and chews making noise he say how u r eating no manners nothing.. she says haan haan I dont have manners but what about u.. as if u have some.. when I have suffering from hunger u were happily eating naa.. he says too mein kya karoon. She says kya karooon? Wow  first u forget to write veg later plan me to suffer in hunger, and then later u eat in front of me knowing I am in hunger he says oh really u said u were having vrat .. she says too subh ka ta not in afternoon.. he says vow u know how to change wonderfully haina  she says chup karo and leave me to eat in peace kud ped bar kar kana kaliya and  not letting eat me peacefully how mean.. he says mean me? How dare u she says aur nahi to kyaa first u dint put veg in my food thing alter kept troubled me.. oh really what u think I did everything planned? She says any doubt I am damn sure u planned it to trouble me and make sure I starve in hunger such an mean person u r.. he says how dare u.. tumein mein ,when she says kabadar,.. I will shout and u know what I can do.. pehle stop bothering me.. samjee and let me eat my food peacefully.. she eats happily..  Showing it.. he kept seeing her but inside was smiling and falling in love more and more

After cleaning priya says aba ram se so sakti hoon but neend hi nahi arah ha hain in her mind.. she sees ram who was smiling seeing the movie.. she frowns.. when she tries to peep what he was seeing get shocked he was seeing  dirty picture and sees his face which had an open mouth and she giggles and slowly moves her head and sees movie with him in an mute formatted.. but she was in never mind.. when an air hostess come and ask mam wine for u ? she was soo lost say haaan and she gives.. it and ask sir for u.. she says he cant hear and he doesnt want anything and send and she thinks why coke is in wine glass and think muje kya and drinks happily.. and cough and but still drink it and soon hojati hain talli and turns towards ram and scratches his arm he was like moving it and she pinches his cheeks and calls motu darling (darlinggg?) she slowly moves the head phone and says ram darlinnngg she turns and get shocked seeing priya who was unusual way smiling he ask kya hua tuje aise kyun she sys motu darling he was like what? She says motu and pinches his cheecks says kitna pyaara lag rahe hain tuuu and next she started to cry uhuhuhu ye kya hogaya he ask kyaa tum aise kyun behave kar rahi hoon wait a minute seeing the glass have u drunken.. she says are noo I dont drink unlike u drinking is bad habbit meine coke piya but it tasted different.. he then take the glass and smell it and says oye ye to wine hain in mind and sees priya who was like uhu uhu.. muje ghar jana hain .. mamma ke paas bahut yaad arahi hain.. unke god mein sar rakkar sona hain and cries and hides her faces on his shoulder shocking him..
she says ram mmm muje lekar chalo.. abi kahao flight ko rokne kii he was like what? Flight ko she says aur kisko ofcourse flight kook aha stop karo and u turn lekar wapas chalo.. he ask kyun she says because ei dont want to go to honeymoon with u.. he says but u have no other choice.. she says why dont I have choice I have and trries to get little louder when eh calms her down saying priya buss deka u have drunken she says mein nahi peeti .. u drink I dont .. he says fine I have isliye u sleep now baby.. she sees him and says achha and sleep over his shoulder and he smiles but suddenly he gets up saying muje kal subh ghar lekar javogi na to my mom he says haan ab sojavoo and tries to make her sleep when she says I dont trust u abhi jagar pilot uncle se kaho flight ko u - turn lene keliye when suddenly the light get off she says omg and hug his arms saying muje dar lagta hain andera se lagta hain electricity ka problem hain in the flight also.. he was controlling his laughter  he says sone ka waqt hain isliye off kardiya she says hostel haina kya aise karte hain? he says are sojavoo u will feel better and put her to sleep covering her .. she sleeps and he kept seeing her and smiles thinking kitna cute hain looks like an angel while she sleep but when she is awake she is an sherni  he kept seeing her.. she slide on his side and holds his hand and places her head on his shoulder and sleeps she put other hand on his belly and holding his shirt she sleeps. He places his head over her and smile..

4 hours and few min later priya get awake and she gets up in such a manner that her head hit his chin hardly and he was like ahh ouch she says omg rubbing her head asking kya hua mein sogayi ti kyaa kaise soyi wo coke piya ta aur tries to remember but no she was not able to and her head was still spinning and paining .. ram seeing it bell to airhostess and ask for an lemon juice and she bring he thanks her and give it to priya and says ye lo peeelo  u will feel better she says muje nahi peena eh says fine mat piyo ur headache will only increase after all u had wine haina.. she was like but it was coke na.. he laugh saying they dont serve coke in wine glasses  she wonders and realizes and says haan it is al because of u.. he says achha hua ye bhi meri wajese wow priya chalo u do this always.. maana padega .. she says shut up he says u shut up and before they could say further they were informed in another 30 minutes the flight will land in the Zurich  airport . he says jaldi peelo and agar loo use karna hain karlo because at landing time u cannot use it she says kyun why.. kuch hojayega kya  arghh and drinks the lemon juice, but chokes and he hits her head hard and she pushes him saying dont u dare.. and cough  he says deka.. mujse gusse hona se no faida samjii ab chup chap peelo .. and she drink and and take water and also have it and goes to freshen up.. she was sitting all holding her head a her head was still in pain she sees him and ask kab land hoga airport mein he ask why? Very eager to go to honeymoon destination she says noo because i need to get an tablet for my headache or at least an chai adrak wali .. he laugh saying oye tuje lagta hain milega wo bhi Zurich airport mein? He laughs she says why u r laughing at me he says because u come to abroad still u want an indian food
she says so what I am an indian and will always bhii.. samje.. waise bhi bandar kya jane adrak ka swad he says excuse me kisse kaha Bandar.. she says samajdaar ko ishara hi kaafi hain ..haan tube light take time and smiles he says tuje to mein when they hear announcement of fastening the seat belt as the flight was about to land .. priya was like are why they are asking to put the seat belt he says varna u will fall and the flight may get distracted in landing she says how dare u.. and then she ask how many minutes will the flight be in the airport woo varna we need to be fast naa.. he says priya dont worry flight will be there for enough time till we all get down she says then fine.. Thinking kya karoon first time travelling in flight isliye I shd have ask Krishna mom after all she had travelled before toda poochleti to itna panic nahi hoti sab meri galti hain.. in time ram sees her innocent face .. he think dont worry priya hota hain when u  dont know.. but dont worry u will learn all after all everybody learn even myself too and smile but priya thinks he was teasing her in mind and feel sad


Zurich airport and international airport in Switzerland and one of the busy airport in the world.. and our raya land here

The airhostess announce the weather condition in Zurich and also the timing and say they are going to land and ask to fasten the seat belt once again..

The back feel was released to touch the ground so as the front feel.. The flight land and ram sees priya praying closing her eyes he wonder why she was ?

Raya take their hand luggages and get forward to get out from flight to get into the bus to reach the airport. Priya pray and steps her first leg which touched the ground and priya smiled and placed another saying pehli baar I have come out of india. ram stepped out as same as her and looked at her excited face he thinks she look beautiful excited as an kid..

Preview: raya in airport priya sees keep guessing

Part 15

Priya looks around and says omg itna thand hain yahan par..kash mein wo sweater rakleti but muje laga it will be nice warm but here everything is upside down.. What will I do and turns to see ram who was happily looking around saying nice place. Kya place chuna, my mom and daadi honeymoon keliye

Future track

Kya yahi jagah chunna jaroorat ta seeing rk while she was thinking.. I came with ram but now with rk that too for my honeymoon kismet ka kaise khel ye hain?


Ram says yahi rehne hain ya phir chalo and they get into the bus and reaches the airport. They get into airport. Zurich airport is one of the busy airport and famous in Switzerland it is huge and big covering an huge land space. Zurich Airport (airport code ZRH) is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and is the 12th busiest airport in Europe with over 22 million passengers. Located approximately 11 kilometers north of the city center, the Swiss Federal Railways train takes only 15 minutes to the Zurich Hauptbahnfhof (main train station). Taxis, buses and rental cars are also available. The airport has one passenger terminal with Concourses A, B and E. An underground train takes passengers from the A and B concourses to the separate Concourse E. Centrally located, Zurich is home to many worldwide financial institutions and situated on the shores of Lake Zurich appealing to both business and leisure travelers.(surf from internet the information I got so credit go to the website)

Priya was feeling cold and covering herself with the material which she used for  ram's hand clinched together and looking and waiting for the luggage's. She asked how much time it will take to get out luggage he ask why meri saat honeymoon manane ka bahut jaldi hain kya? She says excuse me honeymoon wo bhi teri saath no way he laugh saying to yahan kya kar rahi hoo meri saat she says ram he smiles hearing that name. Priya says I am feeling cold. He says hug karoon to give u warmth and wink making her get angry and tries to stamp his feet but no use as she slip and he hold her .. an old people seeing them comment "looks like honeymoon has started in airport itself "and laugh raya get embarrassed no actually priya.. he then takes the leather jacket from him hand luggage and give hr saying ye pehenlo.. she says no way.. chee ismein ur bad perfume smell hogi I won't he says fine.. and keeps it inside she was like how mean..
he smile and they get their luggage. And then he ask sab teek agaya na? she nodes yes .. thank god otherwise u would eat my head. She says how rude that was he says not more than u and says chalo we will eat something she says hey hello phirse kana? He ask kyun u r not hungry? She says haan but I heard it is expensive in airport; he says ya not only in Switzerland but pura world mein airport mein mehenga hota hain but it is common usmein kya hain let go she says but... he says common priya u r married to ram kapoor not some other like asshwine who has not money to even pay rent. Priya was taken by his words and looks at him and once again she was hurt by it.she felt bad not he mentioned assswine but she felt he showed her place. She was silent and he take her to cafeteria and ask tuje kuch chaiye? She nodes no. he felt something was wrong so one seeing ginger tea in menu card he got one for her and so as got an veg sandwich as he know she would be starving.. he says ye lo she says I told u na muje bhook nahi, muje nahi chaiye. he says common priya I won't ask u to pay for it I am offering u, she takes it with hesitation as she was damn hungry and an bad headache. She was eating it silently he felt bad but still he was angry for her deed.

They enter the hotel they get the hotel room and ram read the room number which was 431 ok the banquet manager says sir this is our special honeymoon suit for special couple sir and priya just shy down, raya walks hand in hand and they open it and get surprised  the room was having nicely decorated with fresh flowers and candles aroma was just pulling them inside. He closes the door paying tip to the person who helped them to get in their luggage's, he smiles he hug priya who was standing shyly and ask ab tand lag raha hain? She nodes yes he says abhi door kar doonga and scoops her in arms and carries to the bed and lays her down and smiles and getting near

He hears the finger snapping in front of him hello where have u been lost? He says nothing thinking it was just his imagination and sees priya thinks kaash ye sab sach hota hain, kash we had an normal honeymoon... priya ask where r u? For past 10 min I am shouting at u asking when we will reach the hotel and u r not answering. He says nothing she says nothing what u mean by nothing do u know the way? Hope we have not lost the way? He says nope in another 10 min we will be there btw why u r so much in hurry to reach hotel kya karne ka irada hain? She says excuse me... u won't understand muje sona hain.. waise bhi I cdnt sleep well due to ur soo called karate argh he says what me and karate no way.. bulki I cdn't sleep due to ur blabbering in sleep she say no I don't when the taxi driver says sir is ur wife pregnant? He says no why? He says I heard pregnant women's have mood swings and laughs.. priya says how dare u and ram controls her saying chup baito abhi hotel ajayega..

They get down and they get into the hotel lobby and ram inform them and they say fill this form and we will give ur keys.. he was filling when priya comes slowly and sees something she was surprise it was fishes kept in an huge tank she loved fishes specially to watch them. She was excited seeing the new fish varieties over there she turns to call ram but seeing him busy thinks uff ye kya jane ka he must be having no interest in seeing the fish.. obv fav hobby hogi kana and sona unlike me who love doing new things

Future present

Priya seeing the fishes, rk wow it is soo nice haina I love watching fish bachhpen se bahut pasand ta muje lagta hain tuje bi pasand hain she says haan and her face was dull rem her past. He says when I finish my new home which I have brought for u I will make sure that I get huge fish tank specially for u and we both can enjoy seeing it and she seeing in wonder he says and drink coffee and says kya socha and winks.. she says nothing and thinks rk is just like the person which I imagined for my hubby jaise muje chaiye ta but ram the person I love..


Back to present from future

Priya was excitedly watching and seeing the fishes moving around and smiles.. when one kid comes and smile pulling her kurta she turn and ask kya hua beta aapko kuch chaiye she nodes yes she says I want to see the fish over there but I am very small so I am not able to see it and make puppy face and priya says oh common I will show u and carry her and ask ab dikraha hain? She nodes yes and kisses priya saying thank u. she says welcome btw aapka naam kya hain she says alya (alya it is u choti wali) she says bahut pyaara naam hain and kisses time ram comes calling priya tum and seeing the cute girl ask hello baby aap koun hain? Aap ki sweet name kya hain she says I don't talk to stranger my mom had told not to do so.. he says but u talk with her she says because she is sweet didi .. he ask an what about me.. he says aloo uncle (wow ram got new name)and giggles priya too laugh and ram was like priya tumne she says I dint do but ur size did.. he says firse u called me mota .. alya says didi he is soo like angrrry bird she says I know he is.. when in time alya mother come in searching and says, u r here alya I was searching for u for long time..
she says mamamma I was seeing the fish along with didi and ask did aapka nam she says priya.. she says haan ma priya didi.. priya smiles.. she oh helloo I am sandhya alya's mother woo meri beti ne aapko pareshaan to nahi kiya na she says nahi but she is soo cute and smile she says sorry we have to go my hubby must be searching for me we r staying here in room num 111and aap she says we have just logged in we will know our room soon and he is my hubby.. She says ohh u people must be for honeymoon he says haan.. she says sorry I have to go they says it ok and they go she says alya beta uncle didi ko bye bolo she says bye sweet didi and aloo uncle and sandy says beta uncle ko aise nahi kehte she says but mamma muje wo aloo jaise hi dikte hain she says uffo phirse aloo, she says mamma mein kya karoon? Btw mamma us aloo uncle ke stomach ke andaar bahut saare aloo haina kya? She says beta aise nahi pochte chalo ab chup  and goes.. ram was seeing priya and says ab u must be veery happy right.. wo bachhi ko tumne jaroor sikayi hogi.. priya ask meine kya kiya? Omg agar bachhi itni samajhar hain to ,waise bhi she learnt and said by herself not thought by me and laugh he says haan haan ab chalo

They get inside the room priya seeing the room says itna bada room? wo bhi hum donon keliye? Isse chota size room nahi milega kyunki dekkar pata chal raha hain bahut expensive hain he says common priya kuch deer keliye ye sab soch na band kardoo it is an honeymoon and ramkapoor ko chote room mein rehne ki adat nahi hain and loves everything big.. she says I can see that and eh says phirse tumne.. she says excuse me. And goes. Thinking kya jaroorat ti itna karch karne kii but bade log who damn car about money.. and bang the door of rest room he thinks pata nahi honeymoon mein kaise samalne wala hoon is ladka koo for next few days...

Future present.

Woo mein washroom he says I know but akela nahane ki mat sochna saat mein nahayenge after all we r in our honeymoon and I don't want to waste any of the precious time and kisses her

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Priya was like wow kitna achha washroom hain wo bhi itna bada. Baap re.. I should thanks dadi and ma varna mein aur Switzerland kabhi nahi bale hii I may have come here for honeymoon, which is not in true mean because it is going to be  and sour moon but jab tak yah  hoon I will try to enjoy this trip and will teach that ram kappor an lesson for marrying me like that.. this is my challenge..

Ram ab mein tuje eshaas dilavoonga what is true meaning of revenge. Where no one will be there to support u nor mom nor daadi. After all u r going to be here all alone with me. I will make sure this honeymoon tum apni life mein kabhi nahi bulogi..


Preview:ab ashliyat mein shuru hoga raya ka honeymoon ya phir... kuch aur ..

Part 16

Priya comes out refreshed and says bahut tiring journey ta upar se ye sard dard jo ab tak nahi ja raha hain sab is motu ki wajese and sees motu not around   uff achha hain nahi hain and open her suitcase

Future presence

Priya open the door and sees the room the memories run down in front of her eyes the time she spend with ram in this same room.. rk :kya soch rahi ho priya hugging her from back.. Isn't the room spl for us? Look it has been completely decorated for us.. for our suhaag din and smiles.. she sees him who was very happy in all way she cd feel the hot air touching her skin.. but she has to move on as she has chosen to move on with rk with her wish not with any other ... she closes her eyes

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Priya smile ye kurta achah hain yahi pehnoongi aaj but I need to take bath before it I feel soo bad let me take an hot shower before the motu occupy the bathroom and enter keeping her necessary item closes the door but she felt she locked but she dint know that she has to press the button to lock completely otherwise person can enter she was trying to locate which knob is used for what and slowly check one by one and smiles as she comes to know which is hot water and which was cold she was happy then she look around no button were seen to switch to shower mode and no instruction she think I should try one by one varna motu kahega muje kuch nahi ata and will talk insulting me and I won't let it happen she turns and sees ok ye hot water yr cold and ye and turns the knob are kuch nahi hor ha hain and turns little more time and bus paani ayaa aur she shout and ram come inside and asking kya hua slip and both get banged on wall and us shower ki barish mein beege donon ismein donon ki garam garam saasein ek dusre ko choone lagti hain aur paas paas mein hain ek dusre ki lips and deere deere haule haul eek dusre ki kareeb ayeinn,  pehle chumma ki ye eshas hua ek dusre mein... hooo (I know bad lyrics) raya were kissing each other

If u people think yahi hua hain sorry nahi hua hain toda peeche jayiye mathlab the place where priya turn the knob more, wahan se

Priya turns the knob more and hua ki , kuch bhi to nahi (heheee).. she think looks like yew use nahi hain bekar ki fitting  hain lekin shower kaise loon? Kya karoon.. she  turns around and thinks uff kitni bewakoof tiii yahan instruction book hain seeing the note near the door she goes and read one  by one when suddenly he open and the door hit and she walk back and falls down and he laughs and seeing her halat he laugh badly.. but she get angry and tries to get up and says dusron ki duk par hasna buri baaat hain.. it is not nice manner when other fall down and the other person is the reason laughing ... he says ohh kya kaha manner.. manner to tuje nahi.. she says kadoos kahega.. Trying to get up.. but fails.. he sit down and gives hand she say muje madat nahi chaiye he smile and takes towel saying bechara towel is priya ki wajese gir gaya.. she says how mean and get up with pain.. and says oye motu samajta kya hain aapne aapko .. ahh.. ab dekna mein kya kar ti hoon and goes and take the hand shower and open the knob fully and shower the water on him.. saying deka mein kya karsakti hoon he says stop it it dry bathroom u shd not wet yaar please stop it.. she says soo what we have taken this room which has bathroom btw bathroom are to get wet samjee and shower more and he manages to go and take it out and in that process both started to walk  back and in fighting  and trying to grab and protect t the hand shower panel both end up into the shower panel where and priya manages to pushes him and he hits back and when he come out when his sleeve edge get stuck and he pulls harder with knob the shower starts it water rain on them and both raya were drenched in rain she says because of I am drenched ab band karo but ram was lost seeing priya who was all wet.. and trying to go but he was having his hold hard on her and she was pulling her hand and atlast pull back fast making him get back into hosh..

He realize and turns and push back the knob making the shower stop.. he turns and says .. kya jaroorat ti tuje.. why the hell did u roll the knob for twice .. she says what is need to pull it .. that is the reason the shower started to flow.. he says oh really she says haan now get out.. I need to change .. I wanted to take bath but I got drenched before it.. all because of u.. he says excuse me.. who started to water on me or u? she says oh really who entered in the bathroom when the wife was going to take shower.. ab mein samjii u wanted to take advantage of me isliye naa.. he says advantage an u . no way.. have u seen urself.. in mirror yuck and shows his tongue out and says bahut buri dikti hoo she says mein buri too aap kyaa bahut handsome samjte hain have u ever seen urself in mirror .. oops mein bhool gayi for u single nahi pura 10 mirror chiaye to look urself itna motu jo hain aap he says phir se mota kaha tuje meins she ask kya karpogi having her hand over her hips.. he roam his eyes over her face too little below the neck and smiles wickedly.. priya realizing and punches him and drag him and manages to push him out and  seeing the knob lock it properly and he coming out almost fell but manages to stand up and smiles.. Saying pagalll and goes and take his towel and wipes his hair all smiling..  img her...  drenched in shower rain he smiles thinking omg how am I going to take revenge when my wife is soo beautiful . priya all changed and wiping her hair comes out..

Ram was talking in phone to his mother and then to office and suddenly sees priya in window glass. Wiping her hair song starts

Jhatak Kar Zulf Jan Tum Tauliye Se
Barishe Azaad Karti Ho

Accha Lagta Hai

Hila Kar Honth Jab Bhi

Haule Haule Guftgu Ko Saaz Karti Ho
Accha Lagta Hai

Khusbo Se Behlaow Na

Seedhe Point Pe Aaona

Ankh Mein Ankh Dal Ke Kehdo

Khwaboon Mein Tehlao Na

Zaara Short Mein Batlao Na

Seedhe Point Pe Aaona
Seedhe Point Pe Aaona

Lal La La

Lal La Laa (movie arakshaan)

When priya turns and sees him and tell him what u r seeing ? I must know the fox eyes on me.. she says phone doo.. he was like ahaha nn she says phone dooo.. he says loo give her.. but kept ogling at her she then calls Krishna and inform they were fine.. Krishna asked about ram behavior she says teek taaak hain and complain all thing and tells he was being too much and giving lots of taunting. Krishna says not to worry as she will give him good words so that he doesn't disturb her in way nor trouble her. Ram takes shower all smiling rem priyaaa but think ye mein kya sochr raha hoon.. how can I forget priya is her sister who ran away insulted my family no I should not let my feeling rule me.. I can't let myself down ... and stands under shower.. priya was sitting down and starts to read the menu card but an unknown sleep took over her and she slept off.. he enter back all dressed and sees her as sleep and thinks she look angel he goes and sees her sit down next and was about to spread his hand touch her face but stop and cover her and places pillow 

Priya open her eyes and look around and doesn't find him she get little afraid but think must be here somewhere.. and looks around .. she tries to have look around the place but no use she get panic.. but think must be here somewhere in hotel and take the cardkey and goes out to search him.. she then ask about ram in reception they inform he was in restaurant and she thank I shd have thought first and ask where was restaurant and thinks always kaane peena sona buss and walk fast crossing swimming pool when her leg slips and she was about to fall he hold her and both see each other.. When the person nearby ask r u alright mam? She says haan leaving him and she was like where was u? I got worried kitna dar gayi maloon hain.. he says what is the use of getting so hyper and panic? When u know I will here waise bhi u r not an kid right she says yaaa I am not kid but u shd be aware pehli baar I have come out woo bhi aaapke barosee .. galti meri ma pap ki hain who made me get married to such person he says oh really??? Shaadi teri saat karke meri life barbaad to ho hi gaya.. she say haan jaise meri aabaad arghh.. when and waiter come passing and he slips and drops the   material he was carrying on  ram but  he moves making it fall all over priya, priya was like ye kya hogaa. And ram laugh saying wa kein mein sab barbaad hogayaaa.. she says u and stamps his foot making him shout and the waiter ask sorry and she was wiping with tissue and head back to room and ram to goes with painful feet walking slowly.. .. priya comes out bath fully and sees ram nursing his hurt feet she says  yaad rakna mr ram kapoor if u hurt me I will make sure u suffer than pain too because I am priya.. u forcefully married me and u have to suffer for it... ye aap keliye honyemoon nahi saad moon hoga.. Because of u I have suffered a lot.. Because of my sister is away from her family na shaadi ka baat ata na she would have left. Both raya were giving firing looks to each other.

She says muje bhook lagi hain kana order dijiye but haan veg kijiye varna aapko bhooka sona padega kyunki I will give the food back to the person.. He says u can't and order food for them.. as priya and ram fight nahi paye due to hunger .. priya was sitting over bed and thinks karne keliye kuch bhi nahi hain.. TV dekleti hoon ye sochi but ye motu took all the chance and capture it.. ab mein kya karoon bhooks haan wo teek hain.. but wo bhi she goes and sees in her suitcase where  she find an book she smiles and thinks achha time hojayegaa when the doorbell ring the food come and they eat sitting away.. and priya occupy the bed but he too get into and both keep pushing but in night she sleep hugging him holding each other she says meri polar bear..  in night sleeping.. he smiles.. in the morning.. the doorbell ring both get up and priya says itni subh subh? Both get down and they open the door.. it was manager who was standing there smiling saying good morning madam sir. Hope u r enjoying in our hotel.  I have come here spl to invite u people

sir mam today we have got an party in our hotel being honeymoon couple you people have been invited for it as it is specially for honeymoon couple

ram: omg party no way i am not going

priya: why i want to go
ram: tum the person who cannot manage an shower will go for party no way.. u don't even know what they were in party after all u may not attended any such parties before right
priya: party to jayenge,i will make sure we both attend it mr ram kapoor u will know who is priya she was back in sherni avatar.. he says let see and thanks manager and send him.. they get down all ready to go too their breakfast which was complimentary priya sees ram eating so many thing and she was just having her cornflakes and wondering itna sab kuch kaise ka sakta hain koi.. ? he was eating and says omg bus itna hi varieties hain yahan par.. shayd muje bahr jagar kuch aur kana padega.. she think phir se and choke and take water to drink and ask u r stil hungry he says haan.. she ask after eating soo many food also? He says so many kaahaan? Bus toda to hi kaya. And drink his coffee.. She think oh god kaise pati diya hain apne.. jiskeliye mien kana banate banate zindagi beet ajyegaaa... Img herself cooking and ram eating she says nahi. I need to do something.. Is motu ko to kuch to karna padega.. she looks around and sees something and smile...

ram was seeing the food and ask r u sure this the same thing which I ordered and priya was giggling seeing his face llook she make him eat salad, as priya went and exchanged order with ram ka order

priya sees the dress and smiles saying aaj raat deklene what I am going to do u mr motu.. kya kaha muje kuch nahi ata na aab pata chalega what all I can doo..

preview: next party party aur party.. wahan banegene raya aur naughty

part 17

priya smiles remembering how she trickily changed the salad food.. she sees the dress turning around in hotel lobby when one person say this was asked to deliver to so and so room for today's party. She smiles tonight will be the night.. What u told motu muje kuch nahi ata.. I will tell u what all I can do.. she gives and wicked smile.. raya were back in the room.. she open her suitcase and takes the dress and smiles remembering nuts giving haan she first refused but later she saw that dress as nuts secretly dropped it inside her box.. she says on seeing the dress I was angry at first but now thanks for it nuts and searches something in her small make up pouch.. she says sab milgaya.. wait and watch mr ram kapoor mein kya kar sakti hoon.. ram on other hand was busy in his laptop. Priya goes and says ye motu jara phone dena.. he turns and ask what did u call me? She says motu.. coolly he says how dare u.. arghh  tumahri himmat kaise huyi to call me . she says jaise abhi hua .. motuuu and smiles.. he says this is too much..

she says soo after all I dint want to marry u but u wanted to marry me. u r forgetting u were the one who forced me into getting married... he says goshh will u just shut ... she says how dare u? btw it is rights for wife's not to shut the mouth.. he says u r right but shayd u r forgetting hubby have right to shut his wife and u very well  know that and winks rem office meinn   I .. she says bakwas band karoo .. he was like really u want me to kiss u I  don't mind after all we r in our honeymoon right.. she says arghh and goes off.. all pissed off in anger.. he smiles.. Continue his work.. bu t she is also priya.. she smiles getting an idea.. she on the tv and raise the volume and she know ram was found of vidya balan movie and so on it and ram ka attention wahan par jata hain it was dirty pictures and ram was seeing with mouth open wife rem his wife (ar wahi where he was seeing dream  ofcourse in flight journey of priya wahi)

she smiles and trickily take his phone but no use he pulls her and she falls in his lap.. and raise his eyebrow saying ofcourse I am die heart fan that doesn't mean I am soo  un aware of surrounding because I am very much aware dear spl when u are around and comes near to kiss her and when priya close her eyes in scare but he says nahi abhi mood nahi hain and make her fall down and goes of shocking her.. she think motu ki itni himmaat? Today I will break it .. she then  sees his laptop on she goes and  sit down and open an fb account on his name and add lots of girls in it and smile when we return back it will be very useful mr motu kappooor hehe and smile  .. (omg lagta hain kuch karne wali hain)she goes logging out.. ram comes back and sees kuch hua kyaa but sees priya reading horoscope and wonder... he then continue his work.. then priya sees phone placed and watches carefully and when ram goes to drink water she take the phone and give missed call to Krishna and place the phone and krishan calls and ask ram did he give missed call and priya imd take the phone saying ma meine diya kya karoon and inform ram was not letting to call any one as her phone doesn't have int roaming and he doesn't let her to speak to her also.. and Krishna scold ram badly.. ram I dint expect this from u.. she is ur behave until when u will do all this? Don't forget u people have gone to honeymoon did u take priya for shopping outing? I am sure u must have not taken what is this ram I dint expect this from u? stop being mean toward priya bechari.. ram u r forgetting priya has married u agar wo chati to she would have left her to mother house for the sudden marriage but she was here respecting the wedding  s not any game and all sort and  says tuje use bahar lekar jana padega abhiii samjaa and tell if not she will not eat.. priya smile seeing priya

he says chalo.. and take her she goes happily she says I will do such thing if u don't take me to shopping and take around Switzerland and smile.. he says dekloonga.. she says dek to rahi hoo and giggles.. they walk and she was all happy and in mall she was seeing and count money and thinks too costly and think and doesn't get any thing and ram taunt her on it and she get upset and says we will get back to room I am hungry also and she was upset ram sees and thinks I will taunt u roz make u realize whom u have married too and what u people did to me and my family have to pay for it.. but priya was priya decide not to give up.. he then  order food for her and says he was going out for getting something and goes off.. she was all alone and after her lunch sees the time and realize ram was not there and thinks he brought me here to trouble I knew that but he is leaving me alone just to make me get scad .. she was getting tired and sleeps off and then he enters and sees her and smile and so get ready .. he says utho party mein nahi jana kyaa and then priya get up and goes and get rayd and ask him to go down she will follow and ram goes wondering why do girls take o many time to get ready..

ram was waiting when he sees his phone ringing and while talking  priya says chalein without seeing her says fine and both get into the lift and he turns and turns but phir se he turns and get shocked seeing priya his jaw drops  seeing priya wearing dress which was red and it was an western with low back

the dress (taken from net don't mind)

  she wore matching earing and necklace which was having white stones completely and he was astonished and memorized by her beauty she had her hair floating.. Little bit and tied as side fancy bun near her shoulder.. he was getting total fida almost water drop fell from his mouth but she says do switz have mosquitos? He says ahhnn? (what u people thought some other girl right I know because I wontedly gave such promo to make u people confuse and create an curiosity so please don't hit me )She says because if it there it may get into ur mouth and smiles and turns seeing the face in lift mirror.. Shocking ram who was totally fida..  he was happy they enter the party together and the manager welcomes them ram put his hand around priya when manager was saying u looked beautiful mam.. ram sys ofcourse I know chalein darling priya thinks workout hogaya what did us say motu dear yahi na I am not ur standard ab dekna I will bring out pati standard and smile.. they enter in happy note they were given and seat it was couple seats s only 2 chair and it was romantic candle light. When one person was singing and ram was like kya bakwas hain it is better we would have stayed back in our respective rooms. she sees him and says then why don't u sing? Other will surely get back to their room afraid of it and laughs
he says tuje tooo she says kyaa.. haan he says dekloonga.. she says dek to rahe te and smiles saying if u had not closed ur mouth Niagara gir jata and giggles he was like enough I was not seeing u ok seeing myself as I was looking slim in the mirror she says oh really wo kya ta when manager told I looked beautiful kya jaroorat ti to put hand arounds me like an possessive hubby.. he ays that is enough now.. and when they announces for dance for couples.. he says muje nahi naachnaa..  she says even I don't want to dance with u .. he says same to u isliye I am not dancing after all u don't know what is the meaning of dance.. deka to ta when u danced in sangeet... U made the sangeet day into bad day with ur dance... she says oh really tabhi u were seeing me like anything.. I caught u seeing spl my exposed part with ur lusty eyes and when phirse to give me back u started to dance and in that way u touched my kamar faida uthaya mera.. kaha to taaa use but no one listen nor believed me.. Because of u motu .. he says that's enough.. she says yaa yaa waise bhi I don't want to dance with an bada polar bear or say huge balloon.. he says how dare u.. ab to I will dance with u darling chalein.. she says noo

He come and says if u don't come I will scoop u in my hand and make her go with him.. and twirls her around and presses hard on her back making her get close and do an ball dance with slow music.. she says I don't want to dance u r hurting me.. he says I know but u were the person who provoked me to do that.. she says if u don't leave me I will and stamps his feet and says ohh sorry darling kuch hua to nahi na and smiles and wink pretending to be worried she smiles he says ab dekna .. mein kya kar ta hoon.. she says let go darling to our seats and takes him and sit back and food were been served.. she was eating and seeing other dancing and one person smiled to her and she smiled back. That person come and ask may I have dance with this beautiful lady priya smiles and seeing ram say sure ram was indicating no.. he takes her and says I saw u dancing with that far guy who is he? Don't tell me ur.. she says my husband as she felt uncomfortable when that fellow touch her shoulder and put the hand on her back which was low .. ram was fuming he was almost in verge of breaking the class and was angry on priya because to make him get angry she went with him.. he says u see my wife is soo not understandable like u always keep gluing to me which I don't like I like my own space u see ... if u dance with other girl that doesn't mean u r going to ... she says I can understand but u must think front the point view of ur wife to...
he says I tried but see ur hubby how mean he is fat so he cdnt dance but never stop his wife dancing right she says ya but he loves me a lot will u please excuse me he says what in hurry let us dance btw my wife is also  typical Indian wife sitting in the room refused to come because the party needed an western attire I wish mein apse pehle milta priya was feeling uncomfortable as that fellow was moving his hand on her back up in name of dance holding when suddenly ram says will excuse us.. he says ohh mr.. he says ram her husband and remove his and and says priya darling how many I have told u to have this stole around u .. after all u get cold easily and u know right.. because of germs u get allergy and smile haina mr...  he says whoever it is.. please I think if u r here for honeymoon u shd go and spend time with ur wife not with other wife haina darling putting his hand protectively over her. And says darling u wanted to have dinner u were hungry naa after all we need to get back to the room earlier u se and smile wickedly.. saying it is better aap apni patni ka kyal rakiye dusron ki nahi.. priya darling tu bhi na..kitne baar kaha hain.. dance karne keliye mein hoon why too think about non dancer bhool gayi we learnt salsa together and smile and says u see me and my wife have good partnering of dance we make an good pair don't u think soo priya was taken back  he says rem how well we dance in the sangeet and all were like we shd often dance coordination jo achha hain hamari haina.. chalein and takes her and also showed anger by pressing her shoulder hard and take her to corner and says kya jaroot tii to dance with that idiot can't u see how lusty eyes he had...  nahi tuje kyun dekayi deka.. u see all good eyes as bad and all bad as good that is ur problem.
She says stop it ram.. stop blaming me.. why u r bothered ? wait kahin jal to nahi rahe te after all he  was liking me,btw kya kaha why I went to dance? Shayd u r forgetting u were the one who told I cannot dance, nor no one likes me ab deka... he says shut up.. I don't want to hear any word and next time u r not wearing such backless dress .. samjii..  she ask why? First u ur self-tell I cann't wear such thing when I wear u say I shd not ab mein karoon to kya karoon... Btw yaad rakna.. I like it so I wore it.. samjee.. more than it who r u to ask me question? Or give instruction? He says ur husband. Don't forget it.. I don't want any other men seeing my wife like this.. tuje dekne ka hak sirf muje hain.. she says oh really tuje to chaiye ta aise wife who wear expressive dresses right? Ab kya huaa? Isliye I never wear such dresses but u provoked me hurt me with ur words btw this is not that bad also.. what is my fault when that fellow got fida over me automatically .. it is not my fault nor my dress but fault of men's mind who thing just because girl  wear dresses that doesn't mean  they are such girls.. and get angry.. she says u r such an.. he says stop it agar if I had not come he would have diff create an scene which I dint want.. waise bhi..  I am least bothered about ur dressing which is as usual bad.. uski to eye test karna hoga because he said u r beautiful.. priya was hurt.. with his words.. when he says chalein to the table we need to finish dinner and get back to room I don't want to trouble my sleep due to ur odd behavior and take her and make her sit.. she was in not in mood and when she hear  waiter asking for drink.. priya says anything.. ram says fruit punch and vodka in anger.. Seeing priya as he need to sleep as he was already pissed of with incident spl seeing priya dancing with someone.. .. When the waiter serve them.. ram realizes the waiter served wrong glass so ram changes it as both were in similar glasses style 

but priya who turns and says oh motu u changed my glasses wait and says ram I know u exchanged the glasses and take the glass which had vodka  and was about to drink he says it is vodka the waiter served wrongly to u seeing u.. she says I don't  care if it is vodka or something else , I am going to have it .. and take it in an gulp he says priya ye tum before he could stop her ... and smiles when she says deka.. I had it.. he smiles saying u know when people want to jump into the ocean unknowingly they can be stopped but not the people who know it is ocean and still want to jump.. and says u had vodka  she says soo what .. any way u told na teri biwi koi class nahi janti .. isliye piiyaa. He says where do u attach such things.. she says all thought by u.. any way.. hifi log peete hain so I too drank.. chalo we will dance but not here in our room.. tu janna chata na what I can I do I will show u what all I can do.. he laugh and says haan we have to leave to the room chaloo and tries to help her she says leave me I can handle and he says shh be quite.. and take her ..

he manages her to get inside the lift.. and press button thank god no one in life.. she says how dare u say that to me motu.. mein ... uhuhu..  tum janti hoo us dash ne muje dance mein bulaya and mein kyun gayi maloon hain.. Because of u.. he says me? She says haan all because of u... because u told me I don't have class not I don't have standard nor I am worth to go to party isliye I want to show u.. aur I want to make u realize that tuje aise nahi kehna chaiye ta.. biwi hoon not ur servant... and hold hid hand he think kab ayega floor.. she says r u hearing me he says haan and kept seeing the floor numb and she stopped inbetween saying nahi u r not listening isliye he says priya don't do this we have to go back room.. it is very hot here... she says hot lift nahi mein hoon haina and smile foolishly.. ram first says hot aur tum.. she sees him and says to mein hot nahi hoon uhuhu and her stole drops saying mein hot nahi hoon.. to kya woo hot ti.. ya phir ye showing the mirror refection and cries..
he think omg.. he says priya priya sunoo u r looking very beautiful in this dress.. she says nahi mein hot nahi hoon he says are baba u look hot.. she ask sachi? He says haan bahut jayda.. making her stand he says u looked soo elegant and beautiful in this dress.. she say really eh says haan placing his palm on her face she ask to pehle kyun nahi kaha?he says oh mein.. she says meinjanati hoon u want to hurt me.. aur mein jaanti hoon I am not good looking and cries.. he says are nahi priya aise kuch nahi hain she says ais ehii hain and cries a lot.. he tries to console her.. he says priya chup if u don't stop I will kiss u same like in office and samjii.. she sees him really tum aise chup karogi? He says haan.. she says fine and pulls him by coat collar and kisses near his lips and smile saying deka meine bhi tuje chup kardiyaa.. ram was shocked and sees him she giggles saying dekoo tum bilkul chup hogaya ho naaa and smiles.. and hugs him.. in time.. he starts to feel something and he thinks noo I need to control my feeling and presses the button.. priya was hiding herself and he hold her and when the lift door open he take her and walks slowly and no one was in corridor.. when they were nearing their room priya says ram.. motu sunona.. he ask kya hain .. she says muej baat karni hain he says haan akro bus we will reach the room.. when she stop and pushes him little and says muje room nahi jana muje yahi baat karni hain . he says priya deko u have drunken , u need to sleep varna kuch aur hojayega,... she ask kya hojayega.. he was like bahut kuch she ask bahut kuch mathlab kya bolo varna mein nahi avoongi ..
he says deko priya don't get ziddi chalo and take her but she pushes and says nahi avoongi.. until u don't say varna I wills it down and do hattal.. (strike) he says omg pata ahi kiska ye hoga hattal.. priya dekoo.. I mean to says u may faint because have drunk she says nahi to I had only fruit punch nothing else  drunk to aap hoo.. he says ok fine ab chalo she says nahi chaloongi he ask kyun.. she says kyunki .. muje naa bahur rona araha hain and cries.. he says priya deko.. bahut hogaya ab chalo she says nahi.. nahi javoongi too he say nahi to I will scoop u in my arms and go.. she laugh saying u cannot.. he ask why? She says because u cannot carry urself to muje uthavogi motu and laugh.. hesays phirse motu kahan mein tuje..priya: kya haaan?k ya akrogi chup karogi jaise office mein kiyaa and smile.. he says haan too kardoongaa.. she says too karona and put his hand around her waist and pulls him close and says karo na chupp.. he says priya tum hosh mein nahi hoon tuje.. she says hosh mein to abyi hoon ram darling.. kya kaha? Badi badi batein, kya hua chup kar pavogi nahi kabhi nahi.. he was trying to stop himself when she turn his face and says today I will give u answer u chup kaise karte hain and pulls him by collar and kisses hard on his lips.. He was shocked but when she leave him after few second.. Saying deka chup kaise karte hain ram says nahi tum ne teek se chup nahi kiya now I will tech u how to make chup properly and hold her and bring her close and capture her lips and start to kiss and it deepens.. as she too was in in the influence of drug..

Preview: ram carries her in arms and enters the room

part 18


ram realize when he start to leave her lips and starts to kiss her neck and stop himself and thinks no I cannot take advantage of priya in this state it is wrong... when priya smile and falls over him and holds him, his coat over arm and smile .. he then put his hand on her back and below her leg and scoops her and take her to the room. He manages to enter the room and lays her in bed and locks the room and removes her shoe and places her leg properly and covers her but she says ram. I am sorry... because of her u r suffering I know it... sorry. And sleeps.. ram start to visualize all the past once again and his anger heat up... he then sees priya and rem the humiliation...he removes his coat and throws  he loosen his shirt he throws off the cover over her.. after tonight u will know the real meaning of humiliation.. priya.. he get over the bed... he hold priya hand and bend down near her face and touches her lips the scene fades away

in the morning.. priya holds her head and looks over other side to see him sleeping wearing an open shirt and she realizes she was also not having any dress and it was lying on the floor and sees ram.. he had lipstick mark on his face and so as some scratches on his neck.. she started to cry and then she holds the blanket tightly.. and cover herself and pick her dress and wear it and runs toward bathroom and ram open his eye and smiles... ab ayega mazaa(now the real fun will begin) u will know the real meaning of being hurt priya..  Priya was crying inside saying motu took advantage of me trying to rem.. And saw glimpse ram removing her dress moving her strap from her shoulder and bending down and she rem ram carrying inside the room.. she says iska mathlab mein aur motu(that means me and motu have consummated?)... uhuhu nahi motu is  yes he is bluffing  I am sure he wanted to take revenge isliye he is doing it.. haaa every time he does something like this just to hurt me but I won't fall in prey I will  show him ... ab dekna(now see) mr kappor what will I do.. u made me feel we had an hubby and wife relationship but u r forgetting I won't give up and make u confess it and ab dekna I will show u who is real wife..
ram wakes up and sees her coming out he expected her to be angry but he was surprised  she as wiping her wet hair with towel and was in robe.. he was like omg... priya don't do this ur pati(hubby) will fall from bed.. she moves her hair and he closes his eyes and pretend to sleep when she thinks motu ab dekna she comes and says jaaanu ab tak sorahi hoo (jaaanu u r sleeping till now?).. he says haaan too(so what?) she says ab dekna says motu darling utho(wake up) and pull the cover and he was only in boxers which was really funny having teddy bears and tweeties she laughs out her heart and ram covers himself saying ye kya batameezi hain?(what the hell this is?) She laughs saying u behave as if nothing happened between us yes night after all kall hamri (yesterday)coming close says suhaag raat jo hua (first night happened right?)haina and blushes and making him get shocked and never he expected such expression.. she think ab dekna(now see)  I will force u to confess I am not less to anybody. She says omg my hubby wear such boxers I dint know.. and giggles.. he says be quite.. how dare u pull my cover without my permission why not? After all when u have right to take advantage of ur wife in her drunken state to I just opened ur cover not ur boxers and wink saying waise bhi I am ur wife have all right.. aapko kya aga(what u thought?) I would cry and beg u to tell the truth and u wd say we did it and I will get sad then u r wrong I won't.. if u try to hurt me by doing such act I won't..
he says excuse me i am not faking we did it.. and nishaani(marks) and show his neck and says deka ur lip stick mark she says so what.. waise bhi(after all) we r hubby and wife agar aise kuch hua hota (something like that )also it ok after all I was with my hubby only na. Haina jaanu and goes making her hair touch his face and he was like omg... and says she is too hot in her head and sexy too.. he says omg need to control raam hold urself otherwise all will be spoiled.. be careful  she playing reverse game pretending as if nothing happened but u have to show u r ram... priya think dekna motu this is my first step ab dekna(now wait and watch) I will force u to confess nothing happened between us.. I know very well u played an game now I will give it back as I am not kamzor(weak) like ekta's heroine who give their hubby happily to their sauthen( the mistress) but mein start plus ki heroine hoon(I am star plus heroine) who will fight against the odds and win ..

ram think ye to ulta hogaya(everything happened in reverse)..  like ekta ki bt series ki taraf they sep the leap thinking trps will increase but it will get into bad state... omg.. I have to think.. . he smiles seeing some red spot on the bed cover and smiles she is forgetting about this don't worry I will remind her and show what we shared yes night I have got the proof and smiles.. priya comes wearing her sari and was putting her sindoor she searches for her mangalsutr and comes and sees in bed and see it and says yahan haina(oh it is here ) and take it and sees something some spot of red colour dots.. she thinks it means me and ram.. no ram cannot do it.. it mean we had ... when he was standing there leaning over the wall and smiles and comes walks in an hotty naughty way and says omg .. it is obv kal raat ke baad u(after yesterday night) know it was ur first time.. soo.. I never thought.. she says shut upp aise kuch nhai hain(nothing is like that).. are what u mean by nothing common u wanted proof and  wo too she says shut upp... bakwas band karo... I know aise kuch nahi hua hain. He says common priya proof hain and show the mark  on his hand saying deko kitna (see how many)scratches hain and I got an very bad body pain I never knew u were soo aggressive she says nooo u r lieing.. he says why should I lie.. and show the scratch saying it is still hurting me... I had to apply ointment varna infection hoajta(would have happened) too and says tum imran hasmi ki door ki riste daar hoo(r u Imran hasmi far relative?) kya deko my lips are in pain... u even bite naughty girl... she says stop it .. and says I know aise kuch nahi hain (nothing happened liked that)u r leing he ask why would I lie?

She says to take revenge... he says common priya u told u r ok right with hubby wife thing and I realized yes night u r an good wife in bed and smiles blushing she pulls him by collar and says I won't fall in ur trap I know aise kuch nahi hua hain.. he makes her remove and says proof milgaya(got proof) hain see it... fine let us go to doctor u can find the reality.. she says uski jaroroat(not necessary) nahi hain and cries.. and turn he says btw priya I am going down for breakfast r u coming? She says noo he says no problem will send it here in the room ok... bye and goes out of room and says yes and goes happily... she was crying and sit down on the floor and tries and think kya socha but sah (did we really?)much we have .. noo how can but proof indicate it ... it mean I have become his wife in all mean.. how cheap he can be... and cries... when an bell happen she open the door that person says mam room service she says ok and she says to change the dustbin as it was smelly and he says ok man and take it but the dustpan falls accidentally and priya sees something he says sorry mam.. she says wait and take it.. and get shocked..

Ram was having breakfast happily not knowing what is store inside the room. priya does her jasoosi(detective) and realizes .. she says now it is time mr kapoor to confess.. it.. he return back and sees priya all sad he smile and says priya deko jo hogaya hain ab(he says look what ever happened has happened) she turns and cries and says how could u do such thing ram.. I trusted u and came soo long and u raped me... he says noo it is just.. she says joot(lie).. u brought me here to take revenge right.. agar if I had asked to warm ur bed I would did it after all I cannot go back to my family right u have paid and brought me hainaaa.. and cries.. r u planning to sell mee and cries he says no priya stop it aise kuch nahi hain.(nothing like that). she says nahi aise hi hain(no it is that only)... mueje laga(I thought) u liked me but truth u just wanted me in bed... sirf tina ta kya teri pyaar(this much is ur love) and cries..

He says aise kuch nahi hain(nothing like that) priya stop thinking all nonsense and turn why ram why u r lieing  tell me because of sister's deed u want to spoil my life right do the spoiling I am ready.. but rem when we go back u I will tell everything to Krishna mamma.. u r forgetting tuje bhi ek behen hain(u r forgetting u to have an sister) and cries.. Saying agar uska pati uske saat kuch karta(if her hubby does something with her will u be quite?) would u been quite like this and cries... he says stop it priya enough that is more.. she says why enough mr ram kapoor.. u wanted to take advantage from long time and kal(yesterday) u took it ... pata nahi kis kis ke saat tumm(don't know with whom all u have) he says shut uppp just shut upp .. she cries more.. he cdnt take it.. and says nothing happened between us yesterday night.. priya says I knew it.. I know kuch nahi hua(I knew nothing happened between us) because I know u.. but ye red mark ka chakkar(red mark thing?).. can u explain..
he says it was accident yes night before the party i saw the nail polish on the bed and took it up but some dots fell over the bed and it is because of ur ignorance and I had to close, aur nail polish was in my hand and I even tried to wipe but no use, bed par se ja nahi raha ta soch agar dekooonga(the mark was not getting removed from bed so I thought I will come back and look over it) but I forget it but today morning when I saw I thought I will use it. she says I knew it mr kapoor I saw the tissue which u wiped it and shows it don't be shocked I saw it in dustbin.. and samajgayi (I understood)when I smelled it because it have having nail polish smell .. bus have to say achha(well planned) planning ta but sorry to say it backfired.. what u think I am women isliye, will believe and trust whatever u do and say then u r wrong.. I am smart enough to find it.. because I trusted myself..
he says not so soon.. Darling wife and pulls her close.. Sach janna chati hoo to suno(if u want to hear the truth I will tell u) I had intention to touch u but when I came near u.. I heard u saying ram sorry... because of my sister ur whole family suffered that day ur mom nuts sab... I know how sad u would have been ... these word made me stop as I realized I shd nt stoop soo low as I am not like that.. Taking revenge had made be blind but when I got indication of it I stopped myself I realized I too have sister uske saat aise koi karta too(what if someone do that with my sister will I keep quite?).. isliye I stopped myself...

I saw ur face which was telling truth of regretting ur sister deeds isliye I stopped, there, being an human I shd not stoop low than an animal.. I realized it when I had time..  jaan gaya ta(I realized).. being an man that doesn't give u right to rape an women ...  because I am against it.. ye baat ayaad agaya muje(I remembered it).. what crime I was about to commit that to the person i... stop himself there.. I married...  Being an man I need to protect my women not to hurt her physical mean.. I realized it isliye ... btw I removed ur dress but I closed my eyes and covered u and I dint see u.. haan wanted to think that we had done but I never mean to use u...  if I had needed u in my bed shaadi karne ki jaroroat nahi hain(I need not have married u,but I would have done many thing long back) kab ka ... But I am not that character.. and goes leaving her.. priya was dumb stuck.. she stood for minutes.. his words kept ringing in her ears.. she sat on the floor.. she wonder what happened he was supposed to but he stopped himself?

Future present

I wished he had touched me I would been his wife in all his mean... but he stopped himself because he was an gentleman and gem of human.. he knew what is right and wrong. Even in aggressive temper mode he didn't loose his mind but stop himself on the time. i wish...

Back to present

Ram was angry and was hurt because he realized if he had done that would have hurt him more than the hurt he had given to priya... as he loved her.. that made him stop he realized he was about to commit crime in name of revenge (I really wish men realize such thing in earlier stage too crime won't increase.. only realization make crime less in number or may stop it one day, that is the reason I showed this scene as when person start realizing before doing any wrong deed the crime will be stopped one day )ram says muje itna neecha girna nahi chaiye ta(I should have not stop so low).. How could I think to do something like that? Agar kuch aur bi I have moved more(if I had did little bit more also) I would have fallen in my own eyes more than priya's ... I wanted to see her hurt but that doesn't mean I can  go soo low because I know it is wrong.. ..  ek bhai aur beta hone ke naate agar mein nahi samjoonga to koun samjyega?(being an brother and son, if I don't understand who else will understand it?) Aaj to I stop myself.. And I promise without priya's permission I won't ever touch her... Even if I want to take revenge I won't do such thing...  He rem he moved back and slept in the chair and only in morning he got into cover to make her believe but maintained his distance.

Preview: priya follows ram

Part 19

Priya had tears so happiness that she got an husband who cared about her feeling so as respected her self-respect. Yes he was about to do wrong but stop himself. in that way priya was happy as if he had done for ever things will be worsen but he realized and for her it means a lot.. ram bura nahi hain(ram is not bad) mature hain.. manti hoon galti karne wale te(I agree he was about to do wrong but) but he redeem himself.. which is said to be an honest person...  Thanks ram u proved to be good choice of my parents shayd isliye they were fond of u(may be that is the reason they were fond of u )... I always thought  u were too much and not good but u proved me wrong but that doesn't mean I will forgive soo easily.. u tricked me to all and phir wo natak(next the drama u did) and later u troubled me..  u stopped ur self that doesn't mean I will forgive u how dare u think such things? What if u had touched me by now I would have started to get pregnant... omg bachhee haila bilkul bhi ram sizes agar twins hoajta too noo nahi.. how could I manges the kids img scene (omg kids,that too fulto ram size ,what if twins had happened ,how could I have been handling them?)

Ram:Meri golu babies kya kar rahi hoo(my golus kids what ur doing?)? Itna chup kyun hoo?(why u people are soo calm?) Aap papa ki taraf ho isliye hamesaaa mummy ko pareshaan karnaaa(u people are like ur dad so always trouble ur mamma okk)  don't be quite for an min also do cry ask for food phir potty, susu sab kiya karoo (do all things)but be nonstop... and when u people sleep, papa haina to trouble mamma haina the kids laughs(papa is there to trouble ur mamma)


Back from img to reality nahiii aise nahi hosakta(such thing cannot happen).. hai raaam 2-2 kids who bhi puri ram ki size kii mera kya hoga(omg2-2 kids that too in ram's size ?what will happen to me)?ye kya soch rahi hoon waise bhi kuch nahi hua naa(what I am thinking nothing such kinds happened).. uff and smiles saying ab dekna motu darling tuje kitna pareshaan karoongiii(now see motu darling how much I am going to trouble u ) what ever u did, itni jaldi maaf nahi karoongi(I won't forgive u soo soon) har baar u have made me cry and it is now my turn... he comes  back he was guilty but not going to let his ego so easily he says mein bahar jaraha hoon ane mein waqt lage ga(I am going out ,I will return late) u have food she says what u think... am I doll who u can play? He says chupp. She says I won't pehle meri saat(first u tried to ) u try to misbehave.. phir try to justify it? What u think I am human or something else? Bolo?(tell) He says what u expect.. she says deko ram.. u did not do good to me.. isliye u will have to ask sorry.. he says I won't.. she says u will. I will make u ask.. he says deklete (let see)hain and both turn and stand and then he goes off.. later in night.. priya order food and eat and sleep. And wontedly occupies the whole bed and sleeps not giving him any place and he sleeps in chair all in anger.. in the morning Krishna calls ram and tells him she want to talk to priya and when priya talk she ask beta did u people go to see Switzerland she says haan gaye te9yes mom we went out for shopping) to the shopping mall and tells sab mehenga ta, nahi liya kuch bhi(she tell it was all costly so din't buy any) and looks down saying I dint have any currencies woo bahut tane mare isliye meine nahi liya(i din't have currencies to as he taunted me a lot) she says kya ram ne aise kahaaa?(did ram tell all this?) She says haan maaa yahan tak jo highlighted places bhi lekar nahi gaye(she says yes mom not only that he din't even take me to the tourist highlights).. kehte hain kaam hain mein kya karoon(he tells he got work, what can I do?)... ise achah hota mein india mein hi hoti(it would have been better I was in india itself)... Krishna says tum phone do beta,(give him phone) I will tell him  u don't be worried beta.. she talks to ram and give him good dose and tells him to take her for sightseeing and he sees her and thinks pehli baar(first time) because of u my mother scolded me very badly ab too I can't say no to my mom but I will make sure u suffer.. he says chalein she says aise hi I need to get ready...(he asks hall we ? she says I need to get ready and smiles)

Ray were in the famous place

The Swiss Miniature in Melide, which was opened in 1959, is the only miniature park in Switzerland. The detailed and authentic models include well-known sites such as the Heidi Village in Maienfeld, the castles of Burgdorf and Chillon, the Federal Parliament in Bern, and the Cathedral of Milan, the only model that can also be viewed from inside. Eighteen model trains travel between the buildings on approximately 3.5 kilometers of tracks. There are also operating rack-railways, cable cars, suspension railways and ships

. Swiss Miniature


Swiss Miniature is Switzerland on a smaller scale. There are 130 models of houses, castles and monuments in the open air, distributed throughout the 14,000 square meter park. The models have been recreated authentically - with great attention to detail - and are surrounded by thousands of plants and flowers.

Swiss Miniature is also a visual delight, since its models are surrounded by 15,000 flower species and over 1,500 trees. A playground for children as well as a self-service restaurant complement the offerings.

Priya was excited seeing the mini Switzerland there and smiles and holds him like an small kid and says ram wo deko sab itna chota chota.(see there, everything is so small small ).  lagta hain agar iska ek photo raklein pura switzer bina pareshaan huye we can go around haina(it seems if we keept he photo of this place we can roam switz without any worry)... he says may be she says kadoos kahegaaa not even enjoying it.. meri kismet karab hain(my faith is bad) ki I had to come with such kadoos.. I wish.. And thinks something in her mind

Future presence


Priya sees rk hand around her and who says kya hua priya deka mini Switzerland? Kitna achha haina(what happened priya? did u see the mini switzerland? it is looking good right?) I think we should take an picture together here bahut achha memory hoga haina(it will be an good memory for us).. btw  jab we will have baby we will bring her here for sure.. u see I want to make her feel uska size ka bhi kuch hain and smiles(we shd make her think even something is there in her size too) .. Kitna sweet hoga when our baby will come and will get excited seeing all this haina.. we will come back as an second honeymoon akir use bhi koi chota baby chaiye hoga naa and smiles (after all the baby will need an sibling right) ...priya thinks kaise ajeeb waqt hain (what an time this is?) when I came with ram he was not even bothered about my feeling and here he is planning about our next honeymoon why is faith is playing such an game with me?


Back to presence..

She says ram itna kadoos hain kash toda achha se pati milta muje(how kadoss is ram I wish I had an better hubby who is romantic and full of love) .. why god why u gave me such faith wo bhi aise kadoos pati ke saath(why god ? why did  I wish I had come to honeymoon with an romantic hubby ... he says dekliya(have u seen?) shall we goo she says haan chalo(yes, let's go) and they go. He says deko I need to shop something from here as my mother said lelo(take it) and give her some currencies and says  use it for ur self.. and after an hour we will meet here at same place finish ur shopping and come back here ok.. we will go back as I am no interest to shop with u kyunki(because) I need to shop alone waise bhi teri saat shopping karna ka koi shock nahi hain( and also I am not interested in going shopping along with u) and goes .. she says muje bhi motu kadoos ramm(sh says same here motu ram) and turns and walks around and slowly was seeing and when suddenly and Indian couple calls her excuse me if u don't mind can u click picture of us both... woo we are here for our honeymoon if u don't mind she says of course not and click picture and gives them back the camera.. Thy says thanks u. Very much. and goes.. priya had tears which was ready to touch her soft skin.. she controls and goes of sadly  she goes and sit near by bench and looks sad around ... she think ye kaise naseeb hain meri honeymoon to ayi but sitting here aloneee(she think what an faith I have? I came to honeymoon and sitting alone)


Future presence

Are priya tum yahan kya kar rahi hoo tum bhi na.. bina bataya yahan chali ayi tum janti hoo(heypriya what u r doing here? without letting me know u came here? u know right)  without u i cannot live and can't be without u for an minute even and ye loo ice-cream I know u r fond of ice-cream isn't it.. and she says ya I love, aap koo he says I know everything which my wife love and smiles have it.. she says hank u he ask for what she nodes nothing and eat it when he says are   deko and kisses her mouth eating the ice-cream over her mouth she sees him he says kya dekh rahi ho(he ask what u r seeing?) this is switzerland and smiles ...wrinkling

Back to presence.. she think meri paas camera bhi nahi hain kyunki jaroot hi nahi ta after all my hubby is least bothered about my presence(I don't have camera because it is not needed after all he is least bothered)... nor any intereted in this honey moon I never thought my honeymoon will be like this. She w wipes her tears and goes back to the place where ram asked to meet her and stands there seeing the surrounding and thinks I wish ram comes earlier and we return back.. she was all sad. He comes back having his burge rand with some packet he ask teri shopping hogayi(done with ur shopping?) I thought I have to wait for huge time.. she says nahii I dint like anything he says omg in this much big shopping place u dnt like even one great... what an taste u have and smile saying chalein...we r getting late she says haan and goes and says aapka and give back the currencies a he says u dint spend anything she says nahi kiya kuch bhi and she was sad while ram was happily seeing around and says wow achha sa  (nice)climate hain right priya she says haan and turns away.. he says soo darling wife be ready we r going to other places tom.. she says fine btw today I met my friend and so I will be having dinner with her/him u can order ur dinner in ur room ok and turns.. she think meri honeymoon karab karogi(u will spoil my honeymoon) and u will enjoy with ur friend nahi  I won't let it happen.. on reaching the room ram watches the dvd he got and priya get afraid of the sound and horror and she says ram I am going to restaurant and takes money and goes and smiles and goes to n boutique and get an halter neck top and wear capris and cover by her coat and follow ram and sees he was not going to meet friend but sees an English girl who ram talks and they go inside the restaurant and she get inside and when ram was about to start priya says jaanu and hugs him from back and  says darling hope I am not late and sit down and says omg kitna hot hain yahan(how hot it is?) par and removes her coat shocking him... he sees her with open eyes... priya says darling u won't introduce me to her and smiles saying hii I am mrs ram kapoor... and smiles. She says hello u don't tell mr kapoor u have an beautiful wife priya hold ram much to his irritation and she says jaanu what shall we order btw did u tell her we both are veggie ... she says I dint know u both are veggie... she says ohh it just he has decided for me after all he loves me... ram ask priya what is all this? She says what u mean darling u r forgetting we r here for honeymoon.. she smiles the girl says excuse me I need to meet my friend and goes off and ram ask what is all this priya she says what? U told u r meeting ur friend and dint tell me it was supposed to be girlfriend haina isliye.. he says tuje to meine nahi choodnga(I won't spare u) and goes she says ye heloo u told u won't leave and jarahi ho and goes.. and he get and drink for himself  she ask why u r getting it he says so that I don't feel cold  she says really if u drink this u don't feel cold? He says yes and priya  goes back and ask the shop owner and says same drink and take it and drink not knowing it was beer... she was like kaise drink hain haina,... gosh peeta kaise hain(omg how do they drink such thing?) and when ram was walking and drinks little bit and she cough and then again she start to drink.. ram comes and sit on the bench all in irritated when he hear zarasa zoomoloon mein... zara sa goomolomein aur tuje choomoo loon mein... and smiles priyaaa shocking ram he think phirse omg she drank beear?

Preview priya dance drink and ram carries her to hotel room and priya get unwell

guys if sakshi leave the show for me the balh is over as raya mean ram and sakshi so if such thing happened i will stop my ff here ...

Part 20

He was shocked seeing priya in that state he says priya she says raaam zara saa

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main -ram keeping the bottle turns around to see and get chokes he was shocked as priya was having the bottle and holding the lamp post and roaming around it and singing it he goes was like
Arre Na Re Na Re Na

And again priya
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Re Na

he holds her  from falling she comes near and says
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main

he moving back says
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na

she get angry and leave him and pushing him she goes singing
Main Chali
Banke Hawa

ram says who was running behind
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

and it start and she hold his coat and sing

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Re Na

Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Re Na

priya  nearing him again placing her hand on his lips
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main

Arre Na Re Na Baba Na

priya again moves back
Main Chali
Banke Hawa

he folding hands
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

then they get into the open chariot

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main she continued singing
Arre Na Re Na Re Na he tried to control singing along with her and making her to sit back
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main and she steps out of with one leg and he pulls her by waist
Arre Na Re Na Re Na and she falls over his lap
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main nearing him
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na he says naaa

Rest the song continued with raya singing and dancing but here priya was totally silly and talli

They get down as priya faints and he pays and get inside the room when she falls on the bed losing the balance as ram cdnt hold her and trips due to the her stole falls down and she falls down over the bed and he to but balance not to fall on her and sees her face and moves her hair and she kept singing and says motu darling tum kya socha, (what u thought) what u thought u will enjoy ur evening with some cheap women and I will leave u noo way.. he says priya watch ur words.. she says me why should I watch u watch now and pulls him near and says now see what I can do and kisses him and says today I will teach u what is the meaning of humiliation .ram was shocked he think "omg hope she is not thinking to take away my izzat" she says wait and watch and she rolls him back over bed and come over.. she says never think u can leave me I won't let u soo soon he ask why because i... and falls over his chest all fainting he smiles but she says what u think I will faint nope.. today I won't spare u... she says haath (hand)doo give me ur hands and he give she says other hand and then she smiles, pagal and hold it and put over his head and smiles saying I will teach u how to humiliate an person and he was like omg what did I do... and she smiles he think I shd move my hand but she hold him tightly and sees him saying motu ram kapoor my darling hubby today I will show what an women can do when she is in revenge mode.. and comes to kiss him he turns his face she then says ram cooperate varna teri kher nahi(otherwise I won't spare u) he says pagal leave my hand.. she says I won't.. and sees and duppata and smile and ties it but it happen that she forgets to knot  and pushes his coat and says kitna gol gol belly hain teri Santa clause se compare karogi u have better one koi bhi dikega fida to hoga is par(who ever see this will get fida over it)... like u r fida over my kamar(like u are fida over my waist) I have seen u watching me many time beshram rammm and giggles. She says omg I am forgetting I shd take advantage of u not smile on ur belly and says how do movie show the scenes yes tear the dress and ask tear kyun karoon after all in few days he will himself tear the clothes due to heavy body.. but and says ok I will remove it but what shall I remove and says yes.. his spec.. so that he doesn't know  I did it with him and laugh  ram think kitni biwakoof hain ye ladki(how crazy she is).. omg she is totally mad.. she doesn't know I can see her without my specs also when she is near to me ..

Priya smile and about to remove spec he turn and she says oye motu and hold his face and remove the spec and ask how much his this showing 2 finger he says 2 she smiles saying perfect u can't see it is four and laughs saying tu to gaya(u r gone).. my golu and pulls his cheeks... she then climbs over him and sit he says priya get down I am getting ticklish feeling she says oh really and start to tickle him making him to laugh saying priya please stop it she says no no nooo I won't.. and he says common priya please I can't control she laugh saying I can feel it ur belly belly is jumping when u laugh and I love it and kisses his cheeks when he says priyaaa u r mad.. she says I am not.. it is not funny samje.. she says stopp I have to play with ur izaat varna how will I get golu that too 2-2 he was like omg 2-2 kids  she says kids nahi buddu golu.. with gol gol bellies and tickles him again and he was like priyaaa ... she laugh and comes near and says  u will know now who is priya ram kapoor and come near to kiss him and he turns saying priya no nooo u r not in ur hosh(conscious) she says hosh mein to I have just come in.. she laugh saying u will lose ur hosh after tonight motu kapoor and falls near but tries to get up but no use and ram soon realize as he manages to remove the duppatta which was tied over his hand and bring her up
she seeing him starts to cry saying muje ek cheez bhi teek se nahi hora ra hain(I can't even do an single thing properly) he ask priya why u r crying? She says I can't d it.. and moves from him and sit down over bed and he get up and she says how will I have 2-2 golus now and he was like omg.. and hug her and console her and says priyaa if u agree we can even have 4-4 golus and giggles she pushes him saying noo.. it cannot happen after nor u r taking other step nor me.. then how will we have.. and cries saying if I had made love to u today I wd have babies but now.. I cannot.. uhuh why u r soo good to me.. and hugs him I can't and cries and he says its ok..she says it is not ok...  he says no priya u need to sleep.. and put her to sleep and adjust the pillow and cover her and she kept saying muje golu chaiyee wo bhi 2-2 it is all ur fault ram.. .. he smiles hugely and wear  his spec and kisses her fore head and goes to change himself and sleep next to her seeing her who kept murmuring and then he made her to sleep.. she turned and hugged him she made him laugh today .

Ram say pagal hain priya I was not realizing she too has started to fall for me.. but her ego... won't let her to tell it I need to do something and provoke her to confess her love for sure I will do that after all I am ram kapoor and smiles he kept gazing at her who was innocent and turn and put her hand over him and sleeps.. Snuggle to him he to hug her and sleep.. in the morning he smiles and open the eyes and doesn't find priya and looks around and hear puking noise and goes and get shocked she was puking out badly and looked pale and was in bad state... she kept puking and puking and almost looking to faint he rushes and hold her and ask are u alright.. she says it is all because of u.. and cries he says priya please yaar don't blame me u drank the beer not me..she says I brought it because  u brought it samjee.. and was waaa and vomits off..  and ram carries her and lays her in bed and calls the reception for medical assistance.. They help them and send an doctor.. and ram was feeding water but she pukes all over him.. that too on his face...
she felt bad and asked sorry.. and head tears rolling down when he says it ok and cleans himself and geos to change and priya had guilt as she should have done it... when he come the doorbell ring and doctor comes in .ram tell doctor actually he had so and so beer and she was puking form morning almost like 7 time till now.. and doctor says let me examine her and checks her.. and sees her weak and tell I think it is an food poisoning I will write down some medicines and u may get for her.. feed her some light food and tells him to give glucose for her stamina.. he tells she need to have good rest for next few days.. if some more help call me and gives his number and goes and ram thanks him and comes to priya and sees her who lower her eyes he goes near and tell I will get this medicine I am going locking the room for ur safety ok. Take care.. and says sojavo.. and cover her . he goes to paramedical shop

He comes back and sees priya sleeping and goes near her and sees her pale he sit down and bend down and kisses her forehead and touches her cheek and caresses her with his thumb and smiles saying u look beautiful priya... He then wakes up her after some time and feeds her soup and gives medicine.. she eats it silently.. and suddenly she pukes out all  over floor.. when he goes to put his cell phone to charge he turns and seeing it.. help her saying priya finish it..  puke fully u will feel better.. and cams her down.. and then wipes and cleans her vomit priya remember something seeing it...  as ram was not feeling awkward doing it but was taking care like an mother...


Priya was small and sees shipra cleaning the puke of ayesha.. priya makes face and ask maa r not feeling bad on cleaning it? She ask kaise bad beta... I am ur mother and when kid is unwell only an mother can take care better... and as for this.. she didn't to it with her sense but she is unwell and that is the reason she did it.. and being an mother if I don't understand who will understand... Innocent priya ask.. "maa what if I do it after my marriage will u be there ?" shipra says no beta.. I won't be there but yes I will search an groom who look after u like an mother.. priya says really mom? She says haan meri sweety"

Fb ends

Priya smiles and says yes mom u search an groom as u promised... ram was looking over priya who was not looking well and he check her temperature and she was bad and having temperature and outside the snow fall starts he then starts to call doctor when priya says don't worry I am alright.. he says u not priya and calls doctor who inform he was stuck in as due to heavy snow and inform to give her the other medicine which he had already wrote and ram give her . she eats it and sleeps.. and ram kept seeing her and sleeps after some time he feel her shivering and get awake he says priya priya are u all right.. tum teek to hoana..and hold her and she was shivering badly and he cover her. And rub her hand asking priya are u alright..and  then seeing her shivering badly he then rub her feet too but no use... when he get into the blanket and hugs her tightly and   held her like that for next few minutes...  after some time she calmed down... ram ask to god please god save my priya don't let anything happen to her I can't live without her .. he had tears dropping down when he felt she holding him back tightly his kurta.. and sees her who had calmed down..  and he lays her back  he kisses her forehead and say I love u priya.. I love u.. she had her eyes closed.. he cover her and sees her..

Priya open her eyes to see ram  sleeping sitting next to her holding her hand and smiles she tries to move when he open his eyes and sees her and says priya ye tum and help her to sit and ask how r u now? U r alright I will call doctor wait she says no ram I am fine... he feed her some hot water and she feels better.. he ask u r alright she nodes yes.. he ask u want to eat something she nodes no.. he then says no priya u have to have some food look how pale u r.. he then feeds her soup and look after her.. she sleep after having her medicine.. ram was working when he sees priya sleeping he sit down next to her, he say u look beautiful just like an angel.. he remembered the word muje do do golu kaise hogi and smiles saying pagal bhi hain mausum bhi,... such an innocent person... how could I think of  taking revenge on her? May be it is all faith so that we get along and kisses her ..

Future presence

Priya was thinking.. . ram took care of me when I was ill and today.. she turns around and sees rk.. having thermometer in his mouth and looking irritated and she removes it and waves it and sees it and says it is 102 I told u not to play in snow but u were soo adamant and now u got fever.. he says I don't mind getting fever when I have an wife who is there to take care of me and pulls her near. and priya awkward and says mein abhi ayi and goes .. Wiping her tears looking back...

Back to presence..

Ram put the wet cloth over the head to bring down her fever in night.. and he had already helped her in changing so lift her shirt of night suit and put the wet cloth over her tummy too and  below her neck also he kept checking her temperature and saw the time and gave medicines and priya says ram u sleep u will get unwell if u don't sleep.. due to me.. he says I can take of myself u sleep now .

Future presence..

Priya was putting  patti over rk head who says priya u sit near me and it will cure me from any diseases and if u o I will continue to be in bed. I cannot live without u priya and pulls her near... she says u r unwell need to take care of urself right.. he says haan my boss and sleeps.. priya cover s him

Back to presence

He covers her and adjust her pillow. He places another pillow next to her before he goes out to get her medicine. She turns and sees her and says I will always be there for u priya whenever u need me.

Priya was better now and ram was taking care of her in all mean... raya were having silence than word which was exchanging their unsaid words .raya were packing after 3 days where priya was well now priya sees ram who was talking in phone and smiles. She felt good for first time seeing ram she started to fall for him...

Dheere dhere haule haule ... hua ye pyaar ki eshaasaeeinnn

Preview: ram says neha I missed u darling.. priya sees it with tears


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